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movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 21, 1999  
ELECTRONIC "Best Of" (WPCR10570) album (only for the Japan market) has been withdrawn for now. No further information. Keep checking the NEWSROOM section for new release date.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 13, 1999  
Reports from Simon Brockbank

"I had an amazing night last night in Manchester. I went out on a Christmas do and then at about 3am decided to get a taxi home. Stood in the pouring rain at the taxi rank when who is stood next to me - Barney! I asked him how the new album was going. He said that they had just finished the new song for the film, "The Beach" but said it was "a top tune". He said he thought the book was cool but the film was a bit crap (he had only seen bits of it). He said they were doing new songs and they were really good but still a bit rough but should be out in the summer. He wouldn't give any titles away but he said the ones they had done were a mix of "dancey type and guitar type, more like the older stuff". He said he still had loads of lyrics to do. He had a girl with him who he introduced as Sarah and said they had just been to see the Pet Shop Boys (who were playing last night). She said they couldn't get into the after show party! He was looking younger than ever - really relaxed and chilled out. He said they were trying to get back to Alderly Edge (where he said he now lives) but in the end, after about 15 minutes Barney said "fuck this - let's get a hotel room", shook my hand, told the guy in the wig "that's top man" and wandered off to a hotel at the top of the road.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 08, 1999  
New Order "True Faith" was the 70th greatest video of all time according to MTV in the United States.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 26, 1999  
Reports from Ally

New Order, Monaco, and the Happy Mondays are all recording tracks for a Kosovo charity record. Provisional title for the compilation at the moment is "Cohesion" and it is said it will include a brand NEW Monaco track and a re-recording of "Atmosphere" by New Order. Also Hooky is in Bath at the moment putting the final touches to "Brutal" which may be a future New Order single.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 18, 1999  
Reports from Allstar:

The soundtrack to the upcoming film The Beach from writer/producer team John Hodge and Danny Boyle, based on the critically acclaimed novel by Alex Garland about 20-somethings on a secret beach near Thailand, is attracting its own all-star lineup of musicians.

According to a source close to the soundtrack, in addition to the aforementioned New Order track, The Beach is following in the footsteps of another soundtrack to a Boyle-directed film, Trainspotting, with tracks lined up from Blur, Moby, and All Saints. Heavy on the electronic side, the soundtrack will also feature new material from Leftfield, Asian Dub Foundation, Goldie, and Faithless (who also produced the New Order track), according to a source close to the soundtrack.

While the final track listing for the album has not been determined yet, it is also believed the collection will include Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" and a remix of the Chemical Brother's "Hey Boy Hey Girl." New Order, who are currently deciding between several versions of a new track entitled "Brutal" for the album, have recorded together for the first time since the 1993 album Republic.

The soundtrack to The Beach will be released on London Records on February 8, 2000. The film will be released two weeks later.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 16, 1999  
Reports from NME:


Their new bass player is Andy Bell, ex-Ride guitarist, who until recently looked set to join Gay Dad.

The surprise announcement, just confirmed by Creation Records, comes a week after the first pictures of Oasis with new guitarist Gem, ex of Creation act Heavy Stereo was released.

A number of other people had been mooted to join Oasis on bass, notably Monaco's David Potts, who rehearsed with the band.

Potts told NME the day he heard he hadn't got the job: "I had a full week of rehearsals with them, starting October 31. The lads were dead good, sound really. I kind of had the impression that I'd got it, because the weird thing was that Noel phoned me asking me to rehearse, not the other way round."

As for the new album, Potts said: "The new album is very good, it's very different and much better produced than the last one. It doesn't sound as pub rock as before and The Beatles influence is still there, just a better era of The Beatles. Liam's track is really good too... I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being a single."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 09, 1999  
Reports from Antoine

The full track listing of the new  ELECTRONIC "Best Of" (WPCR10570) album will be release only in Japan on Dec 13th, 1999.:

1. Getting Away With It (Full Length Version), 
2. Tighten Up
3. Patience Of Saint
4. Get The Message
5. Some Distant Memory
6. Feel Every Beat
7. Forbidden City
8. For You
9. Second Nature
10. Freefall
11. Time Can Tell
12. Getting Away With It (Vocal Mix)
13. Imitation Of Life
14. I Feel Alright
15. Disappointed

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 04, 1999  

The tenth annual Q magazine awards were presented Wednesday November 3 at an intimate but undeniably star-studded lunchtime bash at the London Park Lane Hotel. NEW ORDER were among the winners at the star-studded Park Lane bash, which featured guest presenters Sir Bob Geldof, Keith Allen, Will Self, Suggs and Ronnie Wood.

photoQawardNewOrder.jpg (44650 bytes)Comedian/actor Keith Allen presented the
Q Inspiration Award to New Order's, Bernard Sumner and Pete Hook. 'Hooky' didn't say anything, preferring to hug his band mate. Sumner meanwhile dedicated the award to among others, fellow Joy Division member Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980 and band manager Rob Gretton who died earlier this year. Other New Order members Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert weren't present, Gilbert having just given birth to the pair's baby girl, Grace.

Video Award Presentation to New Order can be seen at:  


The full list of winners is as follows:
Best Single: Travis - 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' Best Album: Chemical Brothers - 'Surrender' Best New Act: Basement Jaxx Best Producer: William Orbit for Blur's '13' Q Classic Songwriter: Ian Dury & Chas Jankel Best Live Act: Stereophonics Best Act In The World Today: Blur Q Inspiration Award New Order Q Special Merit Award: Keith Richards

All Content Copyright EMAP Consumer Magazines Ltd 1999.

Reports from BBC NEWS:

Travis weren't the only ones in fine spirits - spirits being the important word to bear in mind when talking to New Orderís Peter Hook. The band won the Inspiration Award and then foolishly left Peter in charge of it!: "Iíve lost it. If I knew where Iíd lost it Iíd go and get it, wouldnít I? Itís downstairs somewhere!", he admitted to Radio 1. "Iím a bit pissed so youíll have to forgive me. This is really unfair Ďcoz youíre all pointing microphones at me and Iím pissed! Itís not fair", he says.

"The weird thing is when we actually started the group, right, twenty years ago, there was no awards. And we went through fifteen years of being a group when we achieved loads and loads of things and there was no awards. Now the awards thing seems like cheap television to me". And he adds: "We have wiped the floor with them bands out there, I tell ya. We have wiped the floor with ALL them bands out thereÖ havenít we?!!"

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 03, 1999  
ELECTRONIC new 15 Tracks "Best Of" (WPCR10570) album will be release only in Japan  is now expected to be release December 13th, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 31, 1999  
Reports from NME:

A spokesman for Oasis denied that Johnny Marr was ever in the frame to replace Bonehead and said he 'couldn't understand' why Bernard Sumner had said it.

BERNARD SUMNER was speaking to Radio 1 to say that his partner in Electronic ex-Smith Johnny Marr was approached to replace Bonehead in Oasis.

"We've known Noel for a long time, he's a good friend," said the New Order/Electronic front man. "He did approach Johnny, I believe, to be a guitarist in Oasis. But Johnny's working on stuff of his own, solo projects and I think he wants to pursue that and finish that really. I think the timing was just bad. He can't play guitar good enough!"

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 29, 1999  
Reports from Ally

David Potts (guitar) is in talks with the hugely famous UK Britpop band OASIS to see whether he is to become their new bassist. In mid-March '99 when two of Oasis's founding members left, front man Noel Gallagher began a search for replacements and at one point, Johnny Marr of Electronic was even considered. According to official sources Pottsy has yet to meet and rehearse with Oasis before a final decision on whether he joins is made. Whatever happens I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Pottsy the best of luck.   

The new Monaco album is finished and awaiting release. Monaco's management are currently in talks with different record companies to get the band a new deal following their move from Polydor Records earlier this month. Mushroom Records have been tipped as a possible contender to house the band's new material so watch this space. I have also confirmed that the lads are hoping to make THREE videos from the new LP.   

Meanwhile Peter Hook (bass) is back recording with New Order and a new track "Brutal" was completed last week at the band's Manchester studio. This track is expected to be released on the soundtrack for Danny Boyle's new film "The Beach" starring Leonardo DeCaprio. New Order are currently working with Rollo from Faithless on production of their new material and a "one track per month" recording ratio is expected.   

According to official sources, Hooky will be working with New Order for about 19 months while Pottsy will be most likely touring with Oasis and (we hope!) working on new Monaco ideas for a third album. Monaco have certainly NOT broken up in any way, this is just a short hiatus which will be filled with the forthcoming new releases.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 28, 1999  
Reports from NME:


NEW ORDER have recorded their first new song in more than six years for the soundtrack to the forthcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach based on the bestseller by Alex Garland.

The band completed the track, which has the working title of 'Brutal', in their Manchester studios last week with help from producer Rollo of Faithless. All Saints have also recorded a track for the film after teaming up with producer Nellee Hooper.

A New Order spokesperson said that it wasn't clear whether or not the song recorded for The Beach would be released as a single, or what prominence it would have in the film as the project, co-ordinated by Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong on behalf of London Records, was in the early stages.

However, she added the band had gone back into the studio to record a new album: "The band are all getting on brilliantly and things are going really well. They just want to start as soon as possible as they're all really excited about doing new stuff."

The LP is scheduled for release next year and will be their first since May 1993's 'Republic'. Their last single, 'Spooky', came out in December 1993.

Meanwhile, news is expected soon about the future of Peter Hook's band Monaco now that guitarist David 'Pottsy' Potts has joined Oasis and the band have been dropped by Polydor Records.

Also According to NME New Order are currently having a week off as Gillian's about to give birth to the latest Other Two release that's been nine months coming... a brand new baby.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 26, 1999  
Reports from NME:
OASIS are on the point of recruiting a new bassist. David Potts, formerly the guitarist in Monaco, the band formed by New Order's Peter Hook who were recently dropped from their contract with London records, has emerged as a serious contender to replace founder member Paul McGuigan.

Together with ex-Heavy Stereo guitarist Gem, who replaces Bonehead, the new Oasis line-up is almost in place and ready to begin rehearsals.

Sources close to the band say that if the sessions go well the line-up will be confirmed as the band that will tour Oasis' fourth LP, due for release on February 22 next year.

Noel confirmed that a new line-up was rehearsing on the Monday, and that the new bassist was a fan of Manchester City, though he remained coy about revealing his name.

However, sources close to the band said that David Potts was the man in question. Creation confirmed that he was a contender for the job.

Creation Records later confirmed that Gem has been appointed guitarist. 'Pottsy' meanwhile will join the band if rehearsals go well.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 21, 1999  
Reports from Marc Reed:

News collated from Muzik magazine interview with Junior Sanchez, news column from Heat magazine and Interview with Faithless in Muzik. 

The first single from the forthcoming New Order album will be called "Brutal" ,produced by Rollo from Faithless, and will also appear in the soundtrack "The Beach". Hooky says "Its' like being a virgin again, the breaks done us really well." Junior Sanchez is also currently working on a remix of True Faith, commissioned by London Records rather than the band, possibly for use on a B-side.

Click to win!! Promotion ends on October 21st!

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 19, 1999  
Reports from Marc Reed:

Incidentally New Orders' current Producer is Rollo from Faithless on the track for the forthcoming film "The Beach". New Order have also commissioned some remixes of old material, possibly for future B-sides: There s' a Junior Sanchez mix of "True Faith" been commissioned and being mixed at the moment.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 18, 1999  
Reports from Sťbastien Boisvert:

Fresh news in New Order world: the band has written SEVEN new songs + TWO instrumentals. They have not yet recorded and produced the final versions of these, at least from what Tom Atencio, New Order's North American Manager, told me. 

The tracks name are, so far: 

1. Out of Order (some sort of post-industrial techno with a catchy melody) 

2. Blue Velvet (classic New Order with lots of Hooky's bass) 

3. The Deepest Sea (real ambient melancholic epic -- 9 minutes) 

4. Falling (melancholic disco) 

5. It's Your Fate (dark track, ŗ la Joy Division... reminds of The Eternal and 24 Hours on Closer) 

6. Escape While You Can (very guitarish -- sounds as if it came from Electronic's last album, with Hooky's bass in addition) 

7. Tell Me (Synth waves) 

8. Synthesized (instrumental) 

9. Off The Record (instrumental) 

The band expects to complete the recording of about 15 tracks before spring, and looking forward a full-scale TOUR next summer, with the release of the album in late spring, probably early June.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 17, 1999  
Reports from Mark Berry:

On Radio 1 they had a small interview with Bernard Sumner who says that New Order have been working on a track for the forthcoming film "The Beach" called "Brutal". After that they will record an album, with live shows to come next year. At the end of the interview he said "We're together forever now".  

Reports from Adam Melly:

In an article in Muzik magazine (out today) there is an interview with US house DJ Junior Sanchez. Asked what his future plans are he says and I quote "I'm remixing New Order's "True Faith" for London."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 09, 1999  
ELECTRONIC new 15 Tracks "Best Of" (WPCR10570) album will be release only in Japan November 15th, 1999 including "Getting Away With It" (2 Versions), "Get The Message", "Feel Every Beat", "Disappointed", "Forbidden City"......

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 06, 1999  
Reports from NME:

Monaco is without recording contracts, after a major label roster shake-up.

Monaco, New Order's Peter Hook's other group, have been dropped by Polydor on completion of their new album. A spokesman for the band's management said: "It came as bolt out of the blue because track by track they accepted the album and loved it.

"Getting a record deal isn't a problem, people are listening to it and saying, 'We'll have it'. There's no animosity, it's probably a blessing in disguise. The reason they're dropping bands is they're trying to focus on the pop market they don't want to concentrate on guitar music."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 04, 1999  

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS single called "Out Of Control" featuring Bernard Sumner is now expected to be release OCTOBER 11th, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 29, 1999  

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will release in the US their new single "OUT OF CONTROL"  OCT 12, 1999  format will be CDS and 12"

"OUT OF CONTROL" Video can be seen at: http://www.astralwerks.com/chemical

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 24, 1999  

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will release in JAPAN their new single "OUT OF CONTROL" featuring our favorite singer Bernard Sumner SEPT 29, 1999. CDS VJCD-61028 4 Tracks

ELECTRONIC will release in JAPAN "A Best Of" Due Mid November 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 22, 1999  
NEW ORDER is featuring in a new soundtrack named from Greg Araki's new movie "Splendor". Released September 14 in the US. The track is "Bizarre Love Triangle" (Steven Hague Mix) remixed by Steven Hague. 

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 15, 1999  


From Tina McClelland, photographer. Please do not take or use those photos without authorization. They are copyrighted... Just for your own pleasure. Thanks.
click photo

MONACO: July 23, 1999

 ELECTRONIC: April 18, 1999

Taken during an interview with Terry Christian at the Key 103 studio
photoELE18April99C.jpg (32830 bytes)    photoELE18April99.jpg (23533 bytes)    photoELE18April99A.jpg (26147 bytes)    photoELE18April99B.jpg (47991 bytes)
photoELE18April99D.jpg (30564 bytes)    photoELE18April99E.jpg (26730 bytes)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 03, 1999  

The full track listing of the new  single THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS 'OUT OF CONTROL' featuring Bernard Sumner on Oct 4th, 1999.:

CDS : 1.Out Of Control 2.Power Move 3.Out Of Control (Sasha Remix).
12": 1.Out Of Control 2.Out Of Control (Sasha Club Mix).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 16, 1999  
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS single called "Out Of Control" featuring Bernard Sumner is expected to be release OCTOBER 4th, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 13, 1999  
JOY DIVISION: 4CD box set ( Heart And Soul )- Ultimate collection now reissued by Warners ( Catalogue 3984290402 ) Release date SEPT. 13.

DAVE HASLAM: PABERBACK BOOK " Manchester England: Story of the Pop Cult City " 352pp, 234 x 153mm - Dave Haslam one of Manchester's top DJ's & journalists traces the origins of the city's music and creativity. Release date AUGUST. 30.

Just follow this link to order this book or any book related to Joy Division, New Order, Manchester...

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 12, 1999  
Reports from Allstar:

Despite London's Evening Standard reporting on Wednesday (Aug. 11) that ex- Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr is "set to join" Oasis as the replacement for Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, who announced his departure from the group on Monday, a source close to Marr has denied the reports.

"Johnny has not joined Oasis," says the source. "This information is not true. There is more chance of Beck joining Offspring! He was asked to play a couple of dates and that was it. From what I understand, he is not even going to do that."

The source goes on to explain that such a pairing is not entirely farfetched, however, as the relationship between Marr and Oasis is very close. "[Johnny] is extremely tight with Oasis," says the source. "The relationship is really there. Oasis originally wanted Johnny to produce their current record."

A spokesperson for Epic Records, Oasis' U.S. label, also concurred that the story was untrue.

Marr is knee-deep in writing with his new band, the Healers, and is set to begin recording in Los Angeles later this year with Beck engineer Mickey P. at the helms. Pending a U.S. label deal, the Healers' album is expected to hit stores in February followed by an extensive U.S. tour -- his first in 10 years.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 02, 1999  
Reports from Allstar:

Former Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr was in Los Angeles laying the groundwork for his first solo album. Although he has been making the rounds with Beastie Boy intimate and Beck engineer, Mickey P., it has not yet been determined who will man the boards for Marr's solo effort.

"He's still talking to a number of producers, and he hasn't made any decisions yet," says says a source close to Marr.

However, the smart money is on P., especially since he took Marr over to NRG Studios, where Beck is working on tracks for his forthcoming record. The two icons got along so well that Beck invited Marr to lay down guitar parts for at least two tracks, including one titled, "The Doctor." Sources could not confirm whether or not his contributions would make it on the final version of the November release, but they worked well into the night on Saturday (July 24) perfecting the tracks.

Beck's lair wasn't the only stop on Marr's itinerary. He also checked in with legendary KROQ Los Angeles DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, and agreed to appear in the documentary, The Mayor of Sunset Strip, that former Dramarama bassist Chris Carter is filming about Bingenheimer's colorful life. Afterwards, Marr and P. showed up at West Hollywood hangout Cafť Bleu, and Marr told pals that if all goes as planned, he hopes to have a record out by Feb. 2000.

The only snag in Marr's worldview seems to be that the mop-topped guitarist hasn't yet signed to a label, but our source assures us that "interest is high." Perhaps by the time he returns to these shores next month to begin work, he'll have a signed contract in his hand.

-- Cindy Arnold

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 27, 1999  
ELECTRONIC single 'LATE AT NIGHT' has been postponed again in UK. After much debate with EMI UK they actually canceled this release, Late at night CD1 & CD2 were released in France on Monday the 19th as import single. The 12" is floating around too. 

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 22, 1999  
Reports from Mark Reed

Monaco headlines a show at Manchester Castlefield Arena 0161 237 3422 on Friday July 23rd.. 

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 20, 1999  

Monaco Live

They are appearing at the Guildford Live 99 Festival in UK Saturday July 24th ( Main Stage ) with James, Ultrasound, Kristin Hersch....: 

They are appearing at the Eclipse 99 Festival in Cornwall between August 9-13 together with Happy Mondays, 808 State & a whole load of dj's: 

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 20, 1999  
Reports from various sources:


EMI Germany: due to a poor European-wide sales performance of the album and the single all further releases have been put on ice.

EMI France: Late at night CD1 & CD2 were released in France on Monday the 19th. "Twisted Tenderness" (album) and "Vivid" (single) are a growing success in France. They were not expecting to sell such copies. That's why "Late at Night" haven't been postponed here.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 14, 1999  
ELECTRONIC single 'LATE AT NIGHT' has been postponed again new release date July 26th, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 08, 1999  
Reports from Nick King:

The full track listing of the new ELECTRONIC single 'LATE AT NIGHT' on July 12th, 1999.:

CDS CDR6519 Part 1 Tracks: Late At Night (Radio Edit) 03:59 Warning Sign 04:44 Make It Happen (Darren Price mix) 05:55

CDS CDRS6519 Part 2 Tracks: Late At Night (Album Version) 04:12 King For A Day 04:27 Come Down Now (Cevin Fisher Mix) 08:19

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 03, 1999  
Reports from Melody Maker:

NEW ORDER are going into the studio in the near future to start work on a new album, their first since 1993's "Republic".

The band have been taking time out to recover from the recent loss of their manager Rob Gretton, who died from a heart attack.

A spokeswoman said at the time of the once-warring band: "It [New Order] is back as the dominant, driving force in their lives. They are really happy. They're enjoying themselves and having fun. They're all so pleased to be back like that. There's a more positive energy than I've ever seen. The [new] material can only be stunning, amazing, when it comes out."

She said last week that she had "no information" about reports that the band intended to record a song for the soundtrack to the new Leonardo DiCaprio film, "The Beach".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 23, 1999  

There is a petition to get Electronics Twisted Tenderness released as a single at:


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 22, 1999  
Reports from Antoine

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS single called "Out Of Control" featuring Bernard Sumner is expected to be release SEPTEMBER 20th, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 18, 1999  

JOY DIVISION live CD  'LIVE FROM PRESTON: The Warehouse 28/2/80' will be release now in the US July 13, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 17, 1999  
Reports from Dotmusic

New Order put new work on hold

New Order are understood to have postponed reconvening in their home studio in Macclesfield, following the death of former manager Rob Gretton, at least until bassist Peter Hook has completed the next Monaco album, which he was expected to deliver last week.

Other members Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris had begun work on their first new material since 1993’s 'Republic' just three days before Gretton died last month.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 15, 1999  
Reports from various sources ( SirenCD Store...

The full track listing of the new ELECTRONIC single 'LATE AT NIGHT' on July 5th, 1999.:

12"12R6519 Tracks: 1.1.Late At Night 2.Make It Happen 3.Make It Happen (Darren Price Mix).

CDS CDR6519 Part 1 Tracks: 1.Late At Night (Radio Edit) 2.Warning Sign 3.Make It Happen (Cevin Fisher Remix).

CDS CDRS6519 Part 2 Tracks:1.Late At Night (Radio Edit) 2.King For A Day 3.Make It Happen (Darren Price Remix).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 14, 1999  
THE OTHER TWO "Super highways" new single (released June 7) has only been released on one CD single ( Instead of 2 CDS and 12")as they have been 'dropped' by their record company (London) coming from the merging of Polygram / Universal, and the single has been released without promotion "to fulfill contractual obligations".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 10, 1999  
THE OTHER TWO new album called "SUPER HIGHWAYS" (12 tracks ) is now expected to be released on June 21st, 1999.

The full track listing of the album is :

Weird Woman / You Can Fly / Super Highways / The River / Common As Muck / Jonno / One Last Kiss / Unwanted / Cold Feet / The Grave / Hello / Ripple

-    CD Album (London 5560812)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 08, 1999  
Reports from MUSIC 365:


NEW ORDER are working on their first new material since 1993’s ‘Republic’ album.

The band four members have managed to get together despite their individual spin-off projects -BERNARD SUMNER with ELECTRONIC, PETER HOOK with MONACO and GILLIAN GILBERT and STEPHEN MORRIS with the OTHER TWO.

The first new material the band plan to record is a song for the soundtrack to the new LEONARDO DI CAPRIO movie. The Beach, which is being filmed by the Danny Boyle led team who were also responsible for Trainspotting reports UK website dotmusic.

The film is based on the cult novel by Alex Garland which portrays a group of twenty something backpackers as they search for an alternative paradise in Thailand.

A New Order release is expected next year.

Electronic are expected to release 'Late At Night' the second single from their 'Twisted Tenderness' album, on June 28.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 04, 1999  
Reports from Allstar:

10554.jpg (19667 bytes)New Order, who are knee-deep in promotions for their respective outside commitments (Bernard Sumner with Electronic, Peter Hook with Monaco, and Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris with the Other Two), will finally get together and begin writing their first songs together since 1993's Republic.

According to a source close to the band, first on the plate will be a song for the soundtrack to The Beach, the movie version of the acclaimed 1997 Alex Garland novel of troubled 20-somethings on a secret beach near Thailand. The film is the latest project from John Hodge and Danny Boyle (the writer/director team responsible for Trainspotting), and stars Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio.

"They haven't started recording yet," says the source. "They want to start writing, and The Beach is really the first effort in that direction. It's the first time they will actually be together, and it sounds like they are looking forward to it." If all goes well, New Order is expected to surface with a brand new record sometime next year.

Meanwhile, Monaco is currently mixing the follow-up to their 1997 debut, Music for Pleasure; the Other Two's follow-up to their 1993 debut, The Other Two and You, called Super Highways, will be released by London Records U.K. on June 14 (the band has no U.S. deal at press time); and Electronic, whose third album, Twisted Tenderness, isn't likely to be released in the States either, are currently handling press duties in Europe.

Kevin Raub

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 03, 1999  
ELECTRONIC new single "Late At Night" will include remixes of another album track, "Make It Happen" from Dave Clarke and Darren Price on June 28th, 1999.
12"12R6519 / CDS CDR6519 Part 1 / CDS CDRS6519 Part 2

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 02, 1999  
Reports from Mark Reed:

This months Record Collector magazine features an interview with Tony Wilson

Tony reveals:

-    There will be a second Joy Division live album, recorded in Paris in December 1979.

-    The Amsterdam show will not be released as Volume Three of the Fractured Music archive. This is the only other tape regarded as of "releasable" quality.

-    London records did not want to release the "Preston" Cd (something about small profits), so permission was given to Factory 2.

-    There are no plans for any New Order shows to be part of the Fractured Music archive.

-    The New Order box set has been indefinitely postponed as it was not 'financially viable'. Though P. Saville did do artwork when it was scheduled to be a multi-part singles only box, it was too expensive to release it that form. It has not been ruled out forever though.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 28, 1999  
THE OTHER TWO new album called "SUPER HIGHWAYS" (12 tracks ) is now expected to be released on June 21st, 1999.

The full track listing of the album is :

Weird Woman / You Can Fly / Super Highways / The River / Common As Muck / Jonno / One Last Kiss / Unwanted / Cold Feet / The Grave / Hello / Ripple

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 27, 1999  
ELECTRONIC new single called "Late At Night" is now expected to be released June 28th, 1999.

12"12R6519 / CDS CDR6519 Part 1 / CDS CDRS6519 Part 2

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Reports from Dancesite.com

albumChemicalBrothersurrender.jpg (8210 bytes)THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will be release their new album "Surrender" June 21, 1999.

The Chemical Brothers on the collaboration with Bernard Sumner: "The stand out track though, is Out Of Control, a New Order style electro groove featuring Bernard Sumner.

Did you create Out Of Control, specifically for Bernard Sumner first or did he come in later?

"We had that track in quite a different form, including a quite spectacular synth rif , which doesn't exist anymore, followed by a big sitar drop. All the way through, though, the song had that hi-energy break and that crackly snare drum which always made us think of New Order. Rather than mucking around, we wanted to try and get him. He's a total hero to us, New Order are a band we both love, so for use, we were indulging ourselves. We sent him a tape and he liked it. We spoke to him, got on OK (made friends), he came down and put in a lot of work on it. He's always been writing lyrics and melodies against just rhythms and that's a particular skill that he has. We probably wouldn't have phoned up Bernard Summer for our first record, that's probably one of those things that's comes out of having confidence and success - the fact that we believed we wouldn't be over-powered by someone who's so strong. He's an inspiring person because he loves making music - he was there until 8am".

Which track are you most proud of on the new album and in general?

"Both of us feel, the track with Bernard is one of our highest accomplishments. We think it's really powerful, a great mix and just a really exciting piece of music. We played it when we were DJing and people really responded to it. Our favorite overall would be Chemical Beats, just because of the impact and the emotional resonance for us".

What's going to be the first single?

"It's going to be Hey Boy, Hey Girl, which is kind of a throwback to our earlier stuff, being quite perky, the second one is Let Forever Be, with Noel Gallagher. Sacha's going to remix Out Of Control and that's the only remix we've got penciled in yet because we've got quite a lot of other tracks for B sides, tracks that didn't make the album. But we really wanted to put that Bernard track in a lot of clubs and we like a lot of what's Sasha's doing. We wanted something big and iconic for our remix".


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Reports from Ally

Monaco second album provisional name "Be Careful What You Wish For" / PRODUCER/MIXING: Alan Meyerson / WRITERS: Hook/Potts, Paul Kehoe on studio drums, RELEASE DATE: Autumn 1999 / Confirmed 11 new tracks: 5 with Hooky vocals, 5 with Pottsy vocals, 1 Instrumental - "Marine"

PROVISIONAL TRACK LISTING: (order unconfirmed)

1. Kashmere 2. Ballroom 3. Something Beautiful - used to be "Bert's Theme" 4. It's A Boy 5. Heaven 7 6. Ennio 7. NCB 8. A Life Apart 9. Pool 10. ?? 11. Marine (Instrumental)

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Report from Manchester Evening News

A PACKED church said their farewells to Rob Gretton, the "gentle giant" of the Manchester music scene. Hundreds attended the funeral of the 46-year-old manager of rock band New  Order.
Among the mourners at St Anthony's Church, Woodhouse Park, Manchester, were members of New Order, M People's Mike Pickering, comic actor Keith Allen, friend and colleague Tony Wilson with his partner Yvette Livesey, and guitarist Johnny Marr.
They heard a eulogy from Rob's friend, journalist Jon Savage.
"Rob was a big man and that makes his death all the more shocking. It was as if he would always be there," said Mr Savage.
Rob died at his home in Chorlton after suffering thyroid and heart problems. He leaves his partner of 25 years Lesley and children Benedict and Laura.
Parish priest Father John Daly said Rob had "touched many people very deeply."
Mr Savage told of Rob's achievements in managing Joy Division and then New Order; having the vision to open the Hacienda Club; encouraging the success of Manchester's Independent Factory records and his work in fostering many new musical talents.
"He was involved in creating from the ground up a Manchester music industry which is now recognised around the world," said Mr Savage.
Singing in the Mass, and lining the road as the cortege left for interment at Southern Cemetery, were children from St Anthonys RC Primary School, where Rob's brother John is headmaster.

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Guardian Obituary


A key figure in the Manchester music boom of the 1980s, he oversaw the transition of Joy Division into New Order.

Rob Gretton, who has died of a heart attack aged 46, steered the disturbingly brilliant post-punk group, Joy Division, towards success, helping them through the trauma of lead singer Ian Curtis's suicide in 1980, towards
reincarnation as New Order. He was also instrumental in setting up Factory Records,  Manchester's influential independent record label, which between the late 1970s and early 1990s released ground-breaking work by Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, and propelled the Hacienda club towards fame.
Growing up on the postwar satellite estate of Wythenshawe, Rob was one of a generation who found a way out through pop music and football. In time away from baggage-handling at Manchester airport, he worked as a DJ, favouring northern soul and reggae. It was at Rafters, on Oxford Road, on April 14, 1978, at around 2.00am that Rob saw his future. A Stiff and Chiswick record labels talent night featured, last in the running order, a quartet known as Warsaw, but that night performing as Joy Division. Having witnessed their powerful, pessimistic 20-minute set, Rob was convinced he should be their manager. He also met the Granada Television presenter Tony Wilson, whose So It Goes programme had recently done much to promote punk. With Wilson and partner Alan Erasmus, Factory embarked on their first release, a double EP called A Factory Sample, which included Joy Division's Digital and Glass.
Joy Division's reputation as a live act grew during 1979, and they released their debut album Unknown Pleasures. The second album, Closer, was recorded early in 1980, but Ian Curtis's death preceded its release, resulting in a  cult reputation, which persists. Rob encouraged guitarist Bernard Sumner to take over the vocalist's role as New Order emerged from Joy Division's remnants. The band went on to record a series of albums and singles, most famously the international hit Blue Monday.
Rob's enthusiasm for the new, black American dance sound was reflected in New Order's music, and in the evolution of the Hacienda, a former yacht showroom which Factory turned into a futuristic nightclub in 1982. Rob's visits to New York made him realise the importance of warehouse-size venues in the rave culture of the late 1980s. He became the club's driving force, realising the potential of hip hop and house music, and backing DJs and talent-spotters like Mike Pickering, whose M People became a successful 1990s act.
The Hacienda's overheads became insufferable in the early 1990s, and, as `Mad-chester' became `Gunchester', the club's situation worsened. After a temporary closure in 1990, the Whitworth Street venue went on sale in 1997.
Factory had been wound up in 1992, its roster absorbed into Polygram Records' global empire. It is to Rob's credit that New Order never abandoned Factory until the label's demise. He set up his own record label, and achieved a major club crossover hit with Sub Sub's Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use). Rob was a dedicated fan of Manchester City football club. His partner, Lesley, and children Benedict and Laura survive him.

Bob Dickinson

Robert Leo Gretton, manager and music promoter, born January 15, 1953; died May 15, 1999.
GUARDIAN 21/05/1999 P22

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Reports from NME:



ROB GRETTON, manager of New Order, has died at his home. First reports say that he suffered a heart attack on Saturday morning.

Gretton first met Joy Division when they played a battle of the bands contest in Manchester organised by indie labels Stiff and Chiswick in early 1978.

Gretton introduced the band to Granada TV presenter and embryonic record company boss Tony Wilson. Gretton then took over the management of the band from former drummer Terry Mason, a role that he remained in for over 20 years. He is survived by his partner, Lesley and their two children.  finished but at the moment it's pretty raw. I've got loads of respect for Bobby Gillespie."

Reports from BBC:

Mr. Gretton, who worked with the band for two decades, is understood to have died from a heart attack on Saturday morning. The band and Mr. Gretton's management company released a joint statement (May 17th)describing their "shock" at his death.  They said:

"We are sure that all who have dealt with him as a colleague share with us our feelings that we have a unique and genuine friend.

"His loyalty, generosity and the strength of his principles combined with his love of life will remain an inspiration to us all.

"Our thoughts are with his partner Lesley and children Benedict and Laura at this time."

Two decades of rock

Mr. Gretton guided New Order from their early days on the alternative music scene in Manchester to international rock stardom in the 1980s. He teamed up with the band in their earlier incarnation, Joy Division, in 1978 - within three months of the band's live debut. The group had been performing at an audition night for the Stiff and Chiswick record labels at Manchester's Rafters club where he was a DJ.

He and Factory Records boss Tony Wilson bought out their record contract and Joy Division built up a strong underground following. Mr. Gretton continued with the group after lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide.

The new line-up, renamed New Order, went on to mainstream success in 1983 with Blue Monday, the biggest selling 12-inch record of all time. They hit number one in 1990 with World In Motion, the England's official World Cup song recorded with the England football squad. After a five-year hiatus New Order performed together again last year, and this year they are due back to the studio to make their first album in six years.

A betting man

Mr. Gretton was known for the bets he would place with colleagues on the success of the band's singles. In 1988 he lost £1,000 to the band after betting that their single Fine Time would go top ten, when it peaked at number 11. The following year Wilson resigned as chairman of Factory temporarily over a bet with Mr. Gretton that the single Round And Round would be top five, when it only reached number 21.

Factory went bankrupt in 1992 and the band members have since been concentrating on solo projects.

Oasis star Noel Gallagher paid tribute to Mr. Gretton at an awards ceremony on Monday, dedicating a toast at the Loaded Carling Good Work Fella Awards 1999 in London to his memory.

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Reports from NME:

Factory Records will release 'Fractured Music Archive Preston', the first ever full JOY DIVISION live album on May 31, a recording of a full gig complete with technical breakdowns and ugly crowd noises. Although live Joy Division material appeared on 'Still' and the recent boxed set, this is the first full (legal) recording of a gig by Joy Division, a mere 19 years after the event.

In the sleeve notes Factory label boss Tony Wilson writes

"This is not a memento; this is a gig

This is not a souvenir or shifty "not the best of"; this is a gig

This is not bootleg chic; this is just a gig

Just a gig by one of the greatest bands that ever lived and wrote and played.

It was Preston. It seems that whenever bands went North, or even slightly North they got trouble. Blackburn meant serious violence for Stockholm Monsters and Happy Mondays. Bastards. Bury meant the night of the JD riot. You can blame Gretton; and the guy who threw the pint pot 'cause Ian only did three numbers and he didn't like the sight of Simon Topping coming back on stage....And this gig in Preston. Equipment malfunction. Mostly no function.

"One of the tape's the Preston - gig worse ****** gig we ever did. Complete breakdown of bloody everything. A shambles". Pause "You'd probably like it, got what you call attitude." Sneer. Grin.

The Preston Gig - You'd feel privileged if you went to this gig; privileged to have been a youth in Preston in 1980. Like everyone you ever meet from Hoboken who remember New Order at Maxwell's on Main Street. It's called having a well timed life.

We hope that this is well timed.

Rarely do appendices, footnotes to history, which is all this is, feel like history. Feel like a piece of time breaking apart.

As the world changes, electronically, we might ask "Why do we have 70 minute CD's". Because Karajan told the Sony boys that was the length of his new recording of Beethoven's fifth? No, we have 70 minute CD's so you can go to a Joy Division gig.

The full track listing is Incubation/Wilderness/24 Hours/The Eternal/Heart & Soul/Shadowplay/Transmission/ Disorder/Warsaw/Colony/Interzone/She's Lost Control

The legacy of Joy Division is felt to this day - at the recent Bowlie Weekender Mogwai covered '24 Hours' with Stuart Braithwaite singing using the Ian Curtis biography 'Touching From A Distance'.

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ELECTRONIC new single called "Late At Night" is now expected to be released JUNE 14th, 1999.

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will release in UK their new album "Surrender" featuring a song with our favorite singer Bernard Sumner June 21, 1999.

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OTHER TWO new single called "Super Highway" is now expected to be released May 24th, 1999.

12"TWOX  3 / CDS TWOCD3 Part 1 / CDS TWOCDP3 Part 2

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Reports from Antoine (visit New Order site...

Electronic next singles : Late At Night (2nd single), Flicker (3rd single).

Twisted Tenderness entered the UK charts at #9.

Vivid entered the UK charts at #17.

NEW ORDER will enter the studio in September, and a new single will be released in December 1999.

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MONACO perform live at the Guildford festival in the UK on Sat July 24th 1999 third on the bill, below James and Ultrasound.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 19, 1999  

THE NAU ENSEMBLE chamber orchestra will be release domestically in the US a tribute to JOY DIVISION "The Eternal Variations on Joy Division" April 20, 1999. "The music of Joy Division as you've never heard it before. Adapted by the Nau Ensemble for strings, medieval choir, and ambient sonics"

JOY DIVISION live CD  'LIVE FROM PRESTON: The Warehouse 28/2/80' will be release domestically in the US by The P.A.R.A.S Group, an independent California-based distributor June 8, 1999.

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS will be release domestically in the US their new album "Surrender" featuring a song with our favorite singer Bernard Sumner June 15, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 05, 1999  
The full track listing of the new JOY DIVISION live CD release by Factory Records April 26, 1999 'LIVE FROM PRESTON: The Warehouse 28/2/80':

Incubation / Wilderness / Twenty Four Hours / The Eternal / Heart & Soul / Shadowplay / Transmission / Disorder / Warsaw / Colony / Interzone / She's Lost Control

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Reports from Parlophone

Electronic will play live on TFI Friday, April 9 1999.

Track listing from the album is as follows:

Make It Happen / Haze / Vivid / Breakdown / Can't Find My Way Home / Twisted Tenderness / Like No Other / Late At Night / Prodigal Son / When She's Gone / Flicker

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 01, 1999  

To pay tribute to the memory of MARVIN GAYE. Today I decided to launch finally my website fully. Of course my website has nothing 2 do with Marvin Gaye.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 31, 1999  

PARLOPHONE launch a new Official Electronic website:


linkELEwebsiteParlophone.gif (19411 bytes)

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Reports from Antoine

Electronic will be on radio 1 on the 1/4/99 between 12.00p.m and 2.00p.m on the Jo Whiley show.

Factory Records will release a JOY DIVISION CD (FACD2.60)... live from Preston Warehouse (28/02/80). It should be released April 26th, 1999. Picture sleeve by Peter Saville.

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Reports from Bigmouth ...

Johnny Marr will appear at a tribute concert to the late Linda McCartney. Other stars set to appear are George Michael, Elvis Costello, M People's Heather Small, Des'ree, Sinead O'Connor, Neil Finn, Marianne Faithfull, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Tom Jones. The concert, entitled 'Here, There And Everywhere - A Concert For Linda', will be held at London's Royal Albert Hall on 10th April

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Reports from various sources ( SirenCD Store...

The full track listing of the new ELECTRONIC single 'VIVID':

12"12R6514 Tracks: 1.Vivid (Radio Edit) 2.Prodigal Son (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix) 3.Prodigal Son (Harvey's A Star In Your Own Mind mix).

CDS CDR6514 Part 1 Tracks: 1.Vivid (Radio Edit) 2.Haze (Alternative Take) 3.Prodigal Son (Harvey's A Star In Your Own Mind Mix).

CDS CDRS6514 Part 2 Tracks: 1.Vivid 2.Radiation 3.Prodigal Son (Inch Mix).

Various Format of ELECTRONIC "Twisted Tenderness" album in UK:

-    Cassette Album (Parlophone 4983454)
-    CD Album (Parlophone 4983452)...2CD Album Limited Edition (Parlophone 5201462)
-    MiniDisc Album (Parlophone 4983458)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 9, 1999  
Reports from Ally

The 'You Can Fly' single has been completely axed and replaced with a new single from the 'Superhighways' album which funnily enough is titled 'Superhighways' as well.

New release dates:

Other Two: Superhighways (London single) - Monday May 3rd 1999,

Other Two: Superhighways (London album) - Monday May 24th 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 9, 1999  
Reports from PARLOPHONE:

Electronic are Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner. Together and separately they could legitimately claim to have altered our musical landscape to such a degree that their influence is calculable. We need no further reminder of the power of New Order; their recent gigs were proof enough. But too little has been heard of Johnny Marr, one of our best, most influential musicians, since the release of the last Electronic album "Raise The Pressure" two years ago.

This will change with the release of the third Electronic album 'Twisted Tenderness' on Parlophone on April 12.

Recorded over a two month period last year, the album is a marked departure from its predecessor in many ways. Firstly, it was recorded as a four-piece group, with Jimmy Goodwin from Doves on bass and Jed Lynch from Black Grape on drums. Also, the sound has opened: the feel is rockier, more aggressive and spontaneous. The album also sees them reunited with Arthur Baker producing, an alliance that goes back to New Order in 1983.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 4, 1999  
Reports from NME:

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS' new album is called 'Surrender' will be released this summer featuring New Order's Bernard Sumner.

Bernard Sumner, lead vocals/guitar,  and Bobby Gillespie, backing vocals, collaboration on a track called 'Out Of Control'.

Sumner said: "The Chemicals thing came after one of them called me and asked if I'd be interested. Of course I was, I love what they do."

Also this month's Uncut magazine contains a huge story on Johnny Marr and Electronic, comes with a free CD including new Electronic track "HAZE" from the soon to be release "Twisted Tenderness".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 1, 1999  

THE OTHER TWO new single called "You Can Fly" featuring Melanie Williams has been withdrawn for now. No further information. Keep checking the NEWSROOM section for new release date.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 17, 1999  
Exclusive Monaco interview by Ally (visit http://monaco.simplenet.com)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)February 2, 1999  
Electronic "Twisted Tenderness" review by Dave King:

Make It Happen: Long intro, with vocal samples and "Idiot Country" styled guitars and a big bass groove. Guitar riffs and creeping sequencer sounds chime in with Barneys standard vocals. The interlude sounds more like the Electronic we know before resuming onwards, the track continuing to evolve and change, ending with a synth strings, acoustic guitar and keyboards -- not at all your standard verse chorus verse track at all.

Haze: Feel Every Beat styled guitar starts off. Barney's voice has that slight "on the phone" effect. Standard sing-song chorus. Nice Johnny solo about two-thirds way through. Song gets better as it goes.

Vivid: I think this is the first single. Imagine The The's Slow Emotion Replay meets Electronic, I can't think of any better way to describe it. One of the best tracks  (if not the best) on the album.

Breakdown: Starts with Johnny guitar jam. Vocals and kind of ominous strings start in. Lots of crunchy guitar, bits of the verses remind me of Times Change. Interesting instrumentation with some strings, the chorus of repeated "breakdown, breakdown" gets kind of annoying.

Can't Find My Way Home: This one is the old Clapton/Winwood tune(what my friend calls the one mistake on the album). I don't mind it. It's a fairly faithful cover ( thankfully Barney doesn't emulate Winwood's falsette and of course Johnny has his own style).

Twisted Tenderness: This sounds more like the Electronic of before. Bits of it remind me of Reality. It could have easily fit in either of the first two albums. Synth based and very nice. One of the best tracks.

Like No Other: Bits of this one remind me of Tighten Up in the tempo, and instrumentation, specially the bass work. Slightly "Smithsonian" guitar work. Nice chorus.

Late at Night: After a return to the Electronic of old, we're back to the "new sound" -- a guitar track. Harmless track. Not standout, not awful.

Prodigal Son: The most "unique" track on the album. It's a dark track, with looping vocals repeating and dirty grungy bass before Barney kicks in with the "on the megaphone" vocal effect.

King for a Day: Reminds me a little of Get the Message(maybe a small bit of Forbidden City as well)...

When She's Gone: Starts with a very sing-songy da-da-da vocal that folks with either lurve or hate off the bat. Once the song starts proper, it's pretty standard, crunchy Johnny chords in the background with Barney on top.

Flicker: More acoustic based guitar track. Kind of a bookend with the first track how it evolves (and improves) as the track goes on.

Thanks Dave!!!!!

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 29, 1999  
Reports from NME:

New Order' s Bernard Sumner has collaborated on a track for the new Primal Scream album, which is being slated for release later this year.

Sumner, who revealed last week that he'd also collaborated with The Chemical Brothers on their forthcoming album, said: "I've just been with Bobby working on a Primals track. It's hard to say what it's going to sound like when it's finished but at the moment it's pretty raw. I've got loads of respect for Bobby Gillespie."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 28, 1999  
Reports from MOJO:

According to drummer Stephen Morris, New Order will be writing material for a new studio set early in the year, although hopes that the record will be ready by the autumn might be "a bit optimistic". Instead, it's likely that some of the new songs, along with Joy Division classics like Isolation, Heart And Soul, Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart, all reworked for the band's recent seasonal gigs, will be aired during the summer, possibly at festival shows. Morris also says that the band were "pleasantly surprised" by a recording of their performance at last year's Reading Festival, which may well be included on the forthcoming New Order box set, scheduled for release later in '99.

New Order' s plans to write and rehearse early this year mean that Morris and keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, alias The Other Two, are unable to promote their forthcoming album, the apparently "darker and moodier" Superhighways. " Now that Melanie Williams [the voice on Sub Sub's hit, Ain't No Love, a few years back] has been helping out on vocals, we almost considered doing our first live dates".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 27, 1999  
ELECTRONIC new album called "Twisted Tenderness" is now expected to be released on March 29th, 1999.

The full track listing of the album is "Make It Happen", "Haze","Vivid","Breakdown","Can't Find My way Home","Twisted Tenderness","Like No Other","Late At Night","Prodigal Son","When She's Gone","King For A day","Flicker". The album is produced by Electronic and Arthur Baker.

MONACO will go into studio next month to record a new album, due out sometime this summer.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 26, 1999  
THE OTHER TWO new single called "You Can Fly" is now expected to be released on February 15th, 1999.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 15, 1999  
ELECTRONIC new single called "Prodigal Son" (Parlophone CDR 6514) is now expected to be released on March 15th, 1999.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 14, 1999  
Reports from NME:

Noel Gallagher, Mercury Rev and New Order's Bernard Sumner have recorded songs for The Chemical Brothers' as-yet-untitled new album, due out in May this year.

Sumner said: "The Chemicals thing came after one of them called me and asked if I'd be interested. Of course I was, I love what they do."

The Chemicals' Tom Rowlands said it was good to have another collaboration with Noel on the album, following the success of the Number One single, 'Setting Son'.

Asked about the overall sound of the new album, Rowlands said: "It's a fairly psychedelic-sounding album so far, some of it's quite firing, but some of it's quite un-firing... We're finding it quite difficult - the tricky third album."


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 11, 1999  
Same news around the World

Reports from Bigmouth:

New Order have announced that they plan to record a new album together during 1999 for release in the year 2000, six years after the release of their last album of new material, 'Republic'. However, prior to that, a New Order/Joy Division anthology, 'Recycle', an eleven CD compilation will be released before the new millennium, along with several other of the members, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Gillian Gilbert, and Stephen Morris, solo projects. Sumner has yet to complete an album, entitled 'Twisted Tenderness' with ex-Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr, under their band title, 'Electronic', and a project with Primal Scream. Peter Hook's band, Monaco, are recording a new album and the Gilbert/Morris collaboration as 'The Other Two' are also due to release a CD at the end of February.

New Order recently re-united for two huge Arena shows, one at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester just after Christmas with Underworld and a New Year's Eve, all-nighter, bash at London's Alexandra Palace with The Chemical Brothers and Underworld. A session with John Peel for his 'Peel Sessions' was aired on the 30th December, all culminating in a decision, by the band, to team up for a new album. Their set which featured a guest appearance by Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie, included their songs, 'True Faith', 'Touched by the Hand of God' and songs from their earlier incarnation, Joy Division's, 'Isolation' and 'Atmosphere'.
Ian Curtis, lead singer and writer with Joy Division, an important and influential band of the early eighties, committed suicide in 1980 soon after completing their first album.

The Other Two "Superhighways" Tracks Listing: Weird Drum Woman, Hello, Jonno, Stars, We Can Fly, Unwanted, The Grave, Common As Muck, Cold Feet, You Can Fly, SuperHighways

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 7, 1999  
Reports from NME:

NEW ORDER will go into the studio in the summer of this year to start work on a new album, their seventh LP together, after their reunion gigs.

Speaking on Radio 1 before Christmas, BERNARD SUMNER also said that all the members of the band would be writing songs for the new record.

"For Bernard to say what he said on Jo Whiley the other week, it just amazed me," said bassist PETER HOOK in the latest issue of Uncut magazine. "If it works out, I'll be the happiest man alive. But that's what he spent 10 years stopping us from doing. He's had such a change of heart and it's wonderful."

Of their New Year appearance at Manchester Evening News Arena, STEPHEN DALTON writes:

"It's all downhill from here," promises Bernard as the extended house mix of 'True Faith' finally turns the Arena into one huge dancefloor. He's half right too, because New Order just don't feel like a party band tonight. They finish with the daft Fat Harry White growl of 'Fine Time', a mechanical 'Blue Monday', a jagged 'Temptation' and a brutal 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' doused in chainsaw guitars. But they leave us with mixed emotions: elation, deflation, iconoclastic apathy and half-realised majesty.

New Order have reclaimed their title as British rock's most erratic elder statesmen, speeding from banality to brilliance in the space of a heartbeat.

The New Order 'Recycle' box sets of 11 CDs (22 in all) representing all their singles from 'Ceremony' onwards, is due out later this year. THE OTHER TWO - STEPHEN and GILLIAN's extracurricular activity - have a new album called 'Superhighways' released later this month and ELECTRONIC - featuring Bernard Sumner and JOHNNY MARR with contributions from BOBBY GILLESPIE - have a new single called 'Vivid' released in March followed by an album called 'Twisted Tenderness'.

The New Order album should be released in the year 2000.

Also this month's Uncut magazine contains a huge story on New Order. THE OTHER TWO new single called "You Can Fly" is now expected to be released on January 25th, 1999 including remixes by Cevin Fisher and Quake.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 6, 1999  
Reports from CR Lawson :

From Music 365:

NEW ORDER's BERNARD SUMNER has told Music365 that he has collaborated with PRIMAL SCREAM on a forthcoming track for the Scottish band's new album, as well as working on a track with THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS.

Sumner, talking in the bar after New Order's Manchester show on December 29, also confirmed that New Order would return with a new studio album before the end of 1999.

Of the collaborations he said: "I've just been with Bobby working on a Primals track. It's hard to say what it's going to sound like when it's finished but at the moment it's pretty raw. I've got loads of respect for Bobby Gillespie. The Chemicals thing came after one of them called me and asked if I'd be interested. Of course I was, I love what they do." No details of when either of the collaborations will be released have been announced yet.

He also spoke about 'Twisted Tenderness', the ELECTRONIC album with ex-Smiths guitarist JOHNNY MARR. Sumner says the record has a rockier sound than previous releases, with Marr's guitars taking a far more central role. The album itself was recorded with a regular band line up, which Sumner feels has had obvious results. It will be released in March.

Sumner said: "We've worked really over a short period of time hard on this album. Having a band has meant that we could work ideas far quicker than normal. It also means the end result is a lot more live sounding than before. We're both really happy with it." He also said the recent spate of New Order shows will be followed by a box set of all of their albums in 1999 before a new album, their first since 1993's 'Republic'.

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