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A great deal of time, thought and energy has gone into the creation of this web site. Although it was my callused fingers that have been flying across the keyboard and moving my mouse for these many years, there are a number of people all over the world (in motion) without whom this web site would not have been possible....

My thanks and appreciation 2: All the providers of content, borrowed and shared...

  • Especially: Fabrice, Antoine, Andrea, James Shum, Dennis Remmer, Erik Justesen, Marko, Fernando, Torbjorn, Dave Majkowski, Manuel Caviglia, Steve Callaghan, David Kung, Pascal & Nathalie, Nick King, Rorie McIntosh, Darren at Esprit, Jonathan S., Sylvie Magnier, Frank Obertopp, Alex Hulme.....

All my friends and family who have supported my obsession (of course, they had no choice...)

And in particular...

  • My cousin Thomas 4 introducing me 2 New Order.
  • Bernard Lenoir 4 giving the opportunity on May 18 1990 2 go on the radio ( Europe 1 ) with him and pay tribute 2 Ian Curtis on the 10th anniversary of his death.
  • Peter Hook for his kindness and support.
  • Tom Atencio
  • Thanks 2 the Nexland team: Jeff, Cesar...
  • Many thanks 2 Lori 4 her support at one point in my life.
  • 2 Julien. 

Most importantly logoeye.gif (221 bytes) would like 2 thank again all the people that logoeye.gif (221 bytes) mentioned... all the people that logoeye.gif (221 bytes) forgot 2 mention... and all the people that logoeye.gif (221 bytes) will NOT mention!

David Sultan