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The definitive story of Joy Division told by the band's legendary bassist, PETER HOOK – now available in the U.S. for the first time





Publication Date: January 29, 2013



“Required reading for anyone who ever felt moved by Joy Division’s cold, dark music.” – KIRKUS, in a starred review



“Vivid, funny, and unexpectedly touching, Peter Hook’s memoir strips away the shroud of myth surrounding Joy Division to offer a refreshingly gritty perspective on the story of four ordinary young men who together made extraordinary music.” – Simon Reynolds, author of Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-84



Joy Division changed the face of music. Godfathers of alternative rock, they reinvented music in the post-punk era, creating a unique new sound – dark, hypnotic, and intense – that would influence U2, Morrissey, R.E.M., Radiohead, and numerous others. Bono has said of them: “It would be harder to find a darker place in music than Joy Division. Their name, their lyrics, and their singer were as big a black cloud as you could find in the sky. And yet I sensed the pursuit of God, or light, or reason… A reason to be. With Joy Division, you felt from this singer beauty was truth and truth was beauty, and theirs was a search for both.”


On stage, lead singer Ian Curtis was a mesmerizing and enigmatic figure. Few realized, however, that he was secretly struggling. A recent diagnosis of epilepsy rendered him prone to fits, many exacerbated by light displays on stage during the band’s performances. Off the road, he struggled to provide for a new baby as his young marriage faltered. The lure of the road beckoned, and a burgeoning love affair grew. But it all proved too much to handle.


The story is now legendary: in 1980, on the heels of their groundbreaking debut, Unknown Pleasures, and on the eve of their first U.S. tour, Ian Curtis committed suicide. Yet in the mere three years they were together, Joy Division produced two landmark albums and a handful of singles—including the iconic anthem “Love Will Tear Us Apart”—that continue to have a powerful resonance.


Now, for the first time, their story is told by one of their own. In UNKNOWN PLEASURES: Inside Joy Division (It Books | January 29, 2013 | Hardcover |$27.99 | also available from HarperCollins e-books) – originally published in the UK by Simon & Schuster UK on September 27, 2012 – founding member and bass player Peter Hook recounts how four young men from Manchester and Salford, with makeshift instruments and a broken-down van, rose from the punk scene to create haunting, atmospheric music that would define a generation.


Hook shares previously unseen photographs and paraphernalia, including two eight-page color photo inserts, and reflects, with eye-opening candor, on the suicide of Ian Curtis: often seen as the “intellectual one” by the public – Curtis was to Peter and the band just “one of the lads” who, like them, had tremendous fun being young and a musician. Hook shares his regret that Ian’s burdens only emerged when it was too late – and, when they did emerge, that Hook and the band carried on like it was business as usual.


Covering the band's friendships and fall-outs; the evolution of their sound and image; their rehearsals and recording sessions; and the larger-than-life characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division legend, including Factory Records founder Tony Wilson and producer Martin Hannett, Hook tells the exclusive story of the band in this unflinchingly honest memoir. He also reveals new insights, such as:


·       Why Hook hated the sound of Unknown Pleasures when he first heard it, and how all of the things he loves about the album today – the spacey, echoey ambient sound of it – were all the things he initially hated

·       Which portrayal of Ian on film Hook prefers and why

·       How Hook developed his three-fingered method of playing bass – from playing badly

·       How the punk scene is so different for bands today – and how, when Joy Division was getting started, there was no manual, no “how to” and that made it exciting – and why being on an indie label let them behave so badly during press interviews

·       Why their first record, put on by a DJ at a local club in Manchester literally cleared the dance floor

·       Why producer Martin Hannett tore apart Stephen Morris’s drum kit while recording Unknown Pleasures

·       Some of the legendary pranks the band pulled on the road – and the particularly epic prank involving maggots on the Buzzcocks tour


With a comprehensive timeline and insightful track-by-track breakdowns of the songs on their two sole albums – Unknown Pleasures and Closer, this is the book that Joy Division fans have awaited for decades.



Peter Hook was born in 1956 in Salford, England. A founding member of Joy Division and New Order, he is an international DJ and tours Joy Division’s music with his new band, the Light. He lives in Cheshire.





Monday, Jan. 28 | Brooklyn, NY | 7:00 PM

Powerhouse Arena | in conversation with Brandon Stosuy of Pitchfork


Tuesday, Jan. 29 | New York, NY | 7:00 PM

Strand Bookstore | in conversation with Sasha Frere-Jones of the New Yorker


Thursday, Jan. 31 | San Francisco, CA | 7:00 PM

JCC of San Francisco | in conversation with David Pescovitz of Boing Boing


Friday, Feb. 1 | Los Angeles, CA | 7:30 PM

Skylight Books


Saturday, Feb. 2 | San Diego, CA | 4:00 PM

M-Theory Records


Monday, Feb. 4 | Cincinnati, OH | 7:00 PM

Joseph-Beth Booksellers


Tuesday, Feb. 5 | Chicago, IL | 6:00 PM

Museum of Contemporary Art


Wednesday, Feb. 6 | Long Island, NY | 7:00 PM

Book Revue


Thursday, Feb. 7| Boston, MA | 7:00

Brookline Booksmith | in conversation with author/writer Scott Heim


Friday, Feb. 8 | Boston, MA | 7:00

Porter Square Books | in conversation with NPR music critic Tim Riley




“Hook has restored a flesh-and-blood rawness to what was becoming a standard tale. Few pop music books manage that.”   —Andy Beckett, The Guardian


“The most colorful and intimate account of Joy Division ever written . . . a marvelous raconteur[,] Hook evokes the spirit of the age with a bluff authenticity that no outsider could hope to emulate . . . explaining the creation of his band’s remarkable music with all the passion and insight it deserves.” 

—Keith Cameron, MOJO


“A self-confessed “working-class yobbo,” Hook writes with real enthusiasm about the unlikely lads who ended up forming two of Britain’s most influential bands (Joy Division and, after the suicide of their lead singer Ian Curtis, New Order) . . .  will keep you entertained for a very long time”   —Rob Fitzpatrick, Sunday Times




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Eight Track Mini-Album Featuring Previously Unheard Tracks Available For Digital Download On January 15 From Rhino


New Order are proud to announce the release of THE LOST SIRENS, an eight track mini album featuring a truly eclectic mix of electronica and guitars in the truly inimitable New Order style. The album was written, produced and recorded by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Philip Cunningham and will be available for download at digital retail outlets on January 15.



“Lost Sirens? Well, it’s not really lost,” explains drummer Stephen Morris. “I remember that Martin Hannett once had an idea of making a record and burying it in his garden, so that one day someone would dig it up, like a time capsule. We just stuck our record in a cupboard. And now we’ve got it out.When we did the first one (Waiting For The Sirens’ Call) we had 20 ideas for songs - we were going through a particularly prolific phase – but we couldn’t make a double concept album out of them all, so we thought we’d just do two instead. The intention was always to write four or five more songs and then put it out 18 months or so after the first one. When we unearthed it from the cupboard recently, with the intention of red-editing some of the songs, we all agreed they didn’t actually need it, and it should just be out there. So here it is.”


1. I’ll Stay with You
2. Sugarcane
3. Recoil
4. Californian Grass
5. Hellbent
6. Shake It Up
7. I’ve Got A Feeling
8. I Told You So




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) September 14th, 2012


Peter Hook And The Light Debut New Order’s First Two Albums With Special London & Manchester Concerts January 2013

“Movement (1981) / Power Corruption And Lies (1983)”

Thursday 17th January 2013             Friday 18th January 2013

Koko, Camden, London                                 Manchester Cathedral

Tickets :                      Tickets :                                    24 Hour Booking – 0845 413 4444

24 Hour Booking – 0844 477 1000

Tickets For Both Concert On Sale 9am Tuesday 25th September 2012

Tickets £20 include charity donation to MIND & Forever Manchester

Peter Hook And The Light are to debut their performances of the first two albums released by New Order, “Movement” (1981) and “Power Corruption And Lies” (1983) with two unique, inaugural London and Manchester concerts in January 2013, the first at the legendary Koko in London and the second a distinctive and special event, taking place at Manchester Cathedral

Alongside the performances of the albums in full and in sequential order, which has become one of the hallmarks of The Light’s live performances to date, the band are also set to revisit the many classic singles of the 1981 to 1983 including “Ceremony”, “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Temptation” and “Blue Monday” which New Order generally refused to include on the albums, considering the LP’s should stand alone in comparison to the single releases.

As with the other albums across the Joy Division and New Order canon, both albums have stood the test of time with the period marking the emergence of the new band and their developing sound whilst also, most notably on “Movement” referring back to Joy Division musical template.

The last album from the band to be produced by Martin Hannett, “Movement’s reputation has grown stronger amongst fans and aficionados since its release, becoming more respected and revered, especially for its emotional and music links to Joy Division and its themes of a band finding its feet in the aftermath of tragedy, looking towards new experimentation and techniques.

With the band not having settled on a permanent lead singer by the time of the recording of Movement, Peter Hook took lead vocals on two of the albums tracks, opener “Dreams Never End” and “Doubts Even Here”, the former now widely admired with Hooky’s elegant bass line hinting at the direction in which the band were now heading. Insurgent and anthemic in equal parts, “Movement” as its title suggests shows a band embracing progress and a lighter touch and style on “Chosen Time” and “Senses”, a mood  counterbalanced with the not unexpected emotion and  soul searching on album centre-point “The Him”, “ICB” and “Truth”.

In comparison, “Power Corruption And Lies” shows the emergence of what is generally termed the trademark, archetypal New Order sound. More open and optimistic than the title might suggest, the Peter Saville designed album cover takes the National Gallery owned “A Basket Of Roses” by Henri Fantin Latour and makes the sleeve a piece of modern art which has been widely lauded since its release three decades ago.

Critically “Power, Corruption And Lies” was also more enthusiastically received than its predecessor with superlative immediately forthcoming from the very best sections of the music press. Containing some of the fans persistent live favourites such as “Age Of Consent” and “Your Silent Face”, it was this album that cemented New Order’s reputation and showed a cohesiveness and new found confidence emanating from the band.

Opening side A, “Age Of Consent” highlights the increasing influence of electronica on the band, its light and airy synths allies to a bassline performed with finesse. The low slung angular post punk funk of “Ultraviolence” and the first part of “586” could have made Joy Division’ second album “Closer” but as “586” closes the first side with a flourish of synthesisers and electro, the track in particular comes to define the changes in New Order’s style.

Sometimes compared to Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express” on the flipside, the elegantly angelic “Your Silent Face” has been termed a sublime, techno tinged ballad and  is still regarded as one of New Order’s finest ever tunes. The album also begins to show the influence of the then opened FAC 51 The Hacienda encroaching on the band’s craft and closes off with the jauntily, uplifting “Ecstacy” and the delicately wrought and soulful “Leave Me Alone”, Although later editions of the album have included mega hit “Blue Monday” and its instrumental counterpart “The Beach”, these were not included on the original release,

Support at both concerts comes from Manchester based Modern Blonde, comprising Adam and Tom Greenhalgh alongside Ben Silver. Over the past two years they have released 35 songs spread over two albums, available to download free from their Bandcamp page linked below. They have drawn comparisons to Kraftwerk, Ariel Pink, R Stevie Moore and Frank Zappa and are currently working on a third album as well as regularly performing live.

As with the previous debut album concerts by The Light, both gigs benefit two charities, Mind, the mental health charity and Forever Manchester, a local Manchester charity which supports numerous community based initiatives.




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Published in Hardback by Simon & Schuster UK

1st October, 2012


In the frank, no-holds-barred style that has seen his previous book The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club reach critical acclaim, Peter 'Hooky' Hook takes us to the heart of Joy Division and the sound that defined an era and inspired a generation with propulsive bass guitar melodies such as 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'.

Driven by the attitude, energy and sound of Punk, particularly the Sex Pistols, four young lads from Macclesfield and Salford shared the same vision and created a band with their own unique sound. Cobbling together instruments and a clapped out old van, they played in pubs and clubs - first across the north- west, then across the whole of Britain, until in 1980 they had released two albums and were on the cusp of touring America.


The definitive story of Joy Division told by the band's legendary bassist, PETER HOOK.

"It's very strange. Over the years Joy Division has become a huge part of music culture. A lot of people think they know what happened. But they don't. Anyone who's ever written a book or made a film about Joy Division, unless they were sat in that van or car with us, they don't know anything about it. Me, Barney, Steve, Ian, Rob, Twinny, Terry and Dave. Only us lot know what really happened..." PETER HOOK


Then Ian Curtis committed suicide leaving everyone around him bereft.

In Unknown Pleasures, Peter shares previously unseen photographs and paraphernalia and reflects, with eye-opening candour, on the suicide of Ian Curtis: often seen as the "intellectual one" - to Peter and the band he was just "one of the lads". He shares his regret that Ian’s burdens of balancing his epilepsy and the demands of his domestic life only emerged when it was too late.

"I supposed in the end it’s almost too easy to look back and say what you should have done, how you might have changed things. How you might have done things differently and ultimately stopped Ian from doing what he did. What’s harder, what’s much, much harder, is to accept what you actually did do. Accept what you did do, and live with it" PETER HOOK

Covering the band's friendships and fall-outs; their rehearsals and recording sessions; Peter gives a truly fascinating insight, as only an insider can, into the characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division legend.


Peter Hook was born in 1956 in Salford. He was a founding member of Joy Division and New Order and nowadays DJ’s internationally as well as touring Joy Division’s music with his new band The Light.



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Anton Corbijn

Inside Out

Release Date: 17 September 2012

‘This moving picture portrait of the iconic and

workaholic photographer is insightful and



‘He can make anyone look cool, even us’



Photographer, filmmaker and video artist Anton Corbijn is one of the most prolific

artists of our time. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the World

including Joy Division, U2, Nirvana, David Bowie, Metallica, Depeche Mode,

Clint Eastwood, The Rolling Stones, and R.E.M.

Anton Corbijn has shaped his subjects’ images for many years with his unique

iconography, but who is the man behind the camera and what drives him?

Inside Out explores Corbijn’s persona, uncovering his motivation and inherent

conflict as an artist, between audience's admiration and personal loneliness. It

comes to DVD on 17 September 2012 courtesy of Momentum Pictures.

Director Klaartje Quirijns uses critical and insightful interviews with artists such as

Bono, George Clooney and Corbijn’s family and follows the man himself, to his

home, where he grew up, his studio and places of work to reveal his inspiration, his

drive and his own demons.

Featuring appearances from U2, Metallica, Lou Reed, Arcade Fire, Depeche Mode

and an outstanding soundtrack including Joy Division, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, U2

and original music by Gavin Friday, this is a fascinating and revealing portrait of one

of the most significant artists of post-modern pop culture.


Title: Anton Corbijn Inside Out Release Date: 17 September 2012

Running time: 80 mins approx Language: English/Dutch with subtitles



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New Order announce two benefit gigs in Europe in aid of their old friend, the renowned artist and film producer Michael Shamberg. Shamberg - who produced several of New Order’s music videos, including the Brit Award winning True Faith, Touched by the Hand of God and Regret – has been struggling with a debilitating illness since 2005.

Speaking yesterday, Bernard explains, “Michael has been with us from the very start, initially he was in charge of Factory New York, then became creative producer for all our early videos. He brought our attention to the early works of Directors such as Kathryn Bigelow,  Gina Birch, Robert Breer, Peter Care, Phillipe Decouffle, Jonathan Demme, Robert Frank, Paula Greiff, Robert Longo, Bailie Walsh & William Wegman. Michael is very ill and needs constant medical attention. We want to help him, and these shows will contribute financial support towards his ongoing care.”

New Order are pleased to announce the return of GILLIAN GILBERT to the band.  Gillian’s first live performance with New Order was at The Squat in Manchester on October 25, 1980.

Gillian says, “It’s been a long ten years since I took a break from the band, so I’m really happy to be back, and this is a great place to start. Michael is a very good friend, and I want to help him, so it’s perfect timing to come back now!” 

The dates, their first live shows since November 2006, are:

  • 17th October 2011- Ancienne Belgique -  Brussels
  • 18th October 2011 - La Bataclan -  Paris

Following the well-documented departure of bass player Peter Hook, in Spring 2007, New Order are now:

  • Stephen Morris (drums)
  • Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitar)
  • Gillian Gilbert (keyboard, guitar)
  • Phil Cunningham (guitar, keyboards)
  • Tom Chapman (bass)

Tickets are available from

Brussels:  phone: +32 (0)2 548 24 24

Paris - phone: 0 892 683 622 (0,34€/min) / international calls : +331 4157 3228 - phone: 0 892 390 100 (0,34€/min) / international calls : +331 4691 5757


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The Light Logo for press release.jpg

Peter Hook And The Light’s “Closer” Tour Of United States &

Debut “Unknown Pleasures” Canadian/Mexican Dates Sept / Oct 2011

Closer LP Album Image for web press release.jpg

Peter Hook and The Light are set to return for a tour of the United States performing Joy Division’s seminal second album “Closer” for the first time in the county following their debut tour there last December. The tour will also see the band’s play Canada for the first time with appearances in Toronto and Montreal before making a three date debut tour of Mexico where they will perform “Unknown Pleasures” for the first time in either country.

In revisiting “Closer”, whose hauntingly austere atmosphere and emotive content is considered a “start to finish masterpiece”* (Pitchfork Media – see below), the tour will see The Light reproduce Joy Divison’s highly esteemed album for fans.

The Light are returning to some of the venues from last year’s December tour where they performed the debut album “Unknown Pleasures” to give fans the opportunity to see its follow up LP “Closer”, played by the band sequentially and in full. Both of the Martin Hannett produced albums are considered seminal and hugely admired classics of the genre and the influence of both LPs remains pervasive today, both for fans and for the many emerging bands who take on the template of Joy Division’s sound in the modern era.

As Martin Hannett’s incandescent production permeates the record alongside a band that had grown much in confidence since their debut, Closer also yielded many landmark Joy Division tracks including “Atrocity Exhibition, “Heart And Soul” and “Twenty Four Hours”. 

The Light will also be performing “Unknown Pleasures” (“simply one of the best records ever made, and is still powerful enough to floor you 30 years on” NME) at the second LA date at El Rey Theatre and at the Denver date and also across all the Canadian and Mexican tour dates.

As Martin Hannett’s incandescent production permeates the record alongside a band that had grown much in confidence since their debut, Closer also yielded many landmark Joy Division tracks including “Atrocity Exhibition, “Heart And Soul” and “Twenty Four Hours”. 

The Light have been consistently touring since the debut of their performance of Unknown Pleasures in May 2010  at The Factory in Manchester, with dates across the UK, Ireland, most European countries, an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand last September and their debut US Tour in December 2010. The Light first performed Closer at The Factory in May of this year and are beginning to take this show around the world.

The Light’s tour begins with its headline New York Show at Irving Plaza on Tues 13th Sept to debut “Closer” for our friends in The Big Apple and then crosses the States for two dates in Los Angeles, with a return to Hollywood’s The Music Box on Weds 14th Sept with a Closer show, and an additional LA date two days later at the El Rey Theatre on Fri 16th Sept performing Unknown Pleasures. Heading North, back to San Francisco to the Mezzanine on Saturday 16th Sept, The Light perform “Closer” in their return visit from last December.

On their first visit to Denver Monday 19th Sept, The Light will revisit Unknown Pleasures for the only time on this US tour before heading over to the East Coast for “Closer” concerts at the Paradise Rock Club, Boston on Tues 20th Sept, 9:30 Club Washington on Weds 21st September and Metro Chicago on Friday 23rd Sept.

Heading North of the border for the first time over the weekend, The Light perform “Unknown Pleasures” for the first time in Canada at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto Sat 24th Sept and at Club Soda, Montreal Sun 25th Sept.

The Light then head south to Mexico for their debut dates in the country, performing Unknown Pleasures at Black Box, Tijuana Weds 28th Sept before taking the show to The Warehouse, Guadalajara on Thursday 29th and Mexico City on Saturday 1st October.

The Light’s debut EP “1102 / 2011” was released digitally in May 2010 on Hacienda Records, based exclusively at, featuring the bands version of a previously unreleased Joy Division track, “Pictures In My Mind” and new renditions of “Atmosphere”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” with vocals by The Light’s sometime guest singer, Rowetta.

The EP has recently been made available on iTunes and across other major download sites. For the videos released by The Light including the Peter Hook sung “Pictures In My Mind, check

The Light United States / Canada / Mexico Tour Dates September / October 2011

Tues 13th Sept – Irving Plaza, New York (Performing “Closer)

Weds 14th Sept – The Music Box, Los Angeles, California (Performing “Closer”)

Fri 16th Sept – El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California (Performing “Unknown Pleasures”)

Sat 17th Sept – Mezzanine, San Francisco, California (Performing “Closer”)

Mon 19th Sept – Bluebird Theatre, Denver, Colorado (Performing “Unknown Pleasures”)

Tues 20th Sept – Paradise Rock Club. Boston, Massachusetts (Performing “Closer”)

Weds 21st Sept – 9:30 Club, Washington DC, Washington (Performing “Closer”)

Fri 23rd Sept – Metro, Chicago, Illinois (Performing “Closer”)

Sat 24th Sept – Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, Ontario (Performing "Unknown Pleasures")

Sun 25th Sept – Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec (Performing "Unknown Pleasures")

Weds 28th Sept – Black Box, Tijuana, Mexico (Performing "Unknown Pleasures")

Thurs 29th Sept – The Warehouse, Guadalajara, Mexico (Performing "Unknown Pleasures")

Saturday 1st October – Venue TBA, Mexico City, Mexico (Performing "Unknown Pleasures") /




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 20th 2011





Released by Gillian and Stephen on their own label, a 12” vinyl previously

only available at Art Institution FRAC Champagne-Ardenne along with an

extended CD featuring 3 remixes by the fantastic Factory Floor, whove

collaborated with Gillian and Stephen since first meeting in early 2010.

The music was originally conceived and written as a soundtrack to Anna

Blessman & Peter Savilles exhibition “Swing Project 1” between October

2010 and January 2011 at FRAC Champagne-Ardenne in France.

“The original idea for the music was that it should give the impression that

some sort of European Techno party was going on in a nearby room. So that

while wandering around the show you would be enticed by this non existent

dance floor.” - Stephen Morris

The artwork is designed by Saville


Available as a Vinyl/CD package in a limited edition run of 1000/Release Date : Jul 25 2011






Swing Robot

FF Dom remix

Swing Low

FF Gabe remix

Swing Inside

FF Nic Remix


Available from




For all other Gillian and Stephen news visit



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 1st 2011














Rhino Records UK is pleased to announce the release of “Total: From Joy Division To New Order” – a single CD collection of tracks from two of the most important groups in British musical history, Joy Division and New Order.


Despite a tragically short existence as a band, Joy Division have stood the test of time, remaining one of the most important and influential bands from the UK. Their dark, brooding resonance serving as template for a million and one contemporary copycat acts, and their continued adoration today is no doubt testament to the modern and unique sound they carved in their short career. The sound of a young band on the brink of success yet unsure how to deal with it.


With the sad passing of Ian Curtis, Joy Division were forced to re-think and from the ashes rose New Order.


The same core band, New Order took forward the linear progression of Joy Division and translated it into a new, exciting sound. Firmly rooted in their post-punk boots but using pioneering technological advances in music, New Order were early adopters of electronics in pop music and eventually went on to write the biggest selling dance 12” of all time – Blue Monday.


TOTAL is a chronological look at the two bands’ most important tracks and the first time the bands have been brought together on one album. It includes Joy Division staples such as LOVE WILL TEAR US APART and the beautiful ATMOSPHERE as well as New Order classics BLUE MONDAY, BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE and TRUE FAITH.  Also included is a brand new unreleased New Order track “HELLBENT”.


Guitarist/vocalist BERNARD SUMNER commented “I’m glad people still talk about Joy Division and New Order, there’s still a sense of self-discovery when they find out about both bands. One of my friends brought his daughter round – she’s 14, and she had her iPod on. And I said to her, what are you listening to? And she said, it’s this group called Joy Division. And I had to smile a little bit".


Bassist PETER HOOK It is strange seeing the two bands together on one CD. Nice for me, because I can see the evolution, the way the music changed over the years. I am very proud of both, hopefully this could turn a NEW GENERATION of people onto both!”


The album has been lovingly mastered by Frank Arkwright and features exciting new cover-art overseen by Peter Saville former art director of Factory Records.




TOTAL Tracklisting


1. Joy Division – Transmission (Track taken from Factory Records FAC 13 7” Single)

2. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Track taken from Factory Records FAC23 7” Single)

3. Joy Division – Isolation (Track taken from Factory Records FAC25 12” Album)

4. Joy Division - She's Lost Control (Track taken from Factory Records FACUS2 12” Single)

5. Joy Division – Atmosphere (Track taken from Factory FACUS2 12” Single)

6. New Order – Ceremony (Track taken from Factory Records FAC33 7” Single)

7. New Order – Temptation (Track taken from Factory Records FAC63 7” Single)

8. New Order - Blue Monday (Track taken from Factory Records FAC73 12” Single)

9. New Order - Thieves Like Us (Track taken from Factory Records FAC103 7” Single)

10. New Order - The Perfect Kiss (Track taken from Factory Records FAC123 7” Single)

11. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Track taken from Factory Records FAC163 7” Single)

12. New Order - True Faith (Track taken from Factory Records FAC183 7” Single)

13. New Order – Fine Time (Track taken from Factory Records FAC223 7” Single)

14. New Order - World In Motion (Track taken from Factory Records FAC293 7” Single)

15. New Order – Regret (Track taken from London Records NUO1 7” Single)

16. New Order – Crystal (Taken from London Records NUOCD8 CD Single)

17. New Order – Krafty (Taken from London Records NUOX13 12” Single)

18. New Order – Hellbent (Previously unreleased track)



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 12th 2011



With all matters now fully resolved, Hacienda Records is pleased to finally announce the release of The Light’s “1102 / 2011” EP this coming Monday 16th May at 9am, here at

Although videos for “Pictures In My Mind”, The Light’s version of the unreleased Joy Division track and the Rowetta sung “Atmosphere” have already been released, both Rowetta’s versions of “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” have been held back for the EP release and will not have been heard elsewhere prior to Monday 16th May.

Thank you for your support. We hope you will enjoy The Light’s “1102 / 2011” EP.

Peter Hook, Rowetta, The Light & Hacienda Records



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 10th 2011


Then Hacienda Now

An exhibition of Fac 51 The Haçienda artwork: classic & modern

Plus the official launch of

Exhibition Daily 18th to 28th May 2011

The Richard Goodall Gallery

103 High Street, Manchester M4 1HQ


Private Event – Friday 20th May 6-8.30pm


The Haçienda is pleased to announce the official launch of its website: on Wednesday 18th May at the Richard Goodall Gallery with the exhibition “Then Haçienda Now” running all week at the gallery.


This will also be a rare opportunity to view original memorabilia and gig / club posters from the Hacienda, some of which were salvaged by Peter Hook from

skips on Whitworth Street when the club closed in 1997.


Part of his private collection will also displayed for the first time and available at the exhibition, including posters from seminal New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, The Fall and other gigs at the clubs along with the much admired design work for club nights such as Shine, Flesh and Halluçienda.


Fac 51 artworks on show and on sale in the gallery will include the acclaimed

artwork by James Chadderton for Peter Hook And The Light’s debut EP

“1102 / 2011”. Also original Fac 51 designer, Ben Kelly’s two digital reconstructions

of the famous Hacienda interior - looking at the club from both East and West views

- will also be on display and available at the exhibition.


This event also marks the full launch of The Haçienda’s official website - The website is the exclusive home of the record label,

Haçienda Records and contains all news and updates about The Haçienda’s current

and forthcoming events; its release schedule; plus contains classic and modern Fac 51 mixes.


At the private event on Friday 20th May , original Haçienda DJ Graeme Park will be laying down the soundtrack; Manc poet, Mike Garry will be performing; plus classical musicians, Litmus will be providing their interpretations of Joy Division and New Order’s music. An aftershow will be at The Northern in the Northern Quarter.


The exhibition - Then Hacienda Now - will run from Wednesday 18th May to Saturday 28th May for that week only.


Following on from the exhibition, a selection of posters and other memorabilia is to be made available from




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vinyls to be released for Record Store on April 16, 2011

Limited to 800 copies, this is a momentous re-issue for Joy Division and New Order fans. This 12" features two versions of both 'Ceremony' and 'In A Lonely Place'; one recorded while they were Joy Division and one recorded following Ian Curtis' passing (with Gillian Gilbert) as New Order. The tracks have been re-mastered by drummer Stephen Morris and Frank Arkwright.


New Order / Joy Division
Ceremony / In A Lonely Place
New Order:
a: Ceremony (Original Version)
b: In A Lonely Place (12" Version)
Joy Division:
a: Ceremony (Previously released Heart & Soul rehearsal version)
b: In A Lonely Place (Unreleased take from a recording of a Joy Division rehearsal session)
All tracks remastered by Stephen Morris and Frank Arkwright 2011.
Design by Studio Parris Wakefield after the original design by Peter Saville.(LTD: 800)
Label: Rhino


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Peter Hook And The Light Perform “Closer”

Extra Date Announced

Thursday 19th May/ The Factory Manchester / 8pm

112 – 118 Princess Street Manchester, M1 7EN

In Association With Mind & The Keith Bennett Appeal

Tickets : £20.11 (Includes Charity Donation)

Tickets available from, Ticketweb, See Tickets, Fatsoma,

HMV Tickets, Skiddle, Gaffs, Piccadilly Records, Vinyl Exhange, & Jumbo Leeds.

With the first date of Peter Hook And The Light’s return to The Factory on May 18th 20011 now fully sold out, the band have announced a second performance of Joy Division’s starkly passionate, seminal second album, “Closer” at the club’s  intimate downstairs gig floor on the following night, Thursday 19th May.

In revisiting “Closer”, whose haunting austere atmosphere and emotive content is considered a “start to finish masterpiece”* (Pitchfork Media), both concerts will see The Light respectfully reproduce the highly esteemed album for the Joy Division fans and faithful.

With Martin Hannett’s incandescent production running throughout “Closer” and allied to a band that had developed in stature and confidence since their debut “Unknown Pleasures”, the album came to yield many classic Joy Division tracks including “Atrocity Exhibition, “Heart And Soul” and “Twenty Four Hours”. 

The Light’s performance of “Closer” on the evening is also being recorded by Ronnie Lane’s mobile recording studio for a vinyl only release later in 2011.

Both the May 18th and May 19th Closer gigs continue the same charities involved in last year’s event, Mind and The Keith Bennett Appeal.


Peter Hook And The Light

Peter Hook And The Light features Peter Hook on vocals and bass, Jack Bates on bass, Nat Wason on guitar, Andy Poole on keyboards and Paul Kehoe on drums. Rowetta performs as guest vocalist at selected gigs. 

Having performed together at the opening night of  The Factory in February 2010, in the past twelve months The Light have undertaken extensive tours of mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and The United States, as well as numerous UK and international festival appearances. /



Peter Hook’s The Light Tour Dates To June 2011

Dates in Bold feature Rowetta as guest vocalist

All dates apart from May 18th / May 19th at The Factory Manchester see The Light perform Unknown Pleasures


23/04/11           Scala, London

30/04/11           Liquid, Edinburgh

07/05/11           Festival Donorte, Pontevedra, Spain

12/05/11           L’Aeronef, Lille, France

13/05/11           L’Olympic, Nantes, France
18/05/11           The Factory, Manchester (Performing Closer)

19/05/11           The Factory, Manchester (Performing Closer)
28/05/11           Den Haag, Holland
29/05/11           Eindhoven, Holland

04/06/11           Cold Pro Festival, County Clare, Ireland


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·         “1102 / 2011” the debut EP from Peter Hook’s The Light will be released via Hacienda Records on Monday 9th May 2011. The EP features the first recording of a previously unfinished Joy Division track “Pictures In My Mind” with vocals by Peter Hook and three tracks which highlight Rowetta’s unique vocal treatments of “Insight”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere”.


·        This press release also contains information on the cover artwork for the “1102 / 2011” EP which is attached and quotes from the artist James Chadderton and Peter Hook about the cover are contained within this release.


·        Videos for “Pictures In My Mind” and “Atmosphere” have been shot and are being readied. These will be made available from Monday 2nd May, a week prior to the EP release.

Peter Hook’s The Light feat. Rowetta -  “1102 / 2011” 4 Track EP

Released digitally Monday 9th May 2011 on Hacienda Records.

1 “Atmosphere” (vocals by Rowetta)

2“Insight”, (vocals by Rowetta)

3.“New Dawn Fades” (vocals by Rowetta)

4. “Pictures In My Mind” (vocals by Peter Hook) /

Hacienda Records can confirm the release of The Light’s debut EP “1102 / 2011” on Monday 9th May 2011 with the four track EP taking its name from the palindromic recording date of 11th February 2011 at Blueprint Studio, Salford.

 “Pictures In My Mind” was an unfinished Joy Division track which was unearthed by the band’s “bootleg society” from a rehearsal tape stolen in 1977, setting it between Warsaw and Unknown Pleasures. The effervescent and punky tune has been completed for the first time by Hooky And The Light for this release.

The Light’s guest vocalist Rowetta performs three of the classic Joy Division tracks which she has been singing live with the band over the past year, “Insight, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere”, delivering intensely passionate performances across all three tracks.

Videos for “Pictures In My Mind” and “Atmosphere” have been shot and will be made available a week prior to the release on Monday 2nd May 2011.

The design for the EP is a stunning post apocalyptic Manchester streetscape by local Manc artist James Chadderton  who works as a tutor in the city in 3D and Graphic design. Inspired by the nightmarish futuristic visions of movies like The Terminator, Dawn Of The Dead, and the BBC’s classic “Threads” series, many assume that James’s artwork depict post nuclear fallout but James prefers to characterise them as “human devoid wastelands where the buildings have been left to decay.

Peter Hook And The Light were all heavily involved in the conception and design of the cover. According to James – “Hooky was great to work with during the design process. His band and he had a lot of ideas for the artwork and we worked together throughout the project.”

“Initially it was going to be just an area of Manchester but Peter had idea to use the corner of Whitworth Street where the new Hacienda flats were built. It was always a shame that they replaced such an iconic building with something as sterile as flats but as a focal point it worked very well as its size dominates the area. 

“I was shocked and very honoured to be asked to do the cover. I've worked on a few bits and pieces for bands and games companies over the years but nothing quite as important as this. Since being asked by Hooky and The Light, I have been looking though the graphic work related to Joy Division which is incredible. It was intimidating to have to make something to live up to the quality of such iconic images that have gone before”

James Chadderton, Manchester, April 2011. For more details on James’ work check


Peter Hook said of the design – “After seeing the recent events in Japan with the earthquake, the picture sends a chill down my spine now when I see it. I was very impressed with James's work when I first came across it and I kept leaving messages for him as I wanted him to do the cover.  I suggested Whitworth Street because it remains our spiritual home, and I must admit I thought that the new Hacienda building could do with some remodelling!


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·        Peter Hook’s The Light to perform “Closer”, Joy Division’s second album and melancholic masterpiece live for the first time ever at The Factory in Manchester On Wednesday 18th May 2011.


·        Other UK dates with The Light performing “Unknown Pleasures” prior to The Factory gig are London Scala (Saturday 23rd April) and Liquid Edinburgh (Saturday 30th April). The Light’s guest vocalist Rowetta will be appearing at all three dates.


·        Exclusive video footage from The Factory Unknown Pleasures Concert, May 2010 of The Light performing “Disorder” and “New Dawn Fades” with Rowetta will be released Monday 7th March at and


·        “1102 / 2011” the debut EP from Peter Hook’s The Light will be released via Hacienda Records on Monday 2nd May 2011. Recorded by the band and Rowetta, the EP features the first ever recording of a previously unfinished Joy Division track “Pictures In My Mind” with vocals by Peter Hook and three tracks which highlight Rowetta’s unique vocal treatments of “Insight”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere”.


Peter Hook’s The Light Perform “Closer”

Wednesday May 18th / The Factory Manchester / 8pm

112 – 118 Princess Street Manchester, M1 7EN

In Association With Mind & The Keith Bennett Appeal

Tickets : £20.11 (Includes Charity Donation)

Tickets available from Thursday 10th March 2011 at /

Peter Hook’s The Light return to The Factory on May 18th 20011 for the first ever performance of Joy Division’s starkly passionate, seminal second album, “Closer” live and in its entirety at the club’s  intimate downstairs gig floor, a year to the day since The Light first performed “Unknown Pleasures” at the venue.

In revisiting “Closer”, whose haunting austere atmosphere and emotive content is considered a “start to finish masterpiece”* (Pitchfork Media, see below), the gig will see The Light respectfully reproduce the revered and highly esteemed album for the Joy Division fans and faithful.

As an album, “Closer’s history is forever associated with Ian Curtis’ death, its recording sessions seeing his condition worsen, and was released two months post in July 1980. The Peter Saville chosen cover of a Bernard Pierre Wolf, Appiani Tomb portrait has served to enhance its myth although Saville had never heard Closer when he chose the image prior to Ian’s passing.

With Martin Hannett’s incandescent production permeating the record allied with a band that had developed in stature and confidence since their debut “Unknown Pleasures”, the album came to yield many classic Joy Division tracks, “Atrocity Exhibition, “Heart And Soul”,  and “Twenty Four Hours”. 

With a much greater use of keyboards than its predecessor, Closer also contained many references to New Order’s future direction, which the Joy Division’s remaining band members were to move on with, almost immediately at the time of the release of “Closer”, studiously ignoring the album at the time. 

*On Closer – The Album” (Pitchfork Media)

"Closer is even more austere, more claustrophobic, more inventive, more beautiful, and more haunting than its predecessor. It's also Joy Division's start-to-finish masterpiece, a flawless encapsulation of everything the group sought to achieve" 10 / 10.

The Light’s performance of “Closer” on the evening is also being recorded by Ronnie Lane’s mobile recording studio for a vinyl only release later in 2011.

On Mind & The Keith Bennett Appeals Involvement

The May 18th Closer gig continues the same charities involved in last year’s event, Mind and The Keith Bennett Appeal.

On Mind’s involvement, chief executive Paul Farmer commented  "I am delighted that Peter Hook has decided to once again support Mind following the success of last year's gig which helped fund our work to improve the lives of people with mental distress, and to combat the stigma that still surrounds mental health problems. Our huge thanks goes to Peter and everyone else involved with the concert for their continued support."

Peter Hook Press Quotes On Closer

Hooky on Closer’s release in July 1980....


“Well I remember the recording very well I don’t remember the release at all. I think I disowned it in the shock of losing Ian. I just retreated from anything to do with Joy Division recording or otherwise, I didn’t celebrate it, I didn’t listen to it it, I didn’t read the reviews I didn’t have anything to with it, nothing at all.


Peter Hook on revisiting Closer....


“When I decided to do Unknown Pleasures, I knew that was a strong record. We all felt confident about the material, about ourselves, the way that you have to be in a group, full of self belief. Closer is a completely different thing -  I’m actually approaching it with great interest because I know that by the time we got to “Closer”, the elephant in the room or rather the epilepsy in the room, was such a big part of everything Joy Division did. It was like a fifth member and living with it was very difficult and it coloured the atmosphere and the music of “Closer” a great deal.


“Although we tried to make the best of the situation when recording Closer, it was really tempered by Ian’s illness. After living with the lyrics of Unknown Pleasures, analysing them and then singing them live, living them in much more in depth. I know that with Closer I am going to have to do the same, I will be trying to put Ian's feelings in, to believe in what I'm doing. I am wary to say the least, because of Ian’s state and frame of mind at the time.  I’m really not looking forward to living with and analysing these lyrics.”


Peter Hook on playing the albums live...


“ I’m doing this because I have enjoyed playing Unknown Pleasures so much, after 30 years to get the music back is the best thing artistically that’s ever happened to me because as I said I turned my back on the music, we all did. Now I’ve had the opportunity to take it back some three decades later.


“It’s taken me 30 years to come to terms with what happened. I don’t think we were wrong at all to do what we did.”


“The responsibility is daunting but ultimately when I look at the people watching me play it. I have never felt once that anybody watching it didn’t want me to do it.”


Peter Hook’s The Light

Peter Hook’s The Light features Peter Hook on vocals and bass, Jack Bates on bass, Nat Wason on guitar, Andy Poole on keyboards and Paul Kehoe on drums.  Rowetta performs as guest vocalist at selected gigs.

Having performed together at the opening night of  The Factory in February 2010, in the past twelve months The Light have undertaken extensive tours of mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and The United States, as well as numerous UK and international festival appearances.

Peter Hook’s The Light Tour Dates To June 2011

Dates in Bold feature Rowetta as guest vocalist

All dates apart from May 18th at The Factory Manchester see The Light perform Unknown Pleasures

09/03/11           La Carene, Brest, France
           Le Trabendo, Paris, France
           Big Band Cafe, Caen, France
           Astro Hall, Tokyo Japan
           Zepp, Tokyo, Japan
           Creative Centre, Osaka, Japan
           Helsinki, Finland
           Oslo, Norway

30/03/11           Rosso, Manchester (Nordoff Robins Charity Event)
           Scala, London

30/04/11           Liquid, Edinburgh

07/05/11           Festival Donorte, Pontevedra, Spain
           The Factory, Manchester (Performing Closer)
           Den Haag, Holland
           Eindhoven, Holland


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We’ve got exciting news for you all! George is releasing a new single: “True Faith”. Above that, George has generously made the decision to donate ALL money from the new single to Comic Relief! Arranged and produced by George himself, “True Faith” was a hit for New Order in 1987 and was written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Hague. The writers have followed George’s lead and are also very kindly donating their proceeds to Comic Relief along with the publishers’ mechanical royalties.

The single, plus an instrumental version of the track as a b-side, will be available digitally on March 13 and physically on March 14. At 12:01 am on March 19, after the “True Faith” official music video has been premiered for Comic Relief, the single and video will be available for purchase as a bundle exclusively through iTunes. Check back to and Facebook for links to the songs as they become available!

On Red Nose Day, March 18, do something funny for money and change countless lives. Comic Relief spends all the money raised by the public to give extremely poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa a helping hand to turn their lives around.

Over the years, George has been the most tremendous supporter of Comic Relief. Out of the blue one year he gave us all the cash from the release of “As”, his single with Mary J Blige. Then he did a brilliant Little Britain ‘Lou and Andy’ sketch – which ended with the inevitable insult slung at him - “I don’t like him.” But most excitingly, he’s giving Comic Relief all the money from his new single, “True Faith”. It’s always so moving when people stick with us year after year – and we’re thrilled and delighted about the song, and the wonderful video that goes with it. We promise we’ll use every penny we make from it to save and change lives in Africa and all over the UK. –Richard Curtis, Vice Chair, Comic Reliefaggbug


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We have a bundle of new remixes available for download now from iTunes.

From across the globe we bring you remixes by Mark Reeder representing Berlin and Mottram-in-Longdendale, Koishii & Hush from Toronto, and AK47 from Buenos Aires all with their new takes on “Twist of Fate”, alongside a new remix of “Poisonous Intent” from James Bright, representing Macclesfield.


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“Two Worlds Collide – The Arthur Baker Remixes”

Vocals By The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess



Piers Morgan Tonight – Arthur Baker Freebass Remix Chosen For CNN Trailer


Former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has long since left the print industry for a television career and his increasing profile, especially in the US with his role of judge on America’s Got Talent, has seen him land one of the most prestigious job in journalism as the replacement for America’s foremost interviewer Larry King as retires from his “Larry King Live” 9pm CNN show.


“Piers Morgan Tonight” launches Monday 17th January in the Larry King slot and with the Piers the King-In-Waiting US chat, he is joined in the first show by the Queen of Stateside TV, Oprah Winfrey, who has recently launched her own TV channels, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)


Freebass’ “You Don’t Know This About Me”, Arthur Baker remix has been chosen to soundtrack  the advance thirty second  television promo for this much anticipated launch, with the theme “You Don’t Know This About.... Piers”.


To watch the promo,


The track was recorded in the early on Freebass sessions before the band found a lead singer and The Charlatan’s Tim Burgess wrote the vocal for his Mancunian rock star pals driving round the Hollywood Hills before it became the lead track on Freebass’ debut EP “Two Worlds Collide.


The EP which featured all three bassists who formed the band (Hooky, Mani, Rourkie) and guest vocalists, was released digitally on Hacienda Records in March 2010 and as a physical release by Hacienda Records / 24 Hour Service Station October 2010. 


Opening with a trademark Peter Hook bassline, “You Don’t Know This About Me” proves a melodic and dramatic, stylish turn with an ascendant Stateside feel that permeates the track, appropriately enough since Tim wrote and recorded the vocal from his home in LA. Arch guitars interplay surrounds Tim’s vocal which also underpins the rework by New Order production legend Arthur Baker which is the version employed in the advert, a subtle but hypnotic acid house reworking.


Tim remembers “Hooky gave me a couple of tracks to on and that was the one that came most naturally to me. I think it’s got more of a touch of Joy Division to it than New Order really and I started thinking about Iggy Pop and Ian Curtis. I honestly tried to think about what Hooky would like. I was pretty sure that Hooky loved being on the road so that’s where that section “I love the road” came from but then it all got a bit surreal.”


Two World Collide also feature contributions from reformed ex Oxford drug smuggling beatnik tunred international raconteur Howard Marks who turned in a once in a sterling vocal on “Dark Starr”, a darkly grungey piece of rock and roll mischief and brought Pete Wylie into the surreal on “The Milky Way Is Our Playgroud” a soaring, poetic, euphoric space rock track with a star-struck cerebral vocal from our Liverpool “The Story Of The Blues" man.


Freebass Online Links


To stream the Arthur Baker Mix of You Don’t Know This About Me at


To purchase or listen to The Arthur Baker remixes -


Hacienda Site –


I Tunes -


24 Hour Service Station –


To listen to the original mix and other tracks on the Two Worlds Collide EP


Two Worlds Collide – I Tunes - 4 Track EP


Hacienda Site -


Hacienda Individual Download -



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Happy New Year 2011


Not 2 long ago in Boston


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Unknown Pleasures: A Celebration Of Joy Division by Peter Hook’s The Light

Italian Tour November 2010

Thursday 25th November        Magazzini, Milan

Friday 26th November            New Age, Treviso

Saturday 27th November        Romaeuropa, Brancaleone, Rome


US Tour December 2010


Weds Dec 1st                          9.30 Club , Washington
Thurs Dec 2nd                        Voyeur, Philadelphia
Fri Dec 3rd                             Webster Hall, New York
Sat Dec 4th                             Royale, Boston
Sun Dec 5th                            Double Door , Chicago

Tues Dec 7th                           Showbox at the Market , Seattle
Thurs Dec 9th                         Doug Fir Lounge , Portland
Fri Dec 10th                             Mezzanine, San Francisco

Sat Dec 11th                            The Music Box, Hollywood, Los Angeles


Some thirty years on since the release of Joy Division’s seminal album Unknown Pleasures, New Order and Joy Division’s Peter Hook’s specially assembled band The Light have been performing the album in full and other early Warsaw and Joy Division classics at concerts throughout 2010.

Closing off the year, The Light are undertaking a small tour of Italy before doing a coast to coast US tour taking in the major cities across the United States. International demand for these shows has been high and with other international concerts planned for 2011, these are likely to be the only extensive visits to these countries with the Light performing “Unknown Pleasures”.

First performed for two charity supporting concerts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ passing at The Factory in Manchester back in May of this year, reaction to Hooky’s revival of the earliest material from his career has been met with great reactions from long term fans and newer devotees alike. Culling material from the first tracks written as Warsaw, Joy Division’s debut “An Ideal For Living” EP and then playing the bands debut album, “Unknown Pleasures “ in full, the concerts have re-introduced Hooky’s and Joy Divison’s  early repertoire to a host of new audiences across festivals and foreign tours.

With Hooky taking lead vocals and playing bass for The Light, his son Jack Bates also fills in on bass with Nat Wason on guitar whilst the line up and family affairs completed by cohorts Andy Poole on keys, Paul “Leadfoot” Kehoe on drums and Hooky’s production partner Phil Murphy as tour manager.

To date Peter Hook’s The Light have taken headline slots at Vintage, Benicassim, 1234, and other European festivals while The Light are undertaking extensive tours in Spain, America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand in the back end of 2010.


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Joy Division release  ‘+ -‘

Released Rhino Records UK December 6th 2010

Rhino Records UK / Warner Music are proud to announce the release of '+ -‘ (plus minus) - a unique JOY DIVISION retrospective box set consisting of 10 7" singles on vinyl presented in a beautiful clamshell box. All tracks have been newly re-mastered from original tapes by Stephen Morris and Frank Arkwright (Metropolis Studios) with design for '+ -" box set artwork coming from Peter Saville and Studio Parris Wakefield.

Compiled by renowned journalist and author Jon Savage, the box set is released in celebration of Ian Curtis - in the year that is the 30th anniversary of his death. +- includes 7"’ which have previously been issued and some which have been created specifically for this release. Although they released two albums in two years - "Unknown Pleasures" (1979) and "Closer" (1980), JOY DIVISION recorded many other tracks throughout their career that were released on stand-alone singles - most notably 'Transmission" and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart". +- brings these singles, and more, together in one place.  Anyone purchasing the physical box will have the opportunity to download (for free) all the tracks in high quality mp3 format.


As a co-founder of the legendary independent label FACTORY RECORDS Peter Saville and Studio Parris Wakefield leant their eyes to the project providing stunning outer packaging and suggesting the concept for the sleeves. Each cover is based upon its original and - as a snapshot of a band and a time - serves to remind the owner of the unique position Joy Division hold in British musical history

To accompany the physical release, Rhino Records UK will also release a deluxe digital iTunes LP version featuring in addition to the full re-mastered audio, exclusively commissioned sleeve notes, written by Jon Savage, and interview footage recorded during the re-mastering sessions.  As well as promo videos and a classic performance of Transmission from the Something Else show, fans will be thrilled to see a PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED live performance of Colony from the legendary 1979 Apollo show.  All of this audio visual content has been packaged up within a unique iTunes LP experience designed by Studio Parris Wakefield complete with full artwork, lyrics and more.

Limited to 5000, numbers 1-500 of the physical boxset will be available as a deluxe version exclusively from and will include a custom Peter Saville art piece only available in the box.

A. “Warsaw”
B. “Leaders Of Men”

A: “‘No Love Lost”
B: “Failures”

A: “Digital”
B: “Glass”

A: “Autosuggestion”
B: “From Safety To Where”

A: “Transmission”
B: “Novelty”

A: “Atmosphere”
B: “Dead Souls”

A: “Komakino”
B1: “Incubation”
B2: “As You Said”

A: “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
B: “These Days”

A: “She’s Lost Control” (12-inch Version)
B: “Love Will Tear Us Apart 2″ (Pennine Version)

A: “Isolation”
B: “Heart and Soul”


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Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl

The Story of Tony and Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Reade


In 2007 Manchester figurehead and music-industry veteran Tony Wilson passed away at the age of fifty seven, following a battle with cancer. Thirty years earlier, he married his first wife Lindsay Reade, and the couple’s passionate, volatile but indelible bond was to endure until the very end, played out against the ever-shifting backdrop of a city whose musical legacy defined generations.

Here, for the first time, Lindsay tells the full story of her and Tony’s marriage, divorce, and subsequent lifelong connection, giving a candid and moving account of two lives lived in the midst of musical and cultural revolution; of two people who went their separate ways but never truly separated.

Through a frank examination of her own memories and those of the people with whom she shared the experience, Reade details pivotal moments in Manchester’s history, from the birth of the seventies punk scene to the founding of Factory Records, from the recording of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures to her role in the discovery of the Stone Roses, from the opening of the Hacienda and the subsequent emergence of the ‘Madchester’ scene to the making of 24 Hour Party People.

A poignant chronicle of love and loss, Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl also presents an incisive portrait of the unique individuals and often fraught relationships that shaped the life of a modern legend.



PUBLICATION: November 2010 SIZE: 9x6”

EXTENT: 320 pages ILLUS: 70 photos

CAT: Memoir/Music PRICE: $19.95

ISBN(13): 978-0-85965-456-2 PAPERBACK ORIGINAL


Harvey Weinig, Plexus Publishing Ltd, Apartment 5-F, 110 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10024, USA

Tel: 212 787 9141 Cell: 347 231 0506 Email:

Books distributed by Publishers Group West, 1700 4th Street,


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)October 10th 2010


'A frank memoir of altruism, idealism and breathless incompetence'

Uncut magazine


'Had the Hacienda not been run by a bunch of Manchester chancers it wouldn't have been half the club it was, nor would Hook's account be half as riveting' Time Out


The Haçienda

How Not To Run A Club

by Peter Hook

Simon & Schuster Paperback  – £7.99 – 1st October  2010

Audiobook / Audio CD read by Peter Hook Also Available


Peter Hook Signing – Friday 16th October – WH Smiths, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, From 6pm.


Audiobook / Double Audio CD read by Hooky with authentic Hacienda soundtrack and additional production also released


Legendary musician Peter ‘Hooky’ Hook tells the tale of Manchester’s most iconic nightclub, The Haçienda – the high times, the groundbreaking music, the immense loss of money and the enduring legacy.


As co-founder of Joy Division and New Order, Hooky has had a thirty-year career in the music business which has seen him become a well-loved rock and roll icon whose innovative and genre-defining bass playing has driven classics such as ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Blue Monday’ (the bestselling 12-inch single ever), ‘Thieves Like Us’, ‘Regret’ and ‘Crystal’. Peter Hook was also co-owner of Manchester’s Haçienda, from its opening in 1982 to the rise of acid house in the late eighties and beyond, and saw first-hand the tumultuous set of circumstances that shaped the club and made it one of the most famous clubs in the world.


Yes, paradise never comes cheap and in the 1990s Hooky suffered greatly as gangs, drugs, greed and a hostile police force destroyed everything that Factory Records and Joy Division/New Order had created.  The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club is his indelibly personal memory of that era, and is far sadder, funnier, scarier and stranger than anyone could ever have imagined.


the paperback comes with an additional chapter / epilogue which details the reaction to the book and also the opening of the new Manchester club / live venue The Factory.


Buy the paperback | audio CD | ebook | kindle edition


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Converse continues its commitment as a catalyst for freedom of expression and underlines the iconic footwear brand’s longstanding connection with music by shining a spotlight on the incomparable British music scene

On Wednesday, October 6th, Converse will release the first of two original musical collaborations featuring Bernard Sumner from Bad Lieutenant, New Order and Joy Division, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and Hot City, followed by the release of the accompanying music video on November 2nd

The second track, featuring Graham Coxon, Paloma Faith and Bill Rider Jones, formerly of the Coral, will be released in January. 

Both tracks will be available to music fans globally via free download at 


Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon, Bill Ryder-Jones, The Neat, Chapel Club, Chew Lips, Pulled Apart By Horses, Blood Red Shoes, Hudson Mohawke




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Prince William helps launch an exclusive covers album to celebrate Centrepoint’s 40th anniversary


Artists join together to record ‘1969: Key To Change’ album for Centrepoint, exclusively available on new music download site fairsharemusic.


London, 4th October 2010: Prince William, Patron of Centrepoint, the UK’s largest youth charity, helped launch an album of exclusive star studded cover tracks to celebrate Centrepoint’s 40th anniversary, available for download from new ethical music site fairsharemusic.


The album is a compilation of iconic 1969 hits, the year Centrepoint was founded, recorded by a number of music legends along with some of the best recording artists around today. Tracks include ‘In The Ghetto’ covered by Bernard Sumner’s new band Bad Lieutenant,In The Year 2525’ recorded by Ian Brown and ‘Tendency To Be Free’ by The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, with donations from each album helping support homeless young people around the country. Other artists include The Feeling, Mick Hucknall and Jools Holland amongst others.


“Centrepoint is an incredible charity that works to tackle homelessness amongst young people,” comments Sara Cox, Radio One DJ and Centrepoint supporter. "I'm excited to launch ‘1969 Key To Change’, a brilliant album, exclusively available on, to mark Centrepoint’s 40th anniversary.  We’re hoping people will hear about their favourite singers featuring on the album and as a happy consequence will find out more about how Centrepoint help so many homeless young people too."


For each ‘1969 Key To Change’ album downloaded from fairsharemusic, £4.45 will be donated to Centrepoint.  All of the funds raised from the new album will go towards tackling youth homelessness, through the initial provision of a safe home and all the support required to achieve independent living.


The album will also be supported later in the month by Debenhams.  Designer, Ben de Lisi, has created a t-shirt to commemorate the album, featuring one of his beloved dogs’.  It will go on sale on October 18th online, and in three flagship London stores.


Stuart Rogers, Chief Resources Officer at Centrepoint added: “By releasing this amazing new album exclusively available through fairsharemusic, Centrepoint will raise even more funds from album sales, with £4.45 from each album going towards giving homeless young people a brighter future.  Everyone really can make a difference!”


Centrepoint was created in 1969 and is the leading national charity working to improve the lives of homeless young people. With a large number of celebrity supporters, including Radio One DJ Sara Cox and actress and presenter Lisa Maxwell Centrepoint has managed to help more than 70,000 young people in its forty year history.


 1969 Key To Change’ is exclusively available on fairsharemusic, the new music download site that fuses the best of music downloading with the ‘feelgood’ factor of donating.

Download the album now from:



About Key To Change

The album includes the following tracks:


‘In the Year 2525’ – The Feeling

‘Space Oddity’ - Get Cape Wear Fly ‘

‘Give peace a chance’ - Speech Debelle

‘Chains of Love’ - Hucknall  

‘You are so Beautiful’ - Jools Holland and Ruby Turner

‘Build me up Buttercup’ - Frank Turner

‘What goes on’ - Chris Difford

‘Tendency to be  free’ - Johnny Marr

‘Girl on a swing’ - Galen and Kevin Ayers

‘1969’ - Hard- Fi

‘Gimme Shelter’- Pleasure Mob

‘In the Ghetto ‘- Bad Lieutenant

‘In The Year 2525’ Remix - Ian Brown



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Septembert 27th 2010



PMT Manchester and Chris Hewitt proudly present "An Evening with Peter Hook" live at Professional Music Technology, Regent Rd Salford on Friday 12th November 2010.
Hooky will also be launching his custom made Hacienda FAC51 Bass with the guitars neck being made up from Hacienda dance floor! There will also be an exhibition of Joy Division/New Order and Factory equipment on show so this is a real once in a life time to see it all up close.
As if that is not enough.... Ronnie Lanes mobile studio will be on show on the night. The legendary studio owned by Faces bassist Ronnie lane was used by Led Zep, The Who, Bowie, The faces and many more of the greatest bands of all time.
This is a very special night with only 251 tickets available. tickets are £10 each and available from PMT Manchester or on 0161 877 6262


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Septembert 22nd 2010


Lieutenant new track now available to pre-order


Bad Lieutenant have recorded a track in aid of youth homelessness charity Centrepoint, as part of a compilation album called ‘Key to Change’.
The album is made up of covers of songs from 1969 (the year that Centrepoint was founded) by today’s artists and Bad Lieutenant has done a fantastic cover of ‘In the Ghetto’.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Septembert 13th 2010


Freebass - Mani Apologises / Hooky Quote - Band Update



"I wish to apologise unreservedly to Peter Hook and his family regarding comments made on a social networking site which was totally out of character for me. It was a venomous, spiteful reaction to a lot of things that are going on in my life right now and I chose to vent my frustrations and anger at one of my true friends in this filthy business, and ventured into territory which was none of my concern. The Freebass thing has tipped me over the edge and became the focus of my bilious rants. Twenty two years of being tripped up, face down in the mud and being kicked in the face with an iron boot will do that to the most stable of men. I hope I haven't blown a great friendship forever. Sorry Pete"


"In a funny way my outburst might make want people want to check the record out. I'm proud of what we achieved really. It's not often bass players get to step out of the shadows and create something from scratch, and between us we've managed it. A bumpy ride but we got there.....give it a listen."


"I hope I'm not turning into a bitter and twisted old rocker, that's not what I'm about as anybody who knows the real me will be happy to confirm."


Gary “Mani” Mounfield, September 2010


"Mani is a great friend of mine and he always will be. I have the utmost respect for him as a person and musician. Have none of you ever fallen out with somebody you love."


Peter Hook, September 2010


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Septembert 9th 2010


Freebass Official Statement

Freebass – (and so we face...) The Final Curtain

It is with great sadness that just prior to the long awaited album release of “It’s A Beautiful Life” we have to announce that the much anticipated Mancunian union of bassists, Freebass, is no longer a functioning group.


Recent events have made Freebass entirely unviable as a band, and with this in mind, it has been decided that the project should be shelved, rather than placed on hiatus while members pursue their other interests.


The band would like to take the opportunity to thanks friends and fans for their support and interest, especially on the UK tour in June 2010. We also hope that people will enjoy the album, which concludes five years of work and treat it on its own merits.


No third parties were involved or harmed in the break up.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Septembert 7th 2010




“Have you seen the back of it? It looks like a baby grow!” (Robbie Savage on Football Focus. Saturday 4th of September 2010)

Now Robbie Savage has never really been the purveyor of quality. What with his hair cuts and his lack of style on the field he cannot really criticise the great Peter Saville. Or can he? If you watched Footie Focus on Saturday you will also have heard his comments about John Toshack. By Monday John Toshack was leaving the Wales job. Maybe it isn’t just the haircut. Maybe he really should own a caravan and a crystal ball? Maybe we should be careful what we say about old Robbie.

Anyway, back to the new kit. It was unveiled the previous evening at Wembley where the England team beat a very average Bulgaria 4-0. At first glance I liked it. I like the blue shorts with the white top. I like the uncluttered look that the kit has. It was not until I heard Robbies comments and looked up the design on the web that I actually realised that there were little kisses/crosses on the back of the shirt. Who is responsible for that? Well, only the great Peter Saville. A man who’s work I have been brought up with. From Joy Division to New Order I have loved his designs. The whole aesthetics of Factory Records is down to him. So, how could I not love his new kit? Well, actually I do like it. I agree a little bit with what Robbie has said but on closer examination I think it has something. If you read the explaination at Creative Review you will see that Peter Saville didn’t really get a lot of say in the whole design. The England kit is the England kit. Its white and it has a badge about here. What else is there? So the little crosses are his idea. From a distance you cannot see them so the kit looks like the usual England kit. What do they represent?



“A vehicle of cultural provocation” according to Peter Saville. Let me explain. The little kisses/crosses represent the cross on the flag of St George but instead of all being red they are multi-coloured to represent our “rainbow” society. Minimal and discreet are the words used to describe the effect. Peter Savilles original design had them all over the kit. Umbro decided to just put them on the shoulders and across the back. If you apply a players name to your kit the discreetness will become invisibleness as you will hardly see them at all. There has been quite a bit of opposition to the kit and to the idea of changing the colour of the St George. I quite like it but its not really ground breaking is it? When Viv Anderson made his debut in an England Shirt someone sent him bullets in the post saying his name was on one of them. Surely 30 years later as Defoe scores a hat-trick we don’t need to be so obvious. Or do we? There are still those who hide behind the cross of St George as some sort of sign of all white Englishness. Maybe we still do need to provoke people so that we don’t become complacent of a time when black players were booed when playing for England. It’s not that long ago. I like Peter Savilles design. Maybe because I love his art work for Factory or maybe because his kit is saying something about our nation. Just don’t get me started about playing on a Friday night or Ashley Coles funny blue leg!







movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 31th 2010


Foruli Publications are proud to announce the publication of strictly limited luxury Special Editions of Peter Hook’s highly praised memoir “The Haçienda: How Not To Run A Club”. They are available from October 2010.


The legendary Joy Division and New Order bass guitarist Peter Hook gives his unflinching account of the tumultuous fifteen year stretch of The Haçienda, the Factory Records and New Order-owned nightclub which became one of the most celebrated venues in the history of clubbing.


With the full co-operation of Hooky himself, Foruli’s design team and craftspeople have created boxed sets which are the ultimate testament to the Haçienda’s legacy and are essential collectors’ pieces.


The Special Editions contain signed and individually numbered volumes with exclusive previously unpublished material, plus an exclusive vinyl 10” record in which Hooky revisits classic New Order tracks and turns in the entirely new track “The Viking”. The packages are completed by an exclusive art print suitable for framing.


The Special Editions also feature rare specially sourced and presented memorabilia. The Standard edition (400 copies) includes a mounted piece of The Haçienda’s legendary dance floor, while the Deluxe edition (100 copies) and Ultimate edition (2 copies) additionally include a piece of The Haçienda’s granite bar top. The Ultimate edition is accompanied by one of only six handmade custom FAC51 Haçienda bass guitars.


“The idea of doing a limited edition book came as a shock at first but when you see how beautiful the packages are and the obvious respect that has gone into creating them they really evoke and bring to life the original graphic identity and ethos of the Haçienda. The club’s design and identity was always funded with no thought of expense. Whether one person or a thousand saw it, it prioritised Art well above Money. Foruli have managed to immortalise my original book with these special editions and I have to say I’m delighted with the result. They are what I can only call works of art.” Peter Hook, July 2010




a hand signed and numbered hand bound limited edition book bound in white material with

yellow and black printed detailing

an authentication hologram in the book

a laser engraved handmade glow edge Perspex slipcase

extra previously unpublished exclusive material

a piece of the original Haçienda dancefloor rescued from the club by Hooky and mounted

within an embossed window mount

an exclusive 10” record of new recordings pressed on high quality black vinyl

a die cut custom record sleeve

a full colour offset lithograph art print suitable for framing




a signed and numbered hand bound limited edition book bound in black material with

embossed detailing

black screenprinted and laser cut book edges

an authentication hologram in the book

a hand screenprinted handmade solid maple solander box

extra previously unpublished exclusive material

a piece of the original Haçienda dancefloor rescued from the club by Hooky and mounted on

a numbered maple mount

a piece of the original Haçienda granite bar top with ‘FAC51’ engraved upon it, on a numbered

maple mount

an exclusive 10” record of new recordings pressed on high quality yellow vinyl

a die cut custom record sleeve

a hand signed hand printed screenprint suitable for framing




a copy of the Deluxe edition

a signed white label pressing of the EP

one of only 6 limited edition handmade Hacienda bass guitars

guitar fretboard made from Haçienda dancefloor with inlaid ‘ç’ motifs

custom guitar flight case

matching edition number on guitar and book


Each package contains a limited edition 10” vinyl EP


THE DELUXE EDITION: yellow vinyl

THE ULTIMATE EDITION: hand signed white label black vinyl authenticated with a hologram


Written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert

Exclusive re-recording of the track ‘Elegia’, originally released in 1985 by New Order on the ‘Low-Life’ LP


Written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert

Exclusive re-recording of the track ‘Sooner Than You Think’, originally released in 1985 by New Order on the

‘Low-Life’ LP


Written by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert

Exclusive re-recording of the New Order track ‘The Happy One’, an unreleased song from the ‘Technique’

album sessions of 1988 - edited sections were later used in the ‘Substance 1989’ video


Exclusive new track written and performed by Peter Hook and his production partner Phil Murphy


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 27th 2010


“It’s A Beautiful Life” – The Album
Double CD feat. Three Exclusive Bonus Tracks & Bonus CD Of Instrumentals
Released Monday 20th September 2010
Released via Hacienda Records / Essential Music
Album Pre-Order Links


In other news, the O2 concert on Thursday 16th September goes on general sale this coming Thursday 2nd September but an advance link is here -



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Peter Hook's The Light
Peter Hook' The Light perform "Unknown

Pleasures" live at Goodwood



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 13th 2010


Peter Hook to play Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures' on US tour


Peter Hook has announced he is set to take Joy Division's classic album 'Unknown Pleasures' on a tour of the US.

Joined by his band The Light, the bassist will embark on a nine-date trek, beginning in Washington, DC on December 1.

Earlier this year, Hooky played 'Unknown Pleasures' in full at Manchester's FAC 251, on the 30th anniversary of the death of former bandmate Ian Curtis.

Peter Hook will play the following:

Washington, DC 9:30 Club (December 1)
Philadelphia, PA Voyeur (2)
New York, NY Webster Hall (3)
Boston, MA Royale Nightclub (4)
Chicago, IL Double Door (6)
Seattle, WA Showbox At The Market (7)
Portland, OR Doug Fir (9)
San Francisco, CA Mezzanine (10)


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 12th 2010


“It’s A Beautiful Life” – The Album
Double CD feat. Three Exclusive Bonus Tracks & Bonus CD Of Instrumentals
Also Available Online Via Usual Outlets
Released Monday 20th September 2010
Released via Hacienda Records / Essential Music
Freebass Upcoming Live Dates
16th September 2010  – British Music Experience, London.
Hacienda Records / Essential Music are pleased to announce the long awaited full physical and online release of the debut Freebass album, “It’s A Beautiful Life” on Monday 20th September.  
The collaborative project between the triumvirate of celebrated Mancunian bassists Peter “Hooky” Hook (Joy Division / New Order), Gary “Mani” Mounfield (The Stone Roses / Primal Scream), Andy “Rourkie” Rourke (The Smith) and lead singer Gary Briggs (Haven / Strays), the Freebass album finally arrives some five years after first being mooted by its bass guitar hero members.
Taking time to audition a succession of guest vocalists before appointing the emotively talented Gary Briggs as Freebass’ front man, Gary is considered by many the finest Manchester lead singer of the last decade. However while sessions with Gary progressed and Freebass’ sound became more and more honed, Andy Rourke moved to New York in 2009, but contributes to tracks on the album. 
With a debut tranche of UK live dates in early June 2010 across major cities, Freebass played well received, eclectic sets of entirely new material to sold out, appreciative audiences, and passed up the crowd pleasing opportunity of visits to their extensive back catalogues.  As Mani and Hooky aimiably traded bass licks and trademark lo slung bass-lines whilst exchanging an old pals routine of jokey insults, special praise was reserved for Gary’s presence as a lead singer as he confidently held his own centre stage.
The studio album, which brings together the seminal bassists of the seminal Mancunian groups of the last 30 years, originally developed from free-form sessions between Hooky, Mani and Rourkie which provided the open minded, expansive sound of Freebass. Deftly arch guitar work and wonderfully cascading bass lines permeate the album which serves to slyly re-interpret members’ styles and influences in an inventive engaging cocktail of Northern Soul, dub, Krautrock and more, paying homage to the past but not trading off it.
Adapting the illustrious members styles and decades of experience into an innovative and dramatic album “It’s A Beautiful Life” varies its mood throughout, throwing in lighter, delicate, more melodic numbers, “It’s Not Too Late”, “The Only One’s Alone” and “Secrets And Lies”  offset against some anthemically brooding, darker-edged tracks, including “Plan B”, “Kill Switch Pt 101” and “Lady Violence” with rock-ier indie tracks such as “She Said” and “The God Machine” rounding off the original album.
This Double CD release comes with three extra exclusive tracks which will only be released on this edition, “Bury Me Standing”, “Sister Surrender”, and “Believer” and contains a second CD which features instrumental versions of all tracks.
“Freebass – It’s A Beautiful Life” Track Listing
CD One
1. It’s Not Too Late                                                     2. The Only Ones Alone 
3. Lady Violence                                                         4. World Won't Wait 
5. Kill Switch pt 141                                                    6. Stalingrad 
7. Secrets and Lies                                                       8. She said 
9. The God Machine                                                    10. Plan B 
Exclusive Extra Tracks
11. Bury Me Standing                                                  12. Sister Surrender
13. Believer
CD Two
Instrumental Versions Of All Tracks Listed Above



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 11th 2010


The Smiths' Andy Rourke leaves band with Mani and Peter Hook


The Smiths' Andy Rourke has announced he will not be touring in the band he formed with fellow bassist Mani and Peter Hook.

The trio put together Freebass with former Haven singer Gary Briggs, but according to the band's official website he is no longer involved with the group.

It explains that: "Andy Rourke was initially involved in the conception of the group and contributed to the EP and a few tracks on the LP. He is now living in NYC [New York] and will not be joining the band for live dates."

Despite the band's name appearing to be a pun based on the fact the group featured three famous bassists, it seems they are not set to change their name.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 6th 2010



Exclusive T-shirts of iconic album sleeve art redesigned by Peter Saville

Luxury collectors’ editions / sets of The Hacienda – How Not To Run A Club Launched At Vintage

3000 Live recordings Of Vintage set with full orchestra and choir available


A range of strictly limited edition and luxury collector’s items will be released and showcased for the first time, marking Peter Hook and The Light’s closing performance of ‘Unknown Pleasures’ with an orchestra and choir at the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood festival.


In honour of the appearance, original designer of the iconic Unknown Pleasures artwork Peter Saville has produced a new, updated and unique interpretation for 2010. Printed in gold on black and white it is his first official re-design of the work and will be exclusively available at Vintage as a premium quality T Shirt in a strictly limited run of 250.


Also launched at Vintage at Goodwood are luxury editions of Hook’s acclaimed book on the Fac 51 Hacienda years, How Not To Run A Club.  Publisher Foruli’s design team have crafted two highly desirable and collectable box sets which reflect and build upon The Hacienda’s widely imitated visual heritage and including signed and individually numbered hard back editions with exclusive unpublished material, an exclusive 10” record of new material recorded especially by Hook and rare art prints.


Lastly, a limited number of 3000 CD recordings of the full orchestral and choral Vintage at Goodwood performance will be available via pre-order, for collection straight after the gig or via the post. Pre-orders of the CD will be available before the event at


All will be complemented by, and available from, a pop up Hacienda area on the specially created high street at the festival on Sunday 15th August.  Featuring decor and items from the club, Hook will be appearing from 5pm to meet, greet fans and sign the above or any other related items of memorabilia for them.


As announced last month, Hook closes the music and fashion festival on Sunday August 15th performing vocals to Joy Division’s debut album from Factory Records in its entirety, complemented by a choir and orchestra as well as playing other Joy Division and Warsaw tracks.


Dubbed ‘The Festival of Our Lives’, Vintage at Goodwood will take place 13th -15th  August combining the best of British cool over five decades.  Co-founded by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, (of Red or Dead fame) and Lord March (the mastermind behind successful international events such as Glorious Goodwood, Revival and Festival of Speed), the festival will additionally feature catwalk shows, exhibitions, five on site night clubs and the largest collection of vintage market sellers ever.


More information and full programme at

Ticketline: 01243 755 055 (10.00am – 16.00pm, Monday to Friday) or



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 2th 2010


Joy Division: New exhibition celebrates singer Ian Curtis


As a new exhibition celebrates the life of cult Joy Division star Ian Curtis, MIRANDA SAWYER explains his enduring appeal by Miranda Sawyer


Mention Joy Division to a man of a certain age (over 45) and watch his eyes mist over.


Witness him shrug his shoulders to his ears, as though wearing a large, heavy overcoat. Observe as he sucks in his cheekbones, a skinny, moody young man once more.


Marvel as he tunelessly hums Love Will Tear Us Apart. And don't, whatever you do, laugh. This is serious stuff. Joy Division, a post-punk band made up of singer Ian Curtis, guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris, only lasted from 1976 until 1980. Yet the band has always inspired earnest devotion. And these days, it's not just the 40-somethings.


At a Joy Division event at 9.30pm last Saturday night in Macclesfield, south of Manchester, the audience was made up of all ages, from teenagers up. They had been there since 2pm watching three films about the group and, afterwards, listening to a discussion. That's dedication. Joy Division took the energy of punk but made it melodic and atmospheric.


Not knowing any better, they played their instruments all wrong: Hook gave his bass the melody line, Morris refused to provide a rock-steady drum beat, guitarist Sumner respected the synthesiser as much as his own instrument and Curtis made strange sounds come out of his guitar, as he had no real idea about how to play it.


Joy Division are usually defined as a Manchester band. In reality, Sumner and Hook come from Salford, while Curtis and Morris grew up in Macclesfield.


Which is why, to mark 30 years since his death, local museum, the Silk Museum Heritage Centre, is celebrating the band, defined by the manager as "a neglected piece of local history".


The highlight is Unknown Pleasures: An Exhibition, an absorbing collection of posters, artwork and souvenirs that chart Joy Division's brief career.


Compared with today's computerised age, everything is heart-breakingly DIY: home-made flyers, photocopied features, scrawled notes and memos.


Jon Savage, the expert music journalist who compiled the exhibition, says many fans donated pieces: "The show is a tribute to them, really."


Each flimsy piece is impressive as there is little official documentation of one of our most influential bands.


There are only eight pieces of original footage of the band in existence, including the Love Will Tear Us Apart video. No wonder that, over the past decade, there have been two movies - Michael Winterbottom's 24 Hour Party People and Anton Corbijn's Control - and one documentary.


"Live," says Savage, "Joy Division were ferocious. Their sound was an onslaught. And visually amazing. Bernard and Hooky would be static, either side of the stage, Hooky threatening, Bernard a technician. And in between them this whirl of movement, which was Ian."


Curtis, a sensitive, intense young man troubled by his epilepsy (he sometimes suffered fits onstage) and his love for two women - his wife, Deborah, and Belgian girlfriend Annik Honore - committed suicide on May 18 1980, shortly before the band's US tour. He was 23.


After some time, the others regrouped and became New Order. Which left Joy Division preserved, a small jewel of a story. Brilliant talent, a struggle with illness, youthful potential never realised, death. Perfect pop history.


Very few of today's big rock groups aren't influenced by the band. U2 are the most obvious. One of their first singles, A Day Without Me, was about Curtis' death. More recently, clones such as Interpol and The Editors emerged.


Would Joy Division be so worshipped if Curtis had lived? His suicide casts a pall over all their work, a sense of inevitable disaster. Yet the band, as people, were always hilarious.


And gloom and melancholy are not Morris's abiding memory of Ian. "After a gig," he says, "I would drive Ian home and he'd go into his house.


"I'd just wait. And after a few minutes, he'd come out again, with a cigarette in one hand and a dog-lead in the other, taking the dog for a walk at 3am. I just remember Ian being dragged into the distance by this ridiculous sheepdog, waving madly. It wasn't bleak. It was funny."


Unknown Pleasures: The Exhibition is on at the Silk Museum Heritage Centre, Macclesfield, until Saturday. Admission: £2




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 10th 2010


The Rise and Fall of Factory Records

James Nice

Introduction by Jon Savage



'Definitive and comprehensive, this is the actual story of Factory Records'

Peter Saville


'Such a rare thing – really interesting and immensely readable. I learnt a lot!'

Peter Hook


'This book is surely the definitive study of the chaotic, praxis-driven enterprise that was Factory Communications'

Stephen Morris


‘Few people can rival his knowledge of the label’s history . . . James Nice is uniquely placed to write the definitive chronicle of Factory Records.’

Simon Reynolds, author of

Rip It Up and Start Again


·         The first full account of Factory Records, the most radical and innovative label in British pop history.


·         Foreword by Jon Savage


In 1978, a ‘Factory for Sale’ sign gave Alan Erasmus and Tony Wilson a name for their fledgling Manchester club night. Though they couldn’t have known it at the time, this was the launch of one of the most significant musical and cultural legacies of the late twentieth century. The club’s electrifying live scene soon translated to vinyl, and Factory Records went on to become the most innovative and celebrated record label of the next thirty years.


Always breaking new musical ground, Factory introduced the listening public to bands such as Joy Division, whose Unknown Pleasures was the label’s first album release, New Order, Durutti Column and Happy Mondays. Propelled onwards by the inspirational cultural entrepreneur, Tony Wilson, Factory always sought new ways to energise the popular consciousness, such as the infamous Hacienda nightclub, which enjoyed a chequered 15-year history after opening in 1982. Factory’s reputation as a cultural hub was also bolstered by its fierce commitment to its own visual identity, achieved through the iconic sleeve designs and campaigning artwork of Peter Saville.


However, the lofty reputation of Factory’s musical and artistic ventures were only sporadically converted into commercial success, and when London Records pulled out of a takeover bid in 1992 because of the absence of contracts, the fate of Factory Communications Ltd was sealed. But the label’s downfall has done nothing to quell interest in the Factory legend, as films such as 24-Hour Party People and Control attest. Yet despite this perennial interest, the definitive, authentic story of Factory Records has never been told – until now.


Shadowplayers is the most complete, authoritative and thoroughly researched account of how a group of provincial anarchists and entrepreneurs saw off bankers, journalists and gun-toting gangsters to create the most influential record label of modern times. Based on both archive and contemporary sources, the book tells the full story of Factory’s heroic struggles, its complex web of inventive, idiosyncratic and tragic personalities, and ultimately, the acclaimed and much-loved music it produced.


James Nice is an author, journalist and record-label owner. He once worked for Factory Benelux and now administers much of the former Factory catalogue.


Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records by James Nice is published on June 10th 2010





movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 2th 2010


Ian Curtis and Martin Hannett Exhibition at Fac251 Manchester


Sunday 16th May to 19th May   12 Noon to 6pm Daily




An exhibition showcasing Joy Division memorabilia collated by Peter Hook and Chris Hewitt . Over the years as much musical and recording equipment and instruments associated with Joy Division have been collated by Chris and Hooky and as an avid collector, Hooky will also be showing many paper artefacts and other related objects to Joy Division publicly for the first time.


The Ian Cutis/Joy Division exhibition at The Factory’s top floor boardroom will contain at least six display cases full of Peter Hook’s collection of Joy Division artefacts. There will be a scene of the Joy Division rehearsal room with instruments and amplification that the band used on gigs and in rehearsals whilst the Joy Division recording session scene will recreate an Ian Curtis vocal take including the actual studio screens he recorded his vocals behind as well as a collection of producer Martin Hannett’s original equipment including the microphone configuration that Martin Hannett used, Martin Hannett’s legendary collection of outboard delay equipment that defined the Joy Division Sound,  Hannett’s own tape recorder and several of his early echo units.


This will be a unique insight into the artefacts, instruments, amplification and recording equipment of one of Manchester’s seminal bands.




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 27th 2010


Custom built Hacienda Bass Guitar


A series of six long scale EB2/335-shape bass guitars are to be custom built by Brian Eastwood with HAC numbers HAC 51 to 56 utilising pieces of the original maple wood dancefloor of FAC 51 The Hacienda.

The design ideas have been put together by Peter Hook and Chris Hewitt and are being turned into reality by custom guitar builder Brian Eastwood.


The initial idea came from discussions between Hooky and Chris Hewitt about how pieces of the original Hacienda maple dance floor they were sorting for another project were about the right width to make a maple fretboard for guitar necks. And so the idea of a Hacienda Peter Hook Bass Guitar was born.

A lot of the innovative features of the Hacienda internal design / architecture will be incorporated into various parts of the guitar, the first of which has been completed and will be used when Hooky and The Light perform Unknown Pleasures at The Factory in Manchester on 18 May 2010.




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 24th 2010




After five years and in line with Hooky's release schedule we are all delighted to announce that the Freebass Album: Its a beautiful life is ready for download.




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 18th 2010



Peter Hook’s The Light

Perform Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures”

Sequentially & In Its Entirety

To Commemorate The Life Of Ian Kevin Curtis


Tuesday May 18th / The Factory Manchester / 8pm

In Association With Mind & Keith Bennett Appeal

Tickets : £19.99 (Includes Charity Donation)

The Factory, 112 – 118 Princess Street Manchester, M1 7EN


Three decades after it was first released and on the 30th anniversary of the untimely passing of Ian Kevin Curtis, Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has decided to commemorate Ian’s life and contribution to modern music with a special concert where Hooky and The Light will perform Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures in entirety for the first time.


Joined by a few guests for certain album tracks during the performance, The Light will run through the entire album in track order, beginning with “Disorder”, following through with “Insight”, “New Dawn Fades”, “She’s Lost Control” and finishing on “I Remember Nothing. It is also anticipated that other Joy Division classics may be aired at the concert following the performance of the album.


Hooky decided personally on the concert as an apposite way to celebrate Ian’s life and sensitive to the history and drama surrounding the anniversary concert, has chosen two charities to support from the event, Mind, the leading mental health charity for England and Wales, and the Keith Bennett Appeal, a charity set up by Norie Miles to help her close friend Winnie Johnson, mother of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett, to recover his remains, as the police called off the search in July 2009.


The Factory is also planning an exhibition to coincide with the concert which will showcase images, artefacts and other memorabilia from the Joy Division days in the boardroom of the club. This will run concurrently with the concert and will also be open to the public for certain days surrounding May 18th. Details on this will be released in advance of the gig.


In what is bound to be an emotive and very special Manchester occasion, the Unknown Pleasures concert on May 18th will allow a fitting tribute to an iconic and much missed, tragic lead singer, and one whose influence on the city and its music scene has never abated.   




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 17th 2010




LOS ANGELES, CA – Saturday, April 17, 2010 — With air travel out of the UK and Europe still at a standstill, and conditions predicted to deteriorate further due to the huge cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull, the members of Bad Lieutenant and their management have come to the disappointing decision to cancel their Chicago and New York dates that had been set to take place on Monday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 21, respectively.


“We’re stuck in Manchester,” said Bad Lieutenant’s Bernard Sumner.  “We were hoping that conditions might change at the last minute and we’d be able to come and play for our fans.  Obviously, this is a situation out of everyone’s control, and we are crushed that we won’t be coming to America for these dates.”


Since British air space was closed on Thursday morning, the band also canceled their planned appearances in San Francisco last night and today at the Coachella festival near Palm Springs, CA.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 16th 2010


Bernard Sumner Scraps Album With Stuart Price


It's been reported that Joy Division/New Order/Bad Lieutenant captain Bernard Sumner has a synth record in the works with British producer/songwriter Stuart Price. Unfortunately, as Sumner reveals to Spinner, that project has been scrapped.

"I believe you can do anything with enough enthusiasm," Sumner says. "To make a good record, you have to put 100 percent in. And now, you have to make about 16 to 18 songs. In the old days, when I was in Joy Division or New Order, if you did that, it would be a double album."

It's not to say that Sumner and Price haven't worked together before -- the producer, who's worked with Madonna, Diddy and the Killers, also lent his skills on New Order's last effort, 2005's 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call' -- but it's looking like it would be too much work to get enough material out.

"To do that with Stuart, that would be impossible," Sumner says. "I couldn't make two albums at one time. There's nothing in the pipeline at the moment."

As we've reported before, Sumner is focused on his current project, Bad Lieutenant. After some visa woes kept them from touring the US last fall, the band is in limbo again, as the volcanic ash that's wreaking havoc in the UK forced the cancellation of their flight to San Francisco.

They're scheduled for a four-date run in the US, starting tomorrow at the Regency Ballroom in the Bay Area before heading to Coachella this weekend. Here's hoping they can finally make it. If they do, what can fans expect? "We play some New Order and some Joy Division," Sumner says. "It's a bit of a career retrospective. It weaves together really well. We're a great band live. I'm back on the live tip."


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 15th 2010




LOS ANGELES, CA – April 16, 2010 — Having exhausted every possible scenario to make their way to the United States from their UK homes, the members of Bad Lieutenant – Bernard Sumner, Phil Cunningham, Jake Evans, Stephen Morris and Tom Chapman – have determined that there is simply no way for them to play at tomorrow’s Coachella festival.  The volcanic ash cloud formed by the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano on Wednesday continues to keep British airspace closed and all flights in and out cancelled.


The band is very disappointed not to be able to play for their fans.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 15th 2010



John Barnes to reprise World in Motion rap for Mars ad


Barnes to feature in re-recording of New Order's official song for England's 1990 football World Cup campaign for Mars TV ad

John Barnes World in Motion rap (Mars)

John Barnes raps in the original video for New Order's World in Motion



All together now: "Catch me if you can, 'cos I'm the England man..." Twenty years after John Barnes became an unlikely rapper in the official song for England's 1990 football World Cup campaign, Mars has signed the former international to reprise his cringeworthy World In Motion turn in a TV ad campaign, MediaGuardian can reveal.

Barnes will feature in a re-recording of New Order's World In Motion for a new Mars TV campaign launching late next month. Mars is also launching a competition to give members of the public the chance to appear in the ad.

The original World In Motion video featured an uncomfortable-looking Barnes on a training pitch, miming his rap lyrics with a football tucked under his right arm and World Cup song perennial Keith Allen larking about in the background.

In 2008 Barnes was coaxed into singing the rap on TV by Vernon Kay during an episode of Family Fortunes.

The Mars campaign, by ad agency AMV BBDO, will see a 30-second ad run on TV and a 60-second version appear online at


Last October Mars announced a five-year partnership with the Football Association. Earlier this year it launched a TV ad featuring former international footballers including Peter Shilton and Terry Butcher reminiscing about their proudest moments playing for England.

For the last World Cup, in Germany in 2006, Mars rebranded its chocolate bar with the word "Believe".

The company has slightly amended the words of Barnes's rap to insert its brand, as follows:


You've got to hold and give
But do it at the right time
You can be slow or fast
But you must get to the line
They'll always hit you and hurt you
Defend and attack
There's only one way to beat them
Get round the back
Catch me if you can
Cos' I'm the England man
And what you're looking at
Is the master plan
We ain't no hooligans
This ain't a football song
Three lions on our Mars
I know we can't go wrong

We're singing for England
We're singing the song
We're singing for England
We hope this year will be the one!


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 15th 2010




Bad Lieutenant, scheduled to kick off their U.S. concert debut tomorrow night at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, have been forced to cancel the date due to this morning’s volcanic eruption in Iceland that closed British airspace. The band members – Bernard Sumner, Phil Cunningham, Jake Evans, Stephen Morris and Tom Chapman – who all live in the UK, had been scheduled to travel today into San Francisco. When British airspace was closed this morning and all flights were cancelled, they were able to get last-minute bookings for tomorrow on a flight that would have put them into San Francisco late in the day; but just moments ago, American Airlines announced that that flight has also been cancelled.


Bad Lieutenant is extremely disappointed in this bizarre turn of events as they had been very much looking forward to coming to the Bay Area. The band’s management is doing everything it can to make an alternative flight itinerary for the remaining dates.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 15th 2010




Hello everyone,
Unbelievably, our flight to San Fran is cancelled due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Volcanic ash has meant that all uk airports are shut down til midnight at least. We’re stuck in Manchester trying to stay positive. Doing everything we can to get there.


Jake (Bad Lieutenant)



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 14th 2010


Festival Hall dances to new beat


GOTTA DANCE: Danny O’Sullivan, Graham Farrand, Sarah Sumner, Anton Farmer, Alan Wise and Jeremy Bass.


A brave New Order in music is coming to Alderley Edge Festival Hall courtesy of band legend Bernard Sumner and a Hacienda DJ.


Alderley Edge resident Bernard, former guitarist for post-punk Eighties bands Joy Division and New Order, is introducing Club Paradiso, a weekly funk, soul, jazz and R ‘n B night.


Club Paradiso will hit Festival Hall on May 1, and with Hacienda DJ Hewan Clarke as resident DJ, will be a wholly different deal to the swing dances which used to take place there in the 1930s when it was the Regal Ballroom.


The events - aimed at a sophisticated, affluent crowd of 18 to 30s - is the joint brainchild of Bernard and Alan Wise, former promoter for New Order.


Alan, who runs Wisemoves Concerts, says there will be live music at each event as well as DJs until 1am.

He said: "This is a night for people from Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Macclesfield - a sophisticated crowd. We really hope it takes off, it will be good to make use of this great venue."


Bernard’s wife Sarah Sumner, of Nether Alderley, will meet and greet people on the door.


She said: "Bernard wanted to organise something in Alderley Edge. It’s going to be great, it’s time we had something like this here, somewhere to go after a meal or a drink in the bars.  The crowd will be young but not too young and the DJ is great. Alan is a real character and knows all the right people, so it should be a good show. I’m looking forward to it."


This is good news for the village parish council, which took over the venue last year.


Manager Graham Farrand has been tasked with attracting visitors, and is pleased to report an income in the first year of £20,000.


Graham, 63, from Poynton, said: "It’s a lovely hall which should be used. I remember going there when I was 16 and it was the Ballroom and I’m glad to see dancing and live music return. It’s good for the income at the hall, we need to generate money so we can keep it open for community events.The Club Paradiso launch will take place on Saturday, May 1, from 7.30pm to 1am, featuring 80s top-ten soul band The Christians at 9pm, and run each Friday night after that. Tickets are £15 from 0161 832 1111 or at


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March  25th, 2010


Freebass finally unleash debut


Freebass, the Mancunian bass supergroup comprising Peter Hook, Mani and Andy Rourke, are finally releasing their debut EP, five years after forming.

The four-track EP features the vocals of The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess, The Mighty Wah’s Pete Wylie and Howard Marks.

The group almost roped in Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown and Billy Corgan to sing – but the artists’ schedules were too hectic, Hook told 6 Music’s Shaun Keaveny.

Asked about Brown and Corgan, Hook said: “We asked them but we’re all jobbing musicians so it’s impossible to fit it in.

“I get asked, and Mani gets asked, to do a lot of sessions and stuff. Literally you have the best intentions of doing it. We had Liam at one point but you really just can’t fit it in.”

Between them, the bass trio have been in the greatest Manchester bands of the last 35 years – Hook was in Joy Division and New Order, Rourke was in The Smiths and Mani was in The Stone Roses, and is currently in Primal Scream.

Hook jokingly described the band’s long gestation as a “living hell”.

“The problem with it was that when it started, we had a lot of time on our hands – Mani, Rourkey and I. And then as soon as we started it, our respective band leaders, in their wisdom, decided to work. So it’s had a lot of false starts.”

As well as using guest vocalists, the group have also recruited a full-time singer, Gary Briggs, formerly of the band Haven.

He was enlisted after an audition and he appears on the first Freebass album, which is out next month.

“We had a sort of indie Pop Idol,” Hook explained. “It took us about a year and a half to find a singer and we came up with Gary Briggs.

“In the mean time we’d asked a few friends of ours – Tim Burgess, Howard Marks, Pete Wylie – to help us out and we submitted some vocals. So we ended up with four guest vocalists and a proper vocalist.

“We thought we’d split it in two. So the EP with the guest vocalists is coming out first, and the LP will be coming out in four weeks with Gary.”


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 24th, 2010



  • Intro

  • You Don't Know (This About Me) - Vocals Tim Burgess

  • The Milky Way Is Our Playground - Vocals Pete Wylie

  • Dark Starr - Vocals Howard Marks

  • Live Tomorrow You Go Down - Vocals Peter Hook

  • Thats Life

Freebass is Peter Hook, Gary Mountfield, Andy Rourke, Phil Murphy and Paul Kehoe


Today Haçienda Records are delighted to announce the release of the long awaited debut Freebass EP “Two Worlds Collide” which brings together a selection of famous guest vocalists including Tim Burgess, Pete Wylie, Howard Marks and Peter Hook.


Originally born out of a conversation between Mani, Hooky and Rourkie some five years ago, Freebass has been through a long gestation process. Finding the right lead singer proved arduous leading Mani to suggest that the band approach their famous friends to contribute vocals. Howard, Tim and Pete all responding to the call.


“Two Worlds Collide” is the result of these early Freebass sessions and is released as a full four track EP including bonus tracks.


Opening up is Tim Burgess’ contribution, “You Don’t Know This About Me”, a melodic and epic tune, the most reminiscent of Hooky’s previous bands. A Stateside feel permeates the track, aptly enough since Tim wrote and recorded the vocal from his home in LA.


The EP takes a turn into the surreal with second track, “The Milky Way Is Our Playgroud” as Pete Wylie takes on vocal duties for a soaring, euphoric space rock track.


“Mr Nice” next as raconteur and beatnik, Howard Marks delivers a sterling vocal on “Dark Starr” as its driving bassline spins off into a grungey piece of rock and roll mischief. As Howard raps about Merlin, the light of Lucifer and matters thereof.


A change of pace for final track “Live Tomorrow You Go Down” as Hooky growls his way through a dance track whose Blackburn raves bassline, crunching beats, and Giorgio Moroder style electro flourishes bring about a leftfield, punkish techno track that was originally recorded by one of Freebass’ early vocal try outs.


Mindful of Ian Curtis’ maxim that if you start a track, you finish it, Hooky completed the track with Phil Murphy and dedicates it to Rich, the original singer.


So there you have it finally, the debut Freebass EP, you thought you’d never see.


The EP is available as a one track continuous download and as a four track download with two bonus tracks.


The four tracks are also available as individual downloads.


FAC 51 - The Hacienda


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 22th, 2010


The second  single from Bad Lieutenant’s Never Cry Another Tear is now available for purchase on-line.  “Twist of Fate” is coupled with a remix of “Poisonous Intent” by Tintin and can be found at all the major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.).


You can buy it here:

Bad Lieutenant - Twist of Fate - Single

You can also get hold of the album is you missed it first time round:

Bad Lieutenant - Never Cry Another Tear

If you missed the great interview with Bernard Sumner in The Quietus,  read it HERE


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 18th, 2010


The Warehouse

Project presents


Live in


UNKLE, Bad Lieutenant,

The Whip, Peter Hook and more also


Friday, 11th June 2010 @ Platt Fields



Ian Brown will be joined by a diverse range of leading artists including dance supremos UNKLE, Bad Lieutenant, which features New Order front man and guitarist Bernard Sumner, Manchester rockers The Whip, uber cool turntablists Scratch Perverts, celebrated Haçienda DJ Mike Pickering, ex-New Order bass player Peter Hook (DJ set) and the Now Wave DJs on a line-up that will guarantee Manchester’s biggest night of music in 2010. Elsewhere, the line-up features a who’s who of Manchester nightlife including everyone from Ninja Tune’s Mr. Scruff to the legendary Factory band A Certain Ratio.


Priced at £28.50 for adults and children over the age of 16 years, Tickets will be available from Ticketline (0161 832 1111 or, See Tickets (0871 220 0260 or or Ticketmaster (0844 847 1742 or



For more information about The Warehouse Project, please visit done a piece on Bad Lieutenant including an interview with Jake Evans from the band.  You can see the interview here:

It gives some interesting bits of how the band's atmosphere differs from New Order.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 17th, 2010



Music Artefact Exhibition featuring Joy Division and John Peel  related artefacts is back at Heywood Library foyer from16th March 2010 for around six weeks- admission is totally free


The Music Artefact Exhibition which covers the links between Heywood and Rochdale recording studios and

 Joy Division and John Peel is back in Heywood Library foyer by popular demand. Originally opened by Peter Hook and Chris Hewitt on the 23rd September last year, the day of the unveiling of the two music blue plaques- the exhibition could only run until early November owing to prior commitments by the library display area.


But now it is back for another six weeks, so if you want to find out about the links between Heywood and Rochdale and John Peel and Joy Division, the history of the Seven Stars as a music venue, Heywood  and Rochdale rock groups through the years, the history of Wigwam Acoustics and Wigwam as a music venue, Heywood’s Imaginary record label, Deeply Vale Festivals etc get down there to have a look. Items of equipment used by Martin Hannett and Joy Division are on display along with other interesting music artefacts.


Admission is totally free

Heywood Library Opening times

Monday 10am-7.30pm
Tuesday 9.30am-5.30pm
Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm
Thursday 9.30am-5.30pm
Friday 9.30am-5.30pm
Saturday 9.30am-1pm, 2pm-4pm



Heywood Library
Church Street

OL10 1LL

John Peel studios blue plaque is on outside of 58 Market Street Heywood OL10 4LY


(and can be seen 9.00am to 4-30pm Monday to Friday when shutters are up on the building)



Joy Division studios blue plaque is at Kenion St, Off Drake St,  Rochdale OL16 1SD


and can be seen 24 hours a day



For further info on the exhibition contact Chris Hewitt on 01565 734066 or email


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 14th, 2010 done a piece on Bad Lieutenant including an interview with Jake Evans from the band.  You can see the interview here:

It gives some interesting bits of how the band's atmosphere differs from New Order.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 12th, 2010

Haçienda Records First Release



Haçienda records are delighted to announce their first release Summer 88 by Man Ray.


Man Ray are Hooky and Phil Murphy.



  1. We're on it
  2. Ways of making music
  3. We're on it (instrumental)
  4. Ways of making music (instrumental)



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 2th, 2010



The Other Two & Prime Management  set  up some online spaces to support the re issues of their CD's.

The band will be blogging on their website and there are free downloads of some of their tracks on the music player. There's also a video page on there.

Here's some blurb about the CD:

LTM present expanded CD editions of two albums by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order.

The Other Two came into being in 1990, spurred by Morris and Gilbert’s work on television soundtracks, and a temporary lull in New Order activity in which Electronic and Revenge also released albums. First album The Other Two & You features ten original synth-pop gems produced by the duo with Stephen Hague, with surprise vocals by Gillian, showcased on the singles Tasty Fish and Selfish.

Originally scheduled for release on Factory Records in late 1992, The Other Two & You was delayed by the collapse of the label, and instead emerged on London in 1993. This expanded edition features all tracks from the original Factory/London album as well as six bonus tracks from companion singles, including superb mixes by Moby, Pascal Gabriel and Boys Own.

The album also includes Loved It, originally released as a free CD to celebrate the opening of the controversial Factory HQ building on Charles Street (Manchester) in September 1990. The remastered CD runs for 76 minutes, and features new artwork and detailed sleevenotes.

Super Highways, their second album, followed in 1999. Produced by O2 with Tim Oliver, vocals are shared by Gillian and Melanie Williams, best known for her guest vocal on the hit Sub Sub single Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use). The title track was also released as a single, featuring remixes by Andy Votel and Cevin Fisher.

This expanded edition features all tracks from the original album as well as three bonus tracks from companion singles, including a rare mix of Tasty Fish by K-Klass. The remastered CD runs for 76 minutes, the booklet features archive images and detailed sleevenotes.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)February 24th, 2010
Peter Hook: An Evening Of Unknown Pleasures.
A 16 Date UK Tour That Sees Peter Hook & Howard Marks In
An Evening Of Music, Memoribilia, Multimedia And Memories.
Sunday 11th April to Sunday 2nd May 2010
Peter Hook - legendary bass-slinger with two of the most influential bands in British pop music history, Joy Division and New Order – has always been out there on his own somehow, as an artist, an icon and as the architect of his own oblivion.
Having recently reinvented himself as a respected DJ, author and raconteur, Hooky tours intimate UK theatres this April / early May with Howard Marks in a conversational, musical and audience based show that sees the duo open up about their rock and roll shenanigans and pasts.
Clutching some cherished memories and rock memorabilia, the celebrated musician, scribe and mouthpiece will be fessing up, pouring forth and telling all to Howard Marks, including the tragi-comic tale of the Manchester nightclub, The Hacienda, and the two seminal groups that paid for it.
Hooky will also be playing various bass numbers, be open to a Q&A with audience members and plans to bring along unseen footage of Joy Division, New Order, The Hacienda, various out-takes from Michael Winterbottom’s 24 Hour Party People.  
Fresh from the opening of new Manchester music club The Factory and with his Freebass project featuring fellow legendary bassists, Mani and Andy Rourke, ready for release, Hooky’s spring tour of theatres will see him and ex-drug-running fugitive Marks will discuss their unique memories of the post-punk period and the independent pop and club culture it inspired. It’s a wonder if they remember anything.

Swapping rock venue for theatre seat, Hooky and Howard will talk candidly about the tragedy, hysteria, debauchery and disaster that have characterized his three decade career - and famously consigned both his bands and his club to history and legend.

Compered by Wales’ own legend of the counter-culture and man of many guises, Mr Nice, An Evening Of Unknown Pleasures with Peter Hook promises to be an exhilarating ride. Telling tales of the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll madness, mayhem and general misadventure behind the Manchester and Madchester scenes, the successfully rehabilitated Hooky will also recount some of the rip-roaring stories featured in his best selling book and lift the lid on events that, for reasons of prudence, weren’t featured on lawyers advice.

“We’ve got some interesting stuff that was left out of the Joy Division documentary and I’ve also decided to play a few instrumentals I like the bass on – The Happy One and Elegia, for example. That gets me out of talking for a few minutes. I’m renowned for my music, not for my talking, so I’ll let some of my music do the talking for me.”

Not that he or Howard Marks are likely to be stuck for words: “Howard compering is a dream for me,” says Hooky. “I’ve known him a long time, and before my partying days were over, so we had some times. He’s such a nice guy and he’s had a very interesting life. Both have had our rocky paths, shall we say, but we’re very down to earth and like a bit of fun so it’ll be interesting.

Audiences will also have the opportunity to ask questions about Hooky’s chequered life and starring role in the history, legend and mythmaking of modern Manchester: “I will answer anything that anyone asks me. For me, it’s about being honest. If people have got any queries or if they want anything answering, they can have a go.

“I don’t care what they say - It will be off the cuff and on the fly. Although there have been occasions when I’ve been wrongfooted. In Canada, this kid said ‘you’ve been a musician for 30 years – the first 15 you never said anything (which we didn’t because we were very shy) and the last 15 you won’t shut up. Why?’ So you do leave yourself open but that shows your personality.”
Unknown Pleasures : A opportunity to catch up with two counter culural heroes Peter Hook & Howard Marks on their passions, pitfalls and dubious pleasures. Live, direct, forthright, upfront and unflinchingly honest.
Peter Hook Unknown Pleasures Tour
with Compere Howard Marks
Box Office Tel
Sun 11 Apr '10
Birmingham Glee Club
0871 472 0400
Mon 12 Aprl '10
Bolton Albert Hall
01204 334400
Tue 13 Apr '10
Worcester Huntingdon Hall
01905 611 427
Thu 15 Apr '10
Milton Keynes Stables
01908 280800
Sun 18 Apr '10
Middlesbrough Town Hall
01642 729729
Tue 20 Apr '10
Gateshead The Sage
0191 443 4661
Wed 21 Apr '10
Durham Gala
0191 332 4041
Thu 22 Apr '10
Burnley Mechanics
01282 664400
Sun 25 Apr '10
Cardiff Glee Club
0871 472 0400
Mon 26 Apr '10
Oxford Academy
0844 477 2000
Tue 27 Apr '10
Wakefield Theatre Royal
01924 211 311
Wed 28 Apr '10
Gloucester Guild Hall
01452 50 30 50
Thu 29 Apr '10
Derby Assembly Rooms
01332 255800
Fri 30 Apr '10
Norwich UEA
01603 508050
Sat 1 May '10
Salford The Lowry
0843 208 6000
Sun 2 May '10
Hull Truck Theatre
01482 323638



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)February 20th, 2010



Bad Lieutenant US Dates



“As promised we are coming to the U.S. to play our re-scheduled dates in Chicago and New York with the addition of the Coachella Festival and a concert in San Francisco. We are really looking forward to playing our songs live for our fans in the U.S. It’s been some quite time since I have played in America, and we are all very excited about the prospect.”
-Bernard Sumner

Friday, April 16:  Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA Buy Tickets

Saturday, April 17:  Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, CA Buy Tickets

Monday, April 19:  Park West, Chicago, IL Buy Tickets

Wednesday, April 21:  Webster Hall, New York, NY Buy Tickets

Click below to enter the "Twist of Fate" video contest!

bad-lieutenant-logo-sm     dailymotionlogo-sm

Bad Lieutenant invites fans and aspiring filmakers to create what will be the official music video for the band's new single "Twist of Fate"
from their debut album Never Cry Another Tear

The  "Sink or Swim" Remix Bundle is now available!  With an exclusive remix by the Teenagers, click below to buy

Amazon itunes


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)February 10th, 2010
CEREMONY A New Order Tribute

Two Disc Deluxe Package Of New Order
Covers Benefits Children's Charity
In Memory Of

Factory Records Maestro Tony Wilson


24 Hour Service Station is proud to announce the release of CEREMONY - A New Order Tribute.

This album is dedicated to Tony Wilson, founder of Factory Records, who died of cancer in 2007, and will be released on February 20th 2010 to celebrate what would have been his 60th Birthday.

A portion of the proceeds from album sales will benefit the Salford Foundation Trust's Tony Wilson Awards , established in his memory. The trust benefits children and young people who can demonstrate a special talent or ambition in the arts or creative skills.

This beautiful Deluxe Double Disc Album of 32 tracks, features artists representative of musical genres from Electronica to Indie Rock who have been influenced by New Order. Participants from across America and Europe include New Order/Joy Division bassist Peter Hook, Detachments, Rabbit In The Moon, John Ralston, Sunbears!, The Cloud Room, GD Luxxe, The Dark Romantics, Pocket, Light Yourself On Fire, XOXO, Kites With Lights and many more!

*  Packaging includes rare archival photos of New Order by rockstar photographer Kevin Cummins plus one of the last images of Tony Wilson before he announced his illness, taken by Katja Ruge.

*  Peter Hook, bassist for New Order & Joy Division, has recorded a sonically enhanced spoken word dedication to Tony Wilson to introduce the record.

Even after losing Tony, his legacy continues to bring music into people's lives.  Since Ceremony  will benefit talented young people, we included a version of "Ceremony" on the album performed by children to show an example of those who have the opportunity of music in their life.

A Dedication to Tony Wilson
2. CEREMONY - Yes But No
3. DREAM ATTACK - Kites With Lights
4. BLUE MONDAY - Rabbit In The Moon
5. CRYSTAL - The Dark Romantics
6. SUB-CULTURE - Pocket feat. Shaun Robinson & Tracy Shedd
7. WORLD - Solo Gigolos UK
8. TURN - Lone Wolf feat. Geri X
9. MR DISCO - Detachments
10. PARADISE - The Beauvilles
11. RUN - Christian Webb & Adam Knowles
12. THIEVES LIKE US - Sunbears!
13. 60 MILES AN HOUR - GD Luxxe
14. LOVE VIGILANTES - Jimmy Oakes
15. ALL DAY LONG - John Ralston
16. TEMPTATION - The Dark Esquire
17. THE HIM - Johnny Parry

1. AS IT IS WHEN IT WAS - The Bedford Incident
2. ROUND & ROUND - Sibling
3. THE PERFECT KISS - Detachments
5. THIS TIME OF NIGHT - Kingsbury
6. BLUE MONDAY - The Cloud Room
7. CEREMONY - The Sheaks
8. SUNRISE - History
9. CHOSEN TIME - Light Yourself On Fire
10. LEAVE ME ALONE - Allegra Gellar
13. REGRET - Win Win Winter
14. 1963 - The Milling Gowns

*  Two additional collections of songs will be available as Digital Albums released in support of this package: Ceremony - The Digital Album - 16 additional covers which do not appear on the CD set, and Twelve Versions of Ceremony comprised entirely of versions of New Order's first single "Ceremony".

*  The Digital Version of this release and the two additional collections will be available at iTunes, Emusic, Amazon, Rhapsody & all other digital outlets to commemorate Tony Wilson's Birthday.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)February 4th, 2010


Bad Lieutenant announce UK gigs and ticket details

Bernard Sumner's band also set for new single


Bad Lieutenant have announced a series of UK gigs for March.

Bernard Sumner's band will play in Sheffield, Glasgow, London, Preston and Liverpool, kicking off on March 15.

They have also announced the release of a new single, 'Twist Of Fate', on March 22. They are set to play as-yet unannounced gigs in the USA in April.

Bad Lieutenant will play:


Sheffield Leadmill (March 15)
Glasgow Garage (16)
London Electric Ballroom (18)
Preston 53 Degrees (20)
Liverpool Masque (21)


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Salford stars on track for The Christie


Salford stars Peter Hook and Rebecca Atkinson will be on the starting line up for this year’s Bupa Great Manchester Run in aid of The Christie.


Thousands of participants have run for The Christie since the event was launched in 2003, but for the first time ever the famous cancer centre has been chosen as the main local charity.


The 10 kilometre run through Manchester City Centre takes place on Sunday 16th May 2010 and is one of the largest and most prestigious mass participation runs in the UK.


Peter Hook, musician from two of Manchester’s most legendary bands Joy Division and New Order said; “It will be an honour to take part in this year’s Great Manchester Run for The Christie. I was born and bred in Salford and Manchester and I know what vital and life-saving work is done every day for cancer patients at The Christie.


“I will be running for all cancer patients, especially my dear friends the late Tony Wilson and Dave Dee. I hope everyone signs up to run in support of The Christie, a world leading cancer centre right here in Manchester.


“I had the time of my life when I ran last year. I thought I'd done everything, but the depth of love, hope and support shown on the day left me breathless. It was a great day for great people for a great cause, and very important to all of us.”


Salford-born actress Rebecca who plays Jockey landlady Karen Maguire in Shameless, said; “After all the Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations, taking part in this run for The Christie will be the perfect motivator to get back into fitness again! I’ve done a lot of work with The Christie and it is very close to my heart. I feel extremely passionate about supporting the charity in anyway I can.”


Other celebrities who have also signed up to run for The Christie include Rebecca’s Shameless co-stars Ben Batt, from Wigan, and Ciaran Griffiths and Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas who plays Jason Grimshaw and Katy Cavanagh, who plays Julie Carp.


Head of sporting events at the Christie charity, Jenny Haskey, said; “Registration for the run is now open, but places do go quickly so do act now to avoid disappointment. Visit and we’d be delighted if you choose The Christie as your chosen charity. All the money raised will help cancer patients now and in the future.”


The Christie is currently building a new £17 million radiotherapy centre at Salford Royal, where cancer patients from Salford, Wigan and Bolton will be able to access first class radiotherapy treatments from Christie experts, but much closer to home. Building work has started and the centre will open in 2011.


As well as treating patients for the most common cancers like breast, bowel and lung, this special development will also be a national centre of excellence for treating brain conditions. It will be equipped to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery, a highly specialised neurosurgical technique for brain cancers – making it one of only a handful of such centres in the UK. Currently patients from Greater Manchester have to travel to Sheffield for this treatment.


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Bad Lieutenant

“Sink Or Swim” remix bundle available from 15th Feb


Bad Lieutenant will release remixes from their first single, "Sink Or Swim" on the 16th February in the USA and 15th February in all other territories.  The remixes will be available on itunes and other quality digital retailers.


The remixes come from Mark Reeder and James Bright for "Sink Or Swim" and Teenagers on "Dynamo".  Mark Reeder is a seminal electronic pioneer with an extensive discography, whilst James Bright's  trademark downtempo tracks have graced a host of compilations including the seminal Cafe Del Mar series.  Hipsters Teengers have been hailed as "the saviours of French Indie Pop"


Tracklisting as follows:

  1. Sink Or Swim (Original Mix)
  2. Sink Or Swim (Reeder’s Rettungsring Remix)
  3. Sink Or Swim (Reeder’s Waterwing Remix)
  4. Sink Or Swim (James Bright Remix)
  5. Dynamo (Teenagers Remix)


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'No World Cup song', FA confirms


The FA has confirmed that, for the first time since 1966, there will be no official song to mark England's World Cup campaign in South Africa.

According to an FA spokesman, the England management "want to be fully focused on the football".

Several unofficial anthems have been rumoured, including a reworking of 1990's World in Motion by New Order.


Peter Hook, co-author of World in Motion, said an anthem was not a distraction and "enhanced patriotism".

Hook was the bassist in New Order, whose members wrote World in Motion.


He told the BBC that the band members were not big football fans at the time of writing the World Cup song but it helped them get behind the team.


"I don't think it took people's minds off things," he said. "If anything, I think it focussed you more."

The 2006 World Cup song, World At Your Feet by Embrace, charted at number three after a lukewarm response.


UK punk singer Jimmy Pursey, frontman of Sham 69, who recorded their own World Cup song the same year, branded Embrace's track "embarrassing".


There were also efforts from Tony Christie and Crazy Frog.


The previous World Cup song, in 2002 was recorded by TV presenters Ant and Dec.


In 1998, The Spice Girls sang (How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of The World, written by Echo and the Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch.


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New Order bassist Peter Hook opens new Factory club



Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order is opening a new live music venue in the old offices of Factory Records in Manchester.

FAC251: The Factory launches on 29 January, with Hook performing songs from his whole back catalogue.

Hook said the aim of the three-floor club, which features a 350-capacity room, is to make it "a gigging venue".


Joy Division were one of the first bands to be signed by Factory Records, later home to the Happy Mondays.

The building has undergone a re-design by Ben Kelly, the original architect that designed Factory's infamous Haçienda nightclub.

Hook revealed to BBC 6 Music's Steve Lamacq that The Factory will differ from The Haçienda, a key player in the rise of acid house and rave music, during the 'Madchester' years of the late 80s and early 90s.


"The thing that appealed to me was the propagation of music, bringing through new groups, because I think that new bands in Manchester are getting used and abused a little bit," he explained.

"So, the idea is to put a good old-fashioned venue, where music is the key, and give them a chance to grow."


Business attitude

The Haçienda, which was shut down in 1997, struggled financially with much of its funds supported by New Order's record sales.


However, Hook said he hopes to make money this time around: "The whole story with the Haçienda is that we were rubbish at business, so the idea is that we try and keep some of the ethos, the heritage and attitude, and do it in a business manner."


It's not the first time the offices have been used as a venue. Club promoters The Warehouse Project recently put on events there but highlighted issues which Hook and his team have addressed.

"They had a lot of problems with the noise so we've been working quite hard with Ben Kelly to put right those problems," he said. "It was on its own at one point and now it's surrounded by flats and a hotel.

"It's amazing how Manchester's changed over the years," he added.


Former Factory Records offices to reopen as a club

The former offices of legendary Manchester record label Factory Records are set to reopen as a club.

Called FAC251, the club will be located on Princess Street in the UK city. Its opening night is set to be February 5.

New Order's Peter Hook is behind the new venture, along with Factory designer Ben Kelly and speaker manufacturers Funktion One.

According to, FAC251 will host live bands and be predominantly an "indie rock & roll club".


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Royal Mail put New Order album cover on a stamp


New Order bassist Peter Hook says he is "very happy" that the artwork from the band's Power, Corruption & Lies album is being put on a stamp.


The cover joins Blur's Parklife and Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells as one of ten covers on a new set of stamps.


The artwork, which features a bunch of scattered roses, was created by designer Peter Saville.

He's one of two local artists featured, as Ray Lowry's cover for The Clash's London Calling is also included.


Peter Hook told BBC Radio 4's Front Row that he was honoured by the accolade and didn't mind having the Queen's head on the cover of one of his albums at all.


"I suppose it's one of those funny things that when we were younger and we were punks, we would have fought against with all our might.


"But then as you get older and you realise the significance of something as important as a stamp, it's quite a humbling thing to be put in that category and I'm very happy about it."


"The thing that made me happiest is when the young lady at the Royal Mail was telling me that everything had to go before the Queen to be okayed.


"I thought that was the nearest I'll ever get to the Queen, so it was definitely a very humbling thing as a musician."


The special stamps celebrate the work of the album sleeve designer, rather than the music, and were chosen after the Royal Mail did extensive research into the UK's greatest album covers, trawling lists and polls and speaking to experts in both music and design.


Peter Saville, who now works as Creative Director of the city of Manchester, says it is a long overdue honour and proof of how important the covers have been to popular culture.


"It's not before time, not for me personally, but for pop culture in general.


"The New Order one is from 27 years ago, Tubular Bells is definitely a few years prior to that, the David Bowie cover, Ziggy Stardust, was terribly important to me as a teenager


"We're covering 40 years or more of contemporary British culture, so it's quite fitting really."


"It's crucial to point out that in the 60s and 70s and into the 80s, the record cover was almost the sole medium of any kind of alternative visual culture for young people.


"There were not style magazines, there was not the Internet, there was not even MTV until the mid-80s.


"The record cover was the only place where you would experience any kind of visual culture that was different to the world that you were living in."


Peter Hook agrees that the record cover in general has been very important, but admits that had he had his way, the New Order album would have looked very different.


"I hate to say that I found it much too subtle at the time.


"As a burgeoning young musician full of spite, I thought it was very subtle and if it had been left to me at the point that we did the sleeve, it would have been much less interesting."


The Power, Corruption & Lies stamp, along with the other nine album cover stamps, is available from Thursday 7 January. 



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Artist:        THE OTHER TWO

Title:           “The Other Two & You”

Cat No:      LTMCD 2551 (16 tracks)

Released:   25 January 2010

Barcode:    502 4545 5788 29


LTM presents an expanded CD edition of the debut album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order.


The Other Two came into being in 1990, spurred by Morris and Gilbert’s work on television soundtracks, and a temporary lull in New Order activity in which Electronic and Revenge also released albums. First album The Other Two & You features ten original synth pop gems produced by the duo with Stephen Hague, with surprise vocals by Gillian, showcased on the singles Tasty Fish and Selfish.


Originally scheduled for release on Factory Records in late 1992, The Other Two & You was delayed by the collapse of the label, and instead emerged on London in 1993. This expanded edition features all tracks from the original Factory/London album as well as six bonus tracks from companion singles, including superb mixes by Moby, Pascal Gabriel and Boys Own.


The album also includes Loved It, originally released as a free CD to celebrate the opening of the controversial Factory HQ building on Charles Street (Manchester) in September 1990. The remastered CD runs for 76 minutes, and features new artwork and detailed sleevenotes.


Please note this CD is not for sale in North America and Canada.



TASTY FISH                                          3.47

THE GREATEST THING                            3.39

SELFISH                                               4.09

MOVIN’ ON                                           4.44

NINTH CONFIGURATION                          4.19

FEEL THIS LOVE                                    4.26

SPIRIT LEVEL                                        3.51

NIGHT VOICE                                        2.05

INNOCENCE                                          5.46

LOVED IT (THE OTHER TRACK)                 4.46            


TASTY FISH (PASCAL MIX 12”)                 5.20            

SELFISH (THAT POP MIX)                        5.28            

THE GREATEST THING (PASCAL MIX)         3.30            

MOVIN’ ON (MOBY MIX)                          5.50            

TASTY FISH (ALMOND SLICE MIX)             4.35            

SELFISH (JUNIOR STYLE DUB)                  9.02            


Artist:        THE OTHER TWO

Title:           “Super Highways”

Cat No:      LTMCD 2553 (15 tracks)

Released:   25 January 2010

Barcode:    502 4545 5789 28



LTM presents an expanded CD edition of the second album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order.


The Other Two came into being in 1990, spurred by Morris and Gilbert’s work on television soundtracks, and a temporary lull in New Order activity in which Electronic and Revenge also released albums. Debut album The Other Two & You was finally released in 1993, produced by the duo with Stephen Hague and featuring infectious singles Tasty Fish, Selfish and Innocence.


Super Highways, their second album, followed in 1999. Produced by O2 with Tim Oliver, vocals are shared by Gillian and Melanie Williams, best known for her guest vocal on the hit Sub Sub single Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use). The title track was also released as a single, featuring remixes by Andy Votel and Cevin Fisher.


This expanded edition features all tracks from the original album as well as three bonus tracks from companion singles, including a rare mix of Tasty Fish by K-Klass. The remastered CD runs for 76 minutes, the booklet features archive images and detailed sleevenotes.


Please note this CD is not for sale in North America and Canada.



YOU CAN FLY                                                  4.55

SUPER HIGHWAYS                                           5.05   

THE RIVER                                                     4.17   

ONE LAST KISS                                               5.05   

VOYTEK                                                         4.57   

UNWANTED                                                    4.26   

NEW HORIZONS                                              4.07   

COLD FEET                                                     4.34   

THE GRAVE                                                    6.49   

HELLO                                                           3.49   

RIPPLE                                                          3.50   

WEIRD WOMAN                                               4.22   


SUPER HIGHWAYS (VOTEL MIX)                         5.40   

YOU CAN FLY (CEVIN FISHER)                           8.53   

TASTY FISH (K-KLASS MIX)                               6.48   


For more information contact James on tel/fax 01362 861009 or on e-mail at:   




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