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movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 30, 2001  
Report from Robertao:

Vote For New Order!



A Brazilian site is commenting the NME mention and there is a poll
("Enquete") to choose between the 10 indicated albums (2 of them are
Brazilian). So, you can vote for Get Ready:


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 29, 2001  
Report from Sean W:

Stabbing Westward cover "bizarre love triangle", this cover is part of the soundtrack for the new movie "NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE" http://www.spe.sony.com/movies/notanotherteen/

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 24, 2001  
Here's a little Christmas gift from the official Monaco site to the fans ( Thanks to Ally for getting them):)
brand new Monaco tracks that Peter and David wrote during the Music for pleasure sessions in the mid nineties, but never made the final LP or singles are now available for download in their entirety @


The Wilding: 4:12
Glass Box
: 4:38
: 4:40
: 1:38
Briefly commenting on the tracks, David revealed that "The Wilding" was a post-Revenge composition that was written before Monaco officially formed. He also mentioned "Glass Box" was originally titled "Happy Jack 2" and featured instrumental keyboard lines which eventually became Music for pleasure track "Sedona", and guitars which ended up on the final version of "Happy Jack".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 24, 2001  
New Order single "SOMEONE LIKE YOU" was finally released today in UK Dec 24, 2001.
Someone Like You (Part 1) UK, 2x12"
Tracks: 1.
Someone Like You Future Shock Vocal Remix 8:04 2.Someone Like You Gabriel + Dresden 911 Vocal Mix 11:13 3.Someone Like You Future Shock Strip Down Mix 7:49 4.Someone Like You Gabriel + Dresden 911 Voco-Tech Dub 11:10
Someone Like You (Part 2) UK, 12"
Tracks: 1.
Someone Like You Future James Holden heavy Dub 2.Someone Like You Funk D'Vod remix  

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 23, 2001  
Report from Shug S.:

NME's Top 50 singles 2001: Crystal #18

New Order's walloping comeback single 'Crystal' hits the ground running on a crashing wave of Bernard Sumner's pumped up power chords and oddly deadpan intensity. This is a defiant affirmation of love, charged with risk & regret, and more guitar laden than anything New Order have done since Joy Division. Some of the mystery has gone, but the passionate punk spirit still remains.


NME's Top 50 albums 2001: Get Ready #31

With the Haçienda and Factory Records long gone, no-one thought that New Order would ever be seen again, but with the bailiffs meetings and solo projects all grinding to a halt, they somehow managed the improbable feat of making a great comeback album. Featuring Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and former Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan, 'Get Ready' sounds more like New Order than any other New Order record. Still unique. Still brilliant.

The full list can be viewed at NME.Com

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 22, 2001  
Report from Brian W.:
Here's a small bit of information you may find interesting. Get Ready made Entertainment Weekly's 10 best of 2001 list. Coming in at #7.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 21, 2001  
Report from Sebastian L.:
In its January edition, German music mag "Musikexpress" has voted Get Ready on number 13 of the best 50 new records of 2001.

The accompanying text:
"The comeback of the year: The 80s-revival has also brought New Order together again. After the '93 "Republic" nobody thought that the Madchester pioneers would dare anything anymore. And then "Get Ready" - for that the mid-fourties hired Steve Osborne (Happy Mondays) and produced a determining post-Manchester-rave-album. Post punk a la Joy Division, mixed with computer pop and nice melodies.
With that New Order proved how right they were at the times to tear down the walls between guitars and club beats."

The 12 nominees ahead are:
The Strokes
Iggy Pop
Turin Brakes
Built To Spill

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 20, 2001  
Report from Alysa R.:

    New Order Down Under 94.7 The Zone wants to give you a Big Day Out!

If you've ever dreamt of going down under, here's your chance to win a trip to see New Order at the Big Day Out in Sydney, Australia.
We're sending one Club Zone member and guest to Sydney, Australia for the Big Day Out festival. The winner will receive round-trip air from Chicago to Sydney, airport transfers, half-day Sydney sightseeing tour and two tickets to the show.

As if New Order isn't enough, the winner will get to check out tons of other great bands including Prodigy, Garbage, Alien Ant Farm, Silverchair and The Crystal Method.

The winner and five second-place winners will pick up a very cool silver New Order Messenger Bag that contains the following CD's:

    Joy Division - Substance
    Joy Division - Closer
    Joy Division - Still
    Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
    New Order - Get Ready
    New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies
    New Order - Brotherhood
    New Order - Low-Life
    New Order - Movement
    New Order - Technique
    New Order - Substance (2CD)
    New Order - "Crystal" DVD

New Order Down Under...only from Club Zone and The New Alternative,94.7 The Zone.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 17, 2001  
Report from Side-Line:
New Order tribute out on Tuesday
The tribute to New Order will be officially released on December 19, 2001. Synthphony Records is accepting pre-orders now. Included on the 14-track album "True Faith - A Tribute to New Order" are tracks by Intact featuring Robert Enforsen, Hungry Lucy, Days of Fate, Seabound, Shades of Grey, Atlantic Popes, Invisible Limits, Wave In Head, Paradoxx, Equatronic, Provision, D'Woolve, Persona and Dark Distant Spaces. All proceeds from the sales of the tribute will be donated to the Red Cross.
- Synthphony Records -

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 16, 2001  
Report from Mark D.:
The magazine produced by well-known shoe retailer (well-known in IRL and GB anyway) SCHUH has, in its November issue (No. 14), a four page feature on NEW ORDER.

its got a couple of live pics (from Glasgow on the Sunday apparently) and it's worth a look.

At the end of the piece there's a list of NO related websites...
Included: www.worldinmotion.net


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 15, 2001  
Report from Røbertão:

New Order Remix Contest - WINNER!
Announced 12/12/2001.


Grand Prize Winner:
ara simonian - with new order crystal
Runners Up:
Changeling - with Crystal (changeling mix)
303dreams - with New Order - Crystal (303Dreams Remix)
Darren Ottery - with CRYSTAL (break easy dub)
intervox - with Crystal (Intervox Seasons Mix

The New Order winner will receive either ACID Pro 3.0 or Vegas Audio 2.0 (winner's choice), and five loop libraries. 1 grand prize winner will be chosen by the Reprise promotional staff, and will receive New Order merchandise and other surprises. Several runners-up will also be selected. All winners will receive "Crystal" promotional 12" singles, and in addition, an autographed New Order lithograph.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 15, 2001  
Report from Andre S.:
A preview of the Cover version of "Bizarre Love triangle" by Days of Fate from a tribute record, which should release next year, is available under the follow link:

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 13, 2001  
Report from P. Diddy:
Special TV show about "Le Festival 2001 des Inrockuptibles" including New Order in Paris, Friday December 14th 7pm GMT+1 on ARTE (French/German channel).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 10, 2001  
Report from Shug S.:
New Order's Get Ready was narrowly beaten to the most critically acclaimed album of the year by The Strokes the poll was carried out by Amazon.co.uk the poll asked editors and writers of UK music magazines, The Avalanches were 3rd. Last years winner was Kid A by Radiohead. For more info check amazon.co.uk

Amazon.co.uk's Best of 2001

  • Strokes "Is This It"
  • New Order "Get Ready"
  • Avalances "Since I Left You"
  • White Stripes "White Blood Cell"
  • Pulp "We Love Life"
  • Roots Manuva "Run Come Save Me"
  • N*E*R*D "In Search Of"
  • Radiohead "Amnesiac"
  • Kylie Minogue "Fever"
  • Missy Elliot "Miss E...So Addictive"

Amazon.co.uk Review
On Get Ready, New Order, the band who wrote the immediate future of electronic dance music on 1983's omnipotent "Blue Monday", return ready to rock--there's nothing vaguely Arthur Baker or Balearic here. For the most part, Get Ready keeps the keyboards trim and unobtrusive and revels in raw drums and wires; Bernard Sumner's funk-inclined, scratchy dog-with-fleas guitars; Peter Hook's shin-level punk bass lines; sinuous human greyhound Steve Morris--possibly the thinnest chap ever to grace a drum stool--kicking the machines into touch and keeping time with clockwork proficiency. All that, and those finely conceived bittersweet melodies, plus some questionable phrases: "It's like honey, you can't buy it with money" sings Sumner on the otherwise splendid "Crystal", a natural, guitar-rock pop-song successor to the mighty "Regret". And if "60 Miles an Hour" is a mite melodically predictable, then "Primitive Notion" is a thrilling throwback to Joy Division's "Heart and Soul". Try humming that bass line, tapping out that drum pattern and then compare the line "Don't look at me with your critical smile" to Ian Curtis's "I observe with a critical eye". Whatever, there's a cracking chorus right up there in the naggingly memorable "True Faith" / "Love Will Tear Us Apart" category. Of the much-publicized collaborations (the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie) it's the lusty half-Stones/half-Stooges leather-trousered swagger of "Rock the Shack"--with the Primal Scream frontman mewing like a lecherous tomcat--which steals the limelight. But in the grand old tradition of leaving the best until last, "Run Wild" is perhaps New Order's most touching moment--folky acoustic guitar, lonesome sentiment, teardrop melodica, the line "If Jesus comes to take your hand, I won't let go" and warm strings sweeping in to offer support like the touch of a much-cherished comfort blanket. Get Ready is a great album, one which secures New Order's future far further than they could have imagined. --Kevin Maidment

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 08, 2001  

MICK MIDDLES will re-release 'From Joy Division To New Order', the true story of Anthony H. Wilson and Factory Records March 7, 2002  (Paperback - 320 pages Virgin Books; ISBN: 0753506386)

DEBORAH CURTIS re-released 'Touching From A Distance' June 4, 2001 ( Paperback - 212 pages 2nd revised edition Faber and Faber; ISBN: 0571207391)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 07, 2001  
Report from Dotmusic:
Released on: Mon 17 Dec 2001
They've been running the race a long time, consistently sprinting away from the pack, and leaving their contemporaries behind.

The mixes are usually strong, and these two mighty re-workings are no exception. Funk D'Void's mix is a crowning glory to a successful year. It hammers down the thundering beats that seem to throw Sumner's vocal in and out of a wave of distortion.

It brings out a tough edge, but retains the feel of the original by making excellent use of the vocal. James Holden's 'Heavy Dub' rides on a tribal feel with a deep, funky bassline, leaving just enough room for an atmospheric breakdown.

Go ahead and flip, because either side's a winner.

Ben Osborne

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 06, 2001  
Report from Steven G.:
Just a quick note to pass on an additional New Order live date in Australia that I found at the Beat Magazine website
(http://www.beat.com.au/beattours.shtml) which lists the band as playing at the Metro in Melbourne on January 30, 2002.
Another has been confirmed too:
Wed 23rd Jan, 2002 - Hordern Pavillion, SYDNEY

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 04, 2001  
Report from P. Diddy:

Bernard Sumner (New Order singer) presented with Sara Cox, Saturday Dec 1, 2001, the award for "best tour" to Kylie Minogue at The TOP OF THE POPS award ceremony.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 02, 2001  
Pictures by Sebastian L.:
New Order Live @ Columbiahalle [Berlin, Germany 15.11.2001]

This is for your own pleasure the photos taken by Sebastian L.




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 01, 2001  
Report from Michael:

Vote For New Order!




Report from Peter V.:
I found a review on the net about New Order's latest cd
There is also a link to 'Crystal' on this site:
and you can download a New Order skin for your copy of Winamp

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 22, 2001  
Report from Vania C. (Brazil):

There will be a New Order party in Sao Paulo (Nov 23), It will be a Radio Brasil2000 fm party, where they'll choose by lot 50 get ready cds.

They chose a DJ (we had to send our play list  to the radio) and so, they would choose one of us. A 15 years old girl was chosen. By the way, it will be a nice party. Get Ready really rules here in Brazil.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 21, 2001  
Report and Pictures from Peter V.:
New Order Live @ Palladium [Cologne, Germany 16.11.2001]



60 Miles An Hour
Your Silent Face
Close Range
Touched by the Hand of God
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Rock The Shack [encore]
Blue Monday [encore]
Ruined In A Day [encore]

This is for your own pleasure the photos taken by Peter V..




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 19, 2001  
New Order single "60 Miles An Hour" was released today in UK Nov 19, 2001.
60 Miles An Hour, DVD (Format: DVD-Rgn 2:Europe, Cat #: NUDVD9, UPC #: 0927429069)
Tracks: 1.
60 Miles An Hour Radio Edit 2.Sabotage 3.60 Miles An Hour Video
60 Miles An Hour (Part 1) UK, CDS (
Cat #: NUOCD9, UPC #: 0809274249524)
Tracks: 1.
60 Miles An Hour Radio Edit 2.Sabotage 3.Someone Like You Fun D'Void Remix
60 Miles An Hour (Part 2) UK, CDS (
Cat #: NUCDP9, UPC #: 0809274272928 )
Tracks: 1.
60 Miles An Hour Supermen Lovers Remix 2.Someone Like You James Holden Dub 3.Someone Like You Future Shock

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 19, 2001  
Report from Roland M.:
NO Concert in Cologne (Nov 16, 2001) will be Webcast TODAY this Monday (From 20:00 - 22:00 Germany Time)!


Press Release: New order concert as Webcast Press release # 26_PopOnline (with the request for publication) new order concert as Webcast PopStream records new order concert - to Webcast with AOL.de, POPKOMM.de and VIVA.tv on 19 November starting from 20.00 o'clock Cologne, which 16 November 2001 the cult tape from Manchester is bake. With the new album GET ready impressed Bernhard Sumner and Co. not only the press, but inspired also their fans world-wide. The single uncoupling " 60 Miles at Hour " rises at present into the international Charts. In the context of its European tour new order is only for two Gigs in Germany. For all fans, that create it neither to Berlin nor to Cologne, PopStream records the concert from the palladium in Cologne. AOL, PopOnline and VIVA show the Gig in full length as Webcast. Under the URLs http://www.aol.de, http://www.popkomm.de http://www.viva.tv  is the concert on Monday to experience 19 November 2001 starting from 20.00 o'clock as Webcast of the special class. Additionally the concert with cut is available starting from Tuesday, 20 November under http://www.popkomm.de/tv for six weeks OnDemand. PopStream is a Servicedienstleister of the PopOnline GmbH, Betreiberin by among other things popkomm.de and popflirt.de and implemented that new order Webcast. If you need further information or pictorial material, we are to you gladly at the disposal. PopOnline GmbH abbott communication Hansemannstr. 17-21 50823 Cologne Tel. 0221/990 48 10, fax 0221/990 48 48 mailto:contact@poponline.de http://www.poponline.de .

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 18, 2001  
Photos by Neil W.:
New Order did play in Paris last week(Olympia Nov 11th and 12th). This is for your own pleasure the photos taken.




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 16, 2001  
Review from ESPN(info sent by Robert L.):

Sumner stuns Berliners with 1966 taunt
By Dale Johnson

Bernard Sumner shocked fans at a concert in Berlin this week (Nov 15th)when he dedicated a song to David Beckham and taunted them about the 1966 World Cup final.

Sumner, lead singer of New Order, was greeted by cheers when he welcomed Germany's qualification for next year's finals - they beat Ukraine in a play-off on Wednesday.

But those cheers soon turned to boos when he reminded the German crowd how England had beaten them 4-2 in the 1966 final.

'You didn't win in 1966,' quipped Sumner, an avowed Manchester United fan, before bassist Peter Hook intervened to assure the outraged audience that Sumner was only joking.

But memories of their one-sided, 5-1 defeat by England in a World Cup qualifying match in Munich in September were clearly still raw for many in the audience.

Introducing the band's hit song 'Touched by the hand of God', Bernard Sumner said: 'This song is dedicated to David Beckham - touched by the foot of God'.

Any bad feelings, though, were quickly forgotten as the Manchester band, best known for their hits 'Blue Monday' and 'True Faith', put in a storming performance.

Happily for Anglo-German relations, New Order did not play 'World in Motion', the song they wrote with Keith Allen for England's World Cup soccer campaign in 1990.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 15, 2001  
Report from Tim W.:
Get Ready is #4 on Billboard's charts for "Electronic" albums.

Report from Vincent:
The new New Order video for 60 MPH can be seen on Dotmusic


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 15, 2001  
Report from Spike:
Just found this while searching for good stuff on Euro Satellite, a interview with the band on the German sat channel VIVA on 23.11.2001 at 19.00 (German Time) this can be received on Astra Analogue or Digital in Europe and I think will be repeated on VIVA ZWEI the week after.


Fast Forward - Musikshow/Pop Freitag, 23.11.2001
Beginn: 19.00 Uhr Ende: 20.00 Uhr Länge: 60 Min.
Moderation: Charlotte Grace Roche
Fast Forward
"Interview mit New Order"

 Nicht wenige Menschen waren am 11. August zum Robbie Williams-Konzert ins Müngersdorfer Stadion nach Köln gekommen, um die Vorgruppe zu sehen. Der Name der Band: New Order. Doch die vielleicht wichtigste Pop-Formation der 80er soff in einem grottenschlechten Klangbrei ab. Keine Chance, um Klassiker wie "Blue Monday" oder "True Faith" angemessen zu würdigen. Die Musiker aus Manchester waren unschuldig, doch die Fans enttäuscht. Aber Mitte November kehren Bernard Sumner und Co. nach Deutschland zurück. Am 16. November spielen sie im Kölner Palladium, wo sie Charlotte Roche zum Intervierw treffen werden. Und genau eine Woche später zeigt FAST FORWARD das Gespräch bei VIVA. Den Termin sollten sich alle merken, die sich nur irgendwie für Popmusik interessieren. Schließlich gelten New Order auch im Jahr 2001 als die Band, die das Prinzip Pop mit Prägnanz und Perfektion am besten auf den Punkt bringt. Das in diesem Jahr veröffentlichte Album "Get Ready" wurde jedenfalls von Kritik und Publikum begeistert aufgenommen.


Report from Vince (France):
1 minute ago, MCM broadcasted a quick report of "Le Festival 2001 des Inrockuptibles", including 10 seconds from "Crystal" and 10 seconds from end of "Transmission" from New Order 12-11-2001. The report was broadcasted in the "Le J(ournal)D(e la)M(usique)". A new boradcast will be aired at 22h30 and tomorrow at midday.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 14, 2001  
New Order single "SOMEONE LIKE YOU" will be released in UK Dec 10, 2001.
Someone Like You (Part 1) UK, 2x12"
Tracks: 1.
Someone Like You Future Shock Vocal Remix 8:04 2.Someone Like You Gabriel + Dresden 911 Vocal Mix 11:13 3.Someone Like You Future Shock Strip Down Mix 7:49 4.Someone Like You Gabriel + Dresden 911 Voco-Tech Dub 11:10
Someone Like You (Part 2) UK, 12"
Mixes from Funk D'Void & James Holden

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 12, 2001  
Report from Fabrice:
NEW ORDER started their European tour last night (November 11th) with their first major PARIS show for nearly 14 years ( Last concert was December 1987).

The full New Order setlist was:

  • 'Crystal'
  • 'Transmission'
  • 'Regret'
  • 'Ceremony'
  • '60mph'
  • 'Your Silent Face'
  • 'Atmosphere'
  • 'Close Range'
  • 'Touched By The Hand Of God'
  • 'Bizarre Love Triangle'
  • 'True Faith'
  • 'Temptation'
  • 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'


  • 'Rock The Shack'
  • 'Ruined In A Day'
  • 'Blue Monday'

The band play Paris, Olympia again tonight. Both shows are sold out.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 08, 2001  
Report from Alejo:
New Order "Get Ready" reached 13 in Tower Records Argentina most popular records.
Report from Mojo ( info sent by Dean):
There were rumours that, due to fraying tempers, New Order's three October shows at London's Brixton Academy would be their last. Giving some flesh to this theory, gig-fanatic Hook stayed on stage when the rest of the band exited at the end of the set at the final Brixton show. He then proceeded to give a solo-bass rendition of venerable New Order track Age Of Consent. Encouraged by the rapturous response, he then played a solo Dreams Never End after the encores. After the show, however, New Order rallied and went on to play their European dates.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 07, 2001  
Report from Fabrice :
Bernard Lenoir (Famous DJ) will be live at the New Order concert in Paris between 9-11PM, November 12th broadcasting at the radio station France Inter.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 02, 2001  
Report from Sebastian L.:
if you've ever wondered, and liked Live365.com for their bit to enjoy us all, well, here it is:


Not yet really working but definitely to be observed.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 02, 2001  
Report from Dana N.:
Here's a Review of "Get Ready"from Dallas.
Report from Marc J.:
There was this review of "Get Ready":

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 29, 2001  
Report from Sebastian L.:
New Order single "60 Miles An Hour" will be released in UK Nov 19, 2001.
60 Miles An Hour, DVD (Format: DVD-Rgn 2:Europe, Cat #: NUDVD9, UPC #: 0927429069)
Tracks: 1.
60 Miles An Hour Radio Edit 2.Sabotage 3.60 Miles An Hour Video
60 Miles An Hour (Part 1) UK, CDS (
Cat #: NUOCD9, UPC #: 0809274249524)
Tracks: 1.
60 Miles An Hour Radio Edit 2.Sabotage 3.Someone Like You Fun D'Void Remix
60 Miles An Hour (Part 2) UK, CDS (
Cat #: NUCDP9, UPC #: 0809274272928 )
Tracks: 1.
60 Miles An Hour Supermen Lovers Remix 2.Someone Like You James Holden Dub 3.Someone Like You Future Shock

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 28, 2001  
Report from Simon:
Australian alternative radio station JJJ recently recorded an interview with Peter Hook. First part of the interview is now available online (Second part should be up next week):

Report from Jack:
I've reviewed "Get Ready" for my webzine, FAC193.
Here's the link:


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 27, 2001  
Report from BBC (info sent by PDiddy):
New Order
Broadcast 7th Oct 2001

After eight years out of the spotlight, New Order are back with their new album 'Get Ready' and a national tour, kicking off in the band's hometown of Manchester. Backstage's Rajesh Mirchandani caught up with the band's bassist Peter Hook after their first night and talked to the legendary 'Hooky' about the band's re-awakening.

How many times have you played here before?
The first time we played here was when we were very, very small, funnily enough. We supported Nevermind The Buzzcocks on their first tour. It was literally our tenth gig or something. It's like going back to school- when you were at school everything seemed huge and then you come back and it's dead small. It's really weird. But it seemed huge and we were all terrified. But we're not terrified tonight. If we were starting in Glasgow we would be very nervous but Manchester is like home, so we feel protected… We've been working very hard and we are actually looking forward to it.

Are you getting nervous, it being the first tour in eight years?
Because we've been so well received coming back with the LP and single, I'm not really that worried. It has to be the simple fact that I listen to it and I think we're great. So I'm just happy to play, although I will be nervous. I always amaze everybody with how nervous I get before I play, but yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

How do you prepare for going back on tour?
It's quite strange when I met my wife, and she never realised how much I've been away rehearsing. It's such a hard slog, and it really wears you out. It has to start from scratch. And if you're using sequences, just getting those ready could take you months.

What prompted you to come out of New Order hibernation and do a new record?
We had such problems internally in New Order because of the demise of Factory, and because of the problems with the Hacienda. I think it's the whole thing about how you always go for the ones nearest to you. I think we just turned all our anger inward. I think by getting away from each other for a while, time is a great healer. We just mellowed over a few years, and then Rob was so sick and tired people asking him what we were doing, and he wanted to know, for his benefit, as well. He got us together and lo and behold when he got us together it was like going home for Christmas, you're terrified and when you get there it's like, oh the same! I think we need that space and I think we've come back stronger than ever.

And ex-Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan is on the album too.
Billy and Bobby are old friends. I played on Billy Corgan's last LP and Bernard played on Primal Scream's 'Xterminator.' So it's quite nice getting these young bloods in. It's like being a vampire, really, they've been sucking off us so long now we're sucking it back, you see! They've both big fans of ours and will happily say what an influence we were on them, so it's quite nice if they've stolen something from us we can steal something from them.

You talked earlier about Hacienda, Factory Records, all of which are going to be immortalised in a new movie: '24 Hour Party People'. What do you think about that?
I'm looking forward to it. The great thing about the story is, because you've lived it and you know everything that happened, the nice things I find are the bits people get wrong. They're the bits that are most entertaining! So I'm looking forward to see what things they've got wrong in the film.

So round up for us: what can fans expect from a New Order gig?
Well, they can expect us to be very serious about what we're doing, and basically just playing our music to the best of our ability.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 27, 2001  
Report from Pdiddy:
More New Order on Radio 1 Online
21 October 2001: Sumner's Vic Reeves confession
New Order were honoured with Outstanding Contribution to Dance Music at last night's Muzik Magazine Dance Awards. After a few beers Bernard Sumner confessed to Radio 1 something that happened during the Acid House and Hacienda days - when he and Sasha used to hang out together:

"I actually took Vic Reeves to Sasha's place once but there was a police cordon around his house and they all had bullet proof vests on so we couldn't get in so I took him to another party and he passed out. The story is when he was asleep I took his shoes and glasses off and just left him and he had to make his way back from Moss Side. I did blame it on someone else but it was actually me."

New order have recorded a session for Radio 1 in the UK and last night (Monday Oct 22) 'Slow Jam' was played from this session. Further tracks will follow over the next 3 days, one of them will be 'Your Silent Face'. The show starts at 20:00.

17 October 2001: Exclusive: Bernard Sumner says sorry
'24 Hour Party People', the film about the Manchester music scene, is just a few months away now from release. It's the story of the Hacienda night-club, Factory Records, New Order and The Happy Mondays. It features a range of British talent including Steve Coogan, Ralf Little and John Simm who plays Bernard Sumner from New Order.

Radio 1 caught up with Bernard at the Muzik Awards and he exclusively told us about his embarrassing meeting with John: "I was a bit drunk, a bit worse for wear and he was a nice guy but he was kind of staring at me, you know and I guess what he was doing was studying me to see what I was like when I was drunk."

In fact Bernard had even more grovelling to do: "I met Steve Coogan later on in the night and he couldn't actually get a word in edgeways, I do apologise for that."

'24 Hour Party People' is due out in February 2002.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 25, 2001  
Review from NME:
New Order : London Brixton Academy

The possibilities are stark indeed. That Manchester's infamous New Order would return as a cabaret act; a glorified karaoke mirror-image of their past; or worse, to indifference and irrelevance. Thank heavens then, that 25 years after Warsaw's self-titled debut, and 21 years after Joy Division's posthumous 'Closer', the maverick, cranky, playful, and sometimes dour, quartet (Gillian Gilbert might not be onstage, but she's definitely in the sampler) can still reach a high level of poignancy, melancholy, hedonism, and life-affirmation.

The alternately mournful and emotional music that cascades from the stage like molten lava deserves hyperbole. As unpretentious as New Order are tonight - with between-song asides and jests - a gap remains between their physical presence and the spectral songs. Yes, the more rock-oriented 'Get Ready' has raised some eyebrows with its introduction of outside help like Billy Corgan (who's absent tonight) and yes, the dance music and synthetic template has taken a sideseat, but Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris are hardly rock'n'roll monsters onstage, in the conventional sense.

Received wisdom about music being the sole premise of the young, ignores a music that, like the blues, is outside time. There's something to be said for the way the opener 'Crystal' and an exceptional version of Joy Division's 'Transmission' are pages of the same book, albeit with a linear progression soundwise and a less heavy lyrical edge to the former.

Some might think it opportunistic to reopen the Joy Division chapter after so many years, but just hear 'Regret' segue into a mournful yet upbeat version of 'Ceremony' - with images of leaves falling from trees, and smashed-glass guitar - and it's devastating. Of course, there are misfires, like the way 'Touched By The Hand Of God' loses its sleek synthetic sheen, or the mix that derails a very moving 'Atmosphere', but it all deflates an air of reverence. Not that the capacity crowd tonight have come to worship; they're here for a good time that still carries emotional weight, in perilous times.

A salutary history lesson is here, too, for people who've never heard Peter Hook's distinctive melodic bass squalls and for those who've forgotten Barney Sumner's skill on the melodica, as is evident on 'Your Silent Face'. The audience also gets an energetic 'Close Range', with self-improvement advice to a fallen mate; a scintillating version of 'Temptation', with keyboard frequencies that connect; 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' sung with many voices, and a 'Bizarre Love Triangle' that requires Stephen Morris to dust down his disco drums. Curiouser still, Bobby Gillespie comes on for a high-octane rock and roll version of 'Rock The Shack' that's as much Primal Scream as it is conventional.

Where the New Order of old would play unrecorded songs, and choose venues that were off the beaten track, and be alternatively shambolic and celestial, this year's model remains a continuing work-in-progress, that everyone says is very professional. Or would say if there weren't still the probabilities of contrary, awkward behaviour, maverick music and throwing major wobblers...

For now, New Order are happy, reborn. And will continue to be relevant as long as this spectral music is played, as long as boy bands, corporate indie bands, and nu-metallers continue to rule, and as long as these fun-loving Mancunians continue to surprise. Think about it. It could've been a horrible desecration of the past and present, couldn't it? Still timeless. Still endless.
Dele Fadele

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Report from Steve T.:
New order have recorded a session for Radio 1 in the UK and last night (Monday Oct 22) 'Slow Jam' was played from this session. Further tracks will follow over the next 3 days, one of them will be 'Your Silent Face'. The show starts at 20:00.
Report from Marc J.:
There was this review, though, on the VH1 site:

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Report from Geoff Kite :
This band has a history and started life as the SWAMP CHILDREN. The line-up contained the usual suspects and included members of ACR and amongst others, Ceri Evans of SUNSHIP.
SWAMP CHILDREN released one album ‘So Hot’ and a single, ‘Little Voices’ on
Factory Records, as well as ‘Taste What’s Rhythm’ on the Benelux label Crepuscule.
Changes in Personal and musical direction led to a name change and the unit became known as KALIMA. The name was taken from a band’s favourite tune on an Elvin Jones album.
After releasing a version of  ‘THE SMILING HOUR’ and their own composition ‘FLY AWAY’ featuring the boys from THE JAZZ DEFECTORS on backing vocals, and Andrew Connell from SWING OUT SISTER, they proceeded to record 5 albums and numerous singles for
FACTORY RECORDS. The band toured extensively and released records worldwide.
Kalima are Ann Quigley, Anthony Quigley and John Kirkham.
John has worked recently with JERSEY STREET. While Tony has
The new album ‘IN SPIRIT’ sees KALIMA working as a smaller unit and releasing they’re own material on their label ‘Kin ‘.  An essential release for the millennium. With a diverse range of subtle styles that evokes the charms of Bossa filled with tints of dub, great vocals and a hint of commercial savvy. For their live appearances they will be joined by a variety of musicians. Stand out tracks 2, 4, 7, and 10
Send Me (Think  Smoke City – Underwater Love)
A Thousand Signs
Smitten (Nitan Sawnhey meets DJ Krush)
Vroom (Everything But The Girl Meets Massive Attack)
Laurie’s Song
Vroom Down
Firefly (Candidate for every chill out comp ever to be released)
Shine (Concrete Mix)
Label:    Kin Records
Bar Code:   502638800372
Format:   CD
Release Date:   
7th January 02
Geoff Kite
80 St Johns Hill
London SW11 1SF
Tel: 0207 738 9488 Fax; 0207 738 2278

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Report from Edward B.:
Just thought you might like to know there's a short interview with Bernard on Steinberg's website at http://www.steinberg.net/infocenter/discoveries/stories/neworder_bernard.phtml?sid=03381008&id=04030618

Also an interview with Roger Lyons (of Lionrock) who apparently did all the programming for the Get Ready tour.

Report from JK:
Last Sat. night I was listening to a local college station here in Los Angeles and they played a remixed version of "Someone
Like you". After the song was over the DJ said that this was going to be the second single from the album here in the states.

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Report from Paul (Australia) Article from Beat Magazine, Melbourne, Australia published wednesday 17/10/2001:
Rising from the ashes of Joy Division, New Order taught white kids how to dance and the world not to be scared of synthesisers. They brought dancefloor love to a depressed generation, and, on their latest album Crystal, they even manage to make Billy Corgan sound half-decent. Put simply, their legacy to pop, dance and everything in between cannot be understated. So, having changed the world, where’s a band to go, 20-odd years down the track?

Backwards, forwards, up and down – all at once – it seems, if Crystal is any indication. A melange of vintage synth-pop, endearing quiet moments and all-out hedonistic rock, New Order’s first album in eight years is not quite a new-direction, not quite a return-to-form; rather, it is a collection of everything New Order ever meant to a fan.
It also rocks. Hard. Which may have something to do with Sumner’s renewed interest in his axe, explains the incredibly nice Stephen Morris over the line from the UK. "Bernie still plays a lot of guitar. He's been playing with the Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream. He still loves it."
As did
Crystal’s producer Steve Osborne, who Morris likens to a contemporary Martin ___________. "Yeah, he was very good, it was kind of like working with Martin again. He's not about song writing, he's much more into sonics and noise, which Martin used to do a lot of. We'd just play for hours and hours and then he'd go, 'Guys, stop playing'. Then we'd cut it all up. That's how it worked."

While no-one can deny the band's massive influence over both indie and electronic spheres, today’s kids don’t know Blue Monday from Ruby Tuesday. So it's interesting indeed that the likes of Moby and the now-defunct Smashing Pumpkins have taken to covering Joy Division and New Order standards – thus revealing their not-so-latent influences, and also opening up younger ears to the glorious sound of New Order. These recent hat-tippings have also had a welcome side-effect: the introduction of more Joy Division tracks into New Order's live sets.

"We play quite a lot of Joy Division songs now, so in a way it made us realise, yeah they are good songs and it's silly to not play them," Morris explains. But does he think, 21-odd years down the track, that New Order can do Transmission or Digital as well as back then? "I think we get away with it," he laughs.

An interesting inclusion in the band's spate of comeback live shows was the support slot on a recent Robbie Williams gig in Germany. "It was interesting to see what it was like," Morris explains. "I'd never been to a massive, massive pop show before. It was interesting, but we went down like a lead balloon, which was to be expected, really. It was an experience."

"The shows that we're doing over here [USA] are quite small really," he continues. "They're not massive gigs – although the one at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan was quite big. It's good, it's quite good playing again. But when we did the Moby tour, we were going on in daylight and it was really weird being able to see the audience. We'd hardly ever see them before so it was, 'Ooh, that's what you look like.'"

We’re guessing that the lights will be dimmer at the three consecutive nights at London's Brixton Academy which New Order sold out within days.

"It was a big surprise," he laughs. "We've never played 3 nites on the trot anywhere, so it's very interesting that."

Interesting? Maybe. Surprising? Hardly. New Order fans are among the most obsessive on the planet, and the fact that Sumner, Morris and Co have left them hanging since 1993's Republic obviously hasn't dampered the population's love for the group.

Given the opportunity to talk to as veteran a Manc as they come, the temptation to clear up one of UK music's holy cows is overwhelming. The legendary 1976 Sex Pistols gig at Manchester's Lesser Free Trade Hall is credited by many as the genesis of the Northern city's music scene. Everyone who was anyone was there, reportedly – true or false?

"It's funny," Morris explains, "cos that Sex Pistols gig, with the number of people who claim to have been there, it would have been sold out about 3 times over. It's become one of those mythical things: 'Oh yes, I was there'. Well, I wasn't there!

In fact, Morris has done a lot of thinking about the past recently, thanks to the upcoming release of British director Michael Winterbottom's feature-length tribute to Factory Records and Madchester, 24 Hour Party People. "It's all been a bit weird seeing the past resurrected, people like Martin Abbot and all that lot," says Morris, choosing his words carefully. "That's been a bit weird, cos my take on that past is obviously not going to be the way that they remember it."

Morris seems keen to move on, so conversation turns to the reconstruction of arguably the most influential British club of all time, Manchester's Hacienda. While the Hac was demolished in 1999 after many years of general seediness, Winterbottom and Co have rebuilt a temporary replica purely for the purposes of Party People. Will Morris be attending the upcoming Madchester reunion gala night there?

"I've heard it's brilliant – they went to no end of expense to get it as accurate as possible. But I couldn't go, I just couldn't. I couldn't face all the memories."

New Order headline Big Day Out 2001 at the Showgrounds on January 28. Crystal is out now through Warner

Ramon Lobato

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Report from Blab:
Here is a link to a Funny French Free Fanzine:


The concept of the Fanzine is to be free but only readable on paper, so you have to print a PDF file to read it. There is a big article on New Order in this issue, that  is why I send you this mail.

Also in !blab : interviews of Cube-Like-People or Hide & Seek, another story about UK Decay, an article about Depeche Mode ...

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Report from VH1 (info sent by Pdiddy):

New Order Quit Bickering, Start Rocking On Get Ready


New Order  
Photo: Warner Bros.  

For many years over the past two decades, New Order crafted cynical synth-pop that radiated with alternative dancefloor chic. But on Get Ready, the band's first record together in eight years, New Order have done something they haven't tried since their pre-Order days.

They've rocked out.

While the album still shimmers and shivers with electronic textures, it's anchored by organic instrumentation and galvanic grooves. "60 Miles an Hour," Get Ready's second single, sounds like a beefier spinoff of the band's hit "Blue Monday," and "Rock the Shack" is a cross between the Stooges and the Rolling Stones.

"Dance music tends to be a solitary affair," bassist Peter Hook said from his home in Manchester, England. "People work on a computer for a while, then bring something in. But getting back together after being apart for six years, we wanted to play as a group, which is more of what rock music is about."

Some of the music on Get Ready is reminiscent of the songs Hook, drummer Stephen Morris and guitarist Bernard Sumner (then Bernard Albrecht) created as members of Joy Division. The pioneering goth/post-punk band came to an end in 1980 when singer Ian Curtis hanged himself.

At that point, the group changed its name to New Order, and after two familiar-sounding singles, dramatically shifted its musical direction. Now, after decades of running from the past, New Order find themselves returning to their roots.

"It wasn't a conscious decision," Hook said. "It's just that as we played together, it made us feel a bit like how we felt when we were in Joy Division. We were beginning again quite fresh, really getting the energy from the guitars and from the clicking of playing together."

As unusual as it is to hear New Order rocking steady, it's equally surprising to find the band getting along after years of tension and acrimony. Especially since the group's demise in 1993 was accompanied by the collapse of its label, Factory, and its dance club, the Hacienda, both of which left the group in a state of financial disarray.

But it's that very angst that makes Get Ready such a powerful disc — not that the bandmembers were at each other's throats again. In fact, they got along so well they were worried they wouldn't be able to summon the artistic venom they were after. But the specters of the past provided more than enough fuel as the band's acerbic muse.

"You don't get many chances in the world, and you don't want to throw them away," Hook explained. "We worked very hard for our chances, and to lose Factory and the Hacienda through no fault of our own was very, very upsetting. I think the energy of the record came from the freedom of getting our music back after it being so nearly lost."

That energy and enthusiasm are evident throughout the record. "Crystal," the first single, is ebullient and enigmatic, driven by a brooding bassline, clattering drum machines, sandpaper guitars, singing keyboards and ultra-pop vocals. The video, which adheres to New Order's tradition of never featuring the actual bandmembers, depicts a young band kicking out the jams.

In the studio, New Order had some help in the fun factory. "Rock the Shack" was a collaboration with Primal Scream vocalist Bobby Gillespie and guitarist Andrew Innes. "Turn My Way," with its ethereal vocals and melancholy atmospheres, features guest vocals by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, who also played live with the band on Moby's Area: One tour earlier this year.

"I've known Billy since he was 15," Hook said with a laugh. "He came to see us in Chicago and wanted to meet us because he said he was a big Joy Division fan. Five years later, he was in the Smashing Pumpkins and they were huge. We've kept in touch through the years. So when we wrote 'Turn My Way,' Bernard said, 'This would sound really good with Billy on it.' So we rang him up, and he more or less came running."

If Get Ready is well-received Stateside, the group plans to return for an extensive U.S. tour. In the meantime, the band will play dates across Europe and continue working on new material. New Order have already got four songs in the can and will release an EP next year called New Order Vs. Chemical Brothers, a collaboration with the popular electronic duo.

With his band back on track and enjoying itself for the first time in years, Hook is grateful for everything he's experienced, even the low points.

"The greatest thing that ever happened to me was when New Order stopped and I got thrown out into the cold, hard world right when we basically didn't have any money," he said. "It really was a character-building experience. It's widened my horizons and made me more confident in myself and made me enjoy life more. After a couple years away from New Order we learned to appreciate the good things."

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Report from Vincent H.:
More info on Later With Jools Holland

New Order played the following tracks on Series 18/Show 2 (19/Oct/01):
1. 'Crystal'
2. 'Regret'
3. '60 MPH'
4. 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'

For more see:


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Report from Robert E.:
New Order will be on BBC radio 1's evening session in the UK next week, starting on Monday evening. they will probably play 1 session track each night as usual.

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Review from woxy.com:
97X and www.woxy.com are giving you the chance to pick up 2 new discs from New Order: their latest studio release, Get Ready, and a limited-edition, not-available-in-stores New Order best-of retrospective, 20 Years of New Order. For good measure, we'll also throw in a 4 CD box set from Joy Division, Heart And Soul.

One lucky winner snags it all. Just get registered from now til Thursday, October 18, at 6 PM EDT. We'll randomly draw the winner on Friday, October 19.

Get all of the info, and sign up at www.woxy.com

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Review from Billboard:
New Order's "Get Ready" (Reprise) includes "Crystal," which is No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music: Club Play chart. "Time's a great healer," frontman Bernard Sumner says of the group's first album since 1993's "Republic." "It made me remember the good things about being in New Order, not just the bad."

A nod to the group's rock roots -- New Order formed in 1980 from the ashes of hallowed post-punk act Joy Division -- "Get Ready" is more guitar-inflected than New Order's previous two sets, which were dominated by synthesizers and club beats. Ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and Primal Scream members Bobby Gillespie and Innes guest on the album.

The group rocks hard on likely second single "60 Miles An Hour," the dark "Primitive Notion," and "Rock the Shack." A North American tour is planned for early next year, but Sumner refrains from looking too far into the future. "When the group started working again, we decided we'd take it one day at a time. We'd do one concert, if we liked that, we'd do another. If we liked the concerts, we'd do an album. If we like the album, we'd tour, and so forth. We've never been a band to plan too far ahead."

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Report from Alistair:
There's a brand new in-depth interview with Pottsy on the official Monaco site.  It details what's happening with Monaco at the moment, new RAM stuff, and much more!  See it at:

I conducted the interview with him a couple of months ago and it's a cool and highly interesting read.  Details Hooky returning to New Order, and more on new band "RAM".

Also, RAM have added TWO more dates to their live schedule.  They will be appearing at the London Barfly (Camden) on the 12th of December, and the Roadhouse in Manchester on the 14th of that month also.  Full details, and web links for tickets available on the front page of the site ...

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Report from Dotmusic (info from Peter):
Gig played on: Wed 10 Oct 2001

At last, here are the young men - Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris. Three undeniable legends, who rose from Manchester and took music where no man or machine had gone before.

Over a period of more than twenty years, Joy Division and then New Order have plunged fearlessly into dark but beautiful territories, painting unforeseen colours, and almost killing themselves and each other in the process. Of course there have been casualties, most significantly the doomed Ian Curtis. Equally, in recent years the only time the band - tonight minus the sadly absent Gillian Gilbert - were likely to appear together would be at a funeral.

Which is perhaps why this year's glorious resurrection has been so telling. New album 'Get Ready' is a thrusting, guitar-heavy rocket of classic New Order

pleasure and pain, setting the heart racing for this potential coup-de-grace. However, they have always been an unpredictable live force, as the Brixton Academy witnesses this evening. Of the highs, and there are many, the band reach bravely and often magnificently into their peerless back catalogue, projecting memorable bile, drama, energy, glory and - occasionally - limp confusion, right before our eyes.


You expect the rumbustious barrage of opener 'Crystal', the mighty resonance of a charged 'Regret' and it's also blindingly obvious Bobby Gillespie will appear for the neanderthal hedonism of 'Rock The Shack'. But it's asking a little more for the revolving electro and guitar welter of 'Temptation' and the naive, pure drive of 'Ceremony', enlivened with the glorious "avenues alive with dreams" imagery.

Then placed against a string of other weightless experiences and this show is not that far from touching greatness, albeit with a twitch of nostalgia nagging at the back of your skull. The ethereal wonder of 'Your Silent Face' is a rare joy indeed, while three unforgettable Joy Division tremors are delivered with sublime aplomb and a gloomily fitting and yet strangely anthemic mood.

A vigorous, spellbinding 'Transmission' and the cascading dream of 'Atmosphere' are tumultuous joys, and there is a stunning symmetry to the symphonic washes and urgent bass and drum rhythms of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', although a terrace anthem, which the track becomes, it is not.

Elsewhere - and back in the real world - there are a collection of tracks to suggest New Order have toiled impressively to earn their inconsistent live reputation, as 'Touched By The Hand Of God', 'Bizarre Love Triangle' and 'True Faith' are mauled and mangled beyond recognition.


Amidst a flurry of misguided, messy sonic aberrations, muddy sound and some of the worst dancing known to man from the suddenly melting-before-your-eyes cool of Sumner, humiliating defeat is almost snatched from the jaws of a glorious triumph. Where at once Heaven's door is creaking open, seconds later we are clumsily scrapping in the mud with Beelzebub.

However, adversity is a by-word for renewed adrenalin in New Order's language. And so it proves at the last stand, when 'Blue Monday' is thankfully delivered in thrilling style. Their most complete, inventive and revolutionary moment will not further tarnish a contrary but wholly memorable return.

That's New Order for you: avant-garde but populist, doom-laden but joyous, at the end of the road but unstoppable, confusing yet clear as crystal. We will not see their like again.

Ben Gilbert

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New Order AU / NZ Tour 2002(info from Pollstar):

  • Auckland, Ericcson Stadium NZ (January 18, 2002) (On sale: Oct 19 www.bigdayout.com )
  • Gold Coast, Parklands AU (January 20, 2002)  (On sale: Oct 19 www.bigdayout.com )
  • Sydney, RAS Showgrounds AU (January 26, 2002)  (On sale: Oct 19 www.bigdayout.com )
  • Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds AU (January 28, 2002)  (On sale: Oct 19 www.bigdayout.com )
  • Adelaide, RA & HS Showgrounds AU (February 01, 2002)  (On sale: Oct 19 www.bigdayout.com )
  • Perth, Bassendean Oval AU (February 03, 2002)  (On sale: Oct 19 www.bigdayout.com )

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NEW ORDER release today in US/CA,OCT 16th, 2001

"GET READY" The Album
Tracks: 1.Crystal 2. 60 Miles An Hour 3.Turn My Way 4. Vicious Streak  5.Primitive Notion 6. Slow Jam 7. Rock The Shack 8. Someone Like You 9. Close Range 10. Run Wild
Also today October 16, New Order released a collectible DVD single for Crystal, the first song from Get Ready.  The Crystal DVD Single features two separate videos - one directed by Johan Renck and cut to the album version of Crystal and the second (for the “Special Circumstance Mix”) that was directed by Gina Birch with Simon Tyszko.  The “Special Circumstance Mix” is cut to the Digweed and Muir Bedrock Radio Edit version of Crystal and is exclusively available to American audiences.

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Report from Shug Sludden:
New Order review in the Daily Record:
Glasgow Barrowland OCT 7th
Playing their first gig in Glasgow in 12 years, New Order took Barrowland by storm, with a set which defied both critics and the passage of time with its power, energy and verve.
Kicking off with their new single Crystal, they immediately proved that far from being Eighties has been, they are right at the top of their game. Arm aloft, bass genius Peter Hook announced "This one's for every last one of you", before launching into a blistering Transmission. New addition Phil Cunningham on guitar was clearly having the time of his life as track after track proved the bands tenacity and on-going creativity. The only downbeat was the absence of Gillian Gilbert's keyboard part on Touched By The Hand Of God. True faith was the highlight of the set and sent the packed hall into a seething mass of bouncing, singing bodies. New Order are back!


Report from Mr. Disco (Visit his New Order website www.neworder.ezdir.net):
"Pumped full of drugs" DVD will be released in Japan on December 01, 2001.

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Report from BBC (info sent by PDiddy):

Q Award nominations

The stars were thin on the ground at the Q Award nominations last night.

The actual award ceremony takes place on October 29th and some of the acts up for trophies include Madonna, U2 and Fatboy Slim.

Q Award nominations

Best single - Ash, 'Burn Baby Burn'; Stereophonics, 'Have A Nice Day'; Feeder, 'Buck Rogers'; New Order, 'Crystal'; Weezer, 'Hash Pipe'; Charlatans, 'Love Is The Key'

Best album - PJ Harvey, 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea'; Radiohead, 'Amnesiac'; U2, 'All That You Can't Leave Behind'; Travis, 'The Invisible Band'; Muse, 'Origin Of Symmetry'; Stereophonics, 'Just Enough Education To Perform'

Best live act - Manic Street Preachers; Madonna; Coldplay; Stereophonics; U2; Muse

Best video - Fatboy Slim, 'Weapon Of Choice'; Avalanches, 'Frontier Psychiatrist'; Gorillaz, 'Clint Eastwood'; Basement Jaxx, 'Romeo'; Nelly Furtado, 'I'm Like A Bird'; I Monster, 'Daydream In Blue'

Best act in the world today - U2; REM; Stereophonics; Radiohead; Travis; Manic Street Preachers

Best new act - Starsailor; Turin Brakes; The Strokes; Goldfrapp; Tom McRae; Dido

Best producer - Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, 'Amnesiac'); Chris Shaw (Super Furry Animals, 'Rings Around The World'); Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois (U2, 'All That You Can't Leave Behind'); John Leckie (Muse, 'Origin Of Symmetry'); Pat McCarthy (REM, 'Reveal'); Dan The Automator (Gorillaz, 'Gorillaz')

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Report from Official New Order mailing list (www.neworderweb.com):

Hey New Order fans,

The wait is finally over.  Get Ready, the brand new album from New Order hits American stores on October 16

Here’s what people are saying:

“Album of the year so far” - Daily Mirror
“Astonishing…One of the best things they’ve ever done.” - The Times (London)
“A-  …a stunning and confident return to form” - Entertainment Weekly
“This is one of those records you just have to own.  Seek out at all costs.” - Mixer Magazine

Also coming October 16, New Order are set to release a collectible DVD single for Crystal, the first song from Get Ready.  The Crystal DVD Single features two separate videos - one directed by Johan Renck and cut to the album version of Crystal and the second (for the “Special Circumstance Mix”) that was directed by Gina Birch with Simon Tyszko.  The “Special Circumstance Mix” is cut to the Digweed and Muir Bedrock Radio Edit version of Crystal and is exclusively available to American audiences.  Available at your favorite record retailer or at Amazon.com

As always, check out http://www.neworderweb.com for more information and free music samples.

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Report from BBC News (info sent by Vincent H.):

Musik award for New Order

Manchester band New Order have been honoured with an outstanding achievement award at the Muzik magazine awards.

The quartet, now touring as a three-some, helped shape the British dance scene and were awarded the prize at a ceremony in London on Thursday.

Other winners included Fatboy Slim, winner of best video for Weapon of Choice, and Basement Jaxx, named best group for the second year in a row.

BBC Radio 1 Online won the award for the best Dance website

New Order frontman Bernard Sumner collected their award, saying it was a rare occasion for the band.

"I think we've only ever won three awards in our career so far and this is the third," he said.

New Order have returned to the music scene in recent weeks with a new album, Get Ready, and a tour, which includes three concerts at London's Brixton Academy.

Famous single

The band originally formed as Joy Division at the start of the 1980s, but following the death of lead singer Ian Curtis they re-emerged as New Order and cast off their melancholic image.

Their most famous single, Blue Monday, became the best-selling 12 inch single of all time, although the high cost of packaging led to them making a loss.

Touch Me by Rui Da Silva was named best single and Mercury prize nominees Zero 7 were named best new act.

A spokesman for DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, rubbished reports that he was planning on winding down his DJ-ing activities, saying that, as with all acts, appearances come in cycles when performers have something to promote.

The award winners:-

Best new artist - Zero 7
Best website - BBC Radio 1 dance
Best group - Basement Jaxx
Best album - Felix Da Housecat, Kittenz And The Glitz
Best Ibiza tune - Kings Of Tomorrow, Finally
Best event - Creamfields
Best live act - The Avalanches
Best video - Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice
Best Club - Colours, Glasgow
Best DJ - Sasha
Outstanding achievement in dance music - New Order

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 13, 2001  
Report from Wesley J.:
"Crystal" tops Billboard's dance music chart.
Hot Dance Music/Club PlayTM
Top 20 Positions /Issue Date:October 20, 2001
on chart
"Title," Artist
Label | Catalog No. | Promotion Label
1 3 8 Crystal, New Order
Reprise | 42397 | Reprise
2 2 9 Little L, Jamiroquai
Epic | 79638 | Epic
3 4 7 Yes, Amber
Tommy Boy | 2286 | Tommy Boy
4 5 8 Official Chemical, Dub Pistols
Geffen | PROMO | Interscope
5 8 5 It Began In Afrika, The Chemical Brothers
Freestyle Dust/Astralwerks | 38798 | Virgin

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 12, 2001  
Report from NME :
FATBOY SLIM and NEW ORDER were the big winners at last night's (October 11) MUZIK MAGAZINE DANCE AWARDS.

The ceremony, which was held at The Arches venue in central London, saw Slim pick up the accolade of Best Video for 'Weapon Of Choice'. The video features actor Christopher Walken dancing in time to the track, and has already won six MTV Video Awards.

Other big winners included Sasha, who was awarded Best DJ, Basement Jaxx who won Best Group, and seminal dance group New Order, who were acclaimed for Outstanding Achievement in Dance Music.

New Order were unable to pick up their award in person as they were performing the second of a three-night residency at the London Brixton Academy, but did film a special 'thank you' video, as well as making it to the aftershow party.

Speaking about his award, vocalist Bernard Sumner said: "I think we've only ever won three awards in our career so far and this is the third, thanks Muzik!"

This year's winners were:

  • 'Best Producer' - X-Press 2
  • Best Compilation - Stanton Warriors, 'The Stanton Session'
  • Best New Artist - Zero 7
  • Best Website - Radio 1/dance
  • Best Radio Show - Nuphonic, London Xpress
  • Best Single - Rui Da Silva, 'Touch Me'
  • Best Bedroom Bedlam DJ - James Zabiela
  • Best Ibiza Club - Subliminal & Underwater present Subliminal Sessions at Pacha
  • Best Remix - Stephane K & John Creamer, 'Hide U', Kosheen
  • Best Group - Basement Jaxx
  • Best Album - Felix Da Housecat - 'Kittinz And Thee Glitz'
  • Best Underground Club - Shindig, Newcastle
  • Best Radio 1 Essential Mix - Sander Kleinenberg
  • Best Independent Record Label - Eukatech
  • Best Independent Record Shop - Plastic Fantastic, London
  • Best Ibiza Tune - Kings Of Tomorrow, 'Finally'
  • Best Breakthrough DJ - Yousef
  • Best Event - Creamfields
  • Best Live Act - The Avalanches
  • Best Video - Fatboy Slim, 'Weapon Of Choice'
  • Best Club - Colours, Scotland
  • Best Major Label - Virgin
  • Best DJ - Sasha
  • Caner Of The Year - Annie Nightingale
  • Outstanding Achievement In Dance Music - New Order

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 12, 2001  
Report from NME:

Bobby, who was in the news yesterday after being fined £2,500 for breaching a noise abatement order at his old Maida Vale home, joined Barney and the boys onstage to recreate his role on the band's current 'Get Ready' album, and to sing backing vocals on 'Rock The Shack', the penultimate song of the gig.

Stars in the audience included legendary producer Arthur Baker, Felix Da Housecat, BBC newsreader Jeremy Vine and DJs Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold.

Songs in the set, which was rapturously received by the sell-out crowd, included Joy Division songs 'Atmosphere' and 'Transmission', as well as rarely heard New Order album track 'Your Silent Face', a fans' favourite. It concluded with the band's biggest ever hit 'Blue Monday'.

The full setlist was:

  • 'Crystal'
  • 'Transmission'
  • 'Regret'
  • 'Ceremony'
  • '60 Miles An Hour'
  • 'Atmosphere'
  • 'Close Range'
  • 'Touched By The Hand Of God'
  • 'Bizarre Love Triangle'
  • 'True Faith'
  • 'Temptation'
  • 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
  • 'Rock The Shack'
  • 'Blue Monday'

The band play London Brixton Academy again yesterday and tonight. Both shows are sold out.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 10, 2001  
Report from Spike :
New Order will be appearing on the new series of 'Later with Jools Holland' on UK TV.

Time - 23:35 to 00:35 (1 hour long).
When - Friday 19th October on BBC2

Jools Holland introduces a diverse mix of music performers. New Order perform a single from their first album in seven years; Zero 7 play numbers from their critically acclaimed debut album 'Simple Things'; 26-year-old Ryan Adams introduces his particular brand of edgy alt-country; former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald is in the studio; and UK hip-hop star Roots Manuva has tracks from his second album.

If you'd like to be a member of the Later with Jools Holland studio audience and see some of your fav bands play live, then all you have to do is answer one simple question ... Follow this link


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 10, 2001  
Report from Sam Gray:

One of our daily newspapers here have confirmed New Order will be playing the Big Day Out festivals in Australia in January.
Tickets go on sale on October 19th 2001  (http://www.bigdayout.com/buyonline_tickets.phtml)


The Festival will take place: AUCKLAND 18/01 - GOLD COAST 20/01 - SYDNEY 26/01 - MELBOURNE 28/01 - ADELAIDE 01/02 -  PERTH 03/02...No confirmation yet on which date  NEW ORDER will be on.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 10, 2001  
Report from Aleksandar T :
there is review for "Get Ready" in Macedonian bi-weekly life and politics magazine FORUM (21.09.2001).
the review is on Macedonian language and the title is "Back to the rock". in news from Macedonia is also valuable to mention that on Channel 103's (music radio) play list named "pink Cadillac", New Order's Crystal stays firmly around the top of the singles scale.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 09, 2001  
ELECTRONIC Koch Records released a Deluxe edition of Twisted Tenderness today October 9th 2001 for the US Market. This edition is a 2CD set.


1. Make It Happen 2. Haze 3. Vivid 4. Breakdown 5. Can't Find My Way Home 6. Twisted Tenderness 7. Like No Other 8. Late At Night 9. Prodigal Son 10. When She's Gone 11. Flicker


1. King For A Day 2. Warning Sign 3. Make It Happen - (remix) 4. Haze - (alternative mix) 5. Prodigal Son - (Star in your own mind mix) 6. Radiation 7. Prodigal Son - (touched by the hand of inch) 8. Prodigal Son - (two lone swordsmen) 9. Prodigal Son - (Harvey's greatly deluded mix) 10. Come Down - (Cevin Fisher mix) .

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 08, 2001  
Report from Sagar Das:

there seems to be an extra batch of tickets for all the remaining New Order UK dates been made available:

www.wayahead.com and www.ticketweb.co.uk

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 07, 2001  
Report from Nick King:
Arthur is currently the support DJ on his old pals New Order's October UK dates and November European tour.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 07, 2001  
Report from Simon (Australia):
Peter Hook was interviewed in the arts lift out of the daily rag in Perth (Australia) today. The stand out comments:

1. New Order are hoping to tour in Australia in early 2002! No word on whether it'll be part of the Big Day Out or a solo affair.

2. He reconfirmed that Here to Stay (the Chemicals collaboration) is expected to have a late 2001 release date.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 07, 2001  
Report from Alistair:
the official Monaco site back up and running, check it out at:


Loads of stuff added about Pottsy's new band RAM, who ARE CONFIRMED SUPPORTING NEW ORDER TONIGHT IN GLASGOW. Plus for all you Mancunians there's a November 10th RAM appearance at NIGHT&DAY in Oldham Street you may wish to check out, visit the site for details.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 06, 2001  
Report from ManchesterOnline:

Rock legends return - New Order

WE hope you enjoy it, mused Bernard Sumner as New Order, the city’s most enduring musical export and probably its most influential, took the stage for their first home-town gig for nearly three years.

It would have been impossible for anyone in the sell-out house not to have enjoyed it.

They haven’t changed much New Order were always the rock band dance fans liked and the dance act rock fans could get into but at the same time, they have, which explains why the audience comprised as many 40-somethings who remember them first time round as it did 20-somethings.

With former Marion man Phil Cunningham standing in for Gillian Gilbert on keyboards and guitar, that was also the case on stage.

The new album Get Ready is a bit mixed, but it does include a few gems. One such is Crystal, which kicked off the show. Its thumping bass-line allowed the leonine Peter Hook, whose bass is so low-slung these days it scrapes the floor, to show off his idiosyncratic playing style.

Whereas most bands treat gigs as a chance to showcase the new stuff, New Order, as they get older, are exhuming more and more of the Joy Division back catalogue, with a suitably sombre Transmission being the pick.

But what everyone wanted to hear were the New Order classics. Bizarre Love Triangle received a curious acid house treatment which didn’t quite come off, while Touched by the Hand of God was touched instead by a dollop of funk which sounded little more than work-in-progress.

The highlight was unquestionably a majestic True Faith, with Temptation a close second. They could only finish the gig with one track, and a triumphant Blue Monday for which Gillian appeared duly concluded the show.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 05, 2001  
Good news for the US fans, New Order "Crystal" will be released in the US as a DVD single on OCT. 9 (Wea/Warner Bros).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 05, 2001  
Reviews from NME:
NEW ORDER started their UK tour on home turf last night (October 4) with their first major MANCHESTER show for nearly three years.

The band played the first night of a two-night residency at the Manchester Apollo to a suitably packed crowd of local fans and friends. Excepting a minor appearance to launch next year's Commonwealth Games, the last time they played in the city was New Year's Eve 1998.

The performance, at almost two hours in duration, was unusually long for a band notoriously hostile to playing live. The band opened with recent single 'Crystal', and while the show was heavy with material from current album 'Get Ready', all three decades of their career were covered, with hits like 'Bizarre Love Triangle', 'True Faith' and 'Blue Monday'. The set also included three Joy Division songs - 'Transmission', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and 'Atmosphere'.

The hometown crowd were typically wild, with vocalist Bernard Sumner forced to ask people to move back after 'True Faith' because of fears of crushing at the front.

He joked, "Free drinks at the bar on me. That's only if you go now." Bassist Peter Hook responded "Fucking hell, that's a once-in-a-lifetime offer!"

Billy Corgan, who had accompanied the band on their US tour and at their comeback show at Liverpool Olympia in July, did not appear. However, Hooky acknowledged absent keyboard player Gillian Gilbert, calling into the crowd, "Are you alright G? Are they looking after you in there?"

New Order return to the Apollo tonight (October 5), then play Glasgow Barrowlands (7-8), before playing three nights at London's Brixton Academy next week (October 10-12).

The next single from 'Get Ready' has been confirmed as '60 Miles An Hour', released on October 22.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 04, 2001  
Report from Jonathan Scott:
NEW ORDER made a storming return to the live stage in Apollo, MANCHESTER tonight.

The full New Order setlist was:


  • 'Crystal'
  • 'Transmission'
  • 'Regret'
  • 'Ceremony'
  • '60mph'
  • 'Your Silent Face'
  • 'Slow Jam'
  • 'Close Range'
  • 'Touched By The Hand Of God'
  • 'Bizarre Love Triangle'
  • 'True Faith'
  • 'Temptation'
  • 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
  • 'Atmosphere'


  • 'Ruined In A Day'
  • 'Rock The Shack'
  • 'Blue Monday'

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 04, 2001  

This is the cover of the new NEW ORDER single "60 Miles an Hour" soon to be release.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 04, 2001  
Report from P. Diddy (UK):
Simple Minds released a new single Sept 24, 2001 named "Dancing Barefoot EP" in UK, it is a cover EP.
Track Listing
1.   Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
2.   Gloria (Van Morrisson)
3.   Being Boiled
4.   Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 04, 2001  
Report from BBC.com:
Music's digital future By BBC News Online's Alfred Hermida

As the big record labels gear up to launch online subscription services, bands are looking at new ways of using digital technology to reach their fans. Groups like New Order and Depeche Mode have offered fans the ability to download and remix their tracks to promote their new singles.

"The biggest thing for the fans is to have the artists listen to their music and this does happen," says Steve Foldvari of Acidplanet, a website which allows fans to remix tracks.

"And there is a chance that some of these fans will be signed to a major label as a remix artist. That is currently happening with the Depeche Mode competition," he told the BBC's Go Digital programme.

In one of the first contests at Acidplanet, a remix of a Beck single eventually became a b-side. The site offers fans the ability to download samples from a track and then remix the loops to produce the track in a different style.

Artists warm to the net

This is increasingly seen by groups as an important way of using the web to promote their music.

"Some of the trepidation artists felt towards the internet is lessening as they receive more data that shows their CD sales have increased as people sample their music over the internet," argues Mr Foldvari.

He says this was the approach taken by New Order when they allowed fans to remix their latest single, Crystal.

"If you download snippets from Crystal and play with them, you get deeper and deeper into the music and are more prone to go out and purchase the CD," he says.

Internet hopes

Unsigned bands have turned to the internet as a way of getting noticed. Hundreds have signed up to websites that promote and distribute their material online.

Ex-Factory Records boss Tony Wilson BBC
Wilson: Web small part of promotion

But so far, few have made the transition into a chart-topping band.

"It was a kind of dream that everyone had that the internet was going to be so wonderful it was going to short-circuit everything and get rid of the these guys in suits in the record industry," says music mogel Tony Wilson.

"It doesn't work that way. Between 90-95% for a young band getting signed is having people talk about you - there being a buzz which you create.

"The other 10% includes sending people cassettes, trying to get a gig and the internet. But it is only part of 10%. It is not the answer to your problems," says the former boss of Factory Records.

End of free music?

Experts say the next big step in the future of music on the internet is the launch of legitimate fee-charging services. They argue the days of free music are numbered.

"It's theft; it's copyright theft; it's not paying people for what they do," says Tony Wilson.

It is our fault - the music industry's - because we haven't made stuff available on the net


Tony Wilson

Even though he is morally averse to file-sharing, he can understand why millions downloaded free music over the internet.

"It is our fault - the music industry's - because we haven't made stuff available on the net," he says.

"The record companies ran scared from this and they created Napster by not dealing with it and not providing the songs.

"Its easy availability is what will drive it forward. At the moment, we are all struggling to get payment systems that work to make this all possible."

Majors wade in

Two online subscription services from the major music companies are due to go live within the next few months.

MusicNet is backed by RealNetworks and AOL Time Warner, along with the music majors EMI, BMG and the big independent company Zomba.

The other, Pressplay, is jointly owned by Vivendi-Universal and Sony. But many analysts are still unconvinced about the readiness of the market to pay for music downloads.

"Free and unlimited is a difficult thing to compete with," admitted Richard Wolpert, MusicNet's strategic advisor.

Thousands of music files are still readily available to download from the internet, despite the effective shutdown of the online song-swapping service, Napster.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 04, 2001  
Report from Sung J. Woo:
On www.ifilm.com, the currently highest-rated short, "More", features none other than New Order's "Elegia."  The song basically runs through the entire stop-action short, and it's a wonderful little movie.  Check it out.

http://www.ifilm.com/ifilm/product/film_info/0,3699,68390,00.html or the official website www.moreshort.com

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 03, 2001  
Report from Amy F. (Australia):
Just to let you know there's a review of the 'Crystal' DVD single here...http://www.dvd.net.au/review.cgi?review_id=913
Report from Mark T. (UK) :
"I noticed that the forthcoming new series of Holby City carried a trailer using the Crystal tune last night (Sept 30)on BBC 1."
Report from Oliver L.(US) :
'Crystal' was played twice for about five seconds during "Ben Stiller: Uncensored" on Mtv.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 02, 2001  
Sources close to the band...."

New Order new video "60 Miles An Hour" being shot in Spain. Directed by Blue Source-Fat Boy Slim "Bird of Prey".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 01, 2001  
Report from Billboard.com:
Hot Dance Music/Club PlayTM
Top 20 Positions /Issue Date:October 6, 2001
on chart
"Title," Artist
Label | Catalog No. | Promotion Label
1 2 10 Stand Still, Aubrey
Groovilicious | 253 | Strictly Rhythm
2 4 7 Feel This 2001, Robbie Rivera
Strictly Rhythm | 12611 | Strictly Rhythm
3 5 7 Little L, Jamiroquai
Epic | 79638 | Epic
4 6 6 Crystal, New Order
Reprise | 42397 | Reprise
5 1 8 Absolutely Not, Deborah Cox
J | 21100 | J
Report from Jon M. (Warner Records) :
We are currently really close to #1 on the dance charts with "Crystal".. There is talk at Warner about releasing an additional 12", but I have not yet received the remixes from Acid Planet from the remix contest.

If you have done a remix of "Crystal" and would like us to hear it, upload your remix directly to us, send it via the neworderweb.com website here:

There were over 750 entries into the contest, and we will definitely listen to all of them, but time is running short...

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 30, 2001  
Report from Sam D. & Mark U.:

Crystal was played for about 15-20 seconds during a scene about halfway through the season premiere of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" on CBS in North America.

Report from Alejo :
Here is an interesting review of "Get Ready" in Spanish. The source is the Argentinean newspaper LaNacion. Besides there's a nice picture of Hooky playing his bass. Here's the link http://www.lanacion.com.ar/01/09/23/ds_337273.asp

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 29, 2001  
Photos by Fabrice Chassery:

New Order did a signing session in Paris (at the store FNAC Montparnasse) on Tuesday Sept 25th. This is for your own pleasure the photos taken by my friend Fabrice.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 28, 2001  
Report from Koch Records:

This is the cover of the new Electronic 2 CD set Deluxe edition of Twisted Tenderness on October 9th 2001

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 28, 2001  
Report from Zoran S. (Yugoslavia):

NEW ORDER "Get Ready" has been officially released in Yugoslavia Sept 26. "Get Ready" is now available in Belgrade and all around the country via the distributor MASCOM (www.mascom.co.yu).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 28, 2001  
Report from NME:

Pete Waterman, the man behind Steps and Kylie Minogue, revealed to that he had wanted to produce New Order in their '80's heyday - but that the band weren't keen. "I would have loved to have worked with them," he said, "because I loved them. And [label boss] Tony Wilson desperately wanted me to do it. But their credibility would have gone out the window if they'd done that and at the end of the day I've never worried about that. But all rock bands are worried about their credibility more than they're worried about anything else. I wouldn't want to work with them now because the time has."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 26, 2001  
Report from BBC Online:

John Peel celebrates 40 years in radio
On September 24th John got together with a few hundred close personal friends to celebrate something special - his 40th anniversary as a Radio DJ. His career started at WRR radio in Dallas, America, before he returned to the UK to work for the ground-breaking pirate radio station Radio London. He's been at Radio 1 since its start and is credited as helping thousands of bands get their first radio plays. All in all an excuse for a proper celebration.

The party was originally organised for a few weeks previous, but had to be postponed. Sadly this meant not everyone who had been invited to the original night could make it. New Order were going to play live, but as they had to miss it. New Order were going to play live, but as they had to miss it they sent a video message and live recording of 'Transmission'. They've kindly let us put the video online for two weeks, so...two weeks, so...

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 26, 2001  
Report from Mick (Italy):
"Get Ready" entered the Italian charts at number 46, which is an excellent result for New Order here. Republic and the side projects never charted at all.
Report from Hana (Croatia):
New Order "Crystal" is number 1.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 25, 2001  
Report for Koch Records:
ELECTRONIC Koch Records is releasing a Deluxe edition of Twisted Tenderness on October 9th 2001 for the US Market. This edition will be a 2CD set.
Electronic: Johnny Marr (vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass); Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitar, bass).

It's got an energy about it Johnny Marr says. Which is something you really cant design. You can strategize as much as you like, but unless what you do has the x factor - the moments that make you go 'YES!' even as they first come to you - there's no way you can expect it to have that effect on anyone else.

Twisted Tenderness - Deluxe, is the new, expanded 2 CD set culled from the tracks and remixes from the third album by Marr and Bernard Sumner as Electronic - Twisted Tenderness (KOC-8165). This record sounds free, not just of the prevailing anxieties that currently surround the music industry, but also of the burden of expectation which has been such a factor in Johnny and Bernard's previous collaborations - The Smiths and New Order, respectively.

From the invigorating clank and grind of "Make it Happen" to the guitar break in "When She's Gone", and all of the harmonicas that spring the steal traps throughout -: all of these are just a few of the things which raise Electronic head and shoulder above the rest - it shimmers, it startles and on occasion it rocks like a beast


1. Make It Happen 2. Haze 3. Vivid 4. Breakdown 5. Can't Find My Way Home 6. Twisted Tenderness 7. Like No Other 8. Late At Night 9. Prodigal Son 10. When She's Gone 11. Flicker


1. King For A Day 2. Warning Sign 3. Make It Happen - (remix) 4. Haze - (alternative mix) 5. Prodigal Son - (Star in your own mind mix) 6. Radiation 7. Prodigal Son - (touched by the hand of inch) 8. Prodigal Son - (two lone swordsmen) 9. Prodigal Son - (Harvey's greatly deluded mix) 10. Come Down - (Cevin Fisher mix) .

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 23, 2001  
Sources close to the band...."
New Order will not tour the US with Morrissey. No extra content on US release of "Get Ready".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 23, 2001  
Report from Joe W.:
In the United States, "Crystal" climbs to number 6 on the September 29, 2001 Billboard chart of "Hot Dance Music/Club Play."
Report from Carlos:
Another review of Get Ready at www.uol.com.br
Report from Johan Carlson (www.releasemagazine.net):
there is a competition to win one of ten copies of "Get Ready" on Release Magazine - www.releasemagazine.net

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 22, 2001  
Report from Alistair (Webmaster Monaco official website):

David Potts and his brand new band "RAM" will be playing a "secret" warm-up gig in Sheffield next Tuesday.

Any UK New Order fans who saw Monaco as their favourite side-project, or even just really enjoyed the music they made, should pop along to check out what Pottsy's new band is all about.  The music is quite different and hugely varied, and here's a chance to find out for yourself! :)

Drummer Paul Kehoe, and keyboardist Andy Poole, ex-bandmates of Monaco, will be backing up Pottsy along with new musicians brought in to "finish" RAM's sound.

* Date of gig: Tuesday 25th September.
* Venue: Bar Fly at NAT Centre for Popular Music, Sheffield.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 21, 2001  
Some Releases info:
-    "Get Ready" was released in vinyl Sept 17, 2001 in UK.
-    "Crystal" was released finally Sept 18, 2001 in Canada (info from Nicolas L.).
1."Crystal" Radio Edit 2."Crystal" Digweed & Muir Radio Edit 3."Crystal" Digweed & Muir Bedrock Mix 4."Crystal" Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub 5."Crystal" Lee Coombs Remix 6."Crystal" Lee Coombs Dub 7."Crystal" John Creamer & Stephanie K Main Remix 8."Crystal" Creamer K Main Mix 9."Behind Closed Doors"
-    "Crystal" will be release in Hong Kong Sept 24.
Tracks: 1.Original Version 2.Digweed & Muire Bedrock Radio Edit 3.Digweed & Muire Bedrock Mix Edit 4.John Creamer & Stephane K Main Remix Edit 5.Lee Coombs Remix 6.Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub 7.Lee Coombs Dub 8.Behind Closed Doors
ELECTRONIC Koch Records is releasing a Deluxe edition of Twisted Tenderness on October 9th 2001 for the US Market. This edition will be a 2CD set.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 19, 2001  
Report from NME:

NEW ORDER are to release '60 MILES AN HOUR' as the second single from their comeback album 'GET READY' on 22 October.

Released on two CD singles, a number of remixers have been approached to make the rock-based track suitable for clubs. The single will be backed by a new song, 'Sabotage'.

Rumours maintain that the band's second single from the album in America will be 'Turn My Way', but a spokesperson for the band couldn't confirm this.


New Order start their sold-out British tour in October, supported by Ram, who contain Peter Hook's ex-Monaco band mates David Potts, Paul Kehoe and Andy Poole. The tour calls at: The tour now runs:

  • Manchester Apollo (October 4-5)
  • Glasgow Barrowlands (7-8)
  • London Brixton Academy (10-12)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 19, 2001  
Report from Alistair (Webmaster Monaco official website):

Exclusive info from Pottsy himself says that his solo band "RAM" (was Brushed) will be supporting New Order on key dates of their forthcoming UK tour in October.  No word yet on which gigs precisely, but one night of each venue is expected.

RAM, band-wise, is basically Monaco (Paul Kehoe, Andy Poole) minus Hooky so it should be a very interesting set of nights for NewOrder/Monaco fans. 
The other support act is reported to be a band fronted by one of NO's roadies, no further info on that as yet.  Folks who'd like to see RAM before they support NO can see them at the beginning of October at Manchester's "In The City" festival (www.inthecity.co.uk) round about Oct. 1st.

As mentioned previously, RAM is vastly different from the "New Order" sound, so expect something refreshingly new rather than just "I've Got A Feeling" part 2 :)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 18, 2001  
Report from Al Jarvis:

Spoke to the Order's tour manager at the weekend and the 12 confirmed gigs are all we should expect this year ...
Nothing else in the pipeline although there is an outside possibility of a one-off Xmas gig - dunno where though.
Enquired about this Moz/USA thing and drew a blank. The only excursion being mooted at present is a possible Australia / New Zealand tour early next year.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 17, 2001  
Report from Vincent H.:

Q Magazine confirms the rumors that New Order is playing 'Live at Later with Jools Holland'

Interview from Mojo Magazine:

Interview with Peter Hook

There can be few more melancholic, harrowing albums than Joy Division's Closer. Driven by bassist Peter Hook's elegiac basslines and Stephen Morris' clipped, sparse percussion, it's well known that singer Ian Curtis drew on the disintegration of his marriage and his frequent bouts of epilepsy to create a poignant, nightmarish opus that has few peers in the rock canon. What's less publicised is that shortly after recording it, three of the members of Joy Division decided to show a porno featuring a variety of buxom ladies and an eel to some steel workers who were striking up the road. A posh French journalist interrupted this pleasant scene, who'd fully expected them to find them leafing through novels by Camus and Solzheinitsyn. "She seemed pretty shocked," beams bassist Peter Hook.

And this is symptomatic of a dichotomy at the heart of Joy Division. As journalist Roy Wilkinson pointed out in a review of The Complete BBC Recordings, the band crafted some of the most sublimely gloomy music imaginable while at the same time "they'd enliven journeys to London by mooning at fellow travellers from their transit".
Enthused by the Sex Pistols' disregard for musical competence, the quartet (Curtis, Hook, Morris and guitarist Bernard Sumner) came together under the suitably morose name Warsaw, but were forced to change because of a long forgotten group called Warsaw Pakt. So, unfazed, they came up with the even more depressing name Joy Division, lifted from the World War II novel House of Dolls, brothels kept by SS officers in concentration camps.

 Unsurprisingly, early songs pegged them down in the Pistols slipstream, but they were destined to move beyond the three-chord orthodoxy. Unlike their amateurish peers, the band immersed themselves in the Velvet Underground, The Doors, the Stooges and the cold electronica of Bowie and Kraftwerk.

The band were signed to Tony Wilson's fledgling Factory label (despite a violent altercation between Wilson and Curtis on their first meeting), the band crafted the steely, claustrophobic Unknown Pleasures in June 1979. Recorded under the truly strange producer Martin Hannett, it's certainly the finest album to come out in the post-punk period, an edgy, venomous distillation of urban dis-ease. But the success of the album and the single 'Transmission' only led to increased pressure on Curtis. Being diagnosed with epilepsy did nothing to tone down his boozy lifestyle. To make matters worse, Curtis' extra-marital affair and constant drinking blighted the recording of the band's elegiac second album Closer. With a US tour set to start on Monday 19th May, 1980, Curtis returned to his house in Macclesfield on the Saturday to discuss divorce proceedings with his wife. Alone, Curtis watched the film Stroszek, in which a musician commits suicide rather than choose between two women. In the early hours of Sunday morning, after listening to Iggy Pop's The Idiot, Curtis hung himself. He was 23 years of age.

Of course the band continued under the guise of New Order. And Joy Division's influence has never been greater, whether filtered through the more dolorous moments of Primal Scream's XTRMNTR or in a variety of post-rock bands from Mogwai to Godspeed You Black Emperor! Indeed, one of the biggest bands in the world wouldn't exist without their steely legacy - Bono frequently pays tribute to "the holy voice of Ian Curtis" while Tony Wilson believes that had Curtis lived, Joy Division would be in the position U2 hold today. And who could forget Paul Young and PJ Proby's covers of Love Will Tear Us Apart? Everybody, hopefully.

The definitive Joy Division Book is Touching From A Distance: Ian Curtis And Joy Division (Faber and Faber 1995), written by Ian Curtis's widow. The singer's erratic behaviour and illness are tragically and movingly detailed, and the book reproduces many of his unfinished lyrics. There are also many fantastic websites especially Here Are The Young Men (http://www.magnix.demon.nl/jd.htm).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 16, 2001  
Review from Peter Machala:
I wrote somewhat pretty long article about New Order and Get Ready in my native Slovak language.
There it is for people who can read it http://mojweb.sk/substance242

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 15, 2001  
Report from Rob A:
New Order are rumored to be appearing on the new series of 'Later with Jools Holland' on UK TV. The series begins on Oct 12th and it is a live showcase for bands, normally playing around 3 songs each and with possible interviews.
Report from Sim (Australia):
Aus NO fans have reason to be eager at the moment.. Rumors are persisting of a possible 2002 tour and tomorrow night the ABC will present the following New Order / Joy Division / Electronic / Monaco video special on Rage.. Hit those VCR timers before you hit the town..

Saturday 15 September 2001
11:30pm  Crystal - NEW ORDER Warner
  1963 - NEW ORDER Warner
  Spooky - NEW ORDER Warner
  World (Price Of Love) - NEW ORDER Warner
  Ruined In A Day - NEW ORDER Warner
  Regret - New Order Polydor
  World In Motion - New Order Festival
  Run - NEW ORDER Fest/Mush
12:00am  Round & Round - NEW ORDER Fest/Mush
  Fine Time - NEW ORDER Fest/Mush
  Blue Monday (Remix) - New Order Polydor
  Touched By The Hand Of God - New Order Festival
  True Faith - New Order Festival
  Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order Festival
  State Of The Nation - NEW ORDER Warner
  Shellshock - NEW ORDER Warner
12:30am  The Perfect Kiss - New Order Festival
  Thieves Like Us - New Order Festival
  Confusion - New Order Festival
  Blue Monday - New Order Polydor
  Temptation - New Order Festival

1:00am  Shadow Play - JOY DIVISION Warner
  Transmission - Joy Division Fest/Mush
  Atmosphere - Joy Division Festival
  Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Festival
  She's Lost Control - Joy Division Festival
  Getting Away With It - Electronic Warner
  Feel Every Beat - ELECTRONIC Warner
  Get The Message - ELECTRONIC Warner
1:30am  Disappointed - Electronic Warner
  Forbidden City - ELECTRONIC Warner
  Vivid - Electronic EMI
  Late At Night - Electronic EMI
  What Do You Want From Me? - Monaco Polydor
  Sweet Lips - Monaco Polydor
  Shine - Monaco Polydor

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 11, 2001  
Today has been a terrible day for the United States, my thoughts go out to the victims of today's tragedy and their families. I was just in New York city until the early morning. My flight, leaving from La Guardia back to Miami, did flight over Manhattan after take-off just an hour before terrorist strikes on New York.  Manhattan, with his huge towers did look so peaceful from my window. I did find out after landing what happen.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 09, 2001  
Report from Antoine (France):
Get Ready is number #21 in the French Album.
Report from England:
There is an interview of Tony Wilson (founder of the seminal Factory Records and Hacienda) at http://www.vitaminic.co.uk/specials/interactive_2001/wilson.shtml

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 09, 2001  
Review from www.virginmega.com:
Joy Division HEARTANDSOUL (Warner Archives/Rhino Entertainment)

It's been more than 20 years since singer Ian Curtis' suicide and finally a long-overdue Joy Division retrospective has arrived on American shores. The four-disc set includes almost every recording available. For example, the classic "She's Lost Control," a song about the epilepsy that afflicted Curtis, is on Disc 1, the 12-inch appears on Disc 2, and it surfaces again this time as a live format on Disc 4. A fan could spend years trying to accumulate all the pioneering singles, bootlegs, live recordings and alternative takes included on this box set.

Joy Division had a short career but their music developed at a staggering pace. Of course, Curtis' voice nearly always low and eerily morbid with the pain and misunderstanding of life, is the focal point of the records and gets more hypnotic as each disc progresses. Disc 1 houses their debut 1979's Unknown Pleasures. From the lyrical hopelessness of "Shadow Play" to the soaringly beautiful "Love Will Tear Us Apart," once called "the greatest song ever written" by Kurt Cobain, Curtis, Bernard Sumner (guitar), Peter Hook (bass), and Stephen Morris (drums), delivers music that will bring out your sense of desolation while making you shiver with its beauty.

"Atmosphere" on Disc 2, is one of those bone-chilling tracks filled with longing that reverberates long after the song's four minutes, eleven seconds. The second disc also gives shelter to Closer, the band's final album replete with the relentless rhythms of Peter Hook's bass lines and the heart of the record "Twenty Four Hours," a track about loneliness that is indefinable yet deeply familiar, and hints at the influences that band was to have on the post-New Wave music years.

Disc 3 is rawer and includes the seminal first EP An Ideal For Living while Disc 4, captures the live shows the band were so famous for. Replete with thick booklet, which includes liner notes from Jon Savage, one of England's most serious music critics, HEARTANDSOUL is full of all the pain, suffering and dreamy synthesizer beauty that was integral to Joy Division and spawned not only the band's reincarnation, New Order, but after their demise, fed countless other aspiring musicians.

Their raw emotion has been missed.

- Dee Mc Laughlin
  August 28, 2001

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 07, 2001  
Report from Calle via Ceremony list:
For the first time, since 1983 (...), New Order will play Stockholm at Cirkus (a small venue, only 1600 seats!) on November 18Th, Tickets go on sale Monday, Sept 10th. http://www.ema.se/artister/neworder.htm
Report from Antonio F.:
power, corruption, and videos...

come down to 'cinema classics' every saturday-nite this month for the all-new 'open-mic video'.  watch your favorite new-wave bands on our twelve-foot screen, while a couple of rolling-rock's later you rush the stage and warble out the lyrics to 'Blue Monday'!

for more info e-mail: cinemaclassics@excite.com

Sept 1 -  the cure
Sept  8 -  new order
Sept 15 -  depeche mode
Sept 22 -  all-80's nite

cinema classics
332 e 11th ST.
New York City

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 06, 2001  
There is a rumor that New Order and Morrissey may tour together on the future US Tour in early 2002.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 06, 2001  
Report from Finland (Jukka Melander):
The Official Finnish Chart 35/01 02.09.2001
1 HIM Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights
2 ANSSI KELA Nummela
4 YÖLINTU  Sitä saa mitä tilaa
5 BJÖRK  Vespertine
7 SAFRI DUO Episode II
9 KWAN  Dynasty
10 GORILLAZ   Gorillaz
11 NEW ORDER  Get Ready

The Official Finnish Chart 34/01 26.08.2001
Singles Top 20

2 NIGHTWISH Over The Hills And Far Away
3 DADDY DJ Daddy Dj
10 FINTELLIGENS Pää pystyyn


22. - 28.8.2001
1. TRAVIS: Side
2. TIKTAK: Häiritsen sinua
3. TEHOSEKOITIN: Kaikki on mahdollista
4. HIM: In joy and sorrow
5. RASMUS: Madness
6. NELLY FURTADO: Turn off the light
7. MAIJA VILKKUMAA: Totuutta ja tehtävää
8. CRASH: Lauren caught my eye
9. MICHAEL JACKSON: You rock my world
10. TITIYO: 1989
11. SUBURBAN TRIBE: Frozen ashes
12. 22 PISTEPIRKKO: This time
13. EMMI: Green car
14. ANSSI KELA: Kissanpäivät
15. KILLER: All I want
16. FU-TOURIST: Big trouble
17. PALEFACE: Maximaze the prophet
18. DIDO: Hunter
19. AKNESTIK: Vedenpaisumuksen jälkeen
20. ARMAND VAN HELDEN: Why can't you free some time
21. LUMO: Riisu pois
22. NEW ORDER: Crystal
23. DESTINY'S CHILD: Bootylicious
24. FAITHLESS: Muhammad Ali
25. EGOTRIPPI: Polkupyörälaulu
26. FOXY BROWN: Oh yeah
27. FIVE: Let's dance
28. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: The space between
29. ALIEN ANT FARM: Smooth criminal
30. CRAZY TOWN: Revolving door

Week 28 On the radio NEW ORDER: Crystal   Single of the week
Week 35 Get Ready    Album of the week

Report from Australia (Sam Gray):
Get Ready entered Number 7 in Australian Music Chart

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 06, 2001  
Report from C. Basterra via Ceremony list:
New Order will do a signing session in Paris (at the store FNAC Montparnasse) Tuesday, Set 25th.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 06, 2001  
Report from James Jung-Hoon Seo via Ceremony list:
Harvard Film Archive is doing a retrospective of the cinematographer who shot The Perfect Kiss.

THE PERFECT KISS (shown with another film)

October 13 (Saturday) 8:45 pm
October 14 (Sunday) 7:00 pm

Directed by Jonathan Demme
US 1985, 35mm, color, 9 min.

This music video for New Order, filmed by
Alekan and directed by Jonathan Demme, is a masterpiece of understated elegance and precision that perfectly matches the group's real-time performance of the titled song.
Henri Alekan: Master of Light and Shadow

This past summer at his home in Paris, the legendary cinematography Henri Alekan died at age 92, leaving behind one of the most distinctive bodies of work in the history of the medium. In a career that spanned some sixty-five years, Alekan photographed nearly a hundred feature films and more than fifty documentaries and dramas for television. He began work during the silent era as an assistant cameraman and operator in the French studio system and became a protégé of the innovative German cinematographer Eugene Shuftan. During the German occupation, his work shifted to shooting anti-Nazi films as part of the Resistance in the south of France, a service that earned him the Legion of Honor. The broad range of his creative work emerged in the immediate postwar years when Alekan worked on such diverse productions as Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast in France, an adaptation ofAnna Karenina in England, and William Wyler’s Roman Holiday in Hollywood. Alekan would continue an active career into his eighties and earned his greatest recognition for his work on Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire, when he was seventy-eight years old. Several lifetime achievement awards followed as the great master of light and shadow ended a singular career behind the camera.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 05, 2001  

Synthphony Records is doing a tribute to New Order featuring Modern Synthpop bands.

"True Faith -  A Tribute to New Order"

Bizarre Love Triangle - Days of Fate
Blue Monday - Wave In Head
Confusion - Seabound
Subculture - Celebrate the None
Thieves Like Us - Shades of Grey
Love Vigilante - Hungry Lucy
Temptation - Invisible Limits
True Faith - Intact
Perfect Kiss - Paradoxx
Round and Round - u:phonics
Vanishing Point - Provision
Ceremony - Atlantic Popes
Your Silent Face - Persona
1963 - Dark Distant Spaces
Shellshock - D'Woolve

- Synthphony Records -
PO BOX 150294
Kew Gardens, New York 11415
tel/fax : 718-805-9348

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 05, 2001  
Report from Side-Line:
Paradoxx goes New Order
After Hungry Lucy, also Aussie synthpop band Paradoxx are currently recording a New Order song. Paradoxx will cover “Perfect Kiss” for Synthphony Records' new New Order Tribute album “True Faith” including synthpop bands from around the globe to do their version of a classic NO anthem. The Paradox version of “Perfect Kiss” will also be available as a bonus track on Paradoxx' up and coming new release “Atomica” due out later this year through Isis Records. http://home.primus.com.au/paradoxxband
A New Order for Hungry Lucy
Once again, Hungry Lucy has been invited to appear on a tribute CD. The band being honored this time around is New Order. The CD will be released in October by Synthphony Records and will contain Hungry Lucy's cover of the song, "Love Vigilantes". "These tribute CDs are a great way to expose new listeners to our music as well as giving us a chance to
cover some of the songs we've always loved.", says War-N.
- Synthphony Records -

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 05, 2001  
Report from Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Milan):
New Order are currently on the fifth (5th) place with "Crystal" on the top list of Radio - Television B92 (the most influential musical radio - television in Yugoslavia), on their "V.I.P." list (that's the main list).
Report from Keith:
Another review of "Get Ready" http://www.music-critic.com/electronica/neworder_getready.htm
Report from Germany (Denis):
crystal entered the official top 100 charts in Germany at 39... still number 1 in the alternative charts (that one is compiled by djs)
Report from the US:
On September 1, New Order "Crystal" was number 19 on the HOT 100 SINGLES SALES in the US.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 04, 2001  
Report from Sebastian L.:
Here's is the 16 page-booklet offer at a HMV store in Frankfurt (Germany) for every sale of the album "Get Ready"

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 04, 2001  
Report from Vincent H:
Here's a NO exclusive online interview in The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13991616

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 03, 2001  
As expected New Order next single "60 Miles An Hour" will be release October 22, 2001.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 03, 2001  

The Official UK Top 40 Album Chart - 2/09/2001


Congratulations to New Order on making the top ten this week with their new album "Get Ready". No 6 in the UK top 40.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 02, 2001  
Report from Brazil (Charles and Thiago Martins):
New Order "Get Ready" was released in Brazil August 31, 2001
, Label: Warner Do Brazil
Report from Sweden (Calle):
During the period 13/08 - 19/08 New Orders Crystal was the second most played song on national Swedish radio!

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 01, 2001  
Report from NME:

NEW ORDER's BERNARD SUMNER, PRIMAL SCREAM's MANI, RICHARD FEARLESS from DEATH IN VEGAS and cult film director HARMONY KORINE are amongst the names set to appear at the GREENPEACE anti-ESSO benefit in LONDON's FABRIC on September 6, NME.COM can reveal.

They will be joined by Aphex Twin video director Chris Cunningham, Howie B, James Lavelle, Arthur Baker, Zero 7, Stanton Warriors and host of others at the event. Greenpeace, Friends Of The Earth and environmental pressure group People & Planet are pushing for a boycott of oil giant Esso in order to push them become more environmentally friendly.

"It wasn't hard to decide on becoming involved in this," Mani told NME.COM. "It's an issue we should all be concerned with. It's going to be a wicked party." In their statement, Stop Esso organizers said, "The Kyoto Protocol is only a step towards stabilizing the world's climate. But it is a vital one. No country has the right to declare it dead and condemn us all to the nightmare of global warming."

The event runs from 10pm-4am and costs £10.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 01, 2001  
Report of Get Ready by DOTMUSIC (Reviewed by Chris King)
Eight years on from their last outing, the slightly disappointing 'Republic', New Order return with 'Get Ready', their seventh studio album. The sessions for 'Republic' were so notoriously fractious and fraught, that it was widely assumed there'd be no more Fine Times. So, for devoted disciples, their comeback is feverishly anticipated, though, in view of the underwhelming impression of early reviews, with some trepidation.

Within hip circles, Joy Division's enigmatic canon is revered as sacrosanct, whereas New Order tend to be underrated; pooh-poohed as the indie Pet Shop Boys. This is grossly unjust. New Order are undoubtedly one of the most influential bands of the last 20 years. Phoenixing from the ashes of Joy Division, the new band concocted an exhilarating synthesis of Kraftwerk's gliding synth travelogues, cascading bass lines, stuttering Chic chops, Giorgio Moroder's computer disco, N. Y. electro, and Velvets guitar. It's almost impossible now to convey how futuristic the seminal 'Blue Monday' sounded back in March 1983. Yes, 1983! Six years later, they surfed the 'second summer of love' zeitgeist with the dance pop masterpiece 'Technique', partly recorded on Ibiza.

This time out, Steve Osbourne, part of the Perfecto production team, replaces Stephen Hague behind the desk and helps hone a predominantly heads down, full-on axe attack. Thankfully, unlike on 'Republic', Hooky's trademark lead bass lines are prominent throughout; Pete even chucks in a cheeky crib from Joy Division's 'Twenty Four Hours' for the intro to the moody 'n' broody 'Primitive Notion'. Consequently, the overall vibe is the ragged glory of 'Sunrise' (from 'Low Life') rather than the shimmering synth pop of 'True Faith'.

This potent renaissance is immediately evident with opener and current Top 10 smash 'Crystal'. A sleekly propulsive adrenaline rush, it's the soundtrack to hurtling, blitzed to the gills, through neon strafed European cities at midnight. Barney is in typical lyrical form, at once naively evocative and mind-bogglingly naff, "Here comes love, it's like honey, you can't buy it with money". Good grief. Nevertheless, it's Sumner's halting, occasionally marmite-thin vocals that redeem such wincing lyrical howlers. For despite some vocal shortcomings, his voice is remarkably endearing, the total lack of artifice suggesting both sincerity and spontaneity.

Unfortunately, nothing can salvage the witless wordplay of the Brit-poppy 'Slow Jam', while even Bobby Gillespie and the Scream team fail to ignite the unforgivably lame Stooges boogie of 'Rock The Shack'. Somewhat surprisingly, it's left to Smashing Pumpkin, Billy Corgan, to provide the 'star turn' with the mesmerizing melancholia of 'Turn My Way'. Even better is the simply sublime 'Run Wild', featuring Barney on heart-rending mellotron, acoustic guitars, surging strings and hurrah, a candid, genuinely affecting lyric.

Touched by the hand of God? Well, it's not 'Low Life' or 'Technique' but there's at least seven welcome additions to the New Order canon and in the thrilling 'Crystal' and poignant 'Run Wild', a brace of bona fide classics. As Barney puts it, "Good times around the corner, I swear it's getting warmer".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 31, 2001  
Report from Germany (Daniel B.):
The German Rolling Stone posted a story about New Order here: http://www.rollingstone.de/kdw.htm - not surprisingly they were chosen artist of the week.
Report from Sweden (Lars N.):
New Order "Crystal" entered the Swedish national Radio Single chart at number 30

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 31, 2001  
Review of GET READY by Qmagazine (Reviewed by Andrew Harrison):

Reviewed: August 2001

Seems like we’ve been here before. The last New Order comeback, 1993’s Republic, was a medium-sized hit machine but a meek disappointment to anyone who survived the terror of the ’80s sustained by this defining band and their perverse hybrid of rock, disco and Kraftwerk.

Republic produced a few decent singles, of which Regret remains one of their best. But four years had passed since its predecessor Technique, and the fusion of rock and dance which New Order pioneered had become the industry standard. Worse, Republic carried the sense that this most wilful of bands were happy to settle down and conform to that standard. There would be no more vaulting experiments, no more singles recorded on acid and eight-minute tracks produced to test a new drum machine – just clean drum loops and a safe enclosure for bass pig Peter Hook to stomp about in. Republic did quite well in America.

And now here we are again. Another impossibly long interval – this time eight years, long enough to encompass Joy Division’s career twice over – means that in 2001, to many music fans, New Order return not so much as lost heroes but as a mystery. Some pop consumers were paying more attention to 2 Unlimited last time around.

It should be pointed out that New Order have been nowhere near as idle as others of the one-album-a-decade brigade. Each member has made their own music, even if none of it constituted a proper New Order record, or even a quarter of one. But even so, their seventh album proper arrives less to the hysteria triggered by The Stone Roses’ Second Coming (the Marley’s Ghost of long-gestation LPs) and more to the mild intrigue which greeted the re-emergence of Stereo MC’s. In an unrecognisable world of S Clubs and Limp Bizkits, where the very notion of "alternative" seems as redundant as flour rationing, is there space for post-punk experimental rock’n’roll disco?

Except… there’s something about this title that jars. New Order records are supposed to sound blank and austere, like Movement, Brotherhood, Substance: full of Eastern Bloc promise, wholly in theme with Mancunian minimalism. Get Ready is unfamiliar and simple, an all-too-human challenge to get on up and have it out. It doesn’t fit the pattern; it’s like finding a Radiohead album called Party People In The Place To Be. And it makes you suspect that this time things will be different.

The first surprise is, it rocks. Get Ready’s first single and opening track Crystal feints the listener with a sheeny little electronic overture, then lets loose a splurging riff from Sumner’s guitar – New Order’s other trademark instrument. The touchstones are 1983’s Age Of Consent or Technique’s Dream Attack, but louder and fuzzed-over. As Crystal builds, a small army of Peter Hooks marches in to execute a spectacular synchronised growl-off. After 20-odd years, the patent New Order bass rumble is still there, gnarly with all the aggression that Republic lacked. The song is about mad love, how it knocks you sideways and how good that feels. "Keep it coming," Sumner begs, and New Order sound hungry for the first time since about 1989.

By the middle of the second track, 60 Miles Per Hour, it’s clear that this is going to be a very different kind of New Order record. No more alienation here: with brilliant absurdity, Sumner wants to run away to a desert island and worship pagan idols (Republic was more about nipping down the shops in a Ford Mondeo). The track takes a country-twang turn and comfortably out-rocks Crystal. In place of New Order’s usual metronomic robot funk there’s a euphoric human groove. If the name wasn’t taken you’d call it daft punk.

Assisted by retired Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan, Turn My Way completes an opening triptych that can fairly be described as stunning – and gives Get Ready its first emotionally piercing moment. New Order are no longer young, but Turn My Way is, defiantly, a young man’s song. It’s about the desire to stay different and refusing to play the game. What might sound trite from 20-year-olds gains weight when it comes from a band who’ve seen a bit of life and who, to be honest, sounded half-whipped last time around.

As on the greatest New Order songs, a rough-edged, broken-hearted melody alchemises a mundane lyric – "I don’t wanna be like other people are/Don’t wanna own a key/Don’t wanna wash my car" – into something strangely worthwhile and even empowering. Corgan’s harmonies are supernaturally appropriate on this, Get Ready’s centrepiece. Turn My Way is about choosing your path in life and sticking with it and, as New Order music, it’s up there with Run and Your Silent Face.

Throughout, Get Ready is full of, well, unknown pleasures. Slow Jam (yes, they have a song called Slow Jam) does not in fact sound like a Barry White symphony for satin sheets. Instead it’s Guns N’ Roses’ Paradise City rewritten for a substance-hungry Sumner, with much rocking and breaking-glass sound effects. With howlin’ tomcat Bobby Gillespie on board, Rock The Shack goes even more over the top on a riff transplanted from XTRMNTR’s Shoot Speed Kill Light. Primitive Notion is both a middle finger to an unfaithful lover and an invitation to all-night sex with same. Stephen Morris’s drums star as they did in the days of Joy Division, but this time they’re up against interstellar acid house as a backdrop. Everywhere, the old components are reshuffled, renewed or just piled up in the corner and torched.

If there’s a disappointment in Get Ready it’s that Morris’s and Gillian Gilbert’s beautiful electronica and dancefloor stompers have been flattened by all the rockin’ (family issues ruled Gilbert out of the recording process at an early stage). There was a time when it was said that New Order only had two types of songs – the one that was photocopied by The Cure and the other that ploughed a parallel furrow to the Pet Shop Boys – but at least that was one more than most. Now that demarcation is ended. Get Ready synthesises the Hooky rock-a-ramas, Sumner’s Torremolinos disco tendencies and the sonic-cathedrals element more effectively than ever before, at the expense of some variety.

But so what? New Order have made better records than this, but not many with such an emotional charge and the expansive noise to carry it off. Get Ready shows that there’s a
way to be 45 years old without dissolving into empty indolence; that you can keep your hunger and even rediscover it when you thought it had gone.

The last track, Run Wild, is a beautiful, acoustically driven song of love-against-death and its closing couplet is a simpler, more heartfelt lyric than Sumner has delivered in years: "I’m gonna live ’til I die/I’m gonna live to get high." Such words often sound callow from a young band and embarrassing from a veteran one. But here it sounds like a simple declaration that New Order are back in the game. Get Ready is the sound of a great band breaking free of their past before your ears. Who’d have thought it?

Report from Japan:
"Get Ready" was released August 22 in Japan, and contains an extra track, titled Behind Closed Doors

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 29, 2001  
JOY DIVISION "HEART AND SOUL" 4 cd Box Set was released yesterday (August 28th) in the US via Rhino Records. The box set was released in the UK, Dec 8th 1997.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 28, 2001  
New Order  with "Crystal" and Joy Division with "Transmission" from Something Else will be on Top of the Pops 2 BBC2 (UK) this Wednesday, August 29th at 6h00 PM and Saturday, Sept 1st at 5:45 PM.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 28, 2001  
  • The contest

    The music press says that "Crystal" shows that New Order hasn't lost its touch.

    ACIDplanet is giving you the opportunity to get your hands on "Crystal." The guitar-influenced sound of the new album represents a progression for the band. How progressive do you think you can make their sound? New Order has a history of experimentation - they're open to anything. Perk up their ears with your remix.

    The band will be reviewing submissions. So get the loops, and start exploring. Take chances. Because even after almost twenty years, New Order's sound keeps evolving. Your remix might be their next influence.

    How to Enter

    New to ACIDplanet remixes? Here's where you get the loops and software to make your remixes. Just click on the Get Tools tab to download ACID XPress, the free ten-track version of ACID, our award-winning loop-based music creation tool. Download some loops, too - as many as you need to start. In ACID, just click on the sound you want, and paint it into your mix. Once you've finished your mix, return to this page and click the "Upload My Remix" button. Submit your track and you've entered the contest.

    Note: Due to a request from the song's publisher, all entries to this contest will be removed from ACIDplanet when the contest closes and judging begins. Don't wait til the last minute to enter!


    The New Order winner will receive either ACID Pro 3.0 or Vegas Audio 2.0 (winner's choice), and five loop libraries. 1 grand prize winner will be chosen by the Reprise promotional staff, and will receive New Order merchandise and other surprises. Several runners-up will also be selected. All winners will receive "Crystal" promotional 12" singles, and in addition, an autographed New Order lithograph.


    The New Order "Crystal" remix contest will begin on August 27, 2001, and end on September 24, 2001.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 28, 2001  
    Report from NME:
    "Get Ready" Review

    If there was ever a logic to the tortuous career of New Order then it was a perverse one. When Ian Curtis' suicide left the remaining members of Joy Division twiddling their thumbs on the eve of a breakthrough American tour, it should have been all over. When 1993's luke-warmly received 'Republic' coincided with New Order's near-mythical Haçienda night-club haemorrhaging money and the band losing the will to live, it should have been all over again.

    Of course it isn't, and once more a strange sequence of tragedies has put New Order back on the right track. Long-standing manager Rob Gretton died in 1998 and the Haçienda has finally closed its doors. If the band were seeking 'closure', surely this was God's way of offering them a dignified way out. For Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, however, this was a strangely interpreted cue to get busy.

    They may have been apart for eight years, but less than a minute into opening track, 'Crystal', they've slotted back into their own idiosyncratic groove and the years are pouring off them. It's sleek, it's menacing, it hasn't got a chorus and consequently it's about as neat a summary of their 20-year career as you could hope for.

    There are few bands that have the natural panache to mix the intuitively brilliant and the heroically clueless quite like New Order. Still in the throes of that first teenage love affair that miraculously lasted forever, Bernard Sumner's lyrics are still blessed with a naive - and totally punk rock - wonder: "I don't wanna be like other people are", he tells us on 'Turn My Way', "Don't wanna own a key, don't wanna wash my car".

    It's that sense of idiot joy which colours the whole of 'Get Ready'. Being in New Order never sounded like half as much fun as it does here, and bringing in Billy Corgan to beef things up and Bobby Gillespie to ruin the uncharacteristically duff 'Rock The Shack' only serves to underline that point.

    "I don't want the world to change, I like the way it is", announces Sumner on 'Slow Jam', summing up another effortless triumph in his usual understated manner. "Just give me one more wish, I can't get enough of this". Sure enough, their world hasn't changed. In their eight-year hiatus they've learned no new tricks save that what they do best, they do best together.

    Best not to wonder why they do what they do, then. Better just to sit back and enjoy. They're bringing you a love that's true. Get ready, 'cos here they come.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 28, 2001  
    Report from Australia (Sam Gray):
    "Get Ready" was released yesterday ( August 27) in Australia, At the HMV Melbourne, Bourke Street store they are giving away a Get Ready T-Shirt + a free 'greatest hits' video with 11 new order clips with every sale of the album. 
    Report from Germany (Sebastian L.):
    "Get Ready" was released yesterday ( August 27) in Germany, At the HMV store in Frankfurt, they are giving away a small 16 page-booklet with the full discography/biography of NewOrder with every sale of the album.
    Report from France:
    "Get Ready" was released today August 28.
    Report from Japan:
    "Get Ready" was released August 22 in Japan, and contains an extra track, titled Behind Closed Doors

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 27, 2001  

    NEW ORDER release today in UK, AU AUG 27th, 2001

    "GET READY" The Album
    Tracks: 1.Crystal 2. 60 Miles An Hour 3.Turn My Way 4. Vicious Streak  5.Primitive Notion 6. Slow Jam 7. Rock The Shack 8. Someone Like You 9. Close Range 10. Run Wild
    Crystal BEDROCK REMIXES, 12"
    Tracks: 1.Bedrock Remix 2.Bedrock Dub.
    Tracks: 1.John Creamer Mix 2.Stephane K Mix 3.Creamer & K Main Mix.
    Crystal LEE COOMBS REMIXES, 12"
    Tracks: 1.Lee Coombs Remix 2.Lee Coombs Dub.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 24, 2001  
    Sources close to the band...."

    "Gillian Gilbert will not be on tour at all. Phil is her touring replacement. The single "Crystal" will enter U.S. sales chart at 16 next week. This is the week before it is added to the radio play lists!"

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 24, 2001  
    Report from Jon M. (Warner Records):

    "we're sponsoring a remix contest with Sonic Foundry. The remix contest is going live next week on AcidPlanet.com. You'll be able to download a trial version of Acid, and several vocal/guitar/drum parts of "Crystal". Upload your remix on Acidplanet.com, or you can upload it
    directly to us (Reprise) via www.neworderweb.com starting next week. You don't have to use ACID in order to enter the contest, the parts are given out in WAV format, so you could use another software program if  you prefer.

    If you're a producer, remixer or DJ, this is really a great opportunity. Reprise is listening to *all* the remixes submitted, The winner of this contest will have their remix placed on an exclusive promo only US 12" for Crystal.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 24, 2001  
    Report from Al Jarvis:
    New Order is playing at Stockholm, November 18th, 2001

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 23, 2001  

    New Order European Tour so far:

    • Manchester Apollo (October 4-5) (On sale: Saturday, August 25 at 9:00 AM www.wayahead.com / www.nme.com )
    • Glasgow Barrowlands (7-8) (On sale: Saturday, August 25 at 9:00 AM www.wayahead.com / www.nme.com )
    • London Brixton Academy (10-11-12) (On sale: Saturday, August 25 at 9:00 AM )
    • Paris Olympia (Nov 11-12)(You can buy ticket at the Olympia website)
    • Berlin, Columbiahalle (Nov 15)
    • Cologne, E-werk (Nov 16)

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 23, 2001  
    New Order will be on Top of the Pops with their latest top 10 "Crystal" on BBC1 (UK) this Friday, August 24th at 7h30 PM and Sunday, August 26th at 2:25 AM.

    From Top Of The Tops It was a right old '80s reunion when New Order were at the Pops to pre-record this appearance. Their dressing room was next to fellow electronic-pioneers Human League, but the Order's Peter Hook was keen to pull rank over the synthesizer cohorts.

    Despite a chart history which pretty much mirrors the Order, Hooky claimed that he hadn't seen the League's Philip since the mid '70s.

    In fact, he remembered Phil as a roadie for New Order but complained that he kept getting his famous lop-sided haircut stuck in their equipment!

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 22, 2001  
    Some Great interviews online
    Ammo City online interview: http://www.ammocity.com/ammo/link.php?itemid=2393
    The Times online interview:http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/0,,146-2001286578,00.html

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 22, 2001  
    Report from NME:

    NEW ORDER have exclusively revealed details of their first UK tour in eight years to NME.COM.

    New Order play:

    • Manchester Apollo (October 4-5)
    • Glasgow Barrowlands (7-8)
    • London Brixton Academy (10-11)

    Tickets for the shows go on sale at 9am on August 25, and are priced £23.50, and £25 in London.

    For tickets call the NME 24-hour Ticketline on 0870 1 663663. Calls are charged at the national standard rate.

    Earlier this month Peter Hook revealed New Order were planning to tour in October, and told NME.COM that the group would be performing a set which draws on material from throughout their career.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 21, 2001  
    Cyberbritain, is currently running a New Order competition to win Vinyl copies of Crystal. There may also be an album review up soon. The URL for the competition is http://www.cyberbritain.co.uk/competitions/neworder.shtml

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 21, 2001  
    Report from Chris F.:

    I live here in Los Angeles and there is a radio station called KROQ that is an enormous influence on stations all over the nation when it comes to the alternative scene. At one time, they played New Order and Electronic in heavy rotation, but lately they barely give New Order any play. Seems there's no space for it in the age of Limp Bizcut. Anyway, here's where I need the assist.

    On the site www.kroq.com there is a spot where people can vote for their favorite songs of the 90's. Anyone can vote, but vote only once. What I'm hoping is that with the help of your site we can jam them with votes for New Order, Electronic, Revenge, Monaco, and Other Two. Here's why it's important.

    A few years back the same station did a vote thing asking for favorite KROQ style bands. Somehow Metallica made it far up the list, despite the station NEVER having played them before. Since then, Metallica songs are frequently in the rotation. Meanwhile, the last two Electronic albums got absolutely no play, Monaco got very little, and New Order is looking like they're not gonna get any play with the newest singles. Hopefully if they get enough of a response the station will take notice and fix this injustice. 'Bout the only band from back in the day they still play is D'Mode, and KROQ needs a reminder of their roots.

    So can you please help? Just post a notice on your sight to go to www.kroq.com and click on the Labor Day Countdown section and vote for stuff ONLY from the 90's. I might also point out that voting for the singles would be the best approach since that's all they ever really played of the 90's stuff.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 21, 2001  
    New Order single "Crystal" was released yesterday in Australia AUG 20th, 2001.
    Crystal, AU CDS
    1."Crystal" Radio Edit 2."Behind Closed Doors" 3."Crystal" Bedrock Radio Edit 4."Crystal" Bedrock Mix Edit 5."Crystal" Lee Coombs Dub 6."Crystal" John Creamer & Stephanie K Main Mix Edit

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 20, 2001  
    Reports from Reuters:

    AOL's Music Site Debuts New Order Album

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - British pop group New Order on Monday debuted its new album, Get Ready, on AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Spinner.com Internet radio service, weeks ahead of its October 16 release to retail stores, in what analysts said was a significant move.

    The online promotion reflects the recording industry's growing momentum in its effort to offer albums to fans via the Web -- a move that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

    New Order's music label is AOL Time Warner Inc's Reprise Records. The company also is offering a series of online promotions for the album, which is the band's first studio album in eight years.

    As part of the advance premiere on Spinner.com or Spinner online radio service, the album is being streamed in its entirety from August 20 through August 27.

    Several analysts viewed the promotion as noteworthy, particularly after major recording companies such as Warner Music had shunned releasing more than half-minute samples of music on the Web, fearing piracy and lost music sales.

    Phil Leigh, an analyst with Raymond James and Associates, said the development was significant for three reasons.

    ``First, Reprise thinks they can make for money this way,'' he said. Secondly, he believes that Reprise ironically learned this lesson from industry pariah, Napster.

    The world's biggest record labels -- including Vivendi Universal's Universal Music, Sony Music (6758.T), Warner Music, EMI Group Plc (EMI.L) and BMG first sued Internet song-swap service Napster in December 1999 for copyright infringement.

    The industry won an injunction against Napster in March 2001 and the service, struggling to comply with the order, voluntarily suspended file-sharing July 2 as it sought to fix technical glitches related to its latest filter upgrade.

    Thirdly, Leigh said this move by Warner might signal a more vigorous push into online distribution through the joint venture MusicNet, backed by RealNetworks Inc., EMI, BMG and Warner, which is scheduled to launch this fall.

    ``Perhaps today's announcement from Reprise means that the consumer use rules permitted by MusicNet will be more friendly than we have supposed to date,'' he said.

    Napster is currently working with Bertelsmann to launch its own secure music subscription service and has signed on to be a distributor for MusicNet once it has proven it has developed a secure service that pays royalties.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 20, 2001  
    Report from Dotmusic:
    1 - LET'S DANCE - FIVE - RCA
    Chart Commentary
    First of all a brief history lesson. New Order can possibly lay claim to being one of the most influential British acts ever. Their career began in the late 1970s and early 80s when they were known as Joy Division, a moniker that belied the beautifully mournful music they made. They were on the verge of becoming famous when lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide. Undeterred they regrouped, bassist Bernard Sumner stepping up to vocal duties and with a name change to New Order. In 1983 legend has it they obtained their first drum machine, set it going and improvised around the beats in the studio to test it out. The resulting track was Blue Monday, easily one of the most famous singles ever. Initially available on 12-inch only it became a Top 20 hit twice over in 1983 and then again in 1988 and 1995. From there they were off and running, each single a perfectly crafted pop symphony of which 1987s True Faith is the outstanding example. Then in 1988 they were pioneers again, spending the summer in the then little-known resort of Ibiza to record the album Technique which brought the Balearic sound to a mainstream UK audience for the first time ever. Their last official album was 1993s Republic which was met with a lukewarm response but did at least spawn the single Regret which also stands as one of their classics. Since then New Order have looked all but finished, silent aside from a Greatest Hits collection in 1994 that saw the aforementioned remix of Blue Monday become their last hit single. Interviews with the various members have confirmed that they had all but broken up in this time, everyone drifting off into alternative projects. Bernard Sumner of course notched up hits alongside Johnny Marr as part of Electronic (their last hit being Vivid from April 1999), Peter Hook recorded an album as Monaco in 1997 whilst Steven Morris and Gillian Gilbert failed to have any hits at all as The Other Two.

    Now they are back, and what a comeback it is too. Rumor has it that Crystal wasn't ever meant to be a New Order record until people started saying "best thing since Blue Monday". In anticipation of the new album Get Ready this stunning new single flies into the Top 10, their first since the 1994 remix of True Faith and their biggest chart record since Regret peaked at Number 4 in May 1993. New Order are back and all seems right with the world once again.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 19, 2001  

    The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart - 19/08/2001


    Congratulations to New Order on making the top ten this week with "Crystal". No 8 in the UK top 40.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 19, 2001  
    Report from Vince:

    I have, by a friend who has contacts with Olympia management in Paris, confirmation that New Order will play TWO SHOWS at the Olympia Paris, November 10th and 11th 2001. First show will be on the Inrockuptibles Festival, and it seems that as usual part if not all the set will be live broadcasted (as the PJ Harvey show in January)

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 19, 2001  
    Reports from BBC Online:

    New Order's 'Party People'

    New Order have told Radio 1 that they had fantastic fun during the recording of the film '24 Hour Party People'.

    The film is based around them, the legendary Manchester club The Hacienda, The Happy Mondays and the record company Factory Records.

    The legendary home of the Manc club scene has been knocked down - so it was copied brick for brick for the film.

    Peter Hook says he loved recreating the moment for the movie: "The re-building of it for that night was wonderful. It was absolutely amazing, I've never seen anything like it in my life."

    "It was like being taken out again on your first date. Whatever '24 Hour Party People' turns out like, however Ralf Little makes me look, the fact that you've got that night again in the Hacienda makes the whole thing worthwhile because it was fantastic."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 18, 2001  
    Reports from Frode N.:

    In this week single charts from www.panorama.no , "Crystal" reached no.1 in a popular music web site in Norway.

    The top twenty single chart: www.panorama.no/lister/UkensS.html

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 18, 2001  
    Reports from BBC Online:

    New Order are back with their first material in eight years.

    Their new single 'Crystal' is out and it's from their forthcoming album 'Get Ready'.

    The band have spent five of the last eight years apart - Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook spending time on solo projects and Stephen and Gillian on a 'together' project - they had a baby.

    The new stuff includes collaborations with Primal Scream, and Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins and they have also been touring with Moby.

    Peter Hook told Radio 1 they are pleased to be back, but it's hard to be happy with the material all the time:

    "It just goes up and down like a bride's nightie, it just changes with the weather."

    "It was quite nice to move onto the touring before the single came out because there are two ways to think of it - will it be a success chart wise and will it be a success playing to people?"

    "We have been away and it was a great success playing to people but the thing is you have to be happy with it and like it."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 17, 2001  
    Reports from Roland:

    Check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/artists/n/new_order/underthegrill/page1.shtml for an interview with Hooky and Steven.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 17, 2001  

    TV Special "Fuji Rock" AUG 18, UK, BBC Choice from 21:00 - 00:00 180mins. Adam and Joe go access all areas at the Fuji Rock Festival, where top performers include the Manic Street Preachers, D12, Orbital, Oasis, Asian Dub Foundation, Mos Def and New Order.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 16, 2001  
    My experience backstage with New Order Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion August 5, 2001

    During the Moby set, I did meet Hooky and had the pleasure to be taken backstage...I ended up in the New Order dressing room, drinking some wine with Barney and the rest of the band...I did meet also the US and UK manager of New Order...Everyone was very nice and to my surprise they knew and were pleased with my website (http://www.worldinmotion.net)...especially Steven Morris and Barney did mention visiting often the site.
    During my conversation with Barney ( we did exchange some French word and he mentioned that when he was about 19 years old he used to ride his motorcycle with Hooky from Manchester all the way to St Malo France ) I heard someone in the dressing room "let's go, 15 minutes"...There I am with Hooky and the rest of the band (Hooky did get me an all access pass) going toward the stage...Moby was on stage, what a feeling being on stage with your favorite band getting ready to play a song, seeing Hooky putting his bass even Billy Corgan sitting in the shadow waiting for the right moment.. To my surprise New Order went on stage including Gillian Gilbert to perform 'New Dawn Fades' I did watch New Order playing with Moby on the side of the stage with the rest of the New Order entourage (Managers, Hooky's wife...)...We went back to the dressing room after for a little while...A party was organized to celebrate the end of the festival but New Order decide to stay in the dressing room or just outside...Steven Morris, Gillian Gilbert and her sister left early...I did see Paul Oakenfold, Billy Corgan around.
    Around 1:00AM I decided 2 leave the place...I thanked again Hooky for his kindness and promised 2 keep in touch...

    Thanks again to New Order and the Management


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 16, 2001  

    Report from Billboard.com:

    Revered U.K. electronic act New Order will give fans of preview of its forthcoming Reprise album, "Get Ready," Aug. 20 on streaming audio site Spinner.com. The site will allow fans to stream the album in its entirety from Aug. 20-Aug. 27, but the tracks will not be available for download. "Get Ready" will be released internationally Aug. 27 and on Oct. 16 in North America.

    In addition, fans will have the opportunity to remix the group's new single, "Crystal," at Sonic Foundry's Acidplanet.com. The best remixes will be posted on New Order's official Web site.

    Having recently completed the second-leg of Moby's Area: One Festival, New Order will begin a European trek in mid-October and is expected to tour North America in early 2002.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 15, 2001  
    UK September's issue of Mojo ( issue 94 ) features a cover story on New Order (14 pages). Raised from the ashes of Joy Division and given a thorough schooling in technology, dance culture and ecstasy, the elder statesmen of Manc Rock return after eight years with their new album, Get Ready. Roy Wilkinson finds out how they got over the misery of the Republic album and inspects their private collection of military tanks.

    Check out the link below for some info, interviews and  a competition regarding New Order in the new issue of UK-based Mojo Magazine.


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 15, 2001  
    Reports from Ananova:

    Playing to a capacity crowd at the Manchester Evening News Arena ( August 11, 2001 ) U2, the four-piece wooed thousands of their fans with hits from their new album and some of their classic songs, including Sunday Bloody Sunday. Playing Bullet the Blue Sky, arms race slogans were flashed up on screens and air raid sirens sounded.

    Front-man Bono said: "Our prayer is that this week brave people make brave decisions and this little island across the little channel does not go back to war.

    "Compromise is not such a bad word after all."

    U2 began the concert, which was supported by American singer Kelis, with the title of the tour, Elevation, followed by their number one hit Beautiful Day.

    Other songs they played included With Or Without You and Where The Streets Have No Name.

    Bono got a rapturous reception when he paid tribute to locals Ian Curtis and New Order.

    Recalling when U2 went to the city for a recording session with producer Martin Hannett, he said he wished Curtis was still alive but said that New Order were one of the most important bands on the planet.

    The packed audience also wished the Edge a Happy Birthday in the traditional manner.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 15, 2001  
    Reports from Mark:

    There was a major NO interview in one of England's national Sunday newspapers 'The Observer' this weekend.

    The following URL leads to the action:


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 14, 2001  
    New Order single "Crystal" was released today in US AUG 14, 2000.
    Crystal, US CDS Reprise Records #9 42387-2
    1."Crystal" Radio Edit 2."Crystal" Digweed & Muir Radio Edit 3."Crystal" Digweed & Muir Bedrock Mix 4."Crystal" Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub 5."Crystal" Lee Coombs Remix 6."Crystal" Lee Coombs Dub 7."Crystal" John Creamer & Stephanie K Main Remix 8."Crystal" Creamer K Main Mix 9."Behind Closed Doors"

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 13, 2001  
    New Order single "Crystal" was finally released today in UK AUG 13, 2001.
    Crystal, DVD
    Tracks: 1.Crystal 4:19 2.Behind Closed Doors 5:24 3.Crystal (Video) 5:19 4.Temptation (Video Footage from 2002 Commonwealth Games Manchester Bid) :30  5. Isolation (Video Footage from Reading Festival 30/08/98) :30 6. Atmosphere (Video Footage from Reading Festival 30/08/98) :30.
    Crystal (Part 1) UK, CDS
    Tracks: 1.Crystal (Original Mix)4:19 2.Behind Closed Doors 5:24 3.Crystal (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Mix Edit) 10:06
    Crystal (Part 2) UK, CDS
    Tracks: 1.Digweed & Muir Bedrock Radio Edit 4:16 2.Lee Coombs Remix 8:44 3.John Creamer & Stephane K Main Mix Edit 6:39



    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 11, 2001  
    Reports from BBC Online:

    Moby's concern for New Order

    Peter HookMusic's not all glamour, that's according to New Order. Bass player Peter Hook says he picked up a nasty virus when he was touring in the Far East.

    The lads were playing tracks from their new album 'Get Ready' - which is out soon.

    Moby - concerned Peter told us he even got a get-well message from Moby:

    "I got ill, really ill on the first gig, I'm still suffering from it now. Barney came in and he said 'Moby's really worried about you.'"

    "It was really strange 'cause I was hallucinating and everything. The guy was so pleased for us to be there."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 10, 2001  
    Report from Dotmusic:

    NEW ORDER INTERVIEW by Sally Stratton


    For a while it looked as if we'd sadly seen the last of New Order. Eight years of inactivity was interspersed with successful solo careers and "other projects" which could have easily spelt the end of the old Order. But just as they've been proving critics wrong since day one, New Order are back sounding as good, if not better, than ever with a new single 'Crystal' (out next week) from the excellent 'Get Ready' album (out Aug 27).

    dotmusic spoken with frontman Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook, and drummer Stephen Morris about the new material, getting back into the studio together, and touring amongst other things.

    PART 1

    How did 'Crystal' get written?

    Bernard: "'Crystal's' an interesting track because that was something I wrote here at home and it was kind of written, and there's still a version around of it as a dance track really, with drum loops and like a house bass line and you know, a very synthetic track. And I'd just written it before New Order had got back together, before we'd started working on the album, I just had it lying around and said 'how about us... I've got this track' and I just brought it in, I said 'how about us doing a different version of this,' you know, 'cos I didn't think the house direction was suitable for the direction that we were going in.

    "So I played it to Steve Osborne and I was like 'oh we've got all these tracks and we've got this other track as well,' you know I was quite dismissive of it really because I wasn't that bothered about whether we used it or not and it just didn't seem to fit in really. And he really liked it so we took it down to Rockfield Studios in Wales and worked on it and it made this amazing transformation from a banging dance track to a kind of guitar orchestra. It's a really kind of spiky hard-edged sound. That gave us our direction really on the rest of the album because that was the first track we worked on and we got it and we got it in the bag and put it in the pocket and we thought right that's very interesting that, that's really interesting that kind of style does set the shape of the album and it was good."

    PART 2

    What's the title of this new album?

    Hooky: "The title of the album is 'Get Ready' so it could mean anything or nothing. I thought it was just nice, New Order, 'Get Ready', 'cos we are, we're getting ready for the next phase of our musical lives both physically and mentally so it's quite a simple thing but it's very pertinent."

    How does it feel to be working together again?

    Bernard: "It almost feels like you're starting again and in a way you are starting again and it just feels really fresh because of that. And because it's fresh you kind of, I don't know, it's just exciting really, more exciting you don't feel like oh I've done this for the past ten years, I've been doing it for the past ten years, you've got to do it again, another album, another tour, you know, another set of interviews, it just seems...although we have been doing stuff with our solo projects, it's not been the same as New Order."

    Hooky: "We've had nothing but positive from the record company, from the people that we've gone back to, the New Order side of things, and everything and the people that we've been working with, the producers, programmers and stuff - they've been really, really positive and like really happy that New Order you know are back together again. It certainly has I think shown in our music that there's been a very positive approach to it. It's felt...the whole thing when I listen to it you know I mean it's unusual to get that 'whoof' tingly feeling you got when you did like 'Unknown Pleasures' or something and you're thinking my God..."


    Bernard: "t feels very clean and it feels like the blackboard, the slate's been wiped clean you know and we can go ahead without any baggage, any of the baggage that was dragging us down that we'd accumulated over the years. So yes I feel very positive about this record."

    PART 3

    Was there ever a time when you thought you'd never make another New Order record?

    Bernard: "I guess at one point I did think that we'd never make another record. The group never split up, but we didn't make any plans at all but just all the horribleness just seemed to blow away in the winds of time, you know, just all the antagonism towards each other just seemed to disappear really. So I mean New Order we never... we never planned much for the future...we've always sort of concentrated more or less, in the past, more or less about a month ahead, maybe two months ahead.

    "And that way life doesn't seem too much of a burden and I was obviously sad about what had happened and regretted the way that it had gone but it was truthfully inevitable, what happened, that it was going to happen, it was going to happen. I regretted it but there was nothing I could do about it so I didn't beat myself up about it. But I'm glad we've got back together 'cos you know it's a much better way of ending things."

    Hooky: "Now we're getting on really well, I must admit, I mean it actually feels like when Bernard and I first met funnily enough. I've known him since I was 11, he's probably about one of the oldest people I know."

    What sort of a relationship do you have - are you still good mates after everything that's happened?

    Hooky: "It's a funny kind of matedom because it's not like...I mean we both have friends outside so you're not like best mates in the way that they're always together, 'God he's always with him, bloody hell if he's not playing with him in the group he's down the pub with him,' it's not like that, you know. I mean the thing is is that New Order is a huge part of your life and has been, and Joy Division, for 25 years as you say we've spent enough time together."

    Bernard: "You've got to remember that we'd probably spent more time with each other than we had with our families over the preceding 18, 20 years or something we'd been together. We spent so much time together that we were just sick of the sight of each other and each other's problems and weird hang ups and we were focusing on that too much and just wanted to get away from each other, but it's done us the world of good, you know, life's very strange, life doesn't turn out the way you expect it's going to turn out. I mean I'm very surprised that we're together now making an album. If you'd have asked me that years ago I'd have said 'no way, absolutely no way,' but it's happened you know, I'm glad it's happened."

    Hooky: "And low and behold when we did get back together again it was like going home for Christmas. You're only there ten minutes and you felt like you'd never been away."

    PART 4

    How long did it take you to make this album and where did you record it?


    Bernard: "When we started I said it's going to take us a month to write each song and everyone was like 'you can't do that! We'll be still here in you know...' and it does. 15 songs, you know, it's... it took a year and a half to do it. So anyway we wrote for about a year at Steve's farm which seems an awful lot of time but that's what happens and it's a good album so... You can't really... the writing stage you just can't really push it can you? You know, you can't rush it 'cos otherwise you end up writing songs that are not inspired, songs that have been you know forced out of you. So anyway we wrote at Steve's farm and then we moved to Real World Recording Studios which is Peter Gabriel's studios down in Bath which is a great studio."

    Hooky: "It's almost like your third family in a way 'cos it's like going home when you go back there, they're all waiting for you, it's all the same people still working there isn't it, it's really nice."

    Bernard: "You see we used to record in London a lot, in the city, but we'd end up... we'd go out every night and we can't take the hangovers any more can we?

    Hooky: "We sort of have to be hidden away from our hedonism."

    PART 5

    Why won't Gillian be joining the band on tour this year?

    Stephen: "Unfortunately my youngest daughter, our youngest daughter, is recovering from a serious illness and it's kind of like when something like that happens you put your family first really. It was a difficult decision to make but that's what we decided. It's going to be strange but I mean as it turned out we didn't really have very much choice in the matter and it's kind of like when nature strikes you've just got to go with it really. I mean it was either... it had to be one of us really and it ended up being Gillian."

    How important is it for you to tour this album internationally?

    Bernard: "To be honest the whole of this year is kind of testing the water and sort of seeing if we still like it. I mean we toured and toured for years and years and now we just want to play the places we want to play so we're not away from home for too long."

    Hooky: "I mean the thing about making music is that obviously you want as many people as possible to listen to it. I mean the only thing that sort of stops you is the geography of it you know, I mean we are playing abroad this time and probably more than we have done in about the past 15 years, we've already committed ourselves to more gigs than we've done in the past 15 years or something. So I mean it is... it's just nice, you just want people to listen to it, you want all different types of people to listen to it."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 09, 2001  
    Report from NME
    New Order with Peter Hook (left) - They enjoyed their 'Dawn' chorus

    New Order with Peter Hook (left) - They enjoyed their 'Dawn' chorus

    NEW ORDER bassist PETER HOOK has said watching MOBY perform 'NEW DAWN FADES' brought back memories of late JOY DIVISION vocalist IAN CURTIS.

    As revealed yesterday on NME.COM, Moby invited members of New Order, Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers to perform a live version of the classic Joy Division song 'New Dawn Fades' at the Area:One festival in Los Angeles (August 5).

    Now, speaking to NME.COM, Hook explained how the collaboration came to fruition.

    He said: "It was my fault really. It turns out Moby's manager is a really old friend of ours and we were talking and I said if he (Moby) wants to do 'New Dawn Fades' then I'll do it with him, I'll play the bass. Then everybody jumped on board and stole my glory, the bastards! I was looking forward to having a break from them all and going out on my own!

    "But it was nice, (Moby) was all over the place (afterwards). He's a really nice guy, really easy to be with and a complete party animal!"

    Hook described Moby's version of 'New Dawn Fades', which features on the Joy Division album 'Unknown Pleasures', as "astonishing".

    He continued: "We heard him doing it, and he was doing it with such emotion, even in the dressing room...it kind of reminded me of Ian (Curtis)..really going for it. It was a strange feeling."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 09, 2001  
    This is for info on New Order's time allotment and schedule placement as a special guest of the ROBBIE WILLIAMS concert:

    AUG 11 - Mungersdorfer Stadium, Cologne, Germany
    Doors open: 14:00
    JJ 72: 17:00 - 17:45
    Ash: 18:15 - 19:00

    New Order: 19:30 - 20:15
    Robbie Williams: 21:00 - 23:00

    I did have the chance to talk to Billy Corgan backstage when he was waiting to get on stage with New Order to join Moby (August 5). He did mention that it was his last concert with New Order and he won't be in Germany on Saturday.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 08, 2001  
    From NME:
    New Order - Size isn't everything

    New Order - Size isn't everything

    PETER HOOK has told NME.COM that NEW ORDER will undertake a major UK tour in October - and he wants BOBBY GILLESPIE to perform with the group on some of the shows.

    Speaking to NME.COM this afternoon (August 8) following the band's return to the UK from the Area:One touring festival in the US, the bassist said New Order were hoping to play approximately 12 shows in the UK in the autumn.

    He said that the tour is likely to take in medium sized venues such as the Manchester Apollo or London Brixton Academy.

    Explaining the dates, he said: "We're going to feature Joy Division songs, old New Order and the new stuff...it makes for an interesting set. It's quite poignant really."

    The shows are set to be the group's only major tour of the UK in support of their new album 'Get Ready', which is released on August 27.

    He explained: "It's very difficult to balance everything these days, you have to look after yourselves as well as your family a little bit."

    Primal Scream mainman Bobby Gillespie, who features on 'Get Ready' album track 'Rock The Shack', may appear on some of the dates, according to Hook.

    He revealed: "I think we're gonna have Bobby Gillespie coming up with us doing 'Rock The Shack'...we're flexible in our old age! It's nice to get these young whippersnappers up and make men of them!"

    Hook said that Billy Corgan, who has been playing live with the band in recent months, will not be appearing on the UK tour, as he has returned to the US to work on his solo material.

    New Order's new single, 'Crystal', is released on Monday (August 13). The group are set to record a live version of the track for BBC flagship music show 'Top Of The Pops' tomorrow (August 9).

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 08, 2001  
    From Sources close to the band...."
    New Order will tour Europe Oct. 14-Nov. 12.
    We should expect 2 date in MANCHESTER / 2 date in LONDON / 2 date GLASGOW possibility BIRMINGHAM and WOLVERHAMPTON. A date in PARIS IN NOVEMBER (confirmed by Barney himself) and a date in AMSTERDAM (Paradiso)...More info soon.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 08, 2001  
    From NME

    MOBY invited members of NEW ORDER, SMASHING PUMPKINS and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS to perform a live version of the classic JOY DIVISION song 'NEW DAWN FADES', NME.COM can reveal.

    New Order have been performing across the US as part of Moby's Area:One touring festival.

    The show on Sunday evening (August 5) at the Los Angeles Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion was the last date of the tour, which has also featured live performance from OutKast and The Orb.

    Eyewitnesses claim that as a finale to Moby's set, he performed the Joy Division song 'New Dawn Fades' from the band's 'Unknown Pleasures' album. However, instead of doing the song alone, he invited New Order's Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook to play guitar and bass and Gillian Gilbert to provide keyboards. New Order drummer Stephen Morris added accompaniment on bongos.

    Also, ex-Smashing Pumpkins mainman Billy Corgan and Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante joined the group on stage to play additional guitar.

    Writing about the collaboration on his official website www.moby-online.com , Moby said: "I can't emphasize enough just how important Joy Division were to me when I was growing up. My brain almost can't process the fact that I sang a Joy Division song with the people who originally wrote and recorded it. I feel like the most fortunate musician in the world.

    "And to have Billy Corgan and John Frusciante involved as well was really, really special. I have profound respect and appreciation for both of them.

    "Doing our brief backstage rehearsal of 'New Dawn Fades' was really cool, cos everyone involved was speaking the same language, musically. My manager documented it, so I'm hoping that at some point we can show the tape of the quick rehearsal that we did. Amazing musicians and really wonderful people, all of them. I'm still kind of speechless."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 07, 2001  
    From Reuters:

    Moby's Area:One tour wraps on triumphant note
    Area:One (Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion; 65,000 capacity; $59 top)

    By Steven Mirkin

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - If anything, the Moby-spearheaded Area:One package, which wrapped up its tour at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion on Sunday, suffered from an embarrassment of riches.

    With nearly 20 bands and DJs arrayed on three stages over nine hours, there was something worth checking out at given moment, and often two or three. This meant that choices had to be made: to see the Orb in an automaker-sponsored DJ tent meant missing the reunited New Order on the main stage, or forgoing one of the impressive collection of turntablists and MCs holding court on the small urban stage.

    With the eclectic collection of musicians on board, and musical ideas bouncing back and forth between bands like electrons in an atomic reactor, it quickly became apparent that the best way to appreciate the breadth of Area:One was to surf from stage to stage, sampling bits from each. The experience became akin to clicking through a Web site, where congruences and links form their own kind of logic. Experienced this way, Area:One delivered a night of heady exuberance.

    The main stage started off with Rinocerose. Their overdriven AC/DC guitars and emphatic bass lines sounded quite comfortable over sequenced drum beats and keyboards, even if the band looked a little bit silly posing like over-the-top heavy metal musicians or air guitarists, an image faux pas that was easy to forgive because, well, they're French.

    From there, it was a short jaunt -- both musically and spatially -- to the hip-hop stage where Breakestra conjured up its own version of engineered music, rapping over the urgent horns, percolating bass and razor-sharp guitar of classic, fat-back soul. Back at the main stage, the Roots were using similar elements to their own ends on their socially aware raps. Like most of the hip-hop artists on the bill, the Roots eschew gangsta cliches for a more nuanced view of urban culture.

    Newcomer Mystic performed a similar bit of linguistic alchemy. The Oakland-based performer -- a kind of West Coast Jill Scott -- has worked with respected producers such as the Angel, and her raps are starkly literate cautionary tales of the ghetto. Ironically, this kind of performance demands as much ``street cred'' as gangsta rap, which Mystic is able to make work, effortlessly flowing from detailed vignettes to lyrical boasts.

    With two of their biggest hits, ``Rosa Parks'' and ``Ms. Jackson'' dealing with strong women, Outkast found another way to turn rap cliches on their ear. The contrast between Big Boi's otherworldly charisma and Dre's down-to-earth realism added a touch of George Clinton's stoned whimsy and Sly Stone bounce to the mix.

    Another option was to check out the DJ tent, where Timo Maas pumped out four-on-the-floor techno, the Orb's fizzy loops made their way around the tent like drunken satellites and Paul Oakenfold expertly orchestrated the crowd's ecstatic mood.

    At the urban stage, the X-ecutioners gave an impressive display of their turntable prowess. In contrast to the computerized chill of the dance music DJs, the X-ecutioners had a kind of handmade charm. Although they do not play conventional instruments any more than the other acts, their music relied on old-school manual dexterity, building their songs from bites and slices of records.

    New Order cast the longest musical shadow of any act on the bill. It's nearly impossible to imagine most of the music heard at Area:One without their groundbreaking use of computers and instruments, their early championing of remixes and crossover appeal. Moby named them as a major influence during his set.

    But they were easily the biggest disappointment on the bill. With former Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan sitting in for Gillian Gilbert, New Order sounded terribly musty and old fashioned. While 1980s hits ``Blue Monday'' and ``Temptation'' were given solid renditions, most of their set had a studied indifference that seemed out of place. This was emphasized by Bernard Sumner's comment when introducing ``Crystal'' (from their upcoming Reprise album ``Get Ready'') that the band ``was willing to do anything to get their music heard.'' Dripping with corrosive irony, it felt like a dated remnant of indie post-punk rock, when self-effacement was seen as integrity. But for bands like Moby and DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and the Orb, selling out isn't an option, it's an imperative.

    On its own terms, the band's performance worked, but at Area:One, New Order's innate suspicion of sensual pleasure and dutiful performance felt cribbed and dour. It's worth noting that New Order's music sounded better in other contexts. When Oakenfold slipped a remix of one of their songs into his set, it made perfect sense. And Moby (backed by New Order including Gillian Gilbert and Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante) was more convincing singing Joy Division's ``New Dawn Fades'' than New Order was performing that band's ``Love Will Tear Us Apart.''

    It was left to Moby's energized closing set to tie together all the musical strands heard at Area:One. Scampering around the two-level stage, his performance was a piece of wish fulfillment, the kind of show the teenage Richard Melville Hall, playing air guitar in his bedroom, would have imagined putting on. It lent a sweet quality to his performance: he got to play the ``self-indulgent guitar solo'' he dreamed about; he sung his version of the blues with an imposing, big-voiced gospel singer; and he was backed by a blonde, punky sylph of a bass player, as well as a willowy string trio. He seamlessly moved from early '90s techno such as ``Go'' and ``Feels So Real'' to ``South Side'' a hit from his 1999 breakthrough album ``Play.''

    Strains of other music, from hardcore punk to the new wave of Talking Heads, drifted in and out of the songs as a testament to his omnivorous musical appetite, and adding to the sincerity of his commitment to put on a festival that ``combined all different kinds of music.'' Against all odds, he succeeded. Brilliantly.

    Presented by Clear Channel and Pentium 4. Artists: Moby, Outkast, New Order, the Roots, Rinocerose, Paul Oakenfold, the Orb, Timo Maas, Jason Bentley, others. Reviewed Aug. 5, 2001.

    Reuters/Variety REUTERS

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 07, 2001  
    From Billboard:

    New Order 'Gets Ready'

    By Julie Taraska


    In 1993, just after the release of New Order's sixth album, "Republic," it looked like England's greatest electro-pop band had broken up. "You see, we had had a lot of business problems," explains vocalist/guitarist Bernard Sumner. "The label we owned, Factory Records, was going down, as was our nightclub, the Hacienda [in Manchester]. We were burnt out and getting on each other's nerves. So, we went our own separate ways."

    It would be five years before the group performed together again and seven before its members dared write new material with each other. But now, with the imminent release of the act's latest album, "Get Ready," Sumner says, "Time's a great healer. It made me remember the good things about being in New Order, not just the bad."

    A nod to the group's rock roots -- New Order formed in 1980 from the ashes of hallowed post-punk act Joy Division -- "Get Ready" is more guitar-inflected than the band's previous two sets, which were dominated by synthesizers and club beats. Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and Primal Scream members Bobby Gillespie and Innes guest on the set, which Warner Music will release Aug. 27 in all territories but the U.S. Reprise will issue the album Oct. 16 in the States.

    The first single from "Get Ready" -- the charged "Crystal" -- arrived at U.K. and European radio July 2 and hits U.S. stations Aug. 14; stateside, the track's commercial release is simultaneous, while in all other territories it is due Aug. 13. Seven remixes are included on the "Crystal" maxi-single -- three by John Digweed & Muir and two each by Lee Coombs and Creamer K. The U.S. version of the package also includes the previously unreleased track "Behind Closed Doors." A video for "Crystal," directed by Johan Renck, was sent to U.K. outlets July 2 and goes to U.S. channels today (Aug. 6).

    In the U.K., "Crystal" has yet to appear on many major commercial stations' playlists, although national public top-40 broadcaster BBC Radio 1 has gone early with it on its B-list. That guarantees "Crystal" at least 15 plays each week on the station.

    One major regional U.K. commercial station that is already regularly airing "Crystal" is top-40 outlet Forth One/Edinburgh, which is the market leader in the east of Scotland. Drive-time presenter Micky Gavin raves about the track: "It shows that the guys have not lost their touch."

    New Order previewed its new material July 23 at a secret show in Liverpool and July 28 at Fuji Rock Japan; the band also played the last four dates of Moby's Area: One festival earlier this month and will perform Aug. 11 in Cologne in support of Robbie Williams.

    To capitalize on the buzz surrounding the new album's international release, Reprise will host an online listening party, streaming the album Aug. 20-27 on Internet radio station Spinner and all AOL channels. Reprise is also offering a free download of "Crystal" on the Winamp music site and is bundling the song with all downloads of the Winamp music player through mid-August. Reprise is also designing a contest in which fans can remix select New Order videos; the label is also readying several animated, musical e-cards that will be available from beatgreets.com.

    "Crystal" currently appears in the background of TV spots trumpeting the redesigned U.S. version of CNN Headline News. The song is also featured this month in a TV commercial for the American Express Blue Card. Virgin Records, which has a partnership with the card, is offering 30% off any of New Order's catalog when titles are purchased with the Blue Card.

    In addition to all of the attention to the new album, tomorrow (Aug. 7), Warner Archives/Rhino issues "Heart and Soul," a four-disc boxed set surveying Joy Division. (The package was issued in the U.K. two years ago by London Records.)

    New Order will tour Europe Oct. 14-Nov. 12. Sumner say a U.S. tour is also "strongly expected" during first-quarter 2002.

    When asked if "Get Ready" is New Order's swan song, Sumner turns philosophical. "When the group started working again, we decided we'd take it one day at a time. We'd do one concert, if we liked that, we'd do another. If we liked the concerts, we'd do an album. If we like the album, we'd tour, and so forth. We've never been a band to plan too far ahead."

    Additional reporting by Tom Ferguson in London.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 06, 2001  
    From ALLSTAR:

    New Order Joins Moby Onstage For Joy Division Song



    If nothing else, Moby's inaugural Area: One tour was a hotbed of onstage collaborations.

    On the final night of the tour on Sunday (Aug. 5) in Devore, Calif., New Order singer Bernard Sumner and bassist Peter Hook, and their guest guitarist, ex-Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers axeman John Frusciante joined Moby onstage during his headlining set to perform the Joy Division song, "New Dawn Fades."


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 06, 2001  
    From Vincent:

    I finally met NewOrder at Los Angeles Airport today (August 6, United Airline) after failing to get a backstage pass last night. Took pictures, autographed my items and made me a very happy fan for the rest of my life.

    Benard Sumner + Peter Hook                    Stephen Morris + Gillian Gilbert

    Stephen Morris signing. His wife, Gillian Gilbert (keyboardist)  turned around when I took the pic. :) I mistaken Kim Gilbert (sister) for Gillian.

    Peter Hook and Bernard were really interested where I bought the LD from. Bernard wished me well while Peter Hook kept asking if I was hanging out at the airport for the entire day just to wait for them. Gillian was rather quiet. Stephen still has a dramatic\ face (the exact reason why LowLife featured him on the cover).

    Here is the Substance LD they signed.

    I have two other records they autographed. A Factory employee only Substance LP and True Faith 12" FAC 183. There is a reason why Substance and True Faith are chosen. That was my first newOrder album (bought at Valentine Music) and True Faith my first and all time favorite.


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 03, 2001  
    Review of the Vancouver Show by Robert Roy

    My review of the Vancouver show (August 2):

    They came on a bit earlier than I expected, at about 5:30. The crowd was friendly, laid back, polite, not overly rowdy. Much less crazy then the scene New Year's Eve in London in 1998.  Although the crowd lacked a bit of energy, the plus side was that it was nice to get up close without getting jostled or trampled.

    Here is their set list; I am pretty sure about the songs, but the order may not be quite right:

    1. Atmosphere
    2. Crystal
    3.  Regret
    4. Turn My Way
    5. Your Silent Face
    6. Bizarre Love Triangle
    7. Touched By The Hand of God
    8. Temptation
    9. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    10. 60 mph
    11. Blue Monday

    Here are my thoughts on the concert:

    They sounded great! Barney was in fine form, enthusiastic, bantering with the audience between  songs. He seemed to be having a great time. He didn't seem to mind that the crowd was somewhat quiet.  Hooky looked somewhat tired, like he just got out of bed or something. I think he was still suffering from that Japanese flu virus. Nonetheless, he was still great, with his signature style, swashbuckling bass-pirate.

    Barney introduced Steve as "the most obnoxious man in the music business", very facetiously obviously.

    Billy Corgan seemed to add a nice dimension, he stayed (appropriately) low-key, playing back-up guitar for the most part, except for singing on "Turn My Way".

    I thought all the songs were great, except perhaps "Turn My Way" was a bit so-so. Crystal was quite good. 60 mph was a pleasant surprise, lots of energy to it.

    I am not sure who the other back-up guitarist was (?Vulture or something like that). He also did some keyboards on some songs, basically taking Gillian's place. He seemed to play pretty well.

    The in-between song banter was at times quite funny. Early on, Hooky said: "Hey Billy, I see your sister over here!"

    Barney heard a guy yell out a request (for I think Ceremony), and said, "sure just for you, we'll play it, yeah right!" Then asked him ("the guy with the yellow and blue sweater") what his name was, then said "I feel like I've known you all my life". The way he said it was quite funny, but you had to be there.

    Luckily there was very little rain during most of the set. It started to rain again a bit towards the end. (Later, it rained fairly heavy for Outcast ? ha-ha  J). Barney commented that he liked the rain, reminds him of England.

    Hooky made a big gaffe, but apologized quite sincerely. He made a comment about it being slippery up on stage (it wasn't really). The crowd reacted appropriately to the suggestive comment, so Hooky said "You Americans are all the same.". The crowd protested quite appropriately with a loud "Hey!!!" (We Canadians do not like being confused for Americans). The look on Hooky's face, you could tell that he was embarrassed for having inadvertently  insulted our national pride. He asked for forgiveness, and said he will forgive us. Barney rescued him by cutting in, saying "Don't listen to what he says, listen to me, I am the voice of truth, and this is Temptation!" It came across as facetious, not pompous. Again you had to be there.

    Barney later introduced Love Will Tear us Apart by saying it was the first time playing it in Canada, with a bit of extra emphasis on "Canada" to make up for Hooky's gaffe.
    Temptation was great as always, Regret also was amazing. Blue Monday and BLT came across also very well. I was amazed at how great they sounded. They sounded even better than Reading 98, despite the crowd not being as energetic.

    Overall: excellent! It was all about the music, no other bullshit, which is what I admire about New Order.


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 02, 2001  
    Review of the Mountain View, CA ( July 31) Show by Andy:

    1.   Atmosphere- Sounded beautiful.  Billy Corgan laughed when Barney let out an inappropriate "whoop". 

    2.   Regret- Sloppy start.  I don't think Peter heard the start and had to find his place a little ways into the song.  Many times during  the set, Barney and Peter were motioning stage right to adjust the monitor mix.  The sound mix for the crowd wasn't quite right for this song either.  Phil Cunningham added a third guitar and let the sequencer do the key work.   

    3.   Crystal- New single.  Sounds like an album track to me.  The mix was much better but to me the song is a little bland to be their comeback single.

    4.   Your Silent Face- The best version I've ever heard.  The keyboards sounded perfect and Barney didn't mess up and sing the "piss off" verse 1st like he often does.  Steve beefed up the song towards the end by jumping in with live drums a la Isolation and This Time of Night.

    5.   Love Will Tear Us Apart- Sounds so poppy when Barney sings it but that's alright.  Peter was really into this one, thrusting and strutting around the stage. Steve did lots of nice fills at the end actually still is damn good for being in his forties. 

    6.   Turn My Way- New duet with Billy.  Mid-tempo melodic tune (think Love Less) but the two of them singing together sounded a bit awkward (think The Patience of a Saint).

    7.   Bizarre Love Triangle- Steve finally gets a break.  Should have been a highlight but the mix didn't sound as crisp as it should.  Of course the rest of the audience is much less discerning singing along and dancing like idiots throughout.

    8.   Touched by the Hand of God- Helped a lot by backing vocals from Phil, Billy and Peter.  This is the version they did for the '98 Peel Sessions which has ghostly keyboard noises and a fuller sound than the studio versions.

    9.   True Faith- The '94 Perfecto Remix arrangement with housey piano bit.   I would have preferred the original throbbing bass line but again the crowd ate it up.

    10.  Temptation- They never screw this up.  Probably the highlight for me.  A better audience would have helped out with the "Ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh" parts but Billy picked up the slack.  Incidentally, his presence was very low key.  He helped with backing vocals and played subtle accompanying guitar parts throughout the show.

    11.  60 Miles an Hour- Easily the best of the 3 new ones.  Classic Hooky bass parts and a catchy, energetic vocal from Barney.  Inspired by the last 4 stompers, the crowd danced along even though this is primarily a guitar song.

    12.  Blue Monday- The inevitable.  Pretty straightforward other than some extra guitar bits by Billy.  The only song other then B.L.T. that Steve played keys instead of drums.  After the song finished and Peter started to go into his ritual of wringing out any leftover notes and noises out of his bass, Barney fiendishly powered off the bass amp behind Peter's back.  They had played for about 70 minutes which put them over their time limit but I'm sure Barney's motives were less about courtesy and more about winding up his band mate.

    Other interesting bits included Peter walking about 100 feet up the side of the amphitheatre seating during one of the songs and Barney telling the techs to "Turn off the fucking smoke.  I hate that.  Smoking's bad for you, kids."  Barney also informed everyone that Arthur Baker was in the audience (I couldn't see if it was really him) and that Baker's "got a big dick, just like me"

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) August 01, 2001  
    The chat took place with Stephen and Bernard instead of Peter (was kind of sick some type of flu virus from Japan).
    This is the highlight anyway:

    The Chemical Brothers track is not finish yet and will be release maybe for Christmas as an EP.

    60 MPH will be the second single.

    Beside the songs of the album, New Order recorded about 5 more.

    Recycle box set of all the singles should be release one day. DVD 586 will not be release in the US.

    UK tour in October ( Doves could be the opening band ) and Europe in November, if everything go well maybe a US tour next year.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 31, 2001  
    From Official Reprise US New Order website

    Chat LIVE for 45 minutes with Peter and Stephen of New Order!  The live audio chat is today Tuesday, July 31st at 4:00pm PT, 7:00pm ET, at GetMusic.com.  For more info. go to


    The new "Crystal" video premieres August 9th on MTV2, every hour on the hour. Make sure to watch it every hour on the hour.

    Here's a chance to make your own directorial debut.  Edit your own version of New Order's "True Faith" Monday, July 30th with GetMusic and VideoLab.  More info. here;


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 29, 2001  
    Reports from Rolling Stones:


    "We've got Billy Corgan playing with us, we're doing a lot of old stuff, new songs that nobody knows, and we're reaching a lot of young people," New Order bassist Peter Hook says. "It's got all the recipe for complete disaster, to be honest."

    It's a week before he and reunited band mates Bernard Sumner (vocals) and Stephen Morris (drums), as well as keyboardist Gillian Gilbert and guest guitarist Corgan, join up with Moby's Area: One tour for a few dates in the U.S. (beginning Tuesday, July 31st in Mountainview, California). And Hook -- who says, "The excitement in Get Ready [the group's forthcoming new album] is worthy of being eighteen. I listen to the new album and I feel very energized" -- sounds like he has dipped his toes into the fountain of youth. And they have not, as he feared, been bitten off.

    The record won't hit the states until October, but early U.K. notices have been kind, and a recent preview gig in Liverpool -- Corgan's first with the group -- was a smashing success, according to Hook. "Even Billy enjoyed it," he says, "which was amazing, because he was absolutely terrified. He was actually more nervous than me, which I didn't think was possible."

    Few people get to see the ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman display stage fright, but Hook has seen a lot of Corgan, as the two are old friends. "I first met him when he was fifteen and thinking of forming a band. He was a big fan of Joy Division and New Order, and he came to dinner with us one day as a friend of the promoter," Hook recalls. "Lo and behold, five years later, I was watching the band he was thinking of forming, the Smashing Pumpkins, sell out arenas in Manchester."

    Corgan turns up on Get Ready's "Turn my Way," harmonizing beautifully with Sumner. "Bernard had just recently been introduced to the Smashing Pumpkins by his son, funnily enough. His son said, 'You should hear this band, dad. They half sound like you.' Bernard liked his voice and he could hear Billy singing on 'Turn My Way.'"

    That recording session became the genesis for Corgan's touring with New Order, though the whole thing came about in a surprisingly simple manner. "We were in the studio together," Hook recalls, "And Billy was asking us what we were doing. We told him we were doing Moby's tour, and he said, 'I'm not doing anything. Can I come and be your guitarist?' We said, "Yeah, if you want.' So it was as simple as that."

    And what of New Order's other chrome-domed touring mate -- Moby? That union also came about via a recording session, though one that for fans sadly never came to be. "We got asked to do the whole tour by Moby, who's a self-confessed Joy Division and New Order fan, because we were actually hoping to collaborate on Get Ready," Hook says. "But our timings didn't mix. So after it didn't happen, Moby said, 'Well, why don't you come and play?' We got offered the whole tour, but, to be honest with you, it was a bit too much 'cause we just sort of finished recording, getting everything ready for the record, and we were right in the middle of rehearsing. So we thought we'd do the last part of it."

    Given that the collaboration never came to pass, one wonders about any onstage unions. Moby, speaking from Toronto later the same day, says, "I'd love to sing a Joy Division song."

    But Hook has other ideas. "Maybe I'll come out and play the real bass line for 'New Dawn Fades' [a Joy Division track Moby frequently covers]," he says. "But only if he asks me nicely and offers me fifty cents . . . I'm a very cheap date."


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 23, 2001  
    Reports from Dotmusic:



    We've whetted your appetite with news of New Order's comeback, news of their gig this week in Liverpool and details of the album. To top all that dotmusic is now giving fans a chance to see a sneak preview of the band's brand new video for the single, 'Crystal'.

    If you don't recognize them from the clip don't worry, you're not going mad. They haven't had major plastic surgery or discovered the secret to eternal youth. The 'Order have obviously decided they've done enough videos in their time and have let some young pretenders take their place in true Stars In Your Eyes fashion.

    'Crystal' (out August 13) is the first single from 'Get Ready' - their first album since 1993's 'Republic' - which features Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins, Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and The Chemical Brothers.

    dotmusic attended an exclusive playback of the album we can reveal 'Get Ready' is a heavy, sometimes intense, guitar and electro-pop driven record, featuring the unmistakable influence of Peter Hook's prominent, melodic bass lines, clocking-in at just over 60 minutes in duration.

    To coincide with their long-awaited return, the band launch their official website ( July 19, 2001) newordergetready.

    In addition to all the usual news and info, the site promises to deliver exclusive footage and photos from the Liverpool show plus audio and video treats, previews of the album, and an exclusive area for New Order fans to fed exclusives before anyone else. Check it out!

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 22, 2001  
    Report from Water Rat:
    For info on New Order's time allotment and schedule placement, check out this site (click on TOUR then the concert): http://hiram.studio-logic.com/cdcards/area1/areaone.asp?cardid=6

    31 JUL - Mountain View/CA
    New Order is in the middle of the line up at 6:05 to 7:05
    followed by Outkast then Moby

    02 AUG - Vancouver BC
    New Order is in the middle of the line up at 6:05 to 7:05
    followed by Outkast then Moby

    03 AUG - Seattle /WA
    New Order is in the middle of the line up at 7:05 to 8:05
    followed by Outkast then Moby

    05 AUG - Devore/CA
    New Order is in the middle of the line up at 7:05 to 8:05
    followed by Outkast then Moby

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 20, 2001  
    Report from J. Scott

    Artwork 3

    Artwork 2

    Artwork 1

    Spoke to Peter Saville earlier and he explained that the photos on NEWORDERGETREADY were taken by Jurgen Teller and centre on Koko, a German friend of Tellers. Koko herself is a film maker from Berlin by the way for the completists out there.
    Barney saw a film still of a girl holding a camera and the significance of  the shots is said to suggest that the viewer should create their own cover and is being viewed doing so...hence the camera!


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 20, 2001  
    Crystal will be released in the US on Aug.14. Check out the Video "Crystal", directed by Johan Renck via New Order Official web site.
    Crystal US Maxi-single track listing:

    1.Crystal (radio edit) 4:19

    2. Digweed & Muir Bedrock Radio Edit 4:15

    3. Digweed & Muir Bedrock Remix 12:53

    4. Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub 10:36

    5. Lee Coombs Remix 8:44

    6. Lee Coombs Dub 7:04

    7. John Creamer & Stephane K Intro Mix 3:22

    8. John Creamer & Stephane K Main Mix 11:25

    9. Behind Closed Doors 5:24

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 19, 2001  
    Reports from ALLSTAR:

    New Order's Comeback Show: Unpredictable, Emotional, & Spot-On

    It's been three years since New Order's last appearance, eight since its last album, Republic, and the band is ringing the changes.

    The forthcoming NEWORDERGETREADY album will unveil a harder, more guitar-based sound, as evidenced by its comeback concert at England's Liverpool Olympia on Wednesday (July 18), and, of course, a new lineup.

    Out, for the time being at least, goes keyboardist-guitarist Gillian Gilbert, unable to tour due to a family illness. In come young Mancunian Phil Cunningham, formerly of Smiths sound-alikes Marion, and a certain Billy Corgan, no longer fronting Smashing Pumpkins. The choice of Corgan seems particularly unusual. Some have suggested it is a calculated move aimed at the American market. Bassist Peter Hook is more sanguine, explaining, "He used to come and see us every time we played Chicago. He'd say stuff like 'I want to be in a band like yours.'" And, now, he is.

    New Order has never done anything quite by the book, and, encouragingly, the choice of the Olympia -- an ornate theatre which has never hosted a rock concert before -- harked back to the early days when the band regularly played old ballrooms and churches. There were other reminders as well. Dedicating the opening song to the band's recently deceased manager, Rob Gretton, Hook led the way into a version of Joy Division's "Atmosphere" that was simply spellbinding.

    As songs old and new powered from the darkness, it soon became clear that, new lineup or not, New Order's classic, heart-tugging sound remains untarnished. With Stephen Morris thrashing at his drums and Hook marauding around the front row, it felt, as an unusually exuberant and still cherubic Bernard Sumner put it, like they've never been away. Sensibly, but unexpectedly, Corgan adopted the lowest profile of his career, unrecognizable in a "Madchester" hat and trainers, and simply savouring the atmosphere like anyone else among an audience that included Arthur Baker and Primal Scream.

    Refreshingly, the set was highly unpredictable, tossing in everything from the Joy Division-era "Isolation," to a magnificent "Your Silent Face" from 1983's Power, Corruption and Lies, which had not been played live in 15 years. But the most rapturous response was saved for a stream of hits, such as "Temptation" and "Blue Monday," which showed that every important pop development of the last 20 years, from U2's epics to Radiohead to Detroit techno, is rooted in this Manchester band's glittering back catalogue.

    However, the new material from NEWORDERGETREADY -- five songs played in all, many which restore Hook's sublime bass playing to the centre of the sound -- weren't humbled by comparison. "Turn My Way" was the pick of them, beautifully sung by Sumner with Corgan bolstering the choruses. Finally, during an emotional "Love Will Tear Us Apart," the former Pumpkin broke his apparent vow of silence to issue a delirious whoop.

    A band that can both humble and excite Billy Corgan? New Order is back. Get ready, indeed.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 19, 2001  
    Reports from BILLBOARD:

    New Order Dusts Off Live Show


    Pioneering Manchester electronic act New Order last night (July 18) played its first live show in more than two-and-a-half-years to 2000 fans at the Liverpool (England) Olympia. The performance, a warm-up for the band's planned U.S. and Japanese tours, sold out in just two hours.

    Boasting the addition of ex-Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan on guitar, the band played a mixture of classic tracks by New Order and Joy Division (the latter being the former band of New Order's Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook). The performance also featured a preview of songs from the forthcoming album "NEWORDERGETREADY," including first single "Crystal," and "Turn My Way" on which Corgan sings lead vocals.

    A three-song encore that closed with the 1988 hit "Blue Monday" ended the set. The band celebrated at an after-show party hosted by local super club Cream that was attended by model Sophie Dahl, Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong, producer Arthur Baker, and Stone Roses bass guitarist Mani, among others.

    "NEWORDERGETREADY," the group's first album since 1993's "Republic," is scheduled for an Aug. 27 worldwide release, with a commercial single of "Crystal" due Aug. 13 in the U.K. Along with Corgan, Primal Scream and the Chemical Brothers also appear on the set.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 19, 2001  
    Reports from NME:
    image: I.Jennings
    image: I.Jennings

    NEW ORDER made a storming return to the live stage in LIVERPOOL last night (July 18) - complete with new guitarist BILLY CORGAN.

    Playing their first UK gig since the millennium at the Liverpool Olympia, the five-piece brought out many New Order and Joy Division favourites and introduced several new tracks off upcoming LP 'Get Ready' in the triumphant showcase gig.

    Taking the stage, frontman Bernard Sumner dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and trainers, said: "Hello, it feels like we've never been away," before introducing new band members, former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Corgan and new guitarist/keyboardist Pete Sullivan.

    The stage was set up to pay tribute to the band's Manchester roots with speakers behind bassist Peter Hook reading "Salford Rules."

    New Order kicked off their set with 'Atmosphere', playing to a packed house that included many familiar Manchester faces including Rowetta from the Happy Mondays, and Lard from Radio 1's Mark Radcliffe show.

    "You're going to have to be patient cos we're gonna play a lot of songs for you tonight," Sumner said shortly into the set. They then carried on to the tune of 17 songs including 'Temptation', 'Bizarre Love Triangle', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', 'Isolation', 'Blue Monday' and upcoming single 'Crystal'.

    Enthusiasm reigned on stage throughout the performance: Corgan and Hook embraced before one song, and Hook even noted he had received a caution for his larger than life stage presence from Sumner saying, "You get told off for enjoying yourself. He's a miserable twat. Isn't he? Only joking."

    The show was concluded by a three-song encore that Sumner threatened to turn into a full set, stating: "We enjoyed it so much we're gonna play the whole set for you again."

    Speaking at the gig's after party held at local club Cream, Corgan said he was enjoying being part of the band.

    "It was really exciting. The music they made is such an important part of my life. Definitely there were moments when you're just standing there on stage going 'What the fuck!'"

    Rowetta noted that the band's performance was better than in years past, saying: "I've never seen 'em look like they enjoyed it so much on stage. They looked just like kids."

    Other guests at the aftershow party paying tribute to the band Primal Scream's Bobbie Gillespie, and Mani, as well as Death In Vegas' Richard Fearless, Ian McNabb, Arthur Baker, Jimi Goodwin, Pete Wylie, Dot Allison and The Farm.

    The full New Order setlist was:


    • 'Atmosphere'
    • 'Slow Jam'
    • 'Crystal'
    • 'Regret'
    • 'Love Vigilantes'
    • 'Isolation'
    • 'KW1' (featuring Billy Corgan on vocals)
    • 'Turn My Way'
    • 'Close Range'
    • 'Touched By The Hand Of God'
    • 'Bizarre Love Triangle'
    • 'Temptation'
    • 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'


    • 'Ruined In A Day'
    • '60 Miles Per Hour'
    • 'Blue Monday'

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 17, 2001  
    From Sources close to the band...."
    Billy Corgan rehearsed with New Order last night in Liverpool and he will be playing with them tomorrow night at the Olympia gig.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 16, 2001  
    JOY DIVISION will get a special release as a 2CD include both the "Live At les Bains-Douches" and "Preston Warehouse" live albums set numbered edition of 1000 is expected to be release July 30th, 2001.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 15, 2001  
    There it is the full track listing of the new NEW ORDER single 'CRYSTAL' :
    Crystal, DVD
    Tracks: 1.Crystal 2.Behind Closed Doors 3.Crystal (Video) 4.Interview Video Footage 5.Temptation (Video Footage from Reading Festival) 6. Atmosphere (Video Footage from Reading Festival). Country: UK. Release Date: 13-Aug-01
    Crystal (Part 1) UK, CDS
    Tracks: 1.Crystal (Original Mix) 2.Behind Closed Doors 3.Crystal (Bedrock Mix Edit). Country: UK. Release Date: 13-Aug-01
    Crystal (Part 2) UK, CDS
    Tracks: 1.Bedrock Radio Edit 2.Lee Coombs Remix 3.John Creamer & Stephane K Main Mix Edit. Country: UK. Release Date: 13-Aug-01
    Crystal BEDROCK REMIXES, 12"
    Tracks: 1.Bedrock Remix 2.Bedrock Dub. Country: UK. Release Date: 27-Aug-01
    Tracks: 1.John Creamer Mix 2.Stephane K Mix 3.Creamer & K Main Mix. Country: UK. Release Date: 27-Aug-01
    Crystal LEE COOMBS REMIXES, 12"
    Tracks: 1.Lee Coombs Remix 2.Lee Coombs Dub. Country: UK. Release Date: 27-Aug-01

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 14, 2001  
    Beside being my birthday 2day, Seminal U.K. punk band Joy Division will finally get its due stateside when Rhino Records releases Heartandsoul, a four-disc box set celebrating the band's career, on Aug. 7. Heartandsoul, which surfaced in the U.K. in 1998, chronicles the band's breakthrough albums -- 1979's Unknown Pleasures and 1980's Closer -- as well as more obscure tracks from the group's debut EP (An Ideal for Living), BBC Peel Sessions, and an entire disc devoted to live recordings that were previously unreleased in the U.S. The members of Joy Division went on to form New Order after the suicide death of singer Ian Curtis in 1980.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 13, 2001  
    New Order single "Crystal"  is ready to download right now. Check out http://www.winamp.com/music
    Download : Crystal by New Order



    "Crystal" will be released in the US as a CD5 and 12" maxi-single. The track listing is TBD, however, it is very likely that the CD single will be enhanced with the "Crystal" video, and some audio tracks.

    Remixes have been completed by Bedrock, Lee Coombs and Creamer K.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 12, 2001  
    New Order single "Crystal"  is still expected to be release in the UK AUGUST 13th, 2001
    NUCDP8 Crystal UK 13/08/01   CD5
    NUDVD8 Crystal UK 13/08/01 DVD single format DVD
    NUOCD8 Crystal UK 13/08/01 New material! CD5

    Also a CD live filmed @ the Ukranian National Home, NYC 18/11/1982 named "Taras Shevchenko" should see the light August 20th, 2001 (catalogue number CRF005).

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 12, 2001  

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 11, 2001  

    NEW ORDER single "Crystal" and "Get Ready" sleeve.

    'Crystal' Sleeve

    'Get Ready' Sleeve

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 10, 2001  
    NEW ORDER new single "CRYSTAL" was finally released  in JAPAN today JULY 10th, 2001on CDS (Eastwest Japan wpcr-10985).
    Track list is
    1. Crystal
    2. True Faith (Taken live from Reading 98)
    3. Temptation (Taken live from Reading 98)
    4. Atmosphere (Taken live from Reading 98)
    5. Isolation (Taken live from Reading 9

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 04, 2001  
    Reports from NME:

    NEW ORDER are giving fans the opportunity to win tickets to see their 'low-key' live comeback in LIVERPOOL.

    The band make their live return at the Liverpool Olympia on July 18, supported by www.newordergetready.com. The first place to come to view material from New Order’s Get Ready album, including videos, tracks and exclusive news stories and interviews.

    To join and have the chance of winning tickets to see New Order live at Liverpool Olympia on Wednesday 18 July, simply click the link bellow, fill in your details and get ready…..


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) July 03, 2001  
    Well, the most talked album soon to be release surfaced today, Tuesday morning courtesy of Jonathan Scott. NEW ORDER new album, 'GET READY' set for release on August 27 through London/WEA in UK,  in US stores October 16th, 2001


    "We're like Crystal, we break easy 

    I'm a poor man, if you leave me 

    I'm applauded, then forgotten 

    it was summer, now it's autumn......."


    2. '60 Miles An Hour'

    "I don't know if I told you 

    but I'm seeking sanctuary 

    you'd never guess the things that I'd do 

    I'll have the devil round for tea......."


    3.'Shipwreck' renamed'Turn My Way' featuring Billy Corgan

    "I don't want to be, like other people are

    Don't want to own a key

    Don't want to wash my car

    Don't want to have to work, like other people do

    I wanted to be free

    I wanted to be true...."

    4.'Vicious Streak'

    "I keep hangin' on, I keep hangin' on

    And I swear by god, You are the only one

    I keep hangin' on, I keep hangin' on

    And I swear by god, that will not be long......."

    5.'Dream On'

    "I want a scream, I want a shout

    I want to know, What is all about

    I seen it before, but not like this

    I saw your name, it was on the list......."

    6.'Free Fall' renamed Someone Like You'

    "This can't be real, my heart is burning

    How does it feel? ,Well let's say I am learning

    I had to come, the ship had landed ......."



    "That's not that easy you say, we are different people

    Sometime you think I am OK, sometime I am evil

    No matter how much you cry, that dirt will stay in your eyes

    It's getting harder to find but we don't have a deadline"


    8.'Field' renamed 'Player In The League'

    "But every single day

    You look the other way

    Slow I don't exist

    I don't know what you say..."

    9.'Run Wild' renamed 'Primitive Notion'

    "Doesn't take a lot to confuse me

    I am not aware of the passing of time

    And I like to say to those who accuse me

    Can you do it while you look in my eyes..."

    10.'Slow Jam' renamed ????

    "I don't want the world to change

    I like the way it is

    Just give me just one more wish

    I can't get enough of this...."

    11.'Full Circle' renamed Run Wild

    "Open hearts, empty spaces

    Dusty roses to distant places

    all the time when I'm alone I think of you

    and how you've grown...."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 30, 2001  

    From the chaotic world of music journalism comes this collection of unabridged, unexpurgated interviews with four of the brightest, most influential and complex pop and rock musicians alive: Gene Simmons of Kiss, Peter Hook of New Order, Jerry Casale of Devo, and Scott Thunes of Frank Zappa fame. They are all bass players and they are all plainspoken, profane, stressed out, caustic, antagonistic and on occasion so belligerent they are prepared to engage in psychological warfare with their interviewer. Each interview is illustrated with striking, often candid photographs, and includes an introduction and a postscript.

    Here are some excerpts:
         Here's something from Peter Hook.

         I saw a documentary about the history of rock and roll in which you were interviewed at length, and New Order was highlighted as one of these incredibly influential bands. I mean, do you feel that way?
         Peter Hook: Um, I mean, I can see that. I don't know how you're supposed to feel when you do something like that. [Laughs.] As I was just explaining to David today, I mean, just because you're, you know, an "innovative bass player who's influenced hundreds and hundreds of bass players," when you've got a flat tire on your car, or when you're trying to stop your baby crying, or when you're trying to feed your dog or something, it isn't particularly any use whatsoever, is it? In the majority of your life, it doesn't do you much. It's a nice little thing--"Oh, great, he's influenced a thousand bass players. Great." Doesn't change your life.
         Well, I don't... It doesn't make me proud; it makes me embarrassed, mostly. I don't like people to say things like that to me. I don't know how to handle it. It's not in me to say [shouts], "Yeah, man, I'm fucking great, and I'm fucking proud of it!" I'm not like that. [Laughs.]
         Okay, quiet pride.
         No. No. Not really. I don't know. I don't know. I get really embarrassed by it. The only time it's ever-- It's never bothered me, anybody imitating my style, like [the bassists] in Everything But the Girl or Cocteau Twins or the Cure did. Loads of people-- Loads of people have done it. It's never actually bothered me. The only time it ever actually physically bothered me was when I went to see the Cure, and I saw that the cunt was actually fucking doing it like that [mimes his famous bass-down-by-the-ankles style]. It really bothered me because that was real imitation. Too much imitation. I don't mind them sounding like me because that's quite flattering. I think "flattery" is a much different word than "pride." I'm flattered by that. It's not something I dwell on. I wouldn't wear a T-shirt that said that. [Laughs.] You know? And I'm proud of the fact that I've worked hard and achieved something, but you have to be careful, I suppose. But that was the only time I've ever been irked by it, was when I saw [Simon Gallup] play live. Everybody always says, "You know, that guy in the Cure just ripped you off." I mean, the guy in Inspiral Carpets used to do it. Have you seen any Inspiral Carpets?
         [Lying.] Yeah.
         I actually got a tenner off him for doing it. I said, "Give me a tenner, you cunt, you've been ripping me"--as a joke-- "you've been ripping me off." And I got a tenner off him! [Laughs.] Took it off him. And everyone was going, "You gotta be pissed, you bastard." And his girlfriend comes and says [whines drunkenly], "We can't get 'ome! We've got no money for a taxi! Can we 'ave that tenner back?" [Laughs.]
         Did you give it back?
         Yeah, of course. So you know, I mean, it's... I-I-I am flattered by it, of course. I am flattered by what New Order achieved; but in all honesty, if it wasn't for Bernard, I don't think my sound would have evolved as it did. Because it was Bernard that persuaded me to get the chorus pedal; it was Bernard that persuaded me to buy the six-string bass. Bernard has a vision that sometimes I lack. I mean, it was me who did it, though. I played and developed the style and stuff, but it was nice to get guidance.
         Well, you said you can't tune a bass, you're tone-deaf, and now--
         That may be a little bit of laziness. In fact, that may be a lot of laziness. [Laughs.] It doesn't come to me easily, you see. I can't tune... I know when it's out of tune. I can hear that, but I just can't--
         So how much of your sound, then, is actually you? I mean, do other people tell you what to play? How much comes from you?
         Nobody, nobody tells me what to play! I hate it. I hate it when people go [whines nasally], "Why don't you just play the root note?" Why don't you just fuck off? I don't like it when people do that. I wouldn't dream of telling somebody else what to play, and I don't like it when people do it to me, you see. I know that guitarists are the worst for it in the world with bass players. And I find that annoying, that bass players go [in dull, passive voice], "Oh. Okay. I'll just play the root note." I'm not like that. That's probably a bit of ego. Or "pride," if you like, either way you look at it.


    There's a lot more where that came from ( over 35 pages of great interview and pictures of our favorite bass player PETER HOOK).

    Buy the Book:   Amazon.com

    In Cold Sweat: Interviews with Really Scary Musicians
    by Thomas Wictor (Visit his website

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 15, 2001  
    Reports from NME:

    NEW ORDER have confirmed that the date of their LIVERPOOL show will be July 18.
    The one-off show will take place at the 3,000-capacity Olympia, and it is understood the band are in the process of firming up details of a UK tour later in the year.

    Tickets for the show will go on sale at 9am on Saturday (UK Time).

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 14, 2001  
    Reports from NME:


    As reported on NME.COM yesterday (June 13), NEW ORDER unveiled their new album, 'GET READY' (set for release on August 27 through London/WEA) at a playback in LONDON.

    The album will be preceded by a single, 'Crystal', on August 13, and the band are expected to confirm details of a July date at Liverpool Olympia tomorrow morning (June 15).

    Here is NME.COM's track-by-track guide to the album.

    Characteristically downbeat, 'Crystal' is the sound of a big New Order comeback single - moodily mid-paced, growling metallic guitars and backing singers, not to mention much improved vocal abilities from Bernard Sumner. Peter Hook's bass is still present along with Sumner's constant 'whoops!'. The song, seemingly about a relationship, features the lyric: "We're like crystal".

    2. '60 Miles An Hour'
    Possibly a second single, '60 Miles An Hour' is a bouncier, remix-friendly track. Hook's unique bass sound is even more prominent, and the track enjoys some big production treatment. Featuring the lyric "I'll stand by your side/Like I always do", it maintains the slightly depressing relationship problems theme.

    3.'Turn My Way'
    Featuring Billy Corgan's voice and a Pumpkins guitars sound, this is perhaps the most blatant stab at US success. It begins with a crashing, Pumpkins sounding noise and Corgan's voice, before Sumner's own vocals kick in. It's still a tuneful New Order song, but Corgan's influence occasionally takes it into American rock territory.

    4.'Vicious Streak'
    After three fairly punchy songs, 'Vicious Streak' is a slower, keyboard-dominated song with sharp beats. The drawn-out, instrumental start is reminiscent of the 'Elegia' track on New Order's 'Low Life' album, but Sumner does eventually provide some vocals to accompany the shimmering, laid back electronic sounds.

    5.'Close Range'
    Back uptempo, this is noisier, more dance friendly and could have been the much-talked about collaboration with the Chemical Brothers (which is not currently on the album). Slickly produced and more pacy than the previous songs, Hook's bass is almost absent until the final moments.

    6.'Someone Like You'
    Soft organ sounds and smooth New Order grooves feature alongside an acoustic guitar on 'Someone Like You', a track which has a possible Motown influence contributing to its unusually chilled but funky vibe. Even Sumner's occasionally iffy lyrics ("We're having the time of our lives/ We're lost in a cruel paradise") can't detract from the pristine production.

    This starts, oddly, like a cheesy chart ballad. But the catchy 'Sabotage' is soon invaded by a multitude of sounds - guitars, electronics, vocals - which make for a darkly mixed-up New Order song. It's also further proof that they've moved on from the dance influence which was dominant on 1993's 'Republic'.

    8.'Player In The League'
    The only embarrassing moment on the record, this is New Order's (too late) bid to provide the theme music to the new ITV 'Match Of The Day'. Jangly with a slick Pet Shop Boys production sound, 'Player In The League' is a follow-up to 'World In Motion' and Bernard Sumner's moving tribute to his beloved Manchester United. But that's no excuse for lyrics like "I can see you everywhere/ In the ground and in the air".

    9.'Primitive Notion'
    This begins with an edgy bass and live drum sound and is probably the darkest song on the record. Almost reminiscent of Joy Division, this is short but noisy and will appeal to New Order fans of old.

    10.'Slow Jam'
    New Order have often produced instrumental album tracks and this is the closest they got on 'Get Ready'. Apart from Sumner's almost spoken vocals, this sounds like a quieter moment from their 'Low Life' album. But then for the second half it goes all Britrock, with guitars straight off of Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe'.

    11.'Rock The Shack'
    A chaotic, Stooges-style jam with Primal Scream, this features Bobby Gillespie on vocals and sounds similar to 'Shoot Speed Kill Light' - the Scream's song from 'Exterminator' which featured Sumner on guitars. Splintering guitars combine with noisy vocals and a chorus which simply repeats the words "Rock the shack".

    12.'Run Wild'
    After the previous 11 collisions of guitars and electronic sounds, this is an unexpectedly mournful acoustic ballad. Probably closest to their 80s song 'Love Vigilantes' in its weepy oddness, this is clearly inspired by Sumner's family situation with the lyric "When I'm alone I think of you and how you've grown".


    Verdict: Last time around, dance music had virtually taken over New Order's sound. But, once again, the Manchester band have incorporated the sounds of the moment and decided that rock is back. This is a surprisingly modern, well-produced album and a defiant answer to critics who might have said that New Order are past it.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 13, 2001  
    Reports from Dotmusic.com

    New Order will tour the UK in October and are set to unveil details of a 'secret' Liverpool show in July, dotmusic can exclusively reveal.

    The details of the influential Manchester heroes first UK dates since a headline New Year's eve show at Alexandra Palace in London in 1999 are expected to be confirmed later this month.

    Meanwhile, dotmusic attended a playback for the band's new album 'Get Ready' this afternoon, their first since 1993's 'Republic'.

    The record, which features collaborations with the likes of Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins, Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and The Chemical Brothers, is out on August 27, preceded by the single 'Crystal', released on August 13.

    dotmusic can report that 'Get Ready' is a heavy, sometimes intense, guitar and electro-pop driven record, featuring the unmistakable influence of Peter Hook's prominent, melodic bass lines, clocking-in at just over 60 minutes in duration.

    The playback was held at the Elbow Rooms in Islington, North London. The venue is owned by dance music guru Arthur Baker, who has been instrumental in the evolution of New Order, remixing the groundbreaking 'Blue Monday' in 1988, four years after the initial release.

    In other New Order news, the band have been speaking for the first time about the forthcoming film '24 Hour Party People', which concerns the 'Madchester' phenomenon, documenting the rise of Punk and Joy Division, and closing with the demise of the seminal Factory Records and the closure of the Hacienda nightclub.

    Peter Hook has told Sleaze Nation magazine that his former wife, TV actress Caroline Aherne, suggested deceased mass murderer Fred West was the most appropriate actor to take on his part, rather than Ralph Little, from 'The Royle Family', who got the part.

    The couple are now divorced and Aherne is believed to have emigrated to Australia.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 13, 2001  
    Reports from NME
    New Order - 'Get Ready'  for a comeback!

    New Order - 'Get Ready' for a comeback!

    NEW ORDER are to announce details of a UK date in LIVERPOOL in July.

    The one-off show will take place at the 3,000-capacity Olympia in July, although the venue said it was unable to confirm the date until Friday (June 15).

    Two dates had been suggested, July 19 and 22, but the venue said this afternoon (June 13) that neither date was confirmed.

    However, it did confirm that tickets for the show will go on sale at 9am on Saturday (June 16). NME.COM will be selling tickets from that time, so click back later in the week for more details.

    The band unveiled their new album 'Get Ready', the follow-up to 1993's 'Republic', in London today (June 13).

    NME.COM was at the playback, and will be posting a track-by-track account of it tomorrow.

    The record is a return to New Order's more guitar-based sound, although it also incorporates modern production thanks to Perfecto's Steve Osborne.

    As previously reported on NME, New Order collaborated with former Smashing Pumpkins frontman on the track 'Turn My Way' and teamed up Primal Scream on the Stooges-inspired track 'Rock The Shack'.

    The single 'Crystal' is released through London/WEA on August 13 and 'Get Ready' follows on August 27.

    The band, down to a three-piece because of the temporary departure of keyboard player Gillian Gilbert, are lining up further UK dates for the autumn.

    As it stands, the tracklisting to 'Get Ready' is:

    • 'Crystal'
    • '60 Miles An Hour'
    • 'Turn My Way'
    • 'Vicious Streak'
    • 'Close Range'
    • 'Someone Like You'
    • 'Sabotage'
    • 'Player In The League'
    • 'Primitive Notion'
    • 'Slow Jam'
    • 'Rock The Shack'
    • 'Run Wild'

    The album is currently unmastered and tracks are subject to change.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 06, 2001  
    Some infos from New Order US Label WB:
    Why the switch to Reprise ?: Qwest recently was dissolved by the AOL/Time Warner merger, and only a few Qwest acts were moved to Warner/Reprise. The NewOrder album (Get Ready) was licensed to Reprise Records from London Records UK. It was not shifted from Qwest to Reprise after the merger, NewOrder's official US label is now Reprise.

    Any reason why it's not a worldwide release?: Different territories have licensed the album from London Records UK, but they are only on Reprise for North America (as far as other territories close by like Canada and South America, no date release date yet).The UK release date for Get Ready is in August, however, the US release date is in October and there will be (at least) one different track on the US version of the album.
    The reason for the delay was to give the US some extra time to build the release of the album while the UK heavily promotes the release overseas. In the UK, New Order are still very well known, I think they wanted import sales to boost more US interest before launching the album over here.

    Is a release of Crytal as a single planned in the US/North America?: As for Crystal, that is a UK-specific single, however, we will be assisting all we can in promoting the single and raising awareness for the album online (neworderweb.com, etc...

    Any news on the US release of True Faith remixes 2001?: Unfortunately, the deadline has come and gone for True Faith US maxi single, the remixes currently available on promotional 12" single will only available on promo. There are no more remixes in the works at the moment. There were some lengthy approvals involved, apparently. The release date was recently cancelled. These mixes could be qualified as "2001 mixes" however, the vocals were taken from the 94 version that was re-recorded by Sumner.
    Remix edits of the Philip Steir and Richard Morel remixes are available via the
    neworderweb.com website. These remix edits are unavailable on either promo 12" and are exclusive to the website (for now..)

    Why the "True Faith 2001" (both single & double) promo 12"single still says QWEST on the label?: Because True Faith was originally released on Qwest, back in 87. There is artwork for the True Faith single, it is only a sticker on the 2x12" promo version (the white label version does not have any artwork.)

    Any info on the track listing?: "Dream On" has been retitled "Nothing's Gonna Change"
    . The "Here To Stay" track featuring the Chemical Brothers has not been finished yet apparently, The track listing proposed it's not final (yet.)

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 05, 2001  
    News from MUSIC356.com

    New Order Album Title And Release Date Announced

    New Order, whose last album 'Republic' was in 1993, are back with a new album titled 'Newordergetready' released on October 16 through Warner Brothers/Reprise.

    The album was produced by Steve Osborne, who has worked with U2 and the Happy Mondays, and was mixed by Flood (U2 and Depeche Mode) and Mark Spike Stent, who has worked with Madonna and Oasis. 'Newordergetready' features guest appearances from Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers and Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan. 
    The tentative 11-track listing is: 'Crystal', '60mph', 'Turn My Way', 'Vicious Streak', 'Nothing's Gonna Change', 'Someone Like You', 'Run This River Dry', 'Player In The League', 'Primitive Notion', 'Slow Jam' and 'Run Wild'.
    The first single 'Crystal' will be released in Europe the end of August. The Japanese will also get an extra release, a live EP taken from New Order's last Reading festival appearance in 1998.

    Prior to the release, this summer New Order will take part in Moby's Area:One dance festival tour of the US, Japan's Fuju Rock Festival '01 July 28 and in Cologne with Robbie Williams on August 11, with further dates in Europe being planned for October and early November. 

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 03, 2001  
    NEW ORDER new album NEWORDERGETREADY is due in US stores October 16th, 2001.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) June 02, 2001  
    Reports from ALLSTAR

    New Order Puts Finishing Touches On NEWORDERGETREADY

    New Order

    New Order has finally settled on a tentative track listing for NEWORDERGETREADY, its first album in eight years.

    In addition to singer Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook, drummer Stephen Morris, and keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, the follow-up to 1993's Republic features collaborations with a slew of top musicians including ex-Smashing Pumpkins ringleader Billy Corgan ("Turn My Way").

    Primal Scream worked with the band on a track called "Rock the Shack," which at press time had not made the tentative track listing. The same goes for a track featuring the Chemical Brothers, according to a source close to the band. "Crystal" will be the album's first single.

    NEWORDERGETREADY was co-produced by Steve Osborne (Happy Mondays, Curve) and the band, and recorded mostly at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios outside Bath, England. The album is scheduled to be mastered on June 15.

    In addition to his participation on the record, Corgan will also join New Order on guitar for its upcoming West Coast stint on Moby's Area: One tour. Ex-Marion guitarist Phil Cunningham, who has also worked with Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner's Electronic, will also tour with the band.

    NEWORDERGETREADY is due on Reprise Records in October.

    Here is the tentative track listing for NEWORDERGETREADY:

    1. "Crystal"
    2. "60 MPH"
    3. "Turn My Way"
    4. "Vicious Streak"
    5. "Nothing's Gonna Change"
    6. "Someone Like You"
    7. "Run This River Dry"
    8. "Player In the League"
    9. "Primitive Notion"
    10. "Slow Jam"
    11. "Run Wild"

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 31, 2001  
    Info from Antoine:

    New Order have asked the worlds No1 DJ to remix their new single

    New Order have approached Sasha to remix the first single off their forthcoming album, Get Ready.
    The single, called Crystal, was offered to Sasha who apparently liked it a lot, but due to commitments on new solo material was unable to take up the job. 
    'Sasha got offered the chance to remix the first single from the New Order album but as much as he liked it there just wasn't time to work on it,' a spokesperson for Sasha told worldpop/dance, before adding, 'he's flat out on new material for his own album!' 
    Since Sasha's car crash a few months ago the DJ has been grounded and unable to fly due to an ear injury, meaning he has finally started work on his new album. For those Sasha fans out there gagging for him to get back to work, you can catch him at Space in Ibiza this weekend for the opening party of one of Ibiza's favourite clubs. 
    In other New Order news, the band is due to appear on the Area One Tour with Moby on four of the West Coast dates, alongside Outkast. The dates are Mountain View, CA (31 July), Vancouver, BC (2 August), George, Washington (3) and Devore, CA (5). 
    New Orders' new album, Get Ready, may not have Sasha's name on its credits but the Chemical Brothers do get a mention for contributing to Here To Stay. 
    Crystal in out in July, with Get Ready following in August, both are on London.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 30, 2001  
    New Order is set to be playing live at THE MUNGERSDORFER STADIUM (Cologne, GER), Saturday AUGUST 11, 2001 as a special guest (including KYLIE MINOQUE & TOM JONES) for ROBBIE WILLIAMS.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 29, 2001  
    Reports from Carl
    Stakka.jpg (16589 bytes)According to the Swedish newspaper "Expressen" the first New Order video, Crystal will be directed by Swedish director and singer Johan Renck a.k.a Stakka Bo who previously has directed videos for Madonna ("Nothing Else Matters") Suede ("She's in fashion"), Maxwell ("Let's not play the game"). The video shoots starts today in London.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 26, 2001  
    Reports from billboard

    Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has found a part-time summer job. A spokesperson for the bald-headed rocker confirms he will join veteran U.K. electronic pop group New Order as a touring guitarist for select dates, rumored to include four performances on Moby's Area: One festival this summer, as well as an appearance at the Fuji Festival in Japan this July.

    Corgan has kept a low profile since the Pumpkins played their final shows in Chicago last November. A longtime fan of New Order, he guests on the track "Turn My Way" on the group's seventh album, "NEWORDERGETREADY," due Aug. 27 on Qwest/Warner Bros. in North America. The album will be New Order's first since 1993's "Republic," and will be preceded by the single "Crystal" in July. Primal Scream and the Chemical Brothers also appear on the set.

    While Corgan is on board, longtime New Order keyboardist Gillian Gilbert will skip the summer shows to take care of her ill young daughter; the father is New Order drummer Stephen Morris. The live lineup will be rounded out by guitarist Phil Cunningham, who previously played with New Order frontman Bernard Sumner in Electronic.

    "Republic" peaked at No. 11 on The Billboard 200 in May 1993 and featured the single "Regret," which hit No. 28 on The Billboard Hot 100.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 25, 2001  
    New Order new album "GET READY" who is expected to be release August 27 in UK will be featuring Billy Corgan / Chemical Brothers / singer Bobby Gillespie and guitarist Andrew Innes from Primal Scream.
    Tracks Titles include:
    1) Turn My Way - features Billy Corgan
    2) Hear To Stay - with Chemical Brothers
    3) Rock The Shack - Bobby Gillespie and Innes from Primal Scream.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 24, 2001  
    Reports from MUSIC356.com
    New Order bassist Peter Hook (pictured) has denied that former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has been recruited as their new guitarist.

    It has been reported elsewhere that Corgan was to be a temporary replacement for long-time keyboard player Gillian Gilbert who is taking an indefinite break from the band to care for her daughter.

    According to Gilbert's partner and New Order drummer Stephen Morris, their 18-month daughter is recovering from a serious illness.

    However, speaking to Music365 (May 23) from Manchester, New Order bassist Peter Hook has revealed that the band are currently working with former Marion guitarist Phillip Cunningham.

    Hook said that the collaboration with Corgan had been "blown out of proportion."

    He says: "I think people must appreciate his [Billy Corgan's] part is a guest appearance. He's not actually written anything, he's just come on and we've liked the feel and got a taste for it."

    He adds, "In many ways he's given something back to New Order."

    The band are set to release their first album in eight years entitled 'Get Ready' On August 27. It's the band's first since 'Republic'.

    The album will be preceded by a single, 'Crystal' to be released in July.

     Corgan actually only features on one track on the album called 'Turn My Way'.

    Speaking about the new album, Hook says, "It's a lot different to everything. Steve Osborne's [producer] done a fantastic job."

    The bassist added that the entire band had curtailed other projects to concentrate on New Order. "It's the first time we've been happy together and I think that comes through so much on the album."

    Hook described the new album as "in your face, rocky, get up off your chair stuff", adding, "It's very hard."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 23, 2001  
    Reports from NME
    Sumner will be here again soon...
    New Order - 'Tonight Billy's staying at home, playing with his pleasure dome'

    NEW ORDER have recruited SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman BILLY CORGAN as their new live guitarist, NME.COM can excusively reveal.

    Corgan, who has been friends with the band for years, will join New Order onstage when they play Japan's Fuji Festival in July, as well as when they tour with Moby across the US in August.

    Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, New Order singer Bernard Sumner also said that Corgan would be playing with the band when they play a top-secret warm-up gig in the UK, which is currently being planned for late June or early July.

    Corgan appears on the band's forthcoming album, which NME.COM can reveal is called 'Get Ready', and is out through WEA/London on August 27. It's their first since 1993's 'Republic'.

    'Get Ready' is preceded by a single, 'Crystal', to be released in July, their first new material since their track 'Brutal' featured on the soundtrack to 'The Beach' film.

    Corgan features on a track called 'Turn My Way', which Sumner said reminded him of the Smashing Pumpkins as soon as he'd written it.

    "Billy has been a New Order fan for years, and used to come and see us every time we played Chicago when he was about 17 or something. We've known him since then and I just rang him up to see if he wanted to do this track. It's gone on from there. I'm a big fan of the Pumpkins," Sumner explained.

    However, Sumner said that Corgan would not be a permanent member of the band - but was being drafted in due to the temporary absence of keyboard player Gillian Gilbert.

    Gilbert, according to partner and New Order drummer Stephen Morris, is having to take an indefinite sabbatical from the band to care for their 18-month-old daughter, who's recovering from a serious illness.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 22, 2001  
    Reports from NME
    NEW ORDER bassist PETER HOOK, former STONE ROSES and current PRIMAL SCREAM bassist MANI and BEZ from HAPPY MONDAYS were among the stars who turned out to the launch of a rock exhibition at the new DR MARTENS store in MANCHESTER last night (May 21).

    As reported last week on NME.COM, the 'So Much To Answer For' exhibition includes a Buzzcocks smashed guitar from their debut Free Trade Hall gig supporting the Sex Pistols in July 1976, Mani's John Squire-designed paint-spattered guitar from The Stone Roses' 1989 NME cover shoot, previously unpublished photographs of Oasis, Noel Gallagher's Supernova guitar and the 'Wonderwall' gold frame, as featured in the video and cover artwork.

    Speaking at last night's launch party, Peter Hook confirmed to NME.COM that the long-awaited New Order album is almost finished and will be released in August, followed by live dates in September.

    He added that seeing so many "old faces" in the room reminded him of the recent recreation of Manchester's legendary Hacienda club for the film '24 Hour Party People', which he said he enjoyed more than the real thing, which Hooky co-founded: "It was the greatest night I've had in the Hacienda. You didn't have to wonder whether the bouncers were gonna kill someone, whether the bar takings were gonna be down, or getting my mates in. I never wanted it to end. It was exactly the same, except the outline areas were bigger and that's what made it seem more dreamlike, because it was right, but not quite right."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 20, 2001  
    Reports from NME
    If it wasn't for them there'd be no New Order, Fall, Northside...
    If it wasn't for them there'd be no New Order, Fall, Northside...

    NEW ORDER's PETER HOOK, The BUZZCOCKS' HOWARD DEVOTO and THE FALL's MARK E SMITH are among the names set to feature in a forthcoming television documentary charting the SEX PISTOLS' legendary 1976 Manchester show - a gig that is said to kicked off the whole MANCHESTER scene.

    The performance, at Manchester Free Trade Hall on June 4, was attended by own a clutch of people, amongst them Morrissey and Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, but subsequently thousands have claimed to have been in attendance.

    The documentary, 'I Swear I Was There', to be broadcast in the UK on May 31, is said to be the definitive account of the seminal show. It features previously unseen footage and a recreation of the gig.

    "It was absolutely bizarre, the most shocking thing I have ever seen in my life," recalls Peter Hook. "They looked like they were having such a fantastic time, I just thought we could do that. Literally, the next day I went and bought a bass guitar for £35. I got home and thought 'What the bloody hell am I going to do with this?!"

    The show was promoted by The Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto after reading the Pistols' first ever review in the NME.

    The gig had such an impact that a month later they played Manchester again, this time to a full house. They were supported by The Buzzcocks and Slaughter And The Dogs. "If the first gig was the detonation, the second was the cloud and noise everyone knew something was going off," Devoto says.

    However, one person not impressed by the Pistols was Mark E Smith. "They were alright, but I remember thinking we can do better than that," he says.

    A book, also called 'I Swear I Was There', is being published to accompany the programme.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 18, 2001  

    IAN CURTIS 1956 - 1980

    Ian Curtis - Gone but not forgotten

    It was 21 years ago today that IAN CURTIS ended his life, aged 23.

    The driving force behind Joy Division's dark vision, he hanged himself in his Macclesfield home as the band rested between a European and American tour. Iggy Pop's 'The Idiot' was found on his turntable alongside a note which read "at this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can't cope anymore".

    For those who never been to Macclesfield, UK to visit Ian Curtis grave. Some pictures taken by Craig Barcelo with a story behind it:

    "It was a gray overcast day, perfect for the kind of sight seeing we were doing. Also the village of Macclesfield is VERY SMALL, everybody obviously knows each other. The grounds keeper at the crematorium was giving me a hard time. he said something like (in a very thick Scottish brogue) "His parents still come here every now and then and take away all the crap that the fans leave behind". From what I gathered from the director of the place, Ian's grave is a very popular tourist sight for fans all over the world.

    Ian Curtis 1.jpg (78739 bytes) Ian Curtis 2.jpg (84055 bytes) Ian Curtis 3.jpg (97300 bytes)

    I. Curtis Grave

    I. Curtis Grave

    I. Curtis House

    © Rig Painter Productions

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 17, 2001  
    Reports from Monaco official site...
    Now that Monaco are enjoying a lengthy hiatus while Hooky returns to New Order, Pottsy is busily preparing his new band, Brushed, for their debut. Described as sounding "very earthy", with "not a dance beat in sight", fans can certainly look forward to something quite different from Monaco's highly talented guitarist.

    The band are placing a very high emphasis on gigging so don't be surprised if they visit a venue near you quite soon. We're not just talking about the UK either! A tour of the US is planned.

    Brushed have just finished about twenty new demo tracks, and are preparing to record and mix final versions. All tracks are written by Pottsy and we can expect a release sometime after the first set of gigs have been played. This is the current band line-up:

    David Potts: Vocals / Guitar
    John Evans: Guitar
    Louise Chapman: Bass Guitar
    Andy Poole: Keyboards
    Paul Kehoe: Drums


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 15, 2001  
    Some Releases info:
    NEW ORDER new live on DVD "316" is expected to be release now May 20th in France, May 21st 2001 in Australia.
    JOY DIVISION "The Complete BBC Recordings" was released April 31st 2001 in UK as a limited edition vinyl LP (SFRSLP094) Pressed on 180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve, limited to 1000 featuring radio sessions from 1979 for John Peel & Something Else shows + interview of Ian Curtis for Radio 1 with Richard Skinner.
    MONACO "See Saw" is expected to be release in the UK May 28th 2001 (2x12" only). This info is coming from a Music Store.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 10, 2001  
    Reports from Alistair
    Unfortunately, Papillon Records have decided not to release "See-saw" as the next single. This means that there are no more releases from Monaco scheduled for the foreseeable future. Despite all this, the original club promo of See-saw reached #6 in the UK dance chart upon initial entry.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 08, 2001  
    Reports from NME:

    NEW ORDER have been working with PRIMAL SCREAM on material for their forthcoming album.

    According to Spin magazine in the US, singer Bobby Gillespie and guitarist Andrew Innes have provided backing vocals and instrumentation on the Manchester band's as-yet-untitled forthcoming album, which is due for release in the summer.

    An official spokesperson for the band confirmed that the collaboration had definitely taken place, but could not confirm the tracks would appear on the record.

    New Order's Bernard Sumner guested on Primal Scream's 2000 LP 'Exterminator'. He played guitar on the track 'Shoot Speed Kill Light'.

    As previously revealed on NME.COM, both the Chemical Brothers and Billy Corgan have also contributed to the sessions. A new single, titled 'Crystal' is due for release in July.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) May 08, 2001  
    Reports from WARNER B:

    Warner B. (US New Order record company) is maybe planning to re-release the single "TRUE FAITH" with new remixes probably late this month, early June. Remixes by Philip Steir and Richard Morel. 

    From Warner "The label feels it is best to reintroduce new listeners to new order's catalog so they are promoting the (best of) release. it wasn't properly promoted in 1995, so it gives us a good chance to do so now. These new remixes will hopefully introduce New Order into the club crowd, and gain some new interest in the band since it has been many years since their last album".

    New promos have been floating around in the US 

    12" PRO-A-100604 Track Listing: 
    1.Pink Noise Club Mix 8:50 2. Pink Noise I've Taken Too Much Dub 6:50
    2X12" Promo Track Listing
    1.Morel's Pink Noise Club Mix 8:50 2. Philip Steir Club Mix 8:12 3. Morel's Extra Dub 8:24 4.Philip Steir Dub 8:12 5.Morel's Calling Shifty Dub 7:22
    CDS Promo Track Listing: MOREL'S PINK NOISE MIXES
    1.Pink Noise Mix 2. Pink Noise Edit Mix 3. Calling Shifty Dub 4.My Fear Of Dub Mix 5.I've Taken Too Much Dub

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 29, 2001  
    NEW ORDER new live on DVD "316" is expected to be release May 5th in France, May 7th 2001 in Australia and possible release later on for the US Market.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 28, 2001  
    NEW ORDER new single is expected to be release in Japan Wednesday, June 20, 2001 details to be confirmed but scheduled to include lead track plus 5 live tracks, picture sleeve - Format: 5" CD SINGLE Catalogue No: WPCR-10985.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 27, 2001  
    KOCH RECORDS announces the release of the original motion picture soundtrack to "SERIES 7" featuring music from GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, JOY DIVISION...The Soundtrack was released April 24, 2001 in the US.
    It features:
    1.Show Opening, 2.One Dose Remix, 3.Show Theme - score, 4.Pensive Theme, 5.Drone 2 - The Edit, 6.Cello Love Theme by Robbie Kondor, 7.Surveillance Full, 8.Promo (phone in kill), 9.Tweaker, 10.Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division, 11.Harmonics Envelope, 12.Sweetness performed by Julie Stephonic & Eli Janney, 13.Mall Intro Drone, 14.Empower Theme, 15.3mi Full Mix Bounce, 16.Wedding Serenade by MenKing, 17.Recreation Part 2, 18.Promo - Nine Lives, 19.End Show Theme

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 24, 2001  
    JOY DIVISION new live album "Live At Les Bains Douches ( December 18, 1979 )" was finally released  in UK April 23rd, 2001 and in the US today April 24th, 2001on CD. New Millenium Communications have not yet made a final decision on the release of this limited edition CD. They have not abandoned the release altogether but are not currently planning the release.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 23, 2001  
    Reports from BILLBOARD:

    Moby Unveils Plans For Area: One Festival

    As first tipped here earlier this month, Moby has recruited a host of major acts from a wide variety of music genres for the inaugural Area: One festival tour, which will hit 16 North American markets, beginning July 11 in Atlanta and wrapping Aug. 5 in Devore, Calif. Full details were announced at a press conference today in New York.

    Among the artists performing at various shows are hip-hop heavyweights Outkast and the Roots, the newly reactivated
    New Order, modern rock act Incubus, electronica veterans the Orb, singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado, and internationally renowned DJs Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, and Timo Maas, the latter of whom was on hand to spin music prior to the press conference.

    Moby said he was most proud of the "genuinely eclectic" lineup that Area: One boasts. He said he may unveil a new song or two during his sets, but admitted that he was "at heart, a populist," and that his performances will likely be dominated by more familiar tracks. He added that "it might be presumptuous," but he hopes the festival will be an annual affair.

    In addition to the traditional concert stage, Ford Focus will sponsor an air-conditioned tent with a unique quadraphonic sound system, playing host to DJ and electronica talent. Intel will sponsor a Digital Music Zone, giving fans the chance to create customized music videos, download music, and send electronic greetings. Energy drink company KMX will sponsor special pre- and post-show parties in most cities, featuring Area: One acts as well as local talent.

    Portions of the proceeds from each show will be donated to Greenpeace and Lifebeat, as well as local charities. For the full lineup for each show, visit the event's official Web site( http://www.areafestival.com).

    Here are the Area: One festival's tour dates:

    • July 11: Atlanta (Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater / on sale May 19)
    • July 13: Bristow, Va. (Nissan Pavilion / on sale May 5)
    • July 14: Camden, N.J. (Tweeter Center / on sale May 5)
    • July 15: Wantagh, N.Y. (Jones Beach / on sale May 5)
    • July 18: Boston (Tweeter Center / on sale April 28)
    • July 19: Holmdel, N.J. (PNC Bank Arts Center / on sale April 28)
    • July 20: Montreal (Parc Des Iles / on sale TBA)
    • July 22: Toronto (Docks / on sale May 5)
    • July 24: Detroit (DTE Energy Music Theatre / on sale May 5)
    • July 25: Tinley Park, Ill. (Tweeter Center / on sale May 5)
    • July 26: Minneapolis (Midway Stadium / on sale May 5)
    • July 28: Denver (Mile High Stadium / on sale April 28)


    • July 31: Mountain View, Calif. (Shoreline Amphitheater / on sale May 20)
    • Aug. 2: Vancouver (Thunderbird Stadium / on sale May 5)
    • Aug. 3: George, Wash. (the Gorge / on sale April 28)
    • Aug. 5: Devore, Calif. (Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion / on sale TBA)

    -- Jonathan Cohen & Troy Carpenter, N.Y.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 22, 2001  
    Reports from WARNER:

    Just wanted to alert you all to the debut of the official US website (Official launch date was March 17, 2001) for NewOrder


    The site is a retrospective look at the band's career with an entire video section, and audio clips from all NewOrder albums


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 16, 2001  
    neworder316.jpg (22518 bytes)NEW ORDER new live on DVD was finally release APRIL 16th 2001 in UK.
    - New York 18 November 81 (originally released as Taras Shevchenko) 
    - Reading Festival 30 August 98 
    - Temptation filmed for the 2002 Commonwealth Games / Manchester Ltd Audio post production by New Order and Tim Oliver 
    - and In Conversation 5 Sept 00 Filmed at Ampersand Club, Manchester by Michael Shamberg

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 10, 2001  
    Reports from ALISTAIR:

    Monaco ( Peter Hook side project) has a new single "See-saw" coming out. The story is, four remixes have been done (2 dubs & 2 vocal) and are currently being circulated around UK clubs in a double 12" vinyl pack. I'm told at the moment there are very sketchy plans to release it as a proper commercial single, but any further developments depend on the reaction to the club release.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 06, 2001  
    Reports from BILLBOARD:


    Moby has recruited hip-hop heavyweights Outkast and the Roots, the newly reactivated New Order, and internationally renowned DJs Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox for the inaugural Area: One festival tour, which will hit 16 North American markets from July 11 to August 5, Billboard.com can reveal.

    The idea for the festival came from Moby, who sees it as a return to the early, cutting-edge days of the now-defunct Lollapalooza. "My reason for doing this is that there is a lot of music in the world that I love that does not always get the appropriate exposure," he said in a statement.

    Area: One will primarily visit major amphitheaters, but will hit what organizers describe as "some specially selected outdoor venues." In addition to the traditional concert stage, the event will sport an air-conditioned tent with a unique quadraphonic sound system.

    Portions of the proceeds from each show will be donated to local charities. Additional details, including the full lineup, will be revealed at an April 23 press conference in New York.

    The shows will be the only performances of the year for Moby, who is making a final push for his multi-platinum 1999 V2 album "Play." Outkast continues to reap the rewards of its fourth LaFace/Arista album, "Stankonia," which is No. 30 on The Billboard 200 in its 22nd week.

    As for New Order, the pioneering U.K. synthpop act is set to release its first new studio album in more than eight years this September. New remixes of the track "True Faith" by Richard Morel and Philip Steir are currently spinning in clubs worldwide.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) April 01, 2001  
    Today is the Second anniversary of the site with a total hit of 103896. logoeye.gif (221 bytes) would like 2 thank all the people that came 2 the site ... all the people that came by mistake ... Most importantly logoeye.gif (221 bytes) would like 2 thank my mum for coming 103000 times. 

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 27, 2001  
    Reports from SONICNET:

    Billy Corgan and the Chemical Brothers will guest on pioneering electro-rock group New Order's first album since 1993's Republic.

    The former Smashing Pumpkins frontman contributes vocals on a song called "Shipwreck of a Broken Man," according to a source close to New Order. The Chemical Brothers bring beats to an as-yet-untitled track.

    The album, due worldwide in early September, is also as-yet-untitled, according to the source.

    New Order features singer/guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris — all members of the legendary post-punk outfit Joy Division, which came to an end with the suicide of singer Ian Curtis in 1980.

    After disbanding for a short time, the trio re-formed under the name New Order. Sumner took over vocals and the group added keyboardist Gillian Gilbert. The group released several classic albums and scored with such singles as "Bizarre Love Triangle" and "Blue Monday", which resurfaced when Orgy covered the song in 1998.

    New Order finished recording their new album at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Wiltshire, England, last week, according to the studio manager.

    Producer Steve Osborne, who has worked with Paul Oakenfold and U2, is scheduled to finish mixing the album by the end of April. Influential U.K. DJ Pete Tong is also working on production of the record.

    "It's awesome, absolutely awesome," Tong said last fall. "They'll come back and be really relevant and contemporary, and surprise a few people and not disappoint Joy Division or New Order fans."

    New Order are still deciding on the album's first single, which will be released in mid-July. "Crystal," mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent (Massive Attack, Spice Girls, Depeche Mode), is the early favorite, though "60mph," mixed by David Kahne (Sugar Ray, Sublime) is also a contender. Other tracks on the album include "Dream On" and "Slow Jam."

    "It is very modern with loads of guitars," the source said. "It has a lot of interesting sounds. New Order fans might expect it to be keyboard-orientated, but it's not."

    New Order are in negotiations to play a handful of West Coast dates with Moby to promote the new album. The band does have one date scheduled — July 28 in Japan at the Fuji Rock Festival, which also includes Travis, Oasis, At the Drive-In and Alanis Morissette.

    A New Order live DVD, including footage filmed at a New York City show in 1981 and at Britain's Reading Festival in 1998, is scheduled to be released in the U.K. in April and will likely hit the States soon after, the source said.

    "Shipwreck of a Broken Man" marks Corgan's first album appearance since the disbandment of the Smashing Pumpkins in December. He is also reportedly working on upcoming albums from Marianne Faithfull and Lisa Marie Presley.

    — Corey Moss

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 27, 2001  
    Reports from ALLSTAR:

    Moby is currently planning a touring festival dubbed Area 1, a sort of Mobypalooza if you will, for the summer touring circuit.

    The singer is keeping mum about the acts involved, but a source close to New Order has indicated a possible Los Angeles show with the electronic guru for the first week of August. More dates and bands are obviously TBA.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 21, 2001  
    Reports from NME:
    Ian Curtis - His part probably won't be played by Tony Curtis
    Ian Curtis - His part probably won't be played by Tony Curtis


    IAN CURTIS, the late frontman of JOY DIVISION, is set to be immortalised on celluoid in a biopic currently in production.

    The feature, under the working title of 'Tranmission' (taken from the Joy Division track of the same name), is based on the biography 'Touching From A Distance', written by Curtis' widow Deborah. The screenplay is being developed by writer/director Michael Stock.


    'Transmission' is the second recent feature to go into production about Manchester in the post-punk years. '24 Hour Party People', charting the rise and fall of the infamous Hacienda club,

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 20, 2001  
    Report from Jonathan, Glasgow
    Here is the artwork for the new Joy Division "Les Bains Douches". It isn't the finally approved artwork but it is unlikely to change before the final release.
    Track Listing: 
    1.Disorder 2. Love Will Tear Us Apart 3. Insight 4. New Dawn Fades 5. Shadowplay 6. Transmission 7. Day Of The Lords 8. 24 Hours 9. These Days 10. A Means To An End  11. Passover 12. Atrocity Exhibition 13. Digital 14. Dead Souls 15. Autosuggestion 16. Atmosphere

    Thank to Carlton at NMC in London.

    FrontCoverLesBainsDouches.jpg (230429 bytes)

    Front Cover

    Back Cover



    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 16, 2001  

    New Order has been officially confirmed to play Fuji Rock Festival '01 JULY 28th, 2001

    Other acts including Alanis Morissette(7/28)Ani DiFranco(7/29)at the drive-in(7/27)BRAHMAN(7/29)Dropkick Murphys(7/27)Echo & The Bunnymen(7/28)Hothouse Flowers(7/28)KEMURI (7/27)Manic Street Preachers(7/27)New Order(7/28)Number Girl (7/28)Oasis(7/27)Powderfinger(7/28)Rickie Lee Jones (7/28)Ron Sexsmith(7/29)Stereophonics (7/28)Travis (7/27)

    Official Web Site :
    http://smash-jpn.com/frf.html English Web Site :http://www.fujirockers.org/top/index_e.shtml

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 15, 2001  
    Reports from Q Magazine:

    New Order Recruit Billy Corgan

    And Plan To Tour With Moby

    New Order have revealed they are working with an unlikely guest on their forthcoming studio album. Speaking yesterday (14 March) to the band's unofficial web site, Worldinmotion.net, bass player Peter Hook announced that ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan joins the band on one of the new tracks. "Billy Corgan is guesting on a track, which we are finishing today", he confirmed adding, "Everything's going really well, touchwood".

    Hook also said that the band's other side projects are "All on hold" at the moment and that every member is currently "Very serious about New Order". The band are yet to decide on a name for their first album since 1993's Republic, but have confirmed that a single, titled Crystal, will be released in June or July. Upon completing the album the band intend to tour with dance guru Moby and have also confirmed their participation in Japan's Fuji Rock Festival.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 15, 2001  
    Reports from NME:
    Sumner will be here again soon...
    New Order - Corgan grinder's monkeys


    PETER HOOK has confirmed that ex-SMASHING PUMPKINS vocalist BILLY CORGAN will appear on the forthcoming NEW ORDER album - and the band plan to tour with MOBY following the record's release.

    Speaking in a recent interview, Hook said Corgan will feature on one as-yet-untitled new track, which is currently being completed.

    He told the unofficial New Order website www.worldinmotion.net: "We're in Reading mixing at the moment, everything going really well, touch wood. Billy Corgan is guesting on a track which we are finishing today. [Producer] Steve Osbourne has been fantastic and is really hard working, so me and Bernard [Sumner] can take it easy!"

    Hook has described the recording of the forthcoming record, which is also rumored to feature a collaboration with The Chemical Brothers, as "natural and exciting".

    He said 'Crystal' will be the first single off the album, released in "June or July". Other track titles include 'Dream On', 'Shipwreck Of A Man' and 'Slow Jam'.

    He added that the band are planning to play live again around this time, possibly at the forthcoming Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Also, they are lining up a tour with Moby.

    A UK spokesperson for the band confirmed that the interview was authentic, but was unable to confirm any live dates.

    Elsewhere, Hook described the forthcoming Manchester movie '24 Hour Party People', in which Ralf Little plays a youthful Hook, as "weird".

    He said: "It is weird, but the night at the 'new' Hacienda made me forgive them. Steve Coogan is funny. The second biggest asshole in Manchester playing the first! [Coogan plays Factory Records boss Tony Wilson] It is nice to be remembered. We did achieve a lot and it's nice that it's recognized."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 14, 2001  



    Q: We know a bit about the recording of the new album but can you bring us up to speed on where you're at right now? 

    PH: "We're in Reading mixing at the moment, everything going really well, touchwood. Billy Corgan is guesting on a track which we are finishing today. Steve Osbourne has been fantastic and is really hard working so me and Bernard can take it easy!" 
    Q: To the uninitiated, studio recording might appear like fun but after all these years is there any fun left in process for you? 
    PH: "Fun doesn't seem the right word to me. 5 star prisons they seem like, but I must admit it's been great watching the songs develop. It has felt very natural and exciting. 
    Q: It was great seeing the band performing again - how did it feel to be back on stage after such a long break? 
    PH: "It was great. The real icing on the cake for me. I'm really looking forward to playing again. Can't wait!" 
    Q: There has been a lot talk about "Crystal". Can you tell us if that is indeed to be the next single and when it might be released? 
    PH: "Crystal will be our 1st single. Heard a great radio edit yesterday. Hopefully June or July." 
    Q: Have any of the other new songs got their final names yet and if so, what are they? 
    PH: "What's in a name? 'Dream On', 'Shipwreck of a Man', 'Slow Jam' and 'Big Hairy Bollocks' !" 
    Q: " What chances will we have to see you performing the new songs in the near future? 
    PH: "We're playing Fuji Rocks Festival and touring with Moby!" 
    Q: What do you feel about the Madchester movie that is being made at the moment? More Specifically, about Ralf Little playing you and John Simm doing Barney - who got the better deal there? 
    PH: "Who cares. It is weird, but the night last Friday at the "new" Hacienda made me forgive them. Steve Coogan is funny. The 2nd biggest asshole in Manchester playing the first! ha ha. It is nice to be remembered. We did achieve a lot and it's nice that it's recognized. The kids love it too! 
    Q: You are all parents now - how does it feel when your kids talk about the music and bands they like?  
    PH: "My son keeps telling me to write songs like Oasis then I'll be successful too. Apart from that, it's The Tweenies!" (The Tweenies is a very popular children's program on the BBC here in the UK) 
    Q: What about the groups various side projects? 
    PH: "All on hold. We're very serious about New Order. All of us." 
    Q: You were very active at the Hacienda charity auction last year. It must have been odd to see the club dissected and sold off in that fashion. Was there any sadness for you there? 
    PH: "There is sadness everywhere. I miss many people and places - not just the Hacienda." 
    Q: Over the years I have become friends and kept in touch with many of the "down the front crew" - does it surprise you to see the same faces after all this time? 
    PH: "It surprises me every time! Alex is still a pain. We tour to get away from you lot! Hello Ken!" (Alex from Manchester and Ken from Ireland are long time fans and were/are to be found at the front of the stage at most gigs) 
    Q: Finally Peter, are you sticking mainly to the 4 string bass on this album or does your Shergold (6 string) get another outing this time? 
    PH: "Mainly 4 string. I can't change, I'm hopeless!" 
    Thank to Peter and especially Marco Miglieri at Real World Studios for sorting out the email and faxes! 

    Jonathan Scott - 14.03.01.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 13, 2001  
    Reports from NME:
    Will the real Hacienda please stand up?
    This time it was a replica, built for a film about the Manchester music scene...

    Filming on the forthcoming MANCHESTER film '24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE' has now been completed, with the recently recreated HACIENDA nightclub being demolished once more.

    Work on the Michael Winterbottom project, which documents the history of Factory Records and the Hacienda between 1976 and 1992 and stars comedian Steve Coogan as Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, was completed over the weekend (March 10).

    The identical copy of the city's most famous nightclub, which was recreated inch-by-inch for the purposes of filming, has now been demolished in a similar fashion to the original venue last year.

    The new Hacienda was built in the Ancoats area of the city - the other side of town from the original club, and on March 2 it opened to invited guests, with original DJs Dave Haslam, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park.

    Speaking about the set, Wilson said: "It was bad enough that I had to watch the Hacienda be knocked down once, but now you've made me watch it twice!"

    '24 Hour Party People' should be released in the UK later in the year or early next.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 10, 2001  
    Report from Jonathan, Glasgow

    The forthcoming "Les Bains Douches" album will be released minus its proposed limited edition version. The production of the aluminum packaging proved a little too expensive for the NMC budget. Currently there are no more Joy Division releases planned.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 09, 2001  
    Reports from VIRGIN:

    We just got word from the UK that Pete Tong (BBC Radio One personality-producer-DJ) has been in the studio working on the upcoming New Order album. Not only is he helping to make the original Manchester band's upcoming album a musical force to be reckoned with, but Billy “Smashing” Corgan was also there working on a duet with the guys. “It's fantastic!” Tong assured us via mobile phone. New Order's long awaited album is slated for released later this year.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 08, 2001  
    Second in the series from the Factory vaults released in conjunction with Factory supremo, Tony Wilson and the band. "Les Bain Douches" features 13 tracks mainly recorded at the December 18th show in 1979 at the now, legendary and extremely fashionably Parisian venue. The bonus material comes from shows recorded in Holland in January 1980.

    Artwork by Factory in-house designer Peter Saville.

    The booklet also includes the original poster art for the "Les Bain Douches" show.

    Liner notes by Anthony H. Wilson.

    1. Passover 2. Disorder 3. Love Will Tear Us Apart 4. Insight 5. New Dawn Fades 6. Shadowplay 7. Transmission 8. Day Of The Lords 9. 24 Hours 10.These Days 11.Means To An End 12.Atrocity Exhibition 13.Atmosphere

    To be release March 26th, 2001 on CD (FACD2.61) and can be order online via


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 07, 2001  
    JOY DIVISION new live album "Live At Les Bains Douches ( December 18, 1979 )" is now expected to be release March 26th, 2001 on CD,  plus additional tracks recorded live in Holland in January 1980.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 06, 2001  
    neworder316.jpg (22518 bytes)NEW ORDER new live on DVD is expected to be release APRIL 16th 2001 in UK.
    Track Listings:
    1: ICB (New York 81)

    2: Dreams Never End (New York 81)
    3: Everything's Gone Green (New York 81)
    4: Truth (New York 81)
    5: Senses (New York 81)
    6: Procession (New York 81)
    7: Ceremony (New York 81)
    8: Denial (New York 81)
    9: Temptation (New York 81)
    10: Regret (Reading Festival 98)
    11: Touched by the Hand of God (Reading Festival 98)
    12: Isolation (Reading Festival 98)
    13: Atmosphere (Reading Festival 98)
    14: Heart and Soul (Reading Festival 98)
    15: Paradise (Reading Festival 98)
    16: Bizarre Love Triangle (Reading Festival 98)
    17: True Faith (Reading Festival 98)
    18: Temptation (Reading Festival 98)
    19: Blue Monday (Reading Festival 98)
    20: World in Motion (Reading Festival 98)

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 05, 2001  
    Reports from NME:

    The legendary HACIENDA nightclub re-opened its doors in MANCHESTER this weekend - just months after it was demolished.

    The club has been recreated down to the last detail for the purposes of filming '24 Hour Party People', the Michael Winterbottom film which charts the story of Factory Records and the Hacienda from 1976-92, from the dawn of Punk to the demise of Acid House.

    The recreation has been built in the Ancoats area of the city - the other side of town from the original club, and will be dismantled after filming is completed.

    Saturday night (March 3) saw the club open to invited guests with original DJs Dave Haslam, Mike Pickering and Graeme Park. New Order's Bernard Sumner briefly took control of the decks. As well as the specially selected cast of extras, the night was attended by original Happy Mondays members Bez and Rowetta - who plays herself in the film.

    Original Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam co-ordinated the event, as well as consulting on the film's soundtrack. He told NME.COM: ' The doors opened at 9pm and by 9.10pm, no-one was faking it, it felt entirely real. My brain couldn't comprehend I wasn't on Whitworth Street West. Someone came up to me afterwards and said 'That's the best party of the century!' And I said 'Which century?'...

    "It didn't feel like we were looking back, it felt completely contemporary. I didn't want to do a night that was looking back. I feel like us and the audience gave the film-makers the perfect Hacienda night."

    Old and new Manchester came together yesterday (March 3) at a press conference dominated by Tony Wilson - a consultant on the film - and attended by Steve Coogan, who plays Wilson in the film.

    Wilson said of the project: "This is an incredibly risky film, because what the actors are attempting to do is on a movie, capture a piece of youth culture. British youth culture is one of the most vibrant things in our world, and movies fail miserably."

    Coogan denied that there are any elements of Alan Partridge in his portrayal of Wilson. "There are some farcical elements in it", he said.

    "Tony comes out in this film as a kind of flawed hero. There are moments of pathos in the film and moments of humour. It's a very human story. But he's not as grotesque as Alan Partridge, I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear."

    Wilson, however, had his own take on the matter.

    "There is a bit of me in Alan Partridge only in the sense that all you London wankers are not really aware of the Partridge phenomenon, which is the minor local celebrity who is a local TV presenter", he joked

    Shooting is due to finish next week, and the film is expected to hit cinemas late this year or early next. Further updates on '24 Hour Party People' can be found on the film's website, www.partypeoplemovie.com

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 28, 2001  
    PUMP PANEL's remix of NEW ORDER's 'CONFUSION', which famously featured in the opening sequence of the vampire movie 'BLADE', is set to be re-released.

    The track was apparently chosen personally by lead actor Wesley Snipes for the sequence in which vampires attack an illegal basement rave.

    However, due to the fact that the riff has been sampled by two high-charting dance hits - 'Phatt Bass' by Warp Brothers Vs Aquagen and 'Operation Blade' by Public Domain - original label Missile have decided to re-release the track.

    "These records have nothing to do with the film 'Blade'," explained Pump Panel man Tim Taylor. "I would like people to have the chance to hear our version that created all the interest in the first place."

    'Confusion' is re-released through Missile Records on April 2.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 25, 2001  
    24 Hour Party People Movie
    1988: New Order, The Happy Mondays and Iggy Pop play the Manchester Apollo
    Were you there? Re-live it! If you weren't, here is your second chance...
    24 Hour Films are recreating the scenes for their new film 24 Hour Party People and are looking for people to come along and be in the crowd...

    Tuesday 27th February 2001 at 17.00, The Manchester Apollo, Stockport Road, Hardwick Green, Manchester

    If you would like to relive 1988 get down there! Dress code is happy, baggy dancing clothes.
    Call Richard Harris on 0161 839 9459 or 0961 179 429

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 24, 2001  
    To coincide with the movie 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, which stars Steve Coogan as Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, and covers the Manchester music scene from 76 to 92, including Joy Divison, New Order, the Happy Mondays and many of the other bands in the Madchester era. A website has been launched: 


    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 20, 2001  
    Exclusive Report from Jonathan, Glasgow

    The NEW ORDER DVD "Live 316" has now been put back to APRIL with the possibility that it may well be delayed further. This has been attributed to problems with artwork & packaging approval. nothing new there is there? We will receive a promo of the DVD approx. 3 weeks before its' release and We will do a review as soon as that happens.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 19, 2001  
    COHESION, a charity compilation, was finally released today in UK Feb 19, 2001. A 34 tracks 2CD, Artists involved include New Order, Monaco, Happy Mondays, Ian Brown, Badly Drawn Boy, Andy Votel, Pure EssenceMr Scruff, Doves, Mint Royale....
    Tracks including:
    - Other Two Superhighways (Andy Votel Mix) 5.40
    - New Order Atmosphere (Live from Reading 1998) 4.22
    - Monaco Ballroom 5.43
     Also i-Collectiv (the record label) has a website at www.i-collectiv.com

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 01, 2001  
    Reports from NME:
    Sumner will be here again soon...
    Sumner will be here again soon...


    NEW ORDER's first album in eight years is guitar-based and will feature a collaboration with the CHEMICAL BROTHERS, NME.COM can reveal.

    The follow-up to 1993's 'Republic' is now set to be released in the autumn, and is likely to be preceded by two singles. Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from Real World studios near Bath, New Order drummer Stephen Morris said: "It's hard to put your finger on what's changed. It's a lot more guitarry than previously."

    Prior to the new as-yet-untitled album, New Order release a DVD in late March through London. Titled '316', it features footage of a 1981 New Order gig in New York along with their 1998 Reading Festival appearance and a new interview with the band.

    "I'd not seen it for ages so it was quite strange seeing it again," said Morris. "It's nice to see the hairstyles of 1981 which may come back one day. Reading '98 was the first gig when we got together again. It's the only time we played 'World In Motion' so it's unique for that."

    Asked how the recording of the new record was going, Morris said: "It's going good. We're set to start mixing it in March with the idea of getting it out in the autumn. We've been working with Steve Osbourne so he'll be mixing it. The Chemical Brothers are doing a track. I don't know that it's got a title yet, we're still not very good with titles. But we've sent them a track and they're doing what they do. It's got singing on it, it's virtually finished but let's see what they do. That's kind of the most keyboardy track we've done which is probably why they've got it."

    Morris confirmed: "There's 17 sort of ideas we're working on but I think we're down to nine or ten finished songs and the rest we'll probably work on later for B-sides and stuff. '60mph' and 'Crystal' - those two are definite titles. There's one called 'Dream On' which will probably stay titled 'Dream On' because it's in the lyric."

    Moby was touted as a potential collaborator on the new album, but he recently told NME.COM he was too busy working on his own album. Morris commented: "We waited until we had a few tracks to send him and by the time that we got round to deciding I think he was stuck into his own stuff. It's our fault for dragging it out a bit. But it would be good to work with him in the future."

    Asked about live plans this year, Morris told NME.COM: "Glastonbury has kind of knackered it a bit really so we're discussing it at the moment. There will probably be one gig before the album then do four or five straight after, in this country anyway."

    New Order will also be at the Cornerhouse in Manchester on February 2 for a screening of their videos and the interview from '316', presented by producer and film-maker Michael H Shamberg. There will also be a screening of Shamberg's first feature film, 'Souvenir'. For tickets call 0161 200 1500.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 30, 2001  
    Reports from NME:


    The HACIENDA set to be used in the forthcoming '24-HOUR PARTY PEOPLE' film is to be opened for a one-off party.

    As previously reported on NME.COM, director Michael Winterbottom and producer Andrew Eaton have recreated the original Hacienda nightclub in a Manchester warehouse for their forthcoming film '24-Hour Party People'.

    To ensure authenticity the duo obtained the original architects drawings and spent numerous hours watching authentic Hacienda video footage in order to replicate both the club's decor and atmosphere.

    Winterbottom and Eaton's Hacienda will also be open to the public for one night only on March 2. The event starts at 8.30pm and includes DJ sets from Hacienda legends Dave Haslam and M People's Mike Pickering.

    The location is classified until nearer the time and entrance will only be granted to ticketholders.

    To apply for one of the 750 tickets, send a SAE to 24-Hour Party People, PO Box 142, Manchester, M20 8DZ. Applicants must include their name, age and home address.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 26, 2001  


    A Souvenir of Shamberg at Cornerhouse

    Cornerhouse is delighted to welcome Producer and filmmaker
    Michael H. Shamberg to introduce a screening of his first feature film, SOUVENIR and discuss his work after the screening. As a celebration of Shamberg's work Cornerhouse will also be screening various New Order videos plus a previously unseen interview with the band.

    Fri 2 Feb - The Perfect Kiss: New Order Videos
    This programme of New Order videos is accompanied by a commentary from their producer. Michael Shamberg had free rein to produce most of New Order's videos and brought together a rare mix of talent from the worlds of artists' video and world cinema. The result was some of the most engaging and innovative videos of their time, featuring a series of mold-breaking collaborations with Robert Frank, William Wegman, Robert Breer, French cinematographer Henri Alekan, Phillippe Decoufle, Kathryn Bigelow, Jonathan Demme, and more.

    The programme will include a previously unseen April 2000 interview, taken from
    New Order 316 (DVD to be released in March) and several videos produced by Shamberg; The Perfect Kiss, Blue Monday 88, True Faith, Confusion, and Bizarre Love Triangle amongst others.

    Friday, February 02, 2001 Cinema 2 6.00

    Sat 3 Feb - Souvenir (18)
    SOUVENIR is the adventure - in many voices - of Orlando (Stanton Miranda), an American woman in Paris. The film explores how memory, history, environment, chance, and displacement contribute to senses of ourselves and our place in the world. The rich, multi-layered narrative recollects and reconstructs Orlando's past relations with her family, and their indelible mark on her life. Mixing film, video and digital (computer graphics by Chris Marker) with a soundtrack by Richard Kirk, Simon Fisher Turner and Speedy J, SOUVENIR creates an emotional journey. Shamberg's début feature proudly reflects the influence of groundbreaking filmmakers like Godard and Marker.

    Director Michael H. Shamberg will introduce the screening and hold informal Q&A after.
    Saturday, February 03, 2001 Cinema 2 8.25  

    Since the seventies, New York filmmaker Michael H. Shamberg has been working with video artists in the context of art, as well as television and cinema. Producing videos and video installations for numerous artists led to his work as a producer of pop promos. Currently, he is working as filmmaker and curator.

    INFO: Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH (www.cornerhouse.org) Box Office tel: 44 (0) 161 200 1500

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 25, 2001  
    Reports from NME:

    The Royle Family star Ralf Little will play a young Peter Hook in '24-Hour Party People', the highly anticipated story of Factory Records and the Manchester Hacienda Scene. 

    Little will star alongside Steve Coogan and John Simm, who play Factory boss Tony Wilson and Barney Sumner. The movie, which started filming last Monday (January 17), is directed by Michael Winterbottom, who made 'Welcome To Sarajevo' and 'Wonderland', and follows the early days of Factory in 1976 to the end of the acid house years in 1992 when the Hacienda closed down for the first time. 

    The film is being made with the full co-operation of Tony Wilson, who last week told NME: 

    "It's a comedy with people dying in it. Which sums up Factory, really. It's a comedy about me and my mates. There are two other-worldly, superhuman beings in the story, Ian (Curtis) and Shaun (Ryder), but the film is more about the guys who hung out with them. I think someone else should tell Ian and Shaun's story. 

    "The opening sequence mixes aerial shots of me into the side of a mountain on a hang-glider, which I did, on television, and large numbers of pigeons crashing out of the sky. "You know the plot, it all ends in disaster. With me meeting God in Manchester and deciding I was right all along." The parts of Ryder and Curtis are being played by young British actors Danny Cunningham and Sean Harris, but last week, Shaun Ryder rang his ex-manager Nathan McGough to 'voice his concerns' over the movie. 

    He reportedly told McGough: "There's no way I'm going to sign any consent forms unless I'm getting played by Al Pacino and you by Russell Crowe." In order to make the film as realistic as possible, director Winterbottom and producer Andrew Eton have endeavoured to recreate the original Hacienda nightclub and hired Hacienda DJ's Dave Haslam and Mike Pickering, now of M People, to select the records which will soundtrack the movie. 

    Eton told NME: "We just thought it was a great story. It was a great era, '76-'92. "We all had vague connections to the Hacienda at different points in our lives. "We always wanted it to be a comedy because there was so much of a tragi-comedy feel about the story. We go right through from punk to the peak with Joy Division, New Order and then the Mondays and the whole dance scene and then the drug scene got too much." 

    '24-Hour Party People' will be released in cinemas later in the year.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 21, 2001  
    Reports from MTV:

    Arthur Baker Classics Collection Coming

    Arthur Baker, one of the most influential dance-music and hip-hop producers of the 1980s, will release a collection of his classic tracks this summer on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records.

    Among the influential cuts to be included on the Perfecto compilation, which is as yet untitled, are the seminal single "Planet Rock," a trope of Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express" recorded by Afrika Bambaataa + Soul Sonic Force in 1982, Rocker's Revenge's "Walking on Sunshine" and New Order's "Confusion," a 1983 club hit that crossed over to the American R&B chart. Baker said the compilation will also feature a second disc of his dance mix cuts from the '80s and '90s.

    "It's all the stuff I'm known for, really," he said, adding that his music has been featured on a number of compilations, most notably Tommy Boy Records' four-volume 1998 collection The Perfect Beats, but that they were "never sort of mine."

    In addition, Baker has completed more than a dozen songs for a solo album, The One That Got Away, which he said would be out in the fall. The record is heavy on collaborations with artists from across the musical spectrum, including Mogwai guitarist/singer Stuart Braithwaite, Primal Scream bassist Mani, former New Order bassist Peter Hook (a.k.a. Hooky), raunchy techno-punk queen Peaches, jazz legend Pharoah Sanders and members of UK power-pop trio Ash. The rhythm section of Roni Size's Reprazent crew, bassist Si John and drummer Rob Merrill play on three tracks. Baker described the songs, all of which he wrote or co-wrote, as quite diverse.

    "It's danceable, it's punk, there's a sort of punky jazz thing," he said. "If you like Primal Scream's album [2000's XTRMNTR], Death in Vegas and that kinda stuff, you'll like this."

    For the past three years, Baker has focused almost entirely on the new album — which will be his third solo full-length, following the largely unheralded Merge (1989) and Give in to the Rhythm (1991). He said he plays bass, harmonica and keyboards on it, in addition to doing all drum programming. Linking the seemingly disparate styles on The One, he said, was "actually, my relationship with my ex-girlfriend," although he rejected the notion that it was any sort of "rock opera."

    The album's guest artists overlap in several intriguing combinations, including one track with Braithwaite on guitar, Mani on bass and Hook on another bass part, and a recently recorded track co-written with Adam Snyder — who played keyboards on Mercury Rev's 1998 LP, Deserter's Songs — which Baker said would feature Tindersticks singer Stuart Staples on vocals.

    Baker's innovative use of electronic instruments and tape edits in hip-hop and his dance-oriented remixes of pop hits, such as Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" and Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," helped pave the way for the development of a variety of future styles. They include the pervasive electro sound of the mid-'80s to the early Detroit techno rhythms of Cybotron and Derrick May.

    "Put the Needle to the Record," another Baker cut he said would likely be featured on the collection (recorded in 1987 under the alias Criminal Element Orchestra), is widely considered the first hip-hop collage, having spawned similar "edits" by artists such as Double D & Steinski, Coldcut and Cut Chemist, not to mention the genre of turntablism as a whole.

    Fresh off a trip to Cuba and back in London, his home for the last five years, Baker has decided to try to do his part to help end the U.S. embargo of Cuba, which he called "outrageous." He said a recent conversation with Moby may lead to a benefit music-event toward that goal, perhaps called Rock the Blockade, although no specific plans have been made. Baker was among the driving forces behind the 1985 collaborative "Sun City" anti-apartheid track and awareness project.

    Eric Demby

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 20, 2001  
    Exclusive Report from Jonathan, Glasgow
    "24 Hour Films" were here this morning (Wed Jan 17) shooting the first scenes of the Manchester movie.

    British comedian Steve Coogan accurately portrayed a very disconsolate Tony Wilson circa '92 as he presents "Wheel of Fortune" - he never actually presented this program but he DID present some rather dodgy game shows around that time. Coogan has obviously spent a lot of time studying tapes of Wilson as he had a hilariously uncanny grasp of his mannerisms and turn of phrase. 

    The production team used the normal "Wheel of Fortune" crew at Scottish Television including the new female assistant Terri Seymour. No-one involved with the production was willing to contribute any "news" for us - probably because the majority of the movie hasn't even been cast as yet. Filming now moves to Manchester where most of the production will be completed.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 16, 2001  
    Reports from Music 365:


    John Simm, ex-boyfriend of Baby Spice Emma Bunton and star of BBC drama series The Lakes, has been cast as New Order frontman Bernard Sumner in a forthcoming film about Manchester's club scene.

    Simm, whose rock and roll credentials are backed up by the fact that he plays guitar in indie band Magic Alex, will play Sumner in 24 Hour Party People, a film based around Manchester during it’s ‘Madchester’ heyday – the early to mid ‘80s when bands like Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and New Order began to dominate the UK music scene.

    Comedian Steve Coogan will play Factory Records boss Tony Wilson in the movie, directed by Michael Winterbottom, whose previous credits include Jude and Welcome To Sarajevo, while comedian/Cold Feet star John Thomson will play a TV producer in the film.

    Filming is expected to begin on the film in January, with a view to autumn 2001 release.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 10, 2001  
    Exclusive Report from Jonathan, Glasgow
    Well, the two most talked about tracks since the release of "Brutal", surfaced on Monday morning courtesy of an anonymous benefactor. I am of course talking about "60 MPH" and "CRYSTAL". I'm no music journalist but here's my take on the first offerings from the "forthcoming" album. 

    60 MPH - 4:38 

    A long, low and almost brooding synth transforms into a piercing wail replaced by seriously heavy duty bass work (4 string) from Hooky then into Barneys first lines and rhythm guitar. Played drums rather than seq. but I'm not too sure what Gillian is up to - more rhythm guitar. A hard, punch edit at 2:50 reminds me of a "Brotherhood" style track followed by a Barney "solo" around 3:20. Repeat chorus and vocals out at 4:05. Nice sequencer/rhythm guitar outro. 

    "I don't know if I told you 

    but I'm seeking sanctuary 

    you'd never guess the things that I'd do 

    I'll have the devil round for tea......."

    "Crystal" surprises with an almost classical piano intro and some nice black backing vox. I can see remix heaven/hell here already...Great sounding rhythm guitar and a fantastic vocal performance from Barney. Live drums/Octapad (?) again from Stephen backed by some great synth sounds. Double time into the chorus with Hooky arriving after the second verse. The guy is simply genius with that bass (4 string again). Vox out at 3:40 leaving a 2 minute instrumental out - plenty of Hook in there again and into a literally beautiful synth/percussion/bass sequence punctuated by a percussive sample that can only be described as a squelch (?). This track rocks and I can imagine life "down the front" when they play this live. Like I say, I'm no music journalist but it sure as hell beats the forthcoming N.M.E. review; "New Order are back, there is a god! (7/10)" Know what I mean? 

    CRYSTAL - 5:42 

    "We're like Crystal, we break easy 

    I'm a poor man, if you leave me 

    I'm applauded, then forgotten 

    it was summer, now it's autumn......."

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 06, 2001  
    Reports from Q:


    On January 8, filming will begin on 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, a comedy drama centering on the rise and fall of celebrated Manchester record label FACTORY.

    Steve Coogan is tipped to play cofounder and mouthpiece ANTHONY WILSON, with the major musicians' roles, IAN CURTIS, NEW ORDER and the HAPPY MONDAYS, yet to be assigned. Michael Winterbottom, best known for 1999's lauded Wonderland, will direct.

    "What attracted us were all these stories of triumph and failure," says producer Andrew Eaton, who describes the tale as a mix of real and fantasy events, beginning with the Sex Pistols' 1976 gig at Manchester's Free Trade Hall and ending with the label's bankruptcy in 1992

    "They understand the story was from the birth of punk to the death of acid house," says Wilson, who's acting as adviser on the project. "I'm flattered by it all, of course. Ridiculously, so. But a bit embarrassed , too."

    Other, non-Factory affiliated fixtures of Manchester's music scene, such as the Stone Roses, will also appear in the Manchester-shot film. The filmmakers will have to mock-up Factory's pivotal, but now defunct nightclub.

    movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 04, 2001  
    Reports from NME:

    Moby declines invitation to work on New Order album

    MOBY has turned down NEW ORDER's offer of collaborating on their long-awaited new album, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

    Despite having a life-long appreciation of both Joy Division and New Order, Moby's busy schedule has prevented him from working on the record.

    Speaking exclusively to NME.COM prior to a concert in Berlin, he said: "I love New Order and I love what they do, but I don't think we'll be collaborating in the near future. The fact is, if I'm gonna have any time to work on music, I have to be selfish and work on my own music."

    Reminded of his previous admission that he would "do anything" to appear in 'Trainspotting' director Danny Boyle's proposed film about the two groups, he admitted "I am honored and completely flattered they asked me, but I'm still going to have to say no."

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