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movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 28, 2000  
COHESION, a charity compilation, is expected to be release February 12, 2001 in UK. A 34 tracks 2CD, Artists involved include New Order, Monaco, Happy Mondays, Ian Brown, Badly Drawn Boy, Andy Votel, Pure EssenceMr Scruff, Doves, Mint Royale....


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 16, 2000  
Reports from NME:


PETER HOOK, MANI and ANDY ROURKE are set to become television presenters as part of their new business venture.

The three legendary Manchester bass-players have set up a new company with local businessman Nova Rehman and have bought Bar Cuba nightclub in Macclesfield.

The company, named Collective, are now working on a pilot for a music television programme which will be recorded at the venue and presented by the threesome. The as-yet-untitled show should feature three live bands in each edition.

The acquisition of Bar Cuba comes just weeks after the demolition of Hook's more famous nightclub, the Hacienda.

However, the first project to come out of Collective will be a charity compilation entitled 'Cohesion'. All proceeds will go towards the removal of land mines in Kosovo. The album features tracks from almost every notable Manchester act of recent times. Artists involved include New Order, Happy Mondays, Ian Brown, Badly Drawn Boy, Andy Votel and Mr Scruff.

In other news, Rourke - formerly bass player with The Smiths - has joined Manchester band Jeep. The line up also includes Wags from Black Grape and Darren Partington from 808 State. They play Manchester Music Box on December 20.

Peter Hook is currently in the studio working on the New Order album, and Mani is rehearsing for Primal Scream's Christmas tour

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 12, 2000  
Reports from NME:

Throughout 2000, NME polled over 150 artists, DJ's, and label bosses about who, in their opinion, are the most influential performers in rock'n'roll today. 

The list was compiled over the period of a year, during which some of the most important contemporary artists of today gave their opinions on which musicians had exerted most influence over the current music scene.

The 20 most influential artists in history, as voted for by the rock stars of today.

  • 8. EMINEM
  • 10. THE SMITHS
  • 12. APHEX TWIN
  • 16. BOB DYLAN
  • 17. MOS DEF
  • 19. BECK

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 10, 2000  
WARNER RECORDS will be releasing the new NEW ORDER album, in the summer of 2001, in the US. 

They are creating an expensive website for the band, the site will be launched in January.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 08, 2000  
Reports from Monaco official site...

Monaco's brand new single due out in January 2001 is to be the funky dance track See-saw. A special remix titled "Solaris" will be included, along with newly recorded b-sides fresh from the studio.

There are some live recordings from Monaco's recent gig at the Melkweg, Amsterdam available in the music section right now of the Monaco official site! http://www.monaco.uk.net/

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 07, 2000  
PublicDomain.jpg (30740 bytes)Public Domain "Operation Blade" released November 20th  is Number 5 this week on the chart in UK. This single contains the original NEW ORDER "CONFUSION" sample as featured in the Blade movie.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 05, 2000  
Cleopatra Records is planning to release a new New Order tribute for early next year. Check this link for a preview of one of the cover by Interface.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)December 04, 2000  
NEW ORDER new live on DVD is now again expected to be release JANUARY 15th, 2001 in UK via Warner Music Vision ( ASIN: B00004Y3PC / Catalogue Number: 8573848022 )

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 28, 2000  
Reports from Q Magazine:

Haçienda Gone Forever

Once the reason thousands of students chose Manchester as their preferred city of learning, the Haçienda has finally been consigned to history after an auction on Saturday, when fixtures and fittings from the club were sold off.

Sadly the sale, raising funds for charity, only managed to fetch £18,000 for items including pieces of the dance floor, stainless steel pillars (complete with hazard stripes) tiles and bricks. But the pièce de resistance of the sale, the DJ booth earned a mere £1,000.

Lack of enthusiasm for the sale wasn’t confined to buyers however – Peter Hook recently commented that he is indifferent to the end of the club, which closed its doors in 1997. Last year it was sold to developers, who plan to convert the building into apartments.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 27, 2000  
Reports from NME:


Wonder who got the Budweiser sign?...

Fixtures and fittings from the HACIENDA nightclub were auctioned off on Saturday (November 25), putting a full stop on the story of MADCHESTER in front of its heroes - including PETER HOOK and BERNARD SUMNER of NEW ORDER, and M PEOPLE's MIKE PICKERING.

The auction, which took place at the Richard Conrad building in Manchester, saw a total of 69 lots sold in aid of the Greater Manchester Community Foundation charity.

Attending were an array of Madchester heroes, which also included legendary Hacienda DJs Graeme Park and Bobby Langley, and founder Tony Wilson.

Of the lots, the most expensive sale was the triptych of paintings from the club's walls. The eventual sale went to Pickering for £3,200. He told NME.COM he wanted them because his wife painted them. He said: "She did all the set for that, that's where I met her. Most of us met our wives there, made our children there."

He continued: "There's been a lot of bargains here. I think that it's good that it's reached a resolve at the end of the story you know, and the people involved have got a bit to take with them, which is also fantastic."

The biggest surprise of the day came when the most coveted lot, the DJ booth only managed to fetch £1,100. Rumours that Sasha wanted to buy it proved unfounded after it was sold to DJ and designer Bobby Langley, who had manned the decks during the club's glory days.

Speaking to NME.COM following the sale, he said: "It's really weird at the moment. It looks really weird taking it out of the Hacienda. I'm gonna keep it in Manchester, take it out to Glastonbury maybe, put wheels on it, take it to Ibiza over the sea!"

Tony Wilson was also glad that the booth will stay in Manchester, telling NME.COM: "I'm glad Bobby's got it. It's absolutely fantastic. He'll just have to find somewhere to put it. It'll be interesting to find somewhere, physically. That's the whole point, this place has to come down, it has to move on. It's rock'n'roll, it has to move on, but where it goes to I don't really know."

New Order and Monaco bass player Peter Hook, a director of the Hacienda had a go at leading the bidding, and took the opportunity to pay tribute to Rob Gretton, New Order's manager and mentor, who died suddenly last year. He later told NME.COM: "I didn't even know how I'd feel and it really surprised me how emotional it was. It's just weird thinking of Rob Gretton not being here and this place still being here, it's very very odd. But I enjoyed it. It was nice to see everybody. It just shows that it did create something that was very strong indeed."

Other notable sales were the famous 'Budweiser' bar, which sold for just £50, and the four video game panels, which only fetched £20.

The total figure raised will be confirmed later today. The Hacienda closed in 1997 after 15 years. The building is now in the process of being demolished to make way for city centre apartments.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 26, 2000  
NEW ORDER new live on DVD set to be release November 27th, 2000 in UK has been withdrawn for now. No further information. Keep checking the NEWSROOM section for new release date.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 22, 2000  
JOY DIVISION new live album "Live At Les Bains Douches ( December 18, 1979 )" is expected to be release February 28th, 2001 on CD (Catalogue Number via New Millenium Music FACD261 / FACD261LTD ).

BainsDouchesLimitedEdition.jpg (13312 bytes) This picture represent the packaging for the Special edition limited to 2000-only in a lavish tin package. Disc 1 is the standard music CD, Disc 2 is a CD Rom of the same concert.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 15, 2000  
Reports from NME:

NEW ORDER have finally gone into the studio to record their forthcoming album after a year of writing, NME.COM can reveal - with bassist PETER HOOK describing the 17 tracks they were working on as "pure NEW ORDER".

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from Peter Gabriel's Real World studios in Bath, Hook joked that after 18 years in the business, they should call the album 'Deja Vu' and added that it sounded just like his side project Monaco.

He said that the album, New Order's seventh, would be out early next year and they would be touring the UK to support its release - their first full-on tour since the release of their last album, 1993's 'Republic'.

The album is being produced by Steve Osbourne, one half of the Perfecto remixing team with Paul Oakenfold, who New Order worked with on 'Brutal', their first new material in almost nine years for the soundtrack to 'The Beach'.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 14, 2000  
Reports from NME:



Hooky and Tony Wilson watch the demolition take place...

Bulldozers moved into the HACIENDA Monday morning (November 13), closing the final chapter of MANCHESTER's biggest cultural landmark.

A small group of former regulars and the club's founders watched as a JCB took out the nightclub's stage, the first phase of a demolition process that will leave only the old Roundhouse and part of the external wall. The building has been brought by property developers Crosby Homes and will be converted into city centre apartments.

There to watch the historic moment were former owners Peter Hook of New Order, Factory Records boss Tony Wilson and Hacienda DJ Graeme Park.

As the bulldozers went in, Hook told NME.COM: "It's a little bit unsettling, but I'm glad that it's disappearing because I want it to be a memory. There's places that I drive past in Manchester and I go 'That's where Electric Circus used to be' and now I'll be going 'That's where The Hacienda used to be'. I would have hated somebody to open it again, because it wouldn't have been the same."

Asked for his feelings at seeing the club demolished, Hook said: "The thing that's sad about it is that it's another part of Rob Gretton New Order's manager, a director of Factory Records and a founder of the Hacienda disappearing.

Losing Rob in the flesh, and we're losing him in spirit these days. That's what's got to me most."

Gretton died suddenly last year at the age of 47.

However, Tony Wilson felt no regret about seeing the legacy of the Factory years razed.

"It's Rock'n'Roll," he said, "things come and go. If you got upset about bits of the past then the future wouldn't happen. But it's a constant annoyance, we moved into the city about three and a half years ago and we had three months living in the city when the club was open, then the club closed and there's nowhere to go to on this side of town. But I'm far more interested in a band I saw in a basement four weeks ago than I am in my old building."

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the club's interior decor will be auctioned in aid of the Greater Manchester Community Foundation, a funding body for deprived parts of the city, on November 25.

Speaking about the auction, Wilson told NME.COM: "I'm very happy with the irony that the club began as a charity and it ends as a charity. But I wonder if there was as much interest at the time, if someone couldn't have taken the Greater Manchester Police and shaken them by the collar and said 'wake up' and similarly with the licensing magistrates."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 13, 2000  
New Order "John Peel Sessions" was finally released today in UK NOV 13, 2000 as a fully re-packaged with artwork by the Peter Saville Studio and liner notes by Peter Huxley.


1.Truth 2.Senses 3.I.C.B. 4.Dreams Never End 5.Turn The Heater On 6.We All Stand 7.Too Late 8.5-8-6.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 12, 2000  
Reports from NME:


NEW ORDER'S PETER HOOK has been talking exclusively to NME.COM about the imminent demolition of his club, Manchester's legendary nightclub THE HACIENDA.

The bulldozers move in at 11am on Monday (November 13) and Hooky will be there to see his dream reduced to rubble.

As previously reported on NME.COM the remaining contents of the club, which Peter co-owned with Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, have already been removed and are being auctioned for charity. The auction itself takes place on November 25 at the Richard Conrad building in the city and before that, lots can be viewed at www.hacauction.com.

Peter told NME.COM that 60,000 interested people had so far looked at the website and that they'd had sealed bids from as far afield as the US and Australia. Superstar DJ Sasha had put in a bid for the DJ booth, arguably the more significant lot on offer.

All proceeds will go to the Greater Manchester Community Foundation, which funds projects in deprived areas of the city.

Other lots up for grabs include the girders, the dancefloor chopped into sections, the seating and lights. "And one person bidding for it all will be me," Peter joked. "I'm going to for one of the girders. I've no idea what I'm going to do with it but I want it. I've already got the stained glass windows, 12 of them that measure 25ft square and I don't know what the fuck to do with them. I keep thinking I should auction them, but it spells out Fac 51 you see, so I don't know."

He continued: "The idea of it being demolished is so weird. But I actually like the idea of it disappearing. The Hacienda was so special, it seems a fitting end. People will go to the spot and go, wow! That's where it was. It's going to be a load of offices and houses. They were toying with the idea of calling it Acid House, until Shaun Ryder tried to buy 4E," he laughed.

But he added: "It'll be a sad day for Manchester 'cos it's so final. It ain't coming back. We're all going to be there doing a candlelight vigil. It's surreal. I'm hoping there'll be thousands there to wave it goodbye. It'd be fantastic. Taking an E and watching it go down. I'm hoping for that kind of protest."


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 10, 2000  
THE CURE recorded a cover version of JOY DIVISION "Love Will Tear Us Apart" at the Livid Festival, Brisbane, Australia around 7PM on SATURDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2000. Talking about the cover,  Robert Smith said it really took him back. The Cure were supported on a gig by Joy Division in '79, and Robert Smith had always been in awe of Ian Curtis' talent. He always wanted try a cover of one of their songs, but was scared he wouldn't be able to do it justice. The cover has been posted on the official Cure website (http://www.thecure.com) or go directly to
http://www.thecure.com/LOVEWILLTEARUSAPART.html#love including pictures, MP3 and story behind the cover.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 08, 2000  

Hacienda to be auctioned piecemeal 

The pride of Manchester and jewel in the crown of northern clubbing, the Hacienda, is to be demolished and the entire contents auctioned for charity. 

The sale will take place on November 25 at the nearby Richard Conrad Building from 12 noon to 2pm, with lots available for viewing from 10am. Proceeds from the sale will go towards Manchester youth charities.   

The road has been a long and illustrious one for the former yacht showroom at the corner of Albion Street and Whitworth Street West since it opened as the Hacienda in May 1982. Initially set up by New Order members Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook and Steven Morris, their manager Rob Gretton, broadcaster Anthony Wilson and graphic designer Peter Saville, the club went on to become one of the most influential venues in the UK. 

The warehouse feel and much-imitated industrial chic interior (designed by Ben Kelly) of what became affectionately known as "the Hac" stood witness to several tectonic shifts in late 20th century youth culture. Starting with the tail end of new wave, the club survived some lean mid-80s years to rise again with the arrival of house music and the so-called baggy scene around the cusp of the 80s and 90s. The blossoming of a vibrant gay scene in Manchester in the last decade powered the club until its closure in June 1997, a move that was largely precipitated by the drug-related violence which dogged the venue during its final years. 

Performers such as Madonna (in her first UK appearance), Oasis, U2, Take That, Boy George, The Smiths and a wealth of other Manc bands all graced the Hacienda’s stage, while the club established the reputation of DJs such as Mike Pickering (who went on to form the pop group M People) and Graeme Park.   

More information about the Hacienda auction can be found at:www.hacauction.com/index.html

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 05, 2000  
Peter Hook and Gillian Gilbert of New Order presented the Q Award 2000 for "Best Live Act" to OASIS October 31st.


PeterHookQAward2000.jpg (26379 bytes)
Hooky at the

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)November 01, 2000  
NEW ORDER "Live at the BBC" was finally released October 31 in the US via the label FUEL 2000.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 31, 2000  
Peter Hook of New Order will present the Q Award for "Best Live Act" today at the swish Park Lane Hotel in Piccadilly, Q will yet again be hosting the most legendary of all awards ceremonies - the 11th Q Awards. Last year comedian/actor Keith Allen presented the Q Inspiration Award to New Order.

This year's nominated artists for BEST LIVE ACT

Primal Scream
The Chemical Brothers

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 24, 2000  
JOY DIVISION "The Complete Radio 1 Recordings" was finally released October 24 in the US via the label FUEL 2000.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 16, 2000  
Reports from NME:

ARTHUR BAKER, legendary producer, has revealed the full tracklisting of his bizarre concept album featuring members of ASH, NEW ORDER, MOGWAI, PRIMAL SCREAM and jazz saxophonist PHAROAH SANDERS.

Three years in the making, Baker's recently finished making the double album and hopes to get it released sometime next year. It's possible that a track called 'Glow', featuring Ash's Tim Wheeler and Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, could be released a single after Baker described the track as "an undeniable hit".

The tracklisting so far is 'Real Fuckin' Noise' featuring Stuart Braithwaite and Clint Boon, 'Getting the Hang Of It', 'Meteorites Eat At Night', 'Transindental Misinformation', 'Glow', 'Dreams Again', 'Cara Mucho', 'Bust The Police', 'The Camden Nod', 'Words and Music', 'Love Hymn' featuring Stuart Braithwaite, Pharoah Sanders and Peter Hook, '1,000 Years' featuring Mani and Stuart Braithwaite, 'Alvainu Malkanu' featuring Mogwai and Peter Hook, 'Sunrise' featuring Alonzo Bevan and 'She Likes Noise' featuring Mani and Clint Boon.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 05, 2000  
Report from Andy via SonicNet Music News:

Dance-music foundation quartet New Order are currently in the studio, recording their first album
since 1993's Republic, according to Pete Tong, founder of their UK label, f.f.r.r. Steve Osborne,
who has worked with Paul Oakenfold and U2, is producing the album, the band's seventh, which will
likely be released next spring. "They'll come back and be really relevant and contemporary and surprise
a few people and not disappoint Joy Division or New Order fans," Tong said. New Order, formed in 1980 in Manchester, England, after Joy Division singer Ian Curtis committed suicide, released several international club hits in the '80s, including "Blue Monday" and "Bizarre Love Triangle." The group's most recent track, "Brutal" , was included on the soundtrack to "The Beach." ...


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 28, 2000  
New Order "John Peel Sessions" will be reissued in UK Oct 30, 2000 as a fully re-packaged with artwork by the Peter Saville Studio and liner notes by Peter Huxley.


1.Truth 2.Senses 3.I.C.B. 4.Dreams Never End 5.Turn The Heater On 6.We All Stand 7.Too Late 8.5-8-6.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 25, 2000  
Reports from NME:

British actor/comedian STEVE COOGAN is in talks with film producers to play FACTORY RECORDS and HAÇIENDA boss TONY WILSON, nme.com can reveal.

Coogan is the favorite to play Wilson in '24 Hour Party People', a British film documenting Factory Records, the Haçienda and the subsequent 'Madchester' era. It will be directed by Michael Winterbottom, whose previous credits include 'Welcome To Sarajevo' and 'Jude', and scripted by seasoned Northern writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Sources on the project have told nme.com that the film will cover the period between 1976-92, taking the 1976 Sex Pistols gig at the Free Trade Hall as the catalyst for Wilson and his activities. The focus will be on Wilson himself, with bands such as New Order and Happy Mondays depicted, although not as pivotal characters.

Filming is expected to start in January, with a release date no earlier than autumn 2001.

Producers are holding an open audition at Joshua Brooks bar (103 Princess Street) in Manchester on Tuesday, September 26. No previous acting experience is required, but casting officials stress that the auditions are for characters and not extras.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 24, 2000  
New Order "John Peel Sessions" will be reissued in UK Oct 30, 2000 as a fully re-packaged 8 tracks CD featuring (26/01/81 & 01/06/82) sessions New Order recorded for the John Peel Show.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 22, 2000  
Reports from NME:

BUZZCOCKS frontman PETE SHELLEY, 10CC's KEVIN GODLEY and a host of MANCHESTER pop figures take part in a new documentary focusing on 25 years of the city's rock history.

The five-part series, 'Cover Story', looks at the history of the Manchester rock scene as told through the record sleeves, flyers and t-shirts of some of the region's most influential bands, and how the designs reflected the wider musical, cultural and social influences.

Other artists who will be featured include New Order, Happy Mondays and Liverpudlian groups The Farm and Space. The series includes interviews with music journalists Jon Savage and Paul Morley, as well as Factory Records and Hacienda club guru Anthony Wilson.

While the series will initially be shown only in the Granada Television region, starting on September 25, a spokesperson said a wider broadcast later in the year has not been ruled out.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 19, 2000  
NEW ORDER new live on DVD is expected to be release November 20th, 2000 in UK. I don't have much more info but we can expect Reading 98.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 18, 2000  
From Music365:

NEW ORDER have re-grouped and are working on new material with the Chemical Brothers.

Manchester’s electronic pioneers, formed from the ashes of Joy Division, helped popularize song-based dance music with songs like ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ in the 1980s and paved the way for the popularity of Ibizan dance music with their 1989 album ‘Technique’. But the band have only recorded one album, 1993’s ‘Republic’ in the past decade, and haven’t been seen together since their 1998 festival tour.

The Chemical Brothers, long-time friends of the band, are reported to be helping the band assemble new material. New Order front man Bernard Sumner played guitar on the last Chemical Brothers’ album, ‘Surrender’.

Although the band were supposed to begin writing for a new album in 1998, only seven tracks have been committed to tape so far. Among the titles set for inclusion are ‘Crystal’ and ‘60mph’.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 17, 2000  
Monaco are taking questions on their official website (www.monaco.uk.net), Just fill the form and the question will be submitted to the band directly through their site!. The deadline for questions is September 30th.

Also available on their site the full promotional video for "I've Got A Feeling" despite the fact that the single has been pulled from UK due to sample clearance problem.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 16, 2000  
Exclusive Report from Rachel

New Order will enter a studio in the South of England in 2 weeks for a 6 weeks stint in the a professional studio. That session should see the 7 "completed" tracks re-recorded.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 14, 2000  
Reports from Allstar:

New Order Trudges On; Album Nearing Completion

New Order has completed seven tracks on its long-awaited follow-up to 1993's Republic, according to a source close to the band.

The band has titled two tracks, "60mph" and "Crystal", both of which are being handled by different mixers. "60mph" is being put through the ringer by David Kahne (Sugar Ray, Bangles), and Mark Stent, who most recently produced Oasis' Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, was behind the controls for "Crystal." Steve Osbourne is producing both tracks (Happy Mondays, Curve).

There is still no release date scheduled for the as-yet-untitled album, as Qwest/Warner Bros. is still eagerly awaiting the final product. New Order is expected to collaborate with both the Chemical Brothers and Moby on the disc, but neither are set in stone at press time.

Meanwhile, bassist Peter Hook's side project, Monaco, has finally seen its second album hit stores in England. The self-titled LP is the follow-up to 1997's Music for Pleasure and hit stores across the pond on Sept. 4.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 13, 2000  
JOY DIVISION "The Complete BBC Recordings" will be reissued in the US October 11, 2000 ( was released in UK August 7 ) via the label FUEL 2000.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 12, 2000  
ELECTRONIC album 'Twisted Tenderness' was finally released in US, today, Sept 12, 2000.

The full track listing:

  • Make It Happen
  • Haze
  • Vivid
  • Breakdown
  • Can't Find My way Home
  • Twisted Tenderness
  • Like No Other
  • Late At Night
  • Prodigal Son
  • When She's Gone
  • Flicker
  • King For A Day (Bonus Track)
  • Warning Sign (Bonus Track)
  • Make It happen (Album Remix) Bonus Track)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 10, 2000  
The new JOY DIVISION "Live At Les Bains Douches" has been put back by the label. They've said it may be released in February 2001 but no firm date has been set.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 06, 2000  
New Order "BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert" will be reissued in US October 17, 2000 ( was released in UK June 26 ) via the label FUEL 2000 capturing the band's performance at the Glastonbury festival in 1987.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 05, 2000  
The new JOY DIVISION "Live At Les Bains Douches" has been postponed again in UK ( was  expected to be release September 5, 2000 in UK). Keep checking the site for any update.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 03, 2000  
From Music365 Interview by RUPA HUQ
In a recent interview with Music 365 Monaco's Peter Hook and David Potts spoke of their new found lease of life at Papillon records and how much they were looking forward to meeting label mate Cliff Richard!

Now Hooky and Potts put their credibility on the line in the Music 365 Quick Click with their thoughts on Manchester United's Phil Neville, crap, er sorry, cult comedian Stan Boardman, Hanson, and find out which one of the deadly duo actually likes the Posh Spice record!

Take it away Monaco...!

If you could duet with anyone, what song would you choose and with who?
Peter Hook (PH): Erm I'd like to duet with Kenny Rogers on "Route B".
David Potts (DP): Captain Sensible. I was a big Damned fan in my time. I'd do a version of New Rose.

What's the most embarrassing CD you own?
PH: Probably New Order live at Kilkenny. It's done by the Peel sessions years ago. It's when everything went wrong and everything was out of tune and they wanted us to release it. I've got a few really. I've got Grease. I've got Terry Jacks on CD. That's a cracker. We've got Don McLean - greatest Hits. I'm got millions of embarrassing CDs and I'm very proud of them. I've about 2000 CDs. Most of them I get for free anyway.
DP: I've got a few crap ones I've been given. I've got a Hanson one.

Who or what last broke your heart?
DP: Girlfriend I think. First girlfriend probably. She didn't like me. She just pretended she liked me. I finished with her on Christmas day.
PH: Don't know. Euro. The football. They were gonna use "World in Motion" for a Kentucky Fried Chicken advert and er because of Phil Neville it got pulled because of him. We would have been making a wad man. That broke my heart. The good colonel was gonna rap over "World in Motion" and because we lost… I was very upset about that. I've not been heartbroken for ooooh weeks, months, years.

Plastic surgery, money no object, what would you have done?
PH: Just me daughter's nose probably. She wants her nose doing when she's 16.
DP: I've got dodgy toes. One of them's dead wonky as everyone on me stag do saw.

Which Spice Girl could or would you be and why?
DP: I like Posh's new record. Probably Mel C. The gutsy one. We did meet them when we did Top of the Pops.
PH: I'm afraid the Spice Girls aren't in my sphere of understanding. I was amazed at how small they were. We did Top of The Pops with them. I liked Ginger, the one that got away.

What was the worst gig you ever played?
DP: We did one, that one with Oasis was quite bad.
PH: Well you see we were playing this new song. Pottsy was supposed to put a cappo on his guitar right, now he didn't put the cappo on but played the song anyway. And the whole song went like that [hand gesture] what a wanker! He was playing it wrong! Dear God! Got away with that one and the gig went downhill from that. We played that one first. Oasis were supporting us.
DP: There's another one which wasn't a bad gig but it'd quite a funny story when you had your leather pants on.
PH: It wasn't at all bad that. It happens to all rock-stars.
DP: There wasn't many people and Peter decided to go walking round three of the audience in between and when he got bored of that he went back on-stage.
PH: Have you sweated in leather trousers? When you bend your leg they don't move so you can't get up off the stage.
DP: So the tour-guy had to get off stage and push your arse.
PH: Yeah I know. I wouldn't mind but I saw U2 live at Redrocks and that happened to Bono. I laughed my head off for years. Then it happened to me. It's God's way of getting your own back obviously. So you understand why leather pants are not worn on stage. I think it was in Germany in about 1982.
DP: No it wasn't. It was Revenge in about 1990. It was Austria where we had to go up all them stairs - Innesbrook.

What is the biggest sacrifice you've had to make to get you here?
PH: I can't think of any sacrifices that I've really had to make. I've had to work very, very hard. I've probably lost a few relationships along the way but it's probably turned out for the better.
DP: [Struggling to find an answer]
PH: He's been very lucky is what you mean.

Who would you be on Stars In Their Eyes?
PH: Alvin Stardust, 'My Coo-Ca-Choo' because I used to like it when he did that. I think he was an early Lemmy.
DP: Stan Boardman.
PH: He didn't sing anything.
DP: He did a few songs. "Where's our Chippy?" "They bombed our Chippy."

Who's autograph would you ask for?
PH: No-ones. I don't ask for autographs. I say "It's for me daughter". I got Spice Girls. I don't tend to do it, I just forge them. Nobody notices I've been doing it for years.
DP: Stan Boardman.

Do you know how to turn a computer on?
DP: He doesn't. I do.

Recommend your favorite Internet bookmark.
PH: I don't have a computer and I think the internet is the biggest killer of conversation in the known world. I think it's terrible. I think it's the new CB radio to me. I'm much more a getting out there and getting your knees scuffed or a friction burn if you're really lucky man.
DP: I use it a lot for travel. I always book my holidays now through the internet. I look up Françoise Hardy because I've found more on her on the internet than I have [anywhere else].

Tell us a joke.
PH: What's white and slithers across the dance floor? Cum dancing. What's white and slithers across the internet? Cum dancing.com
DP: Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman. The Englishman goes to the Scotsman "what's your kid called?" The Scotsman goes "He's called David because he was born on St David's Day", The Englishman goes "Oh right that's exactly the same with our Michael, he was born on St Michael's day.
PH: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [Mimes snoring]
DP: The Irishman goes "That's exactly the same with our Pancake."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)September 02, 2000  
Monaco Concert review at The Scala London, August 31st.

As a member of Joy Division and New Order – two of the most important bands in British rock history- Peter Hook has been the purveyor of one of the most unique bass sounds and playing styles for the past twenty years.

So respect to the bear-sized man hunched nonchalantly over his instrument tonight, his knuckles typically nearly scraping the floor as he plucks out those melodic, melancholy, so familiar basslines.

But as the Peter Hook Appreciation Society gather at the foot of stage in their New Order T-shirts and take photos, spare a thought for David Potts, singer/guitarist and the other half of the Monaco songwriting partnership.

Hooky and Pottsy
Hooky and Pottsy

This is the man who, rumour has it, was offered a place in Oasis when Bonehead left. A fine singer in the Bernard Sumner tradition, his contribution to Monaco is somewhat overshadowed by the man with the silver cropped hair and the history. Not that he seems to mind tonight. He seems used to seeing his mate bathed in the limelight.

Monaco -though often dismissed as New Order-lite, or something to keep Hooky amused in between his proper band's albums- have a fine line in driving, sunny pop songs. And while they'll never achieve success of New Orderly proportions, there's enough here to keep the discerning pop fan amused.

The sound is a little fuzzy and the band's performance is jaggedly shambolic, losing the subtleties of good production as they dip into new album 'Monaco' and 1997's 'Music For Pleasure'. And every now and then you get the feeling that motions are defintely being gone through.

Whether he's had a bit too much to drink or whether he always sings like that, Hooky's voice is a gruff, tuneless mumble when he takes over the microphone for the like of 'What Do You Want From Me' an otherwise fine song. But when Pottsy takes charge of the vocals, things sound more like they should. The beautiful 'Shine', 'A Life Apart' and 'I've Got A Feeling' are all highlights tonight.

Ultimately though, no matter how good the gig, you get the feeling that a collective curiosity has been satisfied tonight. People came to see that bloke out of New Order up close and personal. Wonder if they noticed the other geezer too.

Gary Crossing © Miller Freeman Entertainment UK

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 23, 2000  
From Music365:



PETER HOOK, the iconic Manc rock figure responsible for the trademark strafing bass runs all over New Order's best work, is again thrusting his low-slung bottom-end at us in the form of the shiny new second MONACO album.

Hooky has again enlisted his former
Revenge and Monaco partner - the angel-voiced David Potts - on vocals. 'Monaco', on the new Papillon label is the result, a moody affair that mixes lush house with more dark and brooding soundscapes. The band's career high to date has been 1997's infectiously catchy UK Top 10 single 'What Do You Want From Me?' off the UK Top Ten 'Music For Pleasure' (Polydor) album which sold a very useful 500,000 copies thank you very much.

And the news is out that
New Order are recording a new album  but for now revel in the sonic playground that is Monaco as Music365 brings you the wisdom of Hooky and Pottsy.

This new album's the first on your new label. What happened with Polydor? Were you dropped or did you drop them? Wasn't it weird to be on them anyway as stalwarts of the indie scene?
PH: Not really because we were in pretty good company: Cast, Gene, Ian Brown. The guy who was in charge of the indie section had himself quite a good roster. He lost them all one by one and then because Polydor decided to go commercial.
RH: You were label-less for quite a while then?
PH: Sort of jilted at the altar. We went down to London and finished the record and then it just got rejected which was a bit heart-breaking because we thought it were a good record. The label that we're on now Papillon is more independent. It's much more small, cottagey.

Have you met label-mate Cliff Richard yet?
PH: No. Looking forward to it though. In fact I'm doing a duet with him for Christmas.
RH: That'll be the Christmas number one?
PH: In Botswana probably.

Is there a new Manchester scene with Badly Drawn Boy and Doves. Is it just like 1990 all over again?
PH: Well I've not heard Badly Drawn Boy but I have met him and he looks like he needs a good wash. I always admire uncleanliness in a man. I've known the Doves for years and I do like that album: cross between Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead which quite appeals to me.
DP: You can hear the Smiths in there and New Order in there.
PH: Hopefully yeah. It'd be wonderful for it to start up again. Music's gone through a very doldrum, very Barbie type period. Everyone being all pretty and "we're all having such a great time." How can Steps have a great time all the time? Don't they ever get pissed off? Wouldn't you really love to come in one day and say "yeah I'm really pissed off today. them kids are gettin' on my tits."

What kind of stuff are you listening to at the moment though?
PH: Mostly dance but the funny thing is we've just moved house. I just got all me records out and was playing records. I tell you they sound miles better than CDs, apart from scratches.
DP: Tim Harding, I've been listening to a lot. France Gall.

This new album, apart from a couple of footstomping floorfillers sounds quite mellow. Is that a new direction?
PH: I think it's quite relaxed and confident. It's not punky. To my mind it's quite smooth.
DP: It depends what other influences are around at the time that you incorporate.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 24, 2000  
Reports from Manchester Online:

Mainman Hook Returns With Monaco

LATELY, Manchester's biggest record label scare story has been the plight of Elbow - thankfully now risen again. But as one Peter Hook has found out, even near legend status cannot shield you from the perils of big business restructuring.

After a decently successful first album and widespread critical acclaim, Monaco, the outfit he formed with singing sidekick David Potts were unceremoniously binned when their label decided upon a change of direction. On the same day that the man who turned the bass guitar into a weapon found himself professionally homeless, the very same company signed Adam Rickitt.

''It was quite interesting. Well it wasn't at the time because it was heart-rending. We delivered the record and we just didn't hear anything back for ages. We were trying to get it out for summer and it was just really weird, it was like your girlfriend doesn't phone you so you think something's wrong. And then you find out she's going out with Adam Rickitt!''

''England has a very strange attitude towards my solo projects, whether they're all crap or not I don't know. They look at you strangely, and they did it with Bernard (Sumner) for doing Electronic, they don't particularly seem to like it. The thing was we'd gone round the world and done really well. I couldn't understand why Polydor would dump you when you're doing well around the world. They didn't even care.''

The upshot was that Monaco got out with an album complete, lay low, and are now back on a good old-fashioned indie called Papillon.

''Polydor were so big, you didn't particularly have to struggle because you had such a huge machine behind you. I think it does cosset you a little bit. Now, you have to work and push your music. It's nice to get your soul back.''

With soul restored, if a year later than planned, Monaco are poised to return with new single, I've Got A Feeling. A typically fine record, if one that's sure to tempt the same standard criticisms as last time. But no record featuring the trademark Hooky bass could sound like anything other than New Order. The eponymous album casts the net even wider, taking in ambient, rock, even disco influences into the same blueprint.

If he didn't quite write the book on Rock'n'Roll, then Peter Hook, through Joy Division, New Order and unfortunate tabloid attention, at least deserves several footnotes. And as such, the ''hiccup'' he describes hurts because it's indicative of something wider.

''Don't set me off now,'' he sighs. ''I think we're due Johnny Rotten's offspring myself because whether I'm missing something in this world, the bands that are really big today, like your Steps, they don't mean much to me in my world.

''I like what rock'n'roll stands for, and they don't seem very rock'n'roll to me. They're robbing our children of rock'n'roll! Your drug addled lead singers and all that, that's what rock'n'roll's about, not Steps. They look like you could eat your dinner off them.'' He grins, ''If you're very lucky.''

Things are looking up. As if the record wasn't enough, Pottsy is due to get married the following day, and Hooky has the small matter of a reformed New Order to think about.

''It's absolutely fine, it's the first time in 20 years we've actually got on. The space made you appreciate what you each of you did at lot more, and it's nice to have that luxury of your past successes.''

Both of them, given the chance to continue their odd couple musical doubles, seem happy to do things their own way.

''It's quite strange though,'' muses Hooky, considering his current band's fortunes. ''When we came up with Revenge, we were supported by Oasis, and they went onto be massive and Revenge folded, and then when we started Monaco we were supported by Travis on our first gig! Not saying that Monaco's disappeared by any means.''

But you know what he's getting at. ''They've found us another band. They want us to play with Alfie, who I don't know but they're gonna be the next big thing cause they're playing with us! I'm putting a tenner on them.''

So yes, his luck is definitely changing.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 23, 2000  
Review new album "Monaco" by Laurence Arnold from Music365:

Monaco, swanky principality on the Mediterranean and home of the rich and famous, but is there any substance behind all the glitz and glamour? You can see where this is heading... Monaco, the album, has a promising opening, waves of noise and crashing drums before that bass thunders in, Peter Hook driving ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ along like a lost New Order song. Sadly, once that track is over the band start plunging and plundering the depths.

‘A Life Apart’ features one of the bummest guitar notes in recorded history before that bass line returns and, despite throwing every instrument lifeline at the song, it’s a goner. Every track starts and ends with gratuitous production tweaks as if to suggest it’s in the name of art, but the album just flails around, wallowing in flat vocals and whirlpool keyboards, while borrowed themes mean you end up listening for other records while this one plays. Is that ‘White Horses’ amid ‘Bert’s Theme’? Isn’t ‘See-Saw’ just
Right Said Fred? And how did ‘Black Rain’ creep in when it’s a pretty decent tune?

Nothing can prepare you for ‘End Of The World’, though, changing a word and a line from
John Lennon's ‘Jealous Guy’ at the start, the song then gives hope to any budding guitarists by having the worst solo ever, yes, you can do better. The finale, ‘Marine’, features ocean sounds as the instruments rise from it before sinking again, just like this album in fact.

Did you know…
- Monaco is Peter Hook’s third non-New Order project of the 1990s, sandwiched between
Revenge and Warsaw – he also played bass on Durutti Column’s 1995 ‘Sex & Death’ album
- Co-collaborator David Potts was wanted by Noel Gallagher in 1999 to replace Bonehead in
- Potts used to be a tape operator in Hook's studio.

Review new album "Monaco" by Sarah Dempster from NME:

Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in. Cpt Peter Hook - dogged bass renegade, part-time New Orderly and stubblesome leader of the indie-pop resistance - was never one for easy surrender. A lesser man would've crumbled under the weight of appalling circumstance that has plagued his 'pet' project Monaco. The sniffy reviews, the threat of mutiny (his singing/strumming foil David Potts auditioned for a role in the post-Guigsy Oasis) and the ultimate humiliation of being dropped by his record label never exactly bade well for the long-term.

Yet against all odds, here they are again, brandishing the weapons of indignation and clinging like lichen to that stratum forever marked 'indie lite'. But things have changed round Monaco's way. Where their 1997 debut 'Music For Pleasure' reveled in its post-Britpop earnestness, 'Monaco' is simply an album of and about Pop. And, disengaged from the suffocatingly self-conscious 'indie' supply that rendered 'Music...' so trying, it's a truly lovely thing to behold; a pretence-free, summery shimmy through pop's enchanted garden, with tear-tugging Bacharachy bits and choruses of angels and everything.

From the swaying, early Pulp-ish Cinemascope of 'End Of The World' to the Motown matinée heartbreak of 'Ballroom', there's little here we haven't heard before. Even breezy drum'n'bass (drum'n'bass!) closer 'Marine' sounds like Erasure. Yet, crucially, 'Monaco' is both immaculately conceived and perfectly, almost indecently sincere; an album that's happy - not gormlessly, but quietly and assuredly happy - with its lot. What's more, 'Monaco' harnesses brilliantly the universal power of the platitude - a force only operable in the very best pop music that renders lines like, "The only thing I care about/Never will come true" (from new single 'I've Got A Feeling') sweet and sad and infinitely more affecting than any amount of pseudo-profound art-rock blubbery. And throughout it all, there's that bass, catching everything in its undulating undertow and sweeping us back to a time when all pop music was this heartfelt, this honest. It's not about progression, after all, it's about doing what you want to do. It's about taking a stand. Vive, as they say, la résistance. 8/10

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 22, 2000  
The new MONACO single 'I've Got A Feeling' was finally released in Europe August 14, 2000. The single has been pulled from release in UK.

The full track listing:

  • I've Got A Feeling (Radio Edit)
  • Heaven 7 (Exclusive Track)
  • Barfly (Exclusive Track)
  • I've Got A Feeling (CD-ROM Video)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 21, 2000  
Review "The Complete BBC Recordings" by Victoria Segal from NME:

CompleteBBC.JPG (55321 bytes)

It sounds like it's being broadcast from Alexandra Palace in the early days of the crystal set. The "rare interview material" trumpeted by 'The Complete BBC Recordings' - Richard Skinner jovially quizzing two young men from Manchester about what they think of Gary Numan's claim that "machine rock" is the future - is perhaps, the only way in which this record might raise a smile. "No disrespect to Gary Numan", they say, their true feelings clear, "but what we do is what we do."

There's no need for justification now. Recorded 21 years ago, these brief broadcast tapes have taken on the dark glow of relics, tokens of a band who hover darkly on the skyline wherever you stand. This is Turin Shroud-style ephemera, a spot of apocrypha for the bible fanatic: a tape-snippet of Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris, two Peel sessions, a previously unreleased television recording from Something Else and that's the "complete" BBC archive.

For a band of such looming status, it's valuable witness-bearing, parallel-universe versions of textbook history. Perhaps most compelling are the compare-and-contrast versions of 'Transmission' and 'She's Lost Control': the first set, recorded for John Peel in January 1979, laden with buckling tension and incipient panic; the second, taken from Something Else - where Curtis' dancing brought angry phone calls from viewers claiming he was "on drugs" - something of a culmination, a febrile sprint through the misery, a sudden chaotic yelp. Alternate versions of the monumental 'Exercise One' and 'Sound Of Music' add to the most obvious canon, while elsewhere, superb takes on 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', 'Colony' and '24 Hours' are instant shots of unflinching chill and cruel clear-sightedness.

History on its shoulders, this ephemera weighs heavy indeed.

JOY DIVISION "The Complete Radio 1 Recordings" was finally released August 7 in UK.

The full track listing for the album is:

  • 'Exercise One' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
  • 'Insight' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
  • 'She's Lost Control' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
  • 'Transmission' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
  • 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
  • '24 Hours' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
  • 'Colony' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
  • 'Sound Of Music' (Recorded for the John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
  • Transmission' (Recorded live for Something Else 4 Sept 79)
  • 'She's Lost Control' (Recorded live for Something Else 4 Sept 79)
  • Ian Curtis & Steven Morris interviewed by Richard Skinner ( Recorded for Radio One in 79)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 20, 2000  
Another Monaco Concert review at the Milky Way, Amsterdam, August 9th.

Steven Dalton (NME): 

Expanding the brand - that's what wanky marketing men and New Labour strategists call it. Sticking the imprint of a successful venture onto other products in the hope of its 'personality' rubbing off and hoodwinking loyal customers. It's a notion which, alas, doesn't always work. Look at Virgin Trains. Or a decade of underachieving New Order side projects.

Monaco probably have more New Order DNA in them than other spin-off bands - Peter Hook's bass sound, after all, is New Order - but this thinly attended reception in Amsterdam speaks volumes about the unique chemistry of great bands, and the grudging affection afforded their bastard offspring. The atmosphere is lukewarm. Fortunately, Captain Hook has brought his own, and he fully intends to rock.

It's more of a Hooky show this time around. David Potts shares the workload, but it's very much a father-and-son deal, with the walrus-voiced Ollie Reed of disco-metal in charge - dispensing deadpan insults and wielding his mighty bass like a ceremonial sword. The bulk of this set features gruff Hookster vocals, from brooding oldie 'Tender' to brooding newie 'A Life Apart', and from anthemic, club-friendly oldie 'What Do You Want From Me' to anthemic, club-friendly newie 'Seesaw'. The latter is Monaco's largely successful attempt to make euphoric trance sound grimy and lascivious, and features the killer punch line, "Put a smile back on my face/All back to my place".

Pottsy has the smoother pop voice which he demonstrates on sweet new guitar gushers like 'Kashmere' and 'I've Got A Feeling'. But his uncanny pastiche of Bernard Sumner's vocal style does both singers a disservice. Pottsy has the edge in technical competence, but his listless croon lacks Barney's prickly passion.

It's perhaps why Monaco are most themselves when Old Man Hook weighs in with his Gruffo The Sheepdog growls, as on melodic bruiser 'It's A Boy' - essentially New Order's 'Run' sung by Manchester's answer to Johnny Cash.

The Monaco brand will probably always be perceived as the EasyJet to New Order's Virgin Atlantic, but partly because Hook is a victim of his own success. Yet regardless of lineage or limitations, at the heart of Monaco lies an unquenchable exuberance which transcends critical sniping. Hooky doesn't need this aggravation, after all. He's clearly getting off on Monaco big time, but you're invited along for the ride. Because it's hard, in the end, to resent a veteran disco-metal monster's boyish enthusiasm. Long may his brand expand.

MONACO new album was finally released this Monday ( August 21 ) in UK.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 11, 2000  
Monaco Concert review at the Milky Way, Amsterdam, August 9th.

It was a short one, less than one hour. Not to much public (about 200 people). 10 songs played, 3 old ones, 7 new ones. 1 drummer, 1 keyboard, 2 guitarists (one is Pottsy) and Hooky on his bass. No merchandising at all. Hooky was at his ironic best and joking to the crowd, although probably only lads from Salford really "got" his humor. Hooky was singing a lot and Pottsy sounds more like Oasis than Barney. Some of the hardware (flight cases and so) were marked with "New Order".

Monaco will play also Manchester University (August 29) and London Scala Kings Cross (August 31).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 10, 2000  
Reports from Ally

"I've Got A Feeling" has been pulled from release by Papillon Records after sample clearance could not be obtained in time for a loop used on one of it's b-sides, "Heaven Seven".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 05, 2000  
The new MONACO single 'I've Got A Feeling' is now expected to be release August 14, 2000 in UK. The single may have been pulled from release after all.

Reports from Ally

"I've Got A Feeling" has been pulled from release by Papillon Records. The single was originally supposed to be released July 31st; then got pushed back to August 7 but now it appears they've decided not to release it at all. "See-saw" will probably replace "I've Got A Feeling" as the first single and may possibly follow "See-saw" as the second single. Very sketchy release date for the "See-saw" single is 6 weeks at the earliest and it'll include a fair few remixes.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 31, 2000  
The new JOY DIVISION "The Complete Radio 1 Recordings" is now expected to be release August 7, 2000 in UK.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 30, 2000  

Monaco.jpg (49033 bytes)

This picture (Click on it for full size) represent the new MONACO album sleeve expected to be release August 21st, 2000 in UK.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 28, 2000  
Reports from KOCH Records:

New York - KOCH Records, a division of KOCH Entertainment, is releasing the Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner collaboration, Electronics' Twisted Tenderness on September 12th in North America. The album was released to massive critical acclaim in England last year, but has been unavailable to the hundreds of thousands of stateside Electronic fans until now.  This deluxe edition includes three bonus tracks.

KOCH President, Bob Frank decided to pick up the album because "this is a beautiful collection of songs by two gents from two legendary bands.  The music needs to be available for the bands fans.  It's an honor to be able to work with these guys."

"It's got an energy about it," Johnny Marr says, "which is something you can't really design.  You can strategize as much as you like, but unless what you do has got the x factor - the moments that make you go 'yes!' even as they first come to you - there's no way you can expect it to have that effect on anyone else." Twisted Tenderness, the third album by Marr and Bernard Sumner as Electronic, is a record that's going to make a lot of people go 'yes!' 

Formed in 1989 in Manchester, England, Electronic was one of the first supergroups from post-punk Great Britain. The group is the on-off project formed by New Order's Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr, former guitarist of the Smiths. The duo released "Getting Away with It" in December 1989, with both Sumner and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys on vocals. The single just missed the Top Ten in England, but was the end of Electronic for over two years; Sumner and Tennant returned to their respective groups while Marr played on albums by The The and Billy Bragg. Electronic's sophomore single "Get the Message" finally appeared in April 1991, and an eponymous debut album followed in June. The non-album single "Disappointed" was released just over a year later. Sumner then returned to New Order to record their sixth album Republic, while Marr returned to his sideman role with The The and The Pretenders. The duo reunited to record again -- this time with help from former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos -- and released Raise the Pressure in July 1996.

After a busy few years, that found Sumner guessing on the Chemical Brothers' Surrender and recording a new New Order song for The Beach soundtrack and Marr working on his own new band The Healers as well as his solo work, the two got busy on Twisted Tenderness.

The album sounds free, not just of the prevailing anxieties that currently surround the music industry, but also of the burden of expectation which has been such a factor in Johnny and Bernard's previous collaborations. Twisted Tenderness is head and shoulder above some of 2000's more loudly trumpeted returns.  It shimmers, it startles and on occasion it rocks like a beast.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 25, 2000  
Reports from Allstar:

Nearly a year and a half after its release in the U.K., Electronic has finally lined up a Stateside release for its third album, Twisted Tenderness, on Sept. 12 on Koch Records.

Electronic, consisting of New Order singer Bernard Sumner and ex-Smiths/current Healer guitarist/vocalist Johnny Marr, previously saw its first two albums (1991's Electronic and 1996's Raise the Pressure) released on Warner Brothers.

Meanwhile, Marr's latest project, the Healers, recently finished up their first string of live shows in the U.K. and are currently in negotiations with an American label to release the band's debut, tentatively titled Play Dumb. Sumner is still holed up with a recently reformed New Order, writing and recording songs for the band's follow-up to 1993's Republic.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 23, 2000  
JOY DIVISION new live album "Live At Les Bains Douches ( December 18, 1979 )" is still expected to be release August 28th, 2000 on CD.

BainsDouchesLimitedEdition.jpg (13312 bytes) This picture represent the packaging for the Special edition limited to 2000-only in a lavish tin package. Disc 1 is the standard music CD, Disc 2 is a CD Rom of the same concert.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 13, 2000  
Reports from NME:

MONACO, the side project of NEW ORDER bassist PETER HOOK, are to play three live shows around the release of a new single and album.

The duo, also featuring David Potts, the man who was courted last year by Oasis as replacement bassist for the departed Guigsy, will play Amsterdam, Manchester and London during August.

As revealed recently by nme.com, Monaco have just signed a new record deal with independent Papillon Records, having been dropped by Polydor records. Their nine-track album was recorded during the final months with Polydor, allowing it to be released so soon after signing the deal.

Hook told nme.com last month that being dropped so close to the album release felt a little "like being jilted at the altar" but that he now has "got confidence in the record and I’m very happy with it and very proud of it".

Monaco will play Amsterdam Milky Way (August 9), Manchester Ampersand (August 29) and London Scala (August 31).

They will release new single 'I've Got A Feeling' on July 31 and the album 'Monaco' on August 21.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 11, 2000  
Reports from NME:

Two previously unreleased JOY DIVISION songs are to be released on a new compilation of BBC radio recordings.

The tracks, new versions of 'Transmission' and 'She’s Lost Control' feature on the album 'Joy Division - The Complete Radio 1 Recordings', which is released on July 31 through Strange Fruit. The two songs were both recorded for the 'Something Else' radio show in 1979.

Also featured on the album are the band’s only two John Peel sessions and a rare interview between radio DJ Richard Skinner, Joy Division vocalist Ian Curtis and drummer Stephen Morris.

The full track listing for the album is:

  • 'Exercise One'
  • 'Insight'
  • 'She's Lost Control'
  • 'Transmission'
  • 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
  • '24 Hours'
  • 'Colony'
  • 'Sound Of Music'
  • Transmission' (new version)
  • 'She's Lost Control' (new version)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 07, 2000  
The full track listing of the new MONACO single 'I've Got A Feeling' is now expected to be release July 31st, 2000 :

7" BTFLY0005 : 1.I've Got A Feeling (Radio Edit) 2.Heaven 7 (Exclusive Track).

CDS BTFLY0005 Part 1 Tracks: 1.I've Got A Feeling (Radio Edit) 2.Barfly (Exclusive Track) 3.I've Got A Feeling (Instrumental Mix).

CDS BTFLYX0005 Part 2 Tracks: 1.I've Got A Feeling 2.Heaven 7 (Exclusive Track) 3.I've Got A Feeling (CD-ROM Video).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 26, 2000  
New Order "BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert" was finally released this Monday ( June 26 ) in UK (Catalogue Number SFRSCD093 ) as a fully re-packaged CD capturing the band's performance at the Glastonbury festival in 1987.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 19, 2000  
Electronic's "Twisted Tenderness" will be released finally next month in the US. July 25, 2000 (was released in UK April 12, 1999).

Tracks Listing:

1. Make It Happen 2. Haze 3. Vivid 4. Breakdown 5. Can't Find My Way Home 6. Twisted Tenderness 7. Like No Other 8. Late At Night 9. Prodigal Son 10. When She's Gone 11. Flicker 12. King For A Day - (bonus track) 13. Warning Sign - (bonus track) 14. Make It Happen - (Darren Price mix, bonus track).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 15, 2000  
Reports from NME:

Monaco is set to sign new deals with Papillon Records.

Monaco frontman Peter Hook told nme.com: "We obviously had a bit of a setback being dropped by Polydor but seeing as they signed Adam Rickitt (the ex-Coronation Street star) after us I think we got our own back really. So bollocks to them.

"It was a bit like being jilted at the altar because we’d finished the LP and we were waiting for them to bring it out when we parted. It was a bit of a blow and it took us quite a few months for us to get over that, Pottsy and I, but I’ve got confidence in the record and I’m very happy with it and very proud of it."

The new Monaco album, titled ‘Monaco’ will now be released on August 7, with a single ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ to come out on July 24.

The tracklisting for the album is ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’, ‘Kashmere’, ‘A Life Apart’, ‘Burt’s Theme’, ‘Careful What You Wish For’, ‘End Of The World’, ‘Marine’, ‘It’s A Boy’ and ‘Black Rain’.

Last year, Monaco nearly lost guitarist David Potts to Oasis, who were considering him for the post of bass player.

Hooky said: "He came to his senses the lad. Oasis have proved that it wouldn’t have been a long-lived gig anyway. I think he’s got enough confidence in Monaco and he’s got his own stuff while I’m pissing about with New Order."

He also confirmed that New Order have started work on their new album, the long-awaited follow-up to 1993’s ‘Republic’ album. They’re working with producer Steve Osborne at Rockfield Studios in Wales and hope to release it summer next year.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 11, 2000  
New Release for JOY DIVISION  

Complete Radio 1 Recordings: Two complete 1979 Peel Session recordings, along with previously unreleased versions of "Transmission" and "She's Lost Control" recorded for "Something Else". Also featured is a rare interview of Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris. It is expected to be release July 31st, 2000 on CD.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 03, 2000  
Reports from Ally

Monaco's second album "Be Careful What You Wish For" is finished, and awaiting release. The band are rumored to be signing a deal with Chrysalis Records here in the UK for international release. Album track listing as follows: 

I've Got A Feeling / A Life Apart / Something Beautiful / Kashmere / Ennio / See Saw / Barfly / Ballroom / Black Rain / End of the World / Marine (instrumental) / 7th Heaven.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 02, 2000  
More Info and Confirmation from Mr. Wilson himself of Factory Records:

"We are doing "Les Bains Douches" if we find a good version of the gig; always seems to be some strange French woman who has a good copy but no-one can find her. The CD-Rom is more of a CDplus.. who knows, but there are visuals to go on it from the gig. 

Before that, we are bringing out some limited edition stuff shortly; a couple of "spoken word??" pieces called Pornucopia and The Pleasures of Cunt."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 21, 2000  
JOY DIVISION new live album is called "Live At Les Bains Douches ( December 18, 1979 )" is expected to be release August 28th, 2000 on CD.

This Classic live recording from December 18, 1979 comes also as Special edition limited to 2000-only in a lavish tin package. Disc 1 is the standard music CD, Disc 2 is a CD Rom of the same concert.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 18, 2000  
Reports from NME:

IAN CURTIS 1956 - 1980

Ian Curtis - Gone but not forgotten

It was 20 years ago today that IAN CURTIS ended his life, aged 23.

The driving force behind Joy Division's dark vision, he hanged himself in his Macclesfield home as the band rested between a European and American tour. Iggy Pop's 'The Idiot' was found on his turntable alongside a note which read "at this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can't cope anymore".

Curtis joined Joy Division in 1976, after answering a "seeking singer" ad that guitarist Bernard Albrecht (latterly Sumner) and bassist Peter Hook had placed in the window of Virgin Records in Manchester. When Stephen Morris joined on drums in August 1977, the band proper was born. They began rehearsing in earnest and touring what would become a trademark bleak, expressive sound. Their live shows caught the ear of semi-legendary Manchester names DJ Rob Gretton and journalist and Factory Records boss Tony Wilson. In May 1978 they went into the studio to record what was planned as their first, self-titled, album. When an engineer decided to overdub synthesizers, the band scrapped the LP.

It wasn't until 1979 with the recording of a session for BBC Radio One's John Peel and the July release of 'Unknown Pleasures' through Factory Records, that Joy Division's dark star began to rise.

However, as their career took off, Curtis‘ own health began to suffer. An epileptic, he frequently took fits while on stage. As the band's touring schedule increased so did the intensity of the seizures, and it often became difficult to tell the difference between them and his usual onstage jerkiness. Curtis is also believed to have become depressed at what he saw as an audience who were more keen to watch him break down than to listen to Joy Division.

Following a short break during Christmas 1979, Joy Division set off on a brief European tour, heading back to the studio in early February to work on the follow-up to 'Unknown Pleasures'.

They released 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' in April, and with momentum building in the US they were due to take off for their first ever tour of the States.

They never went. Curtis hanged himself in his kitchen two days before the flight. It was not his first suicide attempt.

Ironically, Joy Division went on to have their most commercially successful period. Their album 'Closer' peaked at Number 6 in the UK after its August release (the artwork, chosen before Curtis' death, eerily depicts a shrouded body in a tomb) and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' hit number 13 on its re-release.

Joy Division ceased to be - they had always said they would draw a line beneath the band if any member left. The three remaining members regrouped as New Order during early 1981 (Morris’ girlfriend Gillian Gilbert joined on keyboards) and continue to enjoy commercial success and critical acclaim.

Since Curtis‘ death there have a number of Joy Division releases, including 1988's 'Substance' and 1999's 'Preston Warehouse 28 February 1980' In 1998, a box set, containing both previously recorded and live material, was released.

'Touching from a Distance' a biography written by his widow, Deborah Curtis was published five years ago. It remains the most candid and open record available of his short life and sad death.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 17, 2000  
A Company called Tomandandy out in Los Angeles is running a JD special tribute on their web (www.tomandandy.com ) site until Sunday (May 21).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 05, 2000  
Reports from D. Walther:

In order to decently celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Ian Curtis' death ( May 18, 1980), a club in Geneva (Switzerland) called L'Usine (which means by the way "The Factory") is organizing a homage party dedicated to Joy Division. The event will take place on Saturday MAY 20, 2000.

The evening is divided in three parts: 

CONCERTS: Swiss bands covering Joy Division songs (Mothers Monsters, ExNova, Artmode, Sweet Disease, Last Torridas, Osmosis, Ice-9, Genes of perfection, Mot Compte Triple, Greenslime).

PROJECTIONS/SLIDES: films, documentaries.

DISCO NEW WAVE: DJ Christian, DJ Antz (Sanctuary).

Follow this link for more info (In French) www.ptrnet.ch/programe.html

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 20, 2000  
New Order "BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert" will be reissued in UK May 29, 2000 (Catalogue Number SFRSCD093 ) as a fully re-packaged CD capturing the band's performance at the Glastonbury festival in 1987.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 18, 2000  
New Play in New York about Ian Curtis:

The play is about Ian Curtis right before he commits suicide and his time spent in purgatory where an angel is trying to get him into heaven. The problem is that he doesn't want to go, he prefers pain and suffering. It is written by SPIN magazine journalist Marc Spitz. It opens May 3rd at a theatre called New York Performance works at 10:00 PM. The theatre is located at 128 Chambers St. at W. Broadway. The tickets are only $20. It only runs through May 28th. The reservation line is 212.726.8154.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 15, 1999  
LogoMuchMusic.gif (4747 bytes)MuchMusic Canada will be airing Saturday, April 29 (9pm & Midnight, ET, 6pm & 9pm PT)

New Order Live at Reading Festival 60min
A sell-out crowd of 50,000 fans gathered to witness legendary band New Order at the Reading Festival. The band plays a barnstorming live set of their hits including Regret, World In Motion, Blue Monday and others. (first aired Sep. 11/99)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 04, 2000  
'American Psycho' soundtrack featuring New Order Classic Track "True Faith" was finally released through Koch Entertainment on April 4. The movie will be in theaters everywhere (in the US) April 14th.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 01, 2000  
Today is the first anniversary of the site with a total hit of 28752. logoeye.gif (221 bytes) would like 2 thank all the people that came 2 the site ... all the people that came by mistake ... Most importantly logoeye.gif (221 bytes) would like 2 thank my mum for coming 28000 times. 

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 16, 2000  
Reports from Ally

New Order will be releasing an official live album sometime this year. The album will contain the complete Reading 98 performance and should be released through London Records hopefully this summer. A track from the album will appear on a Manchester-artist Kosovar charity record titled "Cohesion", that track will be "Atmosphere" as mentioned before. The new Monaco album has 12 tracks, first single to be "I've Got A Feeling". Another track from the album "Ballroom", will also be featured on the Kosovar record. Incidentally the new Monaco LP is called "Be Careful What You Wish For".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 05, 2000  
Reports from Ally

A new charity record provisionally titled "Cohesion" is set to be released sometime in the summer on a newly set-up Manchester label called "Collectiv Records". Hooky is rumored to be a major shareholder in this new company along with ex-Smiths Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. 

New Order, Monaco, Ian Brown, Happy Mondays, and various other Manchester bands are all contributing tracks to the CD which will be the first release on this new label. The New Order track is a live recording of "Atmosphere" from Reading 1998, and the Monaco track is a new one. I have been told that it's "Ballroom" but that isn't fully confirmed yet. Distribution for the album should be worldwide hopefully, at least they're hoping to make it a global thing once they get their distributors in order. For anyone who's interested, the Happy Mondays are doing another cover version, and Ian Brown is donating an exclusive remix of one of his songs.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 24, 2000  
'The Beach' soundtrack was finally released through London Records on February 21 in UK. In the movie, "Brutal" was used only as the (very low) background to a conversation that already had a lot of background noise going on. But, the nice surprise was hearing "Out Of Control" from The Chemical Brothers featuring Bernard Sumner (used fairly loudly and extensively in one scene).

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 18, 2000  
Reports from DJ Mag.

Tom and Ed ( The Chemical Brothers )are still matey with Bernard Sumner, however, who fronted the recent single 'Out Of Control' - and they are set to work with him again, this time on New Order's new album. Three new album tracks have so far been completed for the album, their first since 1993's 'Republic'. If things go to plan, it should see light of day towards the end of the year.

Meanwhile, New Order join Primal Scream bassist Mani and the band Mogwai on an eccentric concept album which is the brainchild of dance producer Arthur Baker. Mogwai and New Order's Peter Hook have recorded a Jewish religious song for the record, which is due for an early summer release. Best known for his work with Afrika Bambaataa (he partnered Bam in the making of the pioneering electro track 'Planet Rock') and New Order, Baker recently rounded up a bunch of artists including the Spice Girls, Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne and Kid Rock to produce the BBC charity version of 'It's Only Rock & Roll But I Like It' by The Rolling Stones.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 15, 2000  
Reports from Q Magazine via Maria J.:

Ex-Factory boss to launch cheap MP3 site

Ex-Factory Records boss Anthony Wilson is to launch Music33.com, an MP3 download site, in May. Linked with financial partners beenz.com and KLELine, the site will offer singles for 33p, which can be paid for with beenz.com 'e-cash' or via KLELine 'K wallet. 

Speaking to Revolution magazine last week (www.revolution.haynet.com), Wilson explained, "It will offer music from hip hop to Indie and everything in between. We believe that the real value is the sale of real songs." In talks with a host of small record companies based in and around his home turf - Manchester - he continued, "We are incredibly heartened, not to mention jubilant, that most of the innovative and trend setting labels in the north are happy to get involved. We can offer tracks at that price because by going direct to the consumer you are cutting around 60 or 70 per cent of your costs." 

Wilson has the jump on ex-Creation Records boss Alan McGee, who plans to sell music online through his new venture, the all-embracing Poptones, an online record label, gallery, film company and an online radio station. But McGee has begun acquiring new artists, including former Heavenly signing Tasha Lee Cluney, whose folky songs are to find a home at Poptones.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 14, 2000  

NEW ORDER is featuring in a new film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' controversial novel American Psycho features an eclectic hybrid of music old and new, rivaling the schizophrenic nature of main character Patrick Bateman.. Released April 4 in the US. The track is "True Faith".

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 12, 2000  
Reports from different sources:

Primal Scream's 'EXTERMINATOR'', out on January 31 through Creation, has Bernard Sumner playing guitar on one track "Shoot Speed / Kill Light". 

Q&A with Bobby Gillespie & Mani [former Stone Roses bassist]: 

Q: New Order's Bernard Sumner plays on 'Shoot Speed, Kill Light'. How did that come about? 

Bobby G: 'We wrote this song that was really Germanic - real _Joy Division_, real noisy, psychedelic driving music. The we thought, we need some guitar on this and the best guy to do it was fucking Barney. So we asked him to play and it was perfect.' 

Mani: 'It was me entering the spirit world and getting in touch with Ian Curtis, getting him right involved. 'The band were working on a dark, psychedelic track that started to sound like Joy Division, so they decided to bring him in to play guitar."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 11, 2000  
Reports from NME:

MOGWAI, NEW ORDER and PRIMAL SCREAM bassist MANI will all appear on a bizarre concept album from legendary producer ARTHUR BAKER, set for release later this year.

Mogwai, who are in the process of writing the follow-up to last year's 'Come On Die Young' album, have recorded an old Jewish hymn with Baker and, just recently, New Order bassist Peter Hook added to the 'tune'. It's thought the album will contain similar experimental material.

Speaking to NME at the Premier Awards night, Martin Bulloch, Mogwai drummer, told NME: "Arthur came up to Glasgow at the end of last year and we did and old Jewish hymn, a couple of days ago, he got Peter Hook to play on the tune we did as well so that's going to be coming out soon I reckon."

"It's going to be an album, or an EP will all these tunes on it, the guys from New Order are on it, Mani from Primal Scream, it's going to be a tremendous record."

Arthur Baker is best known for his work with Afrika Bambaata, New Edition and New Order.

He recently united artists like Kid Rock, Ozzy Osbourne, The Spice Girls and Mick Jagger for the BBC's charity version of the Rolling Stones classic 'It's Only Rock And Roll (But I Like It)'.

It's not known which label his new album will be released on, but it's tipped for a late spring release.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)February 10, 2000  
Reports from Kevin O'Connor.

From the "Select" magazine in an interview with Danny Boyle, the director behind Trainspotting and The Beach, his next project is to be a film biography on the life of Ian Curtis. There are no more details at present, but Danny said that he would cast an unknown to play Ian.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 28, 2000  
Reports from Allstar:

Johnny Marr and the Healers, the tentative title of Marr's upcoming solo project.Marr, who's shooting for a summer release, wrote and sings all the tracks on the as-yet-untitled album (Play Dumb is a possibility).

As for the future of Electronic, Marr dismisses recent rumblings that the band's 1999 album, Twisted Tenderness, was its curtain call. "I think Electronic will make a record at some point because we work so well together and we have such a great time," says Marr. "There are things that Electronic do that I can only do with Bernard Sumner and Bernard can only do with me. There are reasons for Bernard and I to work together that he and I know about and there is a shared influence that we have that we only have with each other. We have an agenda that we share, I don't think people quite realize about that about Bernard and myself. I think people think I was on Venus and Bernard was on Pluto but it wasn't really like that. I think the Smiths and New Order actually were more similar than people think. No matter what kind of framework the music was in, it was emotive."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 24, 2000  
Reports from Dennis Remmer

"I've been having an interesting e-conversation with a chap who was involved with Ikon"

-    "Sad to say that Ikon is no longer a going concern and it ceased trading on the 22 October 1999. The back catalogue was sold to Visionary (aka Jettizounds) who are owned by Cherry Red, that includes all the tapes shot of most bands that appeared in the early days of the Hacienda, some of which where shot by myself (Digressing here: most of them I never saw let alone get copies of and I would have loved to have trawled through them before they got sold, alas that was swift sale and time beat me...) " 

-    "(We) are currently working on a reconstruction of the 8mm Joy Division film, there are some outtakes, photographs which haven't been seen before and a cleaned up audio of the full gig at Bowden Vale which was, apparently, done by Martin Hannett years ago. The reconstruction is ditching all the (dubious?) padding that was in the original, when this will be finished we don't know as we haven't had a transfer to digital that we are satisfied with."

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 23, 2000  
A new tribute to New Order has been released January 2nd, 2000 named "Thieves Like Us" which is being produced by Something Inviting Records. The first run of the CD's will be a limited edition of 1000.
Track Listings
1. Age Of Consent (Thursday 29)
2. Ruined In A Day (Echo Stylus)
3. Touched By The Hand Of God (Strange Angels)
4. True Faith (Satellite Circle)
5. Hurt (Sensoria)
6. Dream Attack (MinGys)
7. In A Lonely Place (Fadestation)
8. Mesh (Florentine Cruise)
9. Confusion (Suzuki Kid)
10. Round & Round (Vegasphere)
11. Regret (Radiate)
12. World In Motion (International Jewel Thieves)
13. Angel Dust (neutered faith)
14. Times Change (Larry Petrov)


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 26, 1999  
THE OTHER TWO new single called "You Can Fly" is now expected to be released on February 15th, 1999.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 22, 2000  
Reports from different sources:

Primal Scream's upcoming album 'EXTERMINATOR'', out on January 31 through Creation, has Bernard Sumner playing guitar on one track. The band were working on a dark, psychedelic track that started to sound like Joy Division, so they decided to bring him in to play guitar. 

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 21, 2000  
'The Beach' soundtrack is released through London Records on February 14 in UK.
It features:
1. Spinning Away - Sugar Ray
2. Voices - Dario G/Vanessa Quinoness
3. Yeke Yeke - Mory Kante (Hard Floor mix '98)
4. On Your Own - Blur (Crouch End Broadway mix)
5. Return Of Django - Asian Dub Foundation
6. Pure Shores - All Saints
7. Snake Blood - Leftfield
8. Porcelain - Moby
9. Woozy - Faithless
10. Business As Usual - Barry Adamson/Leonardo DiCaprio
11. Brutal - New Order
12. Orbital Mix - Angelo Badalamenti (Remixed by Orbital)

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 17, 2000  
TONY WILSON is to revive Factory Records, the Manchester label which brought the world Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays.

The one-time journalist and television presenter says the time is right for a revival of the cult label he launched in the late Seventies. He believes that the UK is on the brink of another major pop revolution, which he claims happen every 13 years.

Tony Wilson was interviewed on BBC radio1 on Tuesday, January 11: "Every 13 years there is a new revolution in music - in 63 it was rock, 76 was punk, 89 was acid/baggy. Therefore we SHOULD see a new revolution in 2002, which we should start to see the beginning of next year. Any record company with their antenna up should be starting to sign bands this year who are going to be part of the new movement - even though we don't know what it will be yet..." Wilson clearly wants to be part of this new revolution, obviously craving the excitement brought by being at the center of the emerging punk and acid house scenes. He also admitted to being a fan of Pete Waterman and Steps....

Wednesday January 12, he told British newspaper The Guardian: "Sixty-three was The Beatles, Seventy-six the Sex Pistols. 1989 Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses. I never realized until recently that if you go back even further, that's 1950, the dawn of the teddy boy". 

As well as relaunching Factory, which went bankrupt on November 23 1992, Wilson plans to sell music via the internet from his own MP3 shop at www.music33.com. He believes the Factory offshoot will remove 70 per cent of the costs of selling music. He plans to sell individual songs without B-sides and claims he will undercut the competition by 30p a tune. "These shits charging 99p and then saying to the artists 'You can have so much per cent' can go screw themselves'" 

Wilson can also be seen on ITV on Wednesday nights at 11:30pm GMT, presenting the new arts/pop/interview series called Content.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 11, 2000  
Reports from Jonathan S.

Confirmation that "Brutal" IS on the soundtrack but is NOT to be released as a single. "...the track sounds undoubtedly New Order...was never seen as a single...was commissioned by Pete Tong for the film...never written or produced as a single release..." New Order promotions spokesperson. 

The Soundtrack "The Beach" ( Cat. No Wea/Sire B000046S17) will be released in the US on February 1, 2000.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 10, 2000  
JOY DIVISION "Unknown Pleasures"( Cat. No 3984282232 ), "Closer"( Cat. No 3984282192 ), "Still"( Cat. No 3984282222 ), "Substance"( Cat. No 3984282242 ), "Permanent"( Cat. No 3984282212 ),  NEW ORDER "Movement"( Cat. No 5200182 ), "Power Corruption and Lies"( Cat. No 8573813662 ), "Low Life"( Cat. No 8573813132 ), "Brotherhood"( Cat. No 5200212 ), "Substance"( Cat. No 3984282272 ), "Technique"( Cat. No 8573813672 ), "Republic"( Cat. No 8284132 ) have been reissued Mid Price in UK today January 10, 2000 ( Durutti Column and Happy Mondays also) have been reissued Mid Price in UK today January 10, 2000 ( Durutti Column and Happy Mondays also) .

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