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movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Nov 29th, 2008

Bernard and Oakwood invited to attend the launch of UK Music, in Parliament


Michael Appleyard, Deputy Headteacher, was delighted to receive an invitation from UK Music to deliver with Bernard a description of the project; Bernard is embarking on with Oakwood High School, at the UK Music launch early in the New Year.


Pupils from the school will be researching the influences that Lawrence Weiner and Peter Saville had on the designs of Factory Record cover sleeves and posters and in particular, New Order. Pupil’s designs will be exhibited at the Lowry Theatre, Salford in September 09, where it is hoped one will be chosen as a cover sleeve for Bernard’s new band, Bad Lieutenant.


 The project was inspired, by an interview Bernard gave to one of the pupils, where after the death of Ian Curtis, he described the feelings and anxieties a guitarist had on having to sing in front of 20,000 people. The pupil, coming from an area of deprivation in Salford, afterwards described the conversation as inspirational.


The project will begin with a group of young people attending a residential activity in Keswick, where they will explore the work of Lawrence Weiner, with the help of Manchester poet Mike Garry and teachers Steve Heeley and Kelly Sterling. Lawrence believes text is a material, which can be sculpted. The school will be hoping to meet Lawrence, when they meet up with Mike Shamberg who ran the Factory Records Transatlantic Office in the eighties, on a trip to New York planned for March/April. Hopefully with Bernard joining as the tour guide.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Nov 28th, 2008

Rhino reissue a Decade of New Order


Double-Disc Collector's Editions of Movement, Power, Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood and Technique Feature Original Factory Records Releases Remastered and Expanded with Non-Album Singles, B-Sides andRemixes

Each Available from Rhino November 11

LOS ANGELES -- After forming in 1980, New Order went on to develop a groundbreaking sound that mixed synthesizer-driven pop with electronic dance beats on a series of acclaimed and influential albums. The band -- Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert -- released a total of five albums during the '80s that helped blaze a trail for the alternative music movement that would peak a decade later.
Rhino pays tribute to these musical pioneers with Collector's Editions of the band's first five albums: MOVEMENT, POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES, LOW-LIFE, BROTHERHOOD and TECHNIQUE. On November 11, all five will be available at all retail outlets, including www.rhino.com

Each will be reissued as a double-disc that contains a remastered version of the original Factory Records recording on the first disc, along with a bonus disc that collects the band's numerous non-album singles, b-sides and remixes.

After the tragic death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, the band's surviving members, Sumner, Hook and Morris, founded New Order with Gilbert and released its darkly melodic debut, MOVEMENT (1981). The album's eight songs show the band moving away from the past and embracing a new sound on "Truth," "Denial" and the opening track, "Dreams Never End." Among the bonus disc highlights is "Ceremony," a song written by Joy Division but never recorded in the studio that New
Order recorded as its first single. Also included are later singles ("Temptation" and "Everything's Gone Green") that foreshadow the band's more dance-oriented direction.

New Order found its voice on the group's sophomore effort, POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES (1983). Featuring the original eight songs on the British release, the first disc offers exceptional dance-pop with "Your Silent Face" and "Age Of Consent." The bonus disc includes "Blue Monday" and its b-side "The Beach," which were released exclusively as a single in the U.K., but included on the U.S. version of Power, Corruption & Lies. The single became the best-selling, independently released 12" single of all time in the U.K.

The group achieved a high-water mark with its third release LOW-LIFE (1985), an eight-song album that perfected New Order's cutting-edge electronic sound with the singles "The Perfect Kiss" and "Sub-Culture."
The bonus disc contains songs the band contributed to the popular film Pretty In Pink, including "Shellshock" (from the soundtrack) as well as an instrumental version of the album track "Elegia" that was heard in the film, but not on the soundtrack.

The band returned a year later with BROTHERHOOD (1986), an album highlighted by the brilliant single "Bizarre Love Triangle" along with the fan favorite "Weirdo" and the ballad "All Day Long." The bonus disc offers the 12" single versions of "Touched By The Hand Of God" and "Bizarre Love Triangle" as well as two remixes of "True Faith"; its b-side "1963"; and a new version of "Blue Monday" released in 1988.

New Order closed the decade with TECHNIQUE (1989), a nine-song album influenced by the exploding popularity of the acid house scene in Great Britain. Debuting at #1 in the U.K., the album delivered the singles "Run," "Fine Time" and "Round & Round" as well as "Vanishing Point," a song later used as the theme for a popular British television show. The bonus disc features the 12" single "World In Motion," the official song of the English national football team in 1990's World Cup competition. Also featured is "Fine Line," an instrumental version of the album track "Fine Time," as well as b-sides "Best & Marsh" and "MTO."

Disc One
1. "Dreams Never End"
2. "Truth"
3. "Senses"
4. "Chosen Time"
5. "I.C.B."
6. "The Him"
7. "Doubts Even Here"
8. "Denial"

Disc Two
1. "Ceremony" - 12" Version
2. "Temptation" - 12" Version
3. "In A Lonely Place" - 7" Version
4. "Everything's Gone Green" - 12" Version 5. "Procession" - 7" Version
6. "Cries and Whispers"
7. "Hurt" - 12" Version
8. "Mesh"- 12" Version
9. "Ceremony" - Alternate Version
10. "Temptation" - Alternate 12" Version

Disc One
1. "Age Of Consent"
2. "We All Stand"
3. "The Village"
4. "5 8 6"
5. "Your Silent Face"
6. "Ultraviolence"
7. "Ecstacy"
8. "Leave Me Alone"

Disc Two
1. "Blue Monday" - 12" Version
2. "The Beach" - 12" Version
3. "Confusion" - 12" Version
4. "Thieves Like Us" - 12" Version
5. "Lonesome Tonight" - 12" Version
6. "Murder" - 12" Version
7. "Thieves Like Us" - Instrumental
8. "Confusion" - Instrumental

Disc One
1. "Love Vigilantes"
2. "The Perfect Kiss"
3. "This Time Of Night"
4. "Sunrise"
5. "Elegia"
6. "Sooner Than You Think"
7. "Sub-Culture"
8. "Face Up"

Disc Two
1. "The Perfect Kiss" - 12" Version
2. "Sub-Culture" - 12" Version
3. "Shellshock" - John Robie Remix, 12" Version 4. "Shame Of The Nation"
5. "Elegia"
6. "Lets Go (From Salvation)"
7. "Salvation Theme"
8. "Dub Vulture"

Disc One
1. "Paradise"
2. "Weirdo"
3. "As It Was When It Was"
4. "Broken Promise"
5. "Way Of Life"
6. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
7. "All Day Long"
8. "Angel Dust"
9. "Every Little Counts"
10. "State Of The Nation"

Disc Two
1. "Bizarre Love Triangle" - 12" Version 2. "1963" - 12" Version 3.
"True Faith" - Shep Pettibone Remix, 12" Version 4. "Touched By The Hand
Of God" - 12" Version 5. "Blue Monday '88"
6. "Evil Dust"
7. "True Faith" - True Dub
8. "Beach Buggy"

Disc One
1. "Fine Time"
2. "All The Way"
3. "Love Less"
4. "Round & Round"
5. "Guilty Partner"
6. "Run"
7. "Mr. Disco"
8. "Vanishing Point"
9. "Dream Attack"

Disc Two
1. "Don't Do It" - 12" Version
2. "Fine Line" - 12" Version
3. "Round and Round" - 12" Version
4. "Best & Marsh" - 12" Version
5. "Run 2" - 12" Version
6. "MTO"
7. "Fine Time" - Silk Mix
8. "Vanishing Point" - Instrumental, 12" Version 9. "World In Motion" -
Cabinieri Mix, 12" Version













1 Dreams Never End 
2 Procession
3 Age of Consent 
4 Blue Monday 
5 The Perfect Kiss 
6 Salvation Theme 
7 Bizarre Love Triangle 
8 1963
9 Round & Round 
10 Don't Do It 


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Oct 2nd, 2008

Peter Hook: 'New Order was an empty shell'


Peter Hook has spoken out about the last days of his former band New Order, claiming that a lack of communication had left the band "an empty shell".

Speaking as part of BBC Radio 2's New Order week, the bass player spoke about how relations between himself and frontman Bernard Sumner had broken down.

New Order split up last summer, apparently for the final time.

Asked by DJ Stuart Maconie about the prospects of the band burying the hatchet, Hook explained: "I've no idea really. Sometimes you wonder what you were arguing about.

"From what I can gather, Bernard was upset that I didn't go and see him to tell him that I didn't want to work with him anymore. To my mind it had gone.

"I had a manager and I was paying my manager 20 per cent, so got her to do the dirty work. I didn't see why I had to do my own dirty work. She told him in February and he never said anything, he just went, 'Right'."

Hook also spoke of his anger at the 'New Order' statement released by his bandmates that claimed Hook had gone to the press without telling the other band members he had left the band.

"I told him every night after the Brazilian tour that I wasn't going to do this again," Hook said. "I did Brazil for the money. I just felt it was like an empty shell, New Order. It really was for me. I can't talk for the others."

However, Hook went on to say that the process of remastering the band's five albums for Factory Records had given him closure on the turbulence.

"I must admit that when I listened to it, I was really proud of them [his former bandmates]," he said. "It did cheer me up because it made me realise that while we fight like kids in the playground we actually achieved something that we should all be proud of."


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Sept 22nd, 2008

Bernard Sumner collaborates with Oakwood High School, Salford


Bernard is embarking on his third successful collaborative project with pupils from Oakwood High Special School, in Salford.


Pupils will be exploring the designs of New Order album covers, particularly work by Peter Saville and the American contemporary artist Lawrence Weiner.


Recently staff from the school, have visited New York, where they met Mike Shamberg, who ran the Factory Transatlantic office in the Eighties. A group will be visiting New York early next year, when it is hoped Bernard will be able to join the party, to share his experiences of New Order in New York.


Work produced by the pupils will be exhibited under the project title ‘Aspirations and Originality’, on Mike Shambergs Turtle/Kinoteca web site and at The Lowry Theatre in September 09.


Bernard’s relationship with ‘So Many Words Theatre Company’ and Oakwood High School began with a fabulous New Order performance at the school in 2005.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)Sept 21st, 2008

'1 Top Class Manager'


The Notebooks of Joy Division's Manager 1978-1980


Notebooks of Joy Division manager Rob Gretton to be published by his widow, shedding new light on one of the most talked-about bands and music scenes in recent history.


October 7th will see the release of '1 Top Class Manager'  The Notebooks of Joy Division's Manager 1978-1980.


Published by Rob Gretton's widow, Lesley Gilbert, with a foreword by Jon Savage, the book condenses over twenty working notebooks into one volume, and contains posters, letters, diaries and studio notes,all dating from August 1978 to late 1980 – the Joy Division years.


Editor Abigail Ward said, "Rob Gretton remains one of Manchester music's most influential, yet elusive, characters. '1 Top Class Manager' allows us a glimpse of his thought processes and working methods during the Joy Division period."


"It gives us a new perspective on post-punk Manchester and the birth of Factory Records, and retells the Joy Division story through a collage of 'to do' lists, gig plans, artistic manifestos"

and scribbled ideas."


'1 Top Class Manager' is strictly limited to 1500 copies and is available to buy online at www.1topclassmanager.co.uk or over the counter at Vinyl Exchange, 18 Oldham Street, Manchester from October 7th. It is published in association with Manchester District Music Archive. www.mdmarchive.co.uk


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 27th, 2008

Warners To Release Re-mastered, Re-issues of

New Order’s five seminal ‘80s albums 


On 28th September  (US release Oct 14) Rhino Records will re-issue one of the most consistent and influential music catalogues of the 1980s, that of New Order. All five albums will come with bonus discs featuring extended versions, b-sides and remixes, as well as extensive sleevenotes, including interviews with all four band members.

Rising from the ashes of legendary British post-punks Joy Division, New Order triumphed over tragedy to emerge as one of the most acclaimed bands of the 1980s. Embracing the electronic textures and disco rhythms of the underground club culture years in advance of their contemporaries, the group's pioneering fusion of new wave aesthetics and dance music successfully bridged the gap between the two worlds, creating a distinctively thoughtful brand of synth pop.

Released in 1981, New Order’s debut album Movement - produced by Joy Division collaborator Martin Hannett - is the sound of a young band testing new waters after the loss of their singer. The bonus disc features alternative versions and b-sides, with examples of transitional tracks, such as In A Lonely Place and Cries And Whispers, and those that point unequivocally forward as Bernard Sumner finds his own vocal personality, such as non-album singles Everything’s Gone Green and Temptation, a song that spanned generations with it’s triumphant standout on the Trainspotting OST.

On 1983’s Power, Corruption & Lies the band established their own unique and innovative identity, perfectly mixing their love of Kraftwerk with New York’s underground club scene - helped to fruition by producer Arthur Baker. The album featured the state-of-the-art dance classic Confusion. The bonus disc features a song that can truly be described as legendary: Blue Monday, the best-selling 12” of 1983 and a song that defines an era. Also featured are instrumental and alternative versions of Thieves Like Us and Confusion.

1985’s Low-Life further proved the band’s talent for creating dance-pop gems, such as Sub-Culture and The Perfect Kiss. A propulsive, smart and edgy album, it combined lush synth patterns and programmed beats with a level of emotion that keeps the music fresh. The bonus disc features extended mix versions of several album tracks as well as the John Robie remix of Shellshock - the song that brought the band to prominence in the US after it appeared on the Pretty In Pink OST.

Just a year after Low-Life, the band released Brotherhood. The album showed the band’s diversity – it’s one of the least synthesized albums in their catalogue – and their ability to write hook-filled songs, such as the Bizarre Love Triangle single. The bonus disc features extended versions of album tracks, as well as the 1988 version of Blue Monday and Shep Pettibone Remix of True Faith, as well as the True Dub version.

In 1988 the band travelled to Ibiza, and the island’s Baleric and Acid House scenes heavily influenced their 1989 album Technique. Yet again showcasing their talent for writing brilliant left-field pop songs, the album further blurred the line between electronic dance and alternative pop. The driving singles - Fine Time, Run, Round & Round - helped make Technique the band's most dance-oriented record yet, though rockier album tracks - Love Less and All The Way - revealed the band’s on-going versatility. The bonus disc features b-sides and extended versions of album tracks, as well as remixes, including Fine Time (Silk Mix) and the 1990 England World Cup anthem, World In Motion (Cabinieri Mix).

Movement (1981)

1. Dreams Never End (03.13)
2. Truth (04.36)
3. Senses (04.45)
4. Chosen Time (04.06)
5. I.C.B (04.33)
6. The Him (05.27)
7. Doubts Even Here (04.17)
8. Denial (04.21)

Movement – bonus disc

1. Ceremony (04.25)
2. Temptation (7.01)
3. In A Lonely Place (06.14)
4. Everything’s Gone Green (05.32)
5. Procession (04.29)
6. Mesh (03.27)
7. Hurt (08.07)
8. Cries And Whispers (03.03)
9. Ceremony (Alt. Version) (04.36)
10. Temptation

Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)

1. Age Of Consent (05.14)
2. We All Stand (05.14)
3. The Village (04.37)
4. 5 8 6 (07.29)
5. Your Silent Face (05.59)
6. Ultraviolence (04.49)
7. Ecstasy (04.24)
8. Leave Me Alone (04.39)

Power, Corruption & Lies – bonus disc

1. Blue Monday (07.32)
2. The Beach (07.22)
3. Confusion (08.15)
4. Thieves Like Us (06.38)
5. Lonesome Tonight (05.13)
6. Murder (03.57)
7. Thieves Like Us (Instrumental) (06.59)
8. Confusion (Alt Version) (07.36)

Low-Life (1985)

1. Love Vigilantes (04.18)
2. The Perfect Kiss (04.50)
3. This Time of Night (04.45)
4. Sunrise (05.59)
5. Elegia (04.55)
6. Sooner Than You Think (05.12)
7. Sub-culture (04.56)
8. Face Up (05.06)

Low-Life – bonus disc

1. The Perfect Kiss (08.49)
2. Subculture (07.26)
3. Shellshock (John Robie Remix) (06.28)
4. State Of The Nation (06.33)
5. Elegia (17.28)
6. Let’s Go (03.43)
7. Salvation Theme (2.16)
8. Dub Vulture (07.56)

Brotherhood (1986)

1. Paradise (03.49)
2. Weirdo (03.51)
3. As It Is When It Was (03.43)
4. Broken Promise (03.46)
5. Way Of Life (04.04)
6. Bizarre Love Triangle (04.20)
7. All Day Long (05.10)
8. Angel Dust (03.41)
9. Every Little Counts (04.26)
10. State Of The Nation (06.32)

Brotherhood – bonus disc

1. Bizarre Love Triangle (06.43)
2. 1963 (05.37)
3. True Faith (Shep Pettibone Remix) (09.03)
4. Touched By The Hand Of God (07.06)
5. Blue Monday '88 (07.10)
6. Evil Dust (03.43)
7. True Faith - True Dub (07.51)
8. Beach Buggy (07.20)

Technique (1989)

1. Fine Time (04.43)
2. All The Way (03.23)
3. Love Less (03.02)
4. Round & Round (04.30)
5. Guilty Partner (04.45)
6. Run (04.29)
7. Mr Disco (04.21)
8. Vanishing Point (05.24)
9. Dream Attack (05.14)

Technique – bonus disc

1. Don't Do It (04.33)
2. Fine Line (04.45)
3. Round And Round (06.51)
4. Best & Marsh (04.32)
5. Run (II) (05.26)
6. MTO (05.27)
7. Fine Time (Silk Mix) (06.19)
8. Vanishing Point Instrumental (5.12)
9. World In Motion (Cabinieri Mix) (5.55)


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)August 25th, 2008

Joy Division documentary gets release date in UK

The eagerly awaited new documentary about Joy Division is released on DVD in the UK today August 25th.

Joy Division was directed by Grant Gee, previously responsible for the acclaimed Radiohead OK Computer tour documentary Meeting People Is Easy.

The new documentary follows hot on the heels of Anton Corbijn s movie Control, which was released in 2007, and concentrated its story on the bands tragic frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980.

"Joy Division" Documentary trailer

The new documentary examines the bands story through never-before-seen live performance footage, personal photos, period films and newly discovered audiotapes.

There are also interviews with Tony Wilson, the boss of the bands label Factory Records, who died last year. The rest of the band also contribute, as does Annik Honore, the Belgian journalist who Curtis was having an affair with.

Joy Division bass player Peter Hook has already praised the documentary, calling it "the perfect answer" to Control.




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 30th, 2008

New stone laid at Curtis memorial

Karen Britton

A NEW memorial has been laid to replace Ian Curtis’ stolen headstone but the search goes on for the original.


Fans of the late Joy Division lead singer were shocked when his memorial stone was taken from Macclesfield Cemetery a month ago with police appealing for its return.


But since a fruitless raid on a house in Winsford there have been no new clues as to its whereabouts.

Ian’s wife, Deborah Curtis, was "in a state of disbelief and shock" after the stone was stolen from the Prestbury Road site and laid the replacement. Her husband hanged himself in a Barton Street flat in 1980.

But former Joy Division and New Order drummer, Stephen Morris, from Rainow, said that it’s a shame for fans that the original is gone.


According to the council, the stone attracted 1,000 visitors to the town each year from around the world.

Stephen, who was a pupil at King‘s School alongside Ian, said: "I can’t understand what has happened to the stone but it’s an awful thing for someone to do.

"People go around nicking road signs but a person’s gravestone is very personal and the person who took it needs help. I suspect it could be on someone’s mantlepiece and that one day they may try and sell it back to us but it’s hard to say.


"The person who took it cannot be a true fan and it’s a shame for the people who come a long way to see the grave and put flowers on it.

"I am glad there is a replacement as I often go to visit the cemetery but it was a shock that the old one had gone."


Beverly Richardson, bereavement services officer at Macclesfield Cemetery, said: "People haven’t stopped coming to visit the site, even with no stone, and they come from all over the world.

"Like the rest of us, the fans think that it’s sad that the thief didn’t show more respect."

Inspector Gareth Woods, head of Macclesfield Neighbourhood Policing Unit, said: "Unfortunately we have nothing more to go on at the moment.


"It’s strange as we thought the stone would turn up or we would get information as the theft has had so much publicity. It’s a global news story so I’m sure we would know if someone had tried to sell it on. Whoever has the stone obviously intends to keep it but if anyone knows anything it could still help the investigation."


The memorial was taken between lunchtime on Monday, July 1, and the following morning.

Contact Cheshire Constabulary on 0845 458 0000 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 with any information.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 28th, 2008  


Art Vinyl Celebrates Fac 51 The Haçienda With An Exhibition To Launch An Exclusive Limited Edition Framed Haçienda T-Shirt



Exhibition :  The Art Of Fac 51 The Haçienda and Peter Hook


31st July 2008 to 27th August 2008


An exhibition personally curated by Hooky himself


Product :  Special edition Art Vinyl Play & Display Pack featuring The Haçienda’s “Use Hearing Protection” logo across artwork and a T-shirt.

Only 501 packs are available. The first 100  will be individually signed by Peter Hook.


Art Vinyl, the pioneers of showcasing the aesthetics of vinyl records, have linked up with Joy Division/New Order bass player Peter Hook to launch a limited edition framed t-shirt commemorating Faç 51 - Manchester’s famed Haçienda night club.


The package will be launched with a Peter Hook DJ set at a special launch party at the Art Vinyl Gallery on East London’s Broadway Market on July 31 which will also see the launch of an exhibition centred around Fac 51 The Haçienda and Hooky’s exploits over his 30 years in the business.


With Art Vinyl’s gallery to be decked out and transformed with authentic Haçienda décor and in the style of the Whitworth Street Club, the exhibition is set to feature original T-shirts and materials from the Haçienda, Joy Division and New Order alongside classic records made famous in the Haçienda’s heyday in the last 80’s and early 90’s.


Nowadays the Haçienda tours the world exporting its inimitable brand of musical hedonism and adventure to UK, European and global events which embrace the legacy of the venue and bring it bang up to date for today’s clubbing generations. Recent events have featured the likes of Sasha, David Morales, Todd Terry, 808 State alongside the club’s original residents such as Mike Pickering, Graeme Park and Jon Dasilva, Art Vinyl’s official FAC 51 The Haçienda Art / T-shirt package includes a t-shirt featuring the club’s iconic “Use Hearing Protection logo” in a vivid “Haçienda Yellow” t-shirt contained in a specially-packaged Art Vinyl Play And Display frame.


Each one of the 501 individually numbered packs features the legendary yellow and black stripes synonymous with the Haçienda.



The t-shirts – all in size large – are wrapped around a transparent yellow plastic “Use Hearing Protection” 12” x 12” art print, meaning buyers can still enjoy the artwork as well as removing the t-shirt from the frame for wearing. The limited edition packs will retail for £105 and the first 100 orders will be individually signed by Peter Hook.


Peter Hook, a founder and co-owner of The Haçienda, who now owns said, “What Art Vinyl have done is put together a great souvenir of a club which became my life really and means a huge amount to me, to Manchester and to the development of British music. Art and the design of our work was always central to what we did at the Haçienda and Factory and for Art Vinyl to put such effort and care into this piece shows that the influence of what we did is still strong today which makes me very happy.”


Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps said, “The Haçienda was the cradle of for the dance culture which followed it. This is a unique piece of memorabilia which defines a new use for the Play & Display frame. Early indications are that it will sell out quickly.”


Heeps created the Art Vinyl Gallery initially to showcase the art of vinyl records. The Gallery has featured exhibitions by labels such as Mute, Sonar Kollektiv and International DJ Gigolos.


Out of that grew the need for a frame which showcased vinyl records to their best advantage. The unique feature of the Play & Display frame is that the contents can be removed and exchanged while the frame is still fixed to a wall.

movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 21st, 2008  

Zune Marketplace Launches Exclusive Joy Division Content

In follow up to the release of a custom Zune digital media player commemorating the 'Joy Division' documentary DVD, Zune Marketplace is now featuring exclusive Joy Division content including a 3-part video podcast that is available for free download. In an exclusive interview, the band's former bassist Peter Hook talks about Joy Division's tremendous influence on modern music and youth movements in addition to offering some very personal reflections about moving on without Ian Curtis.

As companion elements to the video podcasts, Zune Marketplace is also featuring the full Joy Division catalogue, as well as two unique Peter Hook curated Guestlist features. The Guestlists contain music handpicked by Peter himself, and reveal songs that inspired the original Joy Division recordings as well as modern music that inspires him today from bands like LCD Soundsystem, Perry Farrell's Satellite Party, and Peter Bjorn and John.

To check out the Exclusive Peter Hook Interview, click here:


For the Peter Hook Guest Lists, click here:




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 18th, 2008  

Check out also


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 2nd, 2008  

In order to celebrate the release of New Order new DVD "Live in Glasgow", Rhino and World in Motion are having a contest. The prize will be this great 2 DVD set. Simply answer the following question:

Before this live from 2005, When was the last time New Order played a concert in Glasgow?

Submit your answer to World in Motion at
david@worldinmotion.net before the deadline of July 14, 2008. World in Motion will announce the winner and Rhino will send off the prize.  


DVD Track Listing

 Disc 1
1. "Crystal"
2. "Turn"
3. "True Faith"
4. "Regret"
5. "Ceremony"
6. "Who's Joe"
7. "These Days"
8. "Krafty"
9. "Waiting For The Sirens Call"
10. "Your Silent Face"
11. "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion"
12. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
13. "Temptation"
14. "Perfect Kiss"
15. "Blue Monday"
16. "Transmission" (Joy Division)
17. "Shadowplay" (Joy Division)
18. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division)

Disc 2
Celebration 1981
1. "Ceremony"
2. "I.C.B."
3. "Chosen Time"
Glastonbury 1981
4. "Senses"
5. "Procession"
6. "The Him"
Rome 1982
7. "Ultraviolence"
8. "Hurt"
Cork 1983
9. "Leave Me Alone"
10. "Everything's Gone Green"
Rotterdam 1985
11. "Sunrise"
12. "As It Is When It Was"
13. "The Village"
14. "This Time Of Night"
Toronto 1985
15. "We All Stand"
16. "Age Of Consent"
17. "Temptation"
Shoreline, Bay Area 1989
18. "Dream Attack"
19. "1963"
 Hyde Park, London, 2006
20. "Run Wild"
21. "She's Lost Control" (Joy Division)


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)July 2nd, 2008  

Ian Curtis memorial stone stolen



The memorial stone dedicated to former Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis has been stolen from a Cheshire cemetery.

Curtis was 23 when he hanged himself in the kitchen of his Macclesfield home in May 1980, shortly before the band were due to go on tour in the US.

Cheshire Police said the memorial stone was taken from where he is buried in Macclesfield Cemetery.

Officers are appealing for anyone with information on its whereabouts to contact them.

Detectives said the kerbstone, which has the inscription "Ian Curtis 18 - 5 - 80" and the words "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was taken sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.


"Unusual theft"

A police spokesman said: "There is no CCTV in the area and there are no apparent leads as to who is responsible for the theft.

"This is a very unusual theft and I am confident that someone locally will have knowledge about who is responsible or where the memorial stone is at present."


Tony Barker, spokesman for Macclesfield Borough Council, which runs the site, said: "It would usually have flowers behind it and mementoes to Ian Curtis's life.


"It wasn't concreted in but tarmacked up to it.

"This has never happened before and we are agog that someone's gone to the trouble of taking it out. We are stunned."

Bill North, the council's services manager, added: "I'm shocked this has happened.

"Someone's gone to a great deal of trouble to remove the memorial stone and I hope our appeal will help return it as soon as possible."

Although the band reformed as New Order after Curtis's death in 1980, there has been an upsurge of interest in its work.

An acclaimed biopic about Curtis, called Control, was released in 2007 and a film documentary, called Joy Division, was released earlier this year.

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Joy Division documentary gets release date in UK On DVD


AUGUST 25th 2008




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 18th, 2008  

Peter Hook launches 'Joy Division' DVD in LA


Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook deejayed and participated in a revealing Q&A session in Los Angeles last night (June 17) to mark the US release of the 'Joy Division' documentary DVD.

The film, directed by Grant Gee, concentrates on Joy Division's groundbreaking sound and on the Manchester bands tragic frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980.

"We filmed 'Joy Division' before 'Control', and it's a good thing we did because we wouldn't have opened up in the same way," Hook said, referring to Anton Corbijns movie 'Control', which was released in 2007.

"It's sometimes a bit too naked," Hook said of the film. "I'd never talked about (Curtis' death) with (guitarist) Bernard (Sumner) or (drummer) Steve (Morris), so to hear each of us discuss it in the film was quite revelatory."

The documentary was shown last night at the new Zune screening room in Los Angeles. Zune is commemorating its release with a digital media player etched with designer Peter Saville's iconic artwork from Joy Divisions 'Unknown Pleasures' album. The film will come pre-loaded on the custom black Zune 80 player.

The 'Joy Division' biopic also touches on the way the other band members dealt with Curtis' shocking death. "We were all so hurt we wanted to run away from it," Hook explained after the screening. "It was natural for us to turn our back on Joy Division and start New Order. The funeral was on Thursday and we started New Order on Monday. It took 18 years for us to start playing Joy Division songs again."



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)June 17th, 2008  

Joy Division documentary gets release date in US

The eagerly awaited new documentary about Joy Division is released on DVD in the US today June 17th.

Joy Division was directed by Grant Gee, previously responsible for the acclaimed Radiohead OK Computer tour documentary Meeting People Is Easy.

The new documentary follows hot on the heels of Anton Corbijn s movie Control, which was released in 2007, and concentrated its story on the bands tragic frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980.

"Joy Division" Documentary trailer

The new documentary examines the bands story through never-before-seen live performance footage, personal photos, period films and newly discovered audiotapes.

There are also interviews with Tony Wilson, the boss of the bands label Factory Records, who died last year. The rest of the band also contribute, as does Annik Honore, the Belgian journalist who Curtis was having an affair with.

Joy Division bass player Peter Hook has already praised the documentary, calling it "the perfect answer" to Control.



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Exclusive: Limited Edition Joy Division Zune Player Revealed

See the media player designed by Factory Records legend Peter Saville, which arrives June 17 with the band's much-anticipated documentary preloaded.


On June 17, Zune will release a limited edition, Joy Division-themed 80GB media player designed by legendary Factory Records artist Peter Saville and we've got the exclusive, never-before-seen photo of the special device, pictured above.

The Zune player, which utilizes an adaptation of Saville's artwork for Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, will honor the DVD release of Joy Division, a much-anticipated documentary chronicling the life of the influential but short-lived Brit post-punkers. The film will be preloaded into the special edition player.


The 80GB Joy Division player -- only 500 of whom will be sold -- will retail for $399, and will be available through zuneoriginals.net.


"Joy Division and Peter Saville share a story full of innovation," Tom Atencio, producer of the Joy Division documentary, told SPIN.com. "The band made history with their pioneering digital music. Peter Saville placed the music and the band in a visual context equally as innovative. It is completely in character for the film to be a debut Zune preload."

"Zune's involvement with the Joy Division documentary is a way of saying 'Thank You' to the band for doing what they did, and is not only a tribute to them but to an entire musical journey through Factory Records and the artists and movements it spawned," Chris Stephenson, GM Global Marketing, Zune, told SPIN.com. "It's a tribute to deep respect for graphic design that lives on through artists like Peter Saville, and to independent film-makers that believe in more than just commercial success. Ultimately it's a tribute to the self-belief and self-expression that inspires true authentic art."

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LOS ANGELES -- After sitting out much of the late '90s, New Order came back in a big way in 2001 with Get Ready. On tour for the band's 2005 follow-up, Waiting For The Sirens' Call, the influential synth-pop group made a rare two-night stand at Glasgow's Carling Academy in October 2006. The celebratory shows were filmed, capturing songs that span the band's extraordinary career, including several rare performances of Joy Division favorites. Rhino highlights the very best moments from the shows with LIVE IN GLASGOW. The collection also contains a bonus disc of unreleased footage from the band's personal archives, including classic live performances filmed between 1981 and 2006. On June 24, this two-disc DVD set will be available from Rhino at all physical outlets.



Featuring 5.1 Surround Sound, LIVE IN GLASGOW highlights songs from New Order's entire career, from the band's first single "Ceremony" and its biggest hits: "Blue Monday," "Temptation" and "Bizarre Love Triangle," to a trio of Joy Division classics: "Love Will Tear Us Apart," "Transmission" and "Shadowplay." Interspersed with the live footage are short interviews with the three band members, filmed exclusively for this DVD. This release follows hot on the heels of the acclaimed Joy Division documentary, biopic Control and the recent Best Of Joy Division release from Rhino.

The bonus DVD is a treasure trove for the New Order's longtime fans, containing tracks selected from the band's archive by its drummer, Stephen Morris. Favoring shows from the band's first decade, the collection includes performances from eight different concerts, including six songs recorded at festivals in 1981 - just a year after the untimely death of Joy Division singer, Ian Curtis. Three tracks -- "Senses," "Procession" and "The Him" -- are taken from New Order's first appearance at the Glastonbury Festival.

Four more concerts from the '80s are represented on the bonus disc, such as "Ultraviolence" from Rome in 1982; "Everything's Gone Green" from the following year in Cork; seven songs from New Order's 1985 shows in Rotterdam and Toronto, including "The Village," "Age of Consent" and "Temptation"; as well as "Dream Attack" and "1963" from the band's 1989 stop at Shoreline. The bonus disc concludes with a pair of songs from the band's stunning headlining appearance at Hyde Park in 2006, including "Run Wild" and Joy Division's "She's Lost Control."

In 1980, New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Division -- one of the most important British bands of all time. In the face of adversity, and against all odds, New Order went on to release eight seminal,
era-defining albums.

DVD Track Listing

 Disc 1
1. "Crystal"
2. "Turn"
3. "True Faith"
4. "Regret"
5. "Ceremony"
6. "Who's Joe"
7. "These Days"
8. "Krafty"
9. "Waiting For The Sirens Call"
10. "Your Silent Face"
11. "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion"
12. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
13. "Temptation"
14. "Perfect Kiss"
15. "Blue Monday"
16. "Transmission" (Joy Division)
17. "Shadowplay" (Joy Division)
18. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division)

Disc 2
Celebration 1981
1. "Ceremony"
2. "I.C.B."
3. "Chosen Time"
Glastonbury 1981
4. "Senses"
5. "Procession"
6. "The Him"
Rome 1982
7. "Ultraviolence"
8. "Hurt"
Cork 1983
9. "Leave Me Alone"
10. "Everything's Gone Green"
Rotterdam 1985
11. "Sunrise"
12. "As It Is When It Was"
13. "The Village"
14. "This Time Of Night"
Toronto 1985
15. "We All Stand"
16. "Age Of Consent"
17. "Temptation"
Shoreline, Bay Area 1989
18. "Dream Attack"
19. "1963"
 Hyde Park, London, 2006
20. "Run Wild"
21. "She's Lost Control" (Joy Division)

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Viva Radio presents Complete Control Radio, an online radio series exploring the life and times of Ian Curtis and Joy Division




Viva Radio are now proud to announce the Joy Division-inspired Complete Control Radio. Starting Tues. October 23rd and continuing through the 30th, with extensive research and help from contributor and institutional pillar Dan Selzer, Viva excavates the post-punk vaults for classic and rare Joy Division / New Order / Factory Records material and brings exclusive interviews with band members and affiliates to the online arena. Check out the schedule below:


Tues. 10/23

Complete Control Radio Pt. 1

Known and Unknown Pleasures:

Joy Division & New Order


Thurs. 10/25

Complete Control Radio Pt. 2

Lust for Life:

Joy Division Influences, Peers, and Followers


Fri. 10/26

Complete Control Radio Pt. 3

Interviews w/ Jon Savage & Matthew Higgs


Tues. 10/30

Complete Control Radio Pt. 4

Interviews w/ Simon Reynolds & Peter Hook

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Monaco Reform to Headline 'Oxjam at the Ritz'

Sunday 28th October 2007


Monaco are to headline a charity event for Oxfam at Manchester Ritz on Sunday 28th October. David Potts and Peter Hook are re-uniting for a line-up of some Manchester favourites along with some new and upcoming talent as part of a month long series of events under the banner of Oxjam.

Peter Hook says: I had a great time in Monaco and thought wed written some top tunes. Were basically having some fun for a very good cause. Theres a lot I take for granted in this world and Im delighted to help other people in any way I can. I admire and respect Pottsy as a musician and a friend so Ill play with him any chance I get. I havent played the Ritz since Rob Grettons memorial and am very much looking forward to performing there again.


Other bands playing on the night are The Complete Stone Roses, Tom Hingley and the Lovers, Vinny Peculiar, Damian Morgan & Mike Doyle, freelovebabies, The Peoples Revolutionary Choir, The deBretts and The Rools. There will also be a dj set from legendary Specials frontman, Terry Hall.

Oxjam is a festival with a difference: thousands of events put on by music lovers from large-scale festivals to local sponsored busks during October will produce the equivalent of 500 days of continuous music, all raising money to fight poverty around the world.


Last year, around 20,000 music lovers took part in 1,100 music events, and the festival generated 500,000 for Oxfam. The target of 1 million from Oxjam this year would be enough to provide safe water for almost 1.4 million people, 20,000 emergency shelters or essential medicines for 10,000 villages.


Doors for the Manchester Ritz event open at 5.00pm with the first band on at 5.15pm and Monaco onstage at 10pm. Tickets are available from www.ticketline.co.uk.

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"Control" US Official release schedule so far


New York- Film Forum

Los Angeles- Landmark NuArt 500 seats

Los Angeles- The Landmark (moves over from NuArt)
Chicago- Music Box
Philadelphia- Landmark Ritz
San Francisco- Landmark Lumiere
Berkeley- Landmark Shattuck
Boston- Landmark Kendall Square
Detroit- Landmark Main Art
Seattle- Landmark Metro
Denver- Landmark Starz Filmcenter
St. Louis- Landmark Tivoli

Dallas- Landmark Inwood
Washington DC- Landmark E-Street
Atlanta- Landmark Midtown
Minneapolis- Landmark Lagoon
San Diego- Landmark Ken
Houston - Landmark

Pittsburgh - Squirrel Hill

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Blank & Jones


Bernard Sumner

Miracle Cure

Maelstrom Records

Release: 21st July in UK

Video is at...


On the eve of the release of their hot new album The Logic Of Pleasure, wizards of the sonic Blank & Jones return to the worlds dance floors this summer with a brand new scorching single Miracle Cure featuring perhaps one of the most iconic vocalists of our time Bernard Sumner.


Blank & Jones AKA Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones first hit club land over ten years ago with the smash Sunrise which saw the duo propelled into the forefront of trance scene and since then theyve produced, remixed, DJd, traversed the globe, put on wild parties and generally had an amazing time of it all. Describing themselves as lifestyle organisers, sonic theorists, mood arrangers and audacious electro-explorers Blank & Jones are sure-fire purveyors of sonic pleasure and here they return on top from.


Bernard Sumner of Joy Division, New Order and Electronic is high on the list, if not the highest of those musicians, writers and singers that have influenced our legendary duo over the years. Meeting via the wonderful virtual reality world that is the world-world web and involving sharing various MP3s set up during 2007, Bernard was suitably inspired by Blank & Jones output that he penned after completing work with New Order on the soundtrack for Anton Corbijns award winning Joy Division biopic, Control.


The track appears with various mixes (take a deep breath) including: Radio Edit / Radient Radio Mix / Extended Mix / Wundermittel Remix / Glenn Morrison Vox / Martin Roth Nu Style Remix / Progressive Remix / Lulu Rouge Remix / Martin Roth Nu Style Dub / Glenn Morrison Dub / Lulu Rouge Dub / One Two Mix and breath!


Blank & Jones forthcoming album The Logic Of Pleasure is expected to drop on Maelstrom in July watch this space for more info!




movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)May 18th, 2008  

IAN CURTIS 1956 - 1980

Ian Curtis - Gone but not forgotten

It was 28 years ago today that IAN CURTIS ended his life, aged 23.

The driving force behind Joy Division's dark vision, he hanged himself in his Macclesfield home as the band rested between a European and American tour. Iggy Pop's 'The Idiot' was found on his turntable alongside a note which read "at this very moment, I wish I were dead. I just can't cope anymore".

Joy Division ceased to be - they had always said they would draw a line beneath the band if any member left. The three remaining members( Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris) regrouped as New Order during early 1981 (Morris girlfriend Gillian Gilbert joined on keyboards) and continue to enjoy commercial success and critical acclaim.


In March 2005 with Peter Hook in Macclesfield visiting Ian Curtis grave, Some Pictures for you.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 24th, 2008

Warner Music Entertainment to release "New Order: Live in Glasgow

On 2nd June (UK) Warner Music Entertainment will release "New Order: Live in Glasgow", a live DVD of the bands celebratory concert filmed at Carling Academy, Glasgow in October 2006. Filmed over two nights it features tracks and footage highlighting the band's extraordinary career, as well as including a number of Joy Division songs.  In addition to this concert, there will be a bonus disc featuring never-seen-before footage from bands personal archive and live performances from throughout the 1980s, showcasing the bands early Glastonbury performance through to their self-assured big tour concerts of later years, climaxing in their stunning performance headlining Wireless 2006.


This DVD brings all these elements together for the first time, into one comprehensive package. It follows hot on the heels of the acclaimed Joy Division biopic Control and their recent Best Of.


New Order rose from the ashes of Joy Division - one of the most important British bands of all time after the tragic death of their singer, Ian Curtis. In the face of adversity, and against all odds for a band whod lost such a charismatic frontman, they went on to release eight seminal, era-defining albums. To achieve this status once, is an incredible feat, but to achieve it twice, which they did with the success of Joy Division and New Order, is truly remarkable.

Click Here to Order New Order: Live in Glasgow UK DVD (Release June 2nd)


New Order: Live in Glasgow


Disc 1
Crystal Turn True Faith Regret Ceremony Who's Joe These Days Krafty Waiting for the Sirens Call Your Silent Face Guilt is a Useless Emotion Bizarre Love Triangle Temptation Perfect Kiss Blue Monday Transmission Shadowplay Love Will Tear us Apart

Disc 2 CELEBRATION 1981 Ceremony I.C.B Chosen Time GLASTONBURY 1981 Senses Procession The Him

ROME 1982 Ultraviolence Hurt CORK 1983 Leave Me Alone Everythings Gone Green

ROTTERDAM 1985 Sunrise As it is when it was The Village This time of night TORONTO 1985 We All Stand Age of Consent Temptation

SHORELINE 1989 Dream Attack 1963 HYDE PARK WIRELESS Run Wild Shes Lost Control


An interview with Stephen Morris


New Order, rock legends and inspiration to thousands of bands, are bringing out a new concert DVD. Compiled by Peter Hook and Stephen Morris, this DVD sees the band both at their 21st century best and also collects a unique selection of live performances from their extraordinary career. We filmed two nights in Glasgow, which is always a good idea with New Order, says Stephen Morris, explaining the DVDs warts-and-all feel. In the past when weve done live DVDs theres always been a bit of fixing up but weve not bothered with this one! Because as Rob Gretton our former manager used to say: its just a moment in time, caught forever. And sometimes the mistakes are more interesting.


The DVD is punctuated with a series of short, sharp interviews with band members. Watching an entire concert is a bit gruelling, says Stephen. And the idea of breaking it up by doing interviews was very interesting.  We were all interviewed separately but we all ended up carrying on from what the other person was saying. Also Glasgow was where Bernard did smash up the dressing room in a fit of pique and we cant go back to Barrowlands! Banned from the clubs! Its very interesting the rocknroll banter of Bernard and Hooky and myself.


This concert is notable for a very large amount of Joy Division songs, something New Order once avoided strongly. When we first started as New Order, wed made this blanket decision that we werent going to play Joy Division songs and nobody could mention Joy Division in our presence, says Stephen, And so we just didnt play Joy Division numbers until 1998 when we decided to get back and do some gigs, and we all wondered why wed never played any Joy Division songs! Because theyre all great songs.

Much of the bonus material is from Morris own collection, if cupboard is another word for collection. But without this dusty archive, wed be deprived of some excellent footage. Im glad I found all that stuff. I bunged it onto DVD and me and Gillian sat down one Saturday and we thought, Oh, its good this! I could watch this all night. And its not very often you can say that.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)April 17th, 2008

The Best Of Joy Division


Release Date: 4/29/08 (US)



Rhino's new fourteen-track, single-disc anthology THE BEST OF JOY DIVISION collects cuts from their two landmark studio albums, Unknown Pleasures and Closer (#157 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time), as well as important singles from throughout the band's all too brief run. 


 Highlights include Joy Division's signature song, the single Love Will Tear Us Apart, which became their breakthrough hit after Curtis' death and is now #179 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. Also featured are the classic tracks Digital, She's Lost Control, New Dawn Fades and Transmission. 


Disc: 1
1. Digital
2. Disorder
3. Shadowplay
4. New Dawn Fades
5. Transmission
6. Atmosphere
7. Dead Souls
8. She's lost control
9. Love will tear us apart
10. These days
11. 24 hours
12. Incubation
13. Isolation


Disc: 2 (UK Edition only)
1. Exercice One (John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
2. Insight (John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
3. She's Lost Control (John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
4. Transmission (John Peel Show 31 Jan 79)
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart (John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
6. Twenty Four Hours (John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
7. Colony (John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
8. Sound of Music (John Peel Show 26 Nov 79)
9. Transmission (Recorded live for Something Else 4 Sept 79)
10. She's Lost Control (Recorded live for Something Else 4 Sept 79)
11. Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris Interviewed by Richard Skinner


Click Here to Order "The Best of" Joy Division US import 2CD Limited edition


Click Here to Order "The Best of" Joy Division US 1CD edition


Click Here to Order "The Best of" Joy Division UK 2CD


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Miracle Cure: Bernard Sumner collaborates with Blank & Jones

Noting that when the time comes the discreet and legendary German electro-wizards blank+jones release a new single organised in collaboration with Manchester post-punk visionary Bernard Sumner.

The collaboration between blank+jones and Bernard Sumner, of Joy Division, New Order and Electronic, is called Miracle Cure, and it is the first song to be taken from this years very special blank+jones album of beats, treats and collaborations, The Logic of Pleasure.

  • Bernard Sumner is high on the list, if not the highest, of those musicians, writers and singers that have influenced blank+jones fascination with mood, intoxication, romance and rhythm.
  • The combination of the sure, vibrant blank+jones and the enigmatic, iconic and tender voiced Bernard Sumner is naturally a dream, as Sumners fragile yet bouyant melancholia slips beautifully into, and out of, blank and jones very own electronic sense of the epic.
  • The collaboration is the sensational result of electronic communication involving email and MP3 set up during 2007. Sumner wrote and sung his part after completing work with New Order on the soundtrack for Anton Corbijns award winning film about Joy Division, Control.
  • Miracle Cure will appear as the song it is and also as a brilliantly arranged series of energising/lounging uptown, down town and across town mixes from the blank+jones studio, and also from Manchester born Berlin based hypno-trance pioneer Mark Reeder, the currently on fire electro-obsessive Canadian Glenn Morrison, the prolific trancefrenzied German master Martin Roth, the Anglo-German electro-adventurers Onetwo and Scandinavian chilltronica club kings Lulu Rouge.
  • It says something about the reputation and ability of blank+jones that the discriminating Sumner, a genius of melody, wished to work with blank+jones, and that the collaboration has produced a song that can live with the best of Sumners ingenious, smart and infectious pop songs.
  • More news soon about the ninth blank+jones album The Logic of Pleasure and the records various enterprising collaborations, including Miracle Cure with Bernard Sumner.

Release dates for Miracle Cure Single:

May 30 - Worldwide
June 2 - UK

Release dates for The Logic of Pleasure:

June 9 - UK
June 6 - Worldwide





movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 10th, 2008


The Gothic Wedding Collection


Catalog #: VIT-1296
Release Date: 3/18/2008
Its a nice day for a black wedding. You need a special soundtrack to walk down that candle-lit aisle. The Gothic Wedding Collection provides the perfect musical accompaniment with lush strung quartet instrumentals of such vital artists as The Smiths, The Cure, and Evanescence. Love may tear you apart, but these songs will bind you together.
Love Will Tear Us Apart (The String Quartet Tribute to Joy Division)
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (The String Quartet Tribute to The Smiths)
Pictures of You (The String Quartet Tribute to The Cure)
Bring Me to Life (The String Quartet Tribute to Evanescence)
Bizarre Love Triangle (The String Quartet Tribute to New Order)
Girls Not Grey (The String Quartet Tribute to AFI)
Vampires Will Never Hurt You (The String Quartet Tribute to My Chemical Romance)
Heavens a Lie (The String Quartet Tribute to Lacuna Coil)
Join Me in Death (The String Quartet Tribute to H.I.M.)
10  Something I Can Never Have (The String Quartet Tribute to Nine Inch Nails)
11  Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) (The String Quartet Tribute to Enya)
12  Enjoy the Silence (The String Quartet Tribute to Depeche Mode)
13  All That Im Living For (The String Quartet Tribute to Evanescence)
14  Just Like Heaven (The String Quartet Tribute to The Cure)
15  Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (The String Quartet Tribute to The Smiths)


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) March 10th, 2008

Best Newcomer
Sam Riley, Control

The Acceptance Speech
"Thank you very much the readers of Empire for voting for me. I'd like to thank Anton for giving me such an incredible opportunity and Harry, James, Craig and Joe and Samantha and, of course, Alexandra, for making my first experience so enjoyable and I hope that I'll be working with some of you again or for the first time. You can tell I'm nervous, thank you very much."

Also Nominated
Shia LaBeouf, Transformers
Saoirse Ronan, Atonement
Gemma Arterton, St. Trinians
Thomas Turgoose, This Is England


Sony Ericsson Soundtrack Award

The Acceptance Speech
Anton Corbjin
"Musically, I was very inspired by England - it's the reason I ever moved here. The soundtrack was a joy to put together, there was so much choice of music, I even managed to put a Dutch band in there, I'd like to point that out. As far as the film goes, I have to go back to New Order because not only did we use existing music but we also had a score that was done by Bernard and New Order, which is very rare for them to do and I'm very grateful to them. The last music they ever made is one the CD.

"Also on the CD, we have real musicians, New Order are real musicians I'm sorry, real actors who became real musicians who performed all the songs live and one of those takes is also on the album. The movie wouldn't have been half as good if they'd played against playback and having James, Sam and Joe playing everything live, I'd especially like to thank them because they really forced me to film them live and I think that's one of the best things that they did to me.

"Thank you very much, I really loved making this film, thank you."


Also Nominated
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix  


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes)March 01st, 2008

Joy Division documentary gets release date


The eagerly awaited new documentary about Joy Division is to be released in the UK on May 2.



'Joy Division' was directed by Grant Gee, previously responsible for the acclaimed Radiohead 'OK Computer' tour documentary 'Meeting People Is Easy'.

The new documentary follows hot on the heels of Anton Corbijn s movie 'Control', which was released in 2007, and concentrated its story on the bands tragic frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980.

The new documentary examines the bands story through never-before-seen live performance footage, personal photos, period films and newly discovered audiotapes.

There are also interviews with Tony Wilson, the boss of the band's label Factory Records, who died last year. The rest of the band also contribute, as does Annik Honore, the Belgian journalist who Curtis was having an affair with.

Joy Division bass player Peter Hook has already praised the documentary, calling it the perfect answer to



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 29th, 2008

Anton Corbijn: 'It's beautiful 'Control' has stayed in people's hearts'


Joy Division directors says thanks after Shockwaves NME Award


Control director Anton Corbijn has admitted to being completely stunned by the reaction to his Joy Division biopic.

Picking up the Shockwaves NME Award for Best Film yesterday (February 28) at the ceremony in London the legendary photographer said he had been nave about the film industry, but was very pleased with the reaction to his movie.

I made the film without thinking, because I was naive about the film industry. This is nice you can do this with your first film, its going to be harder for the second one as everything is a surprise first time around, he told NME.COM.

He added: Its beautiful to have been able to make something that stays in peoples hearts. Its an incredible feeling. I honestly didnt expect the reaction the film has got Id hoped people would want to see the film but I always aimed to make a proper film, not just a music film. I tried to make a film with a broader theme, a more universal theme but you would have great music in the film. So I think that my movie connected with people.

Corbijn who was an NME photographer during the 1980s, also paid tribute to the magazine and its readers for voting for him.

For me NME was a very big thing. When I first came to the United Kingdom I started taking pictures for them and I became their main photographer for five years, and thats really been the basis of everything Ive been doing since, he explained. We did fall out different times, different people but I feel very loved by the NME at the moment. The paper has a really good attitude and the fact it was voted for by the readers really means a lot to me.



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 28th, 2008

Joy Division Best Of to be released


A Joy Division compilation is to be released next month.

'Joy Division Best Of', will be released on March 24.

The 2CD set will feature an interview with the bands late singer, Ian Curtis, and drummer Stephen Morris, conducted by Richard Skinner.

The second CD in the compilation will feature, as well as the interview, recordings from the bands John Peel radio sessions in 1979, plus live recordings of 'Transmission' and 'She's Lost Control'.

The full tracklisting is:


'New Dawn Fades'
'Dead Souls'
'She's Lost Control'
'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
'These Days'
'24 Hours'
'Heart And Soul'


'Exercise One' (John Peel Show January 31 1979)
'Insight' (John Peel Show)
'She's Lost Control' (John Peel Show)
'Transmission' (John Peel Show)
'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (John Peel Show Nov 26 1979)
'Twenty Four Hours' (John Peel Show)
'Colony' (John Peel Show)
'Sound Of Music' (John Peel Show)
'Transmission' (live)
'She's Lost Control' (live)
'Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris Interview'



movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 24th, 2008


The Smiths and New Order stars unite for charity gig


The Smiths Andy Rourke, Peter Hook and Badly Drawn Boy united last night (February 23) for a special one-off performance.

The musicians came together for the annual Manchester Versus Cancer gig at the MEN Arena.

The makeshift super group played covers of 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths, 'Let The Sunshine In' from the musical 'Hair', Joy Divisions 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and 'Instant Karma!' by John Lennon.

The collaboration closed the five-hour concert, which also saw performances from bands such as The Enemy, The View, Happy Mondays and The Fratellis.

This years event took on extra poignancy after the death of Factory Records Tony Wilson last summer from the disease.

chose to dedicate their most famous hit All Together Now to the music mogul, and ex-New Order bassist Hook paid tribute to him, saying: "Rest in peace, Tony."

Hometown heroes Happy Mondays received a rapturous welcome, with Shaun Ryder and Bez indulging in some rough play fights.

Other highlights included the massive sing-alongs that greeted The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger and The Views Same Jeans, as well as The Enemys blistering headline set.

The fundraiser was the third to be held in successive years. Ex-Smith Rourke is the driving force behind the show as a trustee of the Versus Cancer charity, which is dedicated to making a difference to those suffering from cancer both in the UK and around the world.

The charity hopes to raise over 1 million in 2008.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) February 20th, 2008

Smiths/ Stone Roses/ New Order supergroup recruit vocalist


Freebass, the group consisting of The Smiths Andy Rourke, New Orders Peter Hook and The Stone Roses and Primal Scream bassist Mani, have revealed their new singer.

Gary Briggs, formerly of Cornish-by-Manchester band Haven, will join the trio, alongside a number of celebrity guests.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Peter Hook said: We have had trouble getting it together and I have had a lot of trouble finding a vocalist and we now have another one. This is about our 15th one.

Ian Brown, Billy Corgan, Happy Mondays Rowetta, Tim Burgess and Liam Gallagher are also involved in the project, reportedly contributing guest vocals.

The group has been in development since 2004, a delay Hook puts down to commitments in the members other bands.

He said: We started it funnily enough, Mani and I, as a reaction because our groups New Order and Primals had been stalled, and then miraculously our groups started up again so it went on the back burner for a long time.

Rourkie plays guitar a lot, Mani and I balance each other out. He plays low and I play high. It actually works well.


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 22th, 2008
Joy Division [documentary] / Trailer & Confirmed Film Festivals

Dates for showing of the documentary:

Ambulate Gira de Documentales [Mexico]
February 1st April 24th

!f Istanbul [Turkey]
February 14th March 3rd

Film Comments Selects at Lincoln Center [New York, NY]
For tickets:

February 16th & February 27th

ZagrebDox [Zagreb, Croatia]
February 25th March 2nd

True|False Film Fest [Columbia, MO]
February 28th March 2nd

SXSW [Austin, TX]
March 7th March 15th

Ljubljana Documentary Film Festival [Slovenia]
March 26th April 2nd

Buenos Aires Film Festival [Argentina]
April 8th April 20th

Independent Film Festival of Boston [Boston, MA]
April 23rd April 29th

Jeonju International Film Festival
May 1st May 9th


movingMap.gif (21803 bytes) January 20th, 2008

Director of Joy Division biopic Control - Anton Corbijn - meet fans at HMV Oxford Street.
WHAT: Signing session

WHERE: HMV London, 150 Oxford Street W1

WHEN: Monday 11th February at 6.00 pm

Director of 2007s biopic Control - Anton Corbijn celebrates the
release of the film on DVD and the book, In Control, with a signing
session at HMVs flagship store on Oxford Street in Londons West End
on Monday 11th February.

Anton will be at the store from 6.00 pm to meet fans and sign copies of
the DVD and the book which are released the same day.

'Control', which has been nominated for three BAFTA Awards - including
Best British Film- details the life of the troubled young musician,
Ian Curtis, who forged a new kind of music out of the punk rock scene
of 1970s Britain, and the band Joy Division, which he headed from 1977
to 1980. It also deals with his rocky marriage and extramarital
affairs, as well as his increasingly frequent seizures, which were
thought to contribute to the circumstances leading to his suicide on
the eve of Joy Division's first U.S. tour.

01-22-2008 - 12:41:07 PM



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